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Evans: I Played Brum Onside For Goal

Jonny Evans has voiced his frustration over dropping points this weekend and taken the blame upon himself for Birmingham’s goal.

“We were disappointed at being behind because of the way we played in the first half,” said Evans. “I knew we were in for a tough game and when they got the goal it gave them something to hang on to. We were disappointed to lose a goal from a set piece – I was a bit too deep and played them onside. But we put a bit of pressure on them in the second half and thankfully got back in it.”

Evans didn’t agree with Mark Clattenburg’s decision to send off Darren Fletcher, and reckons we might have got something more out of the game with eleven men.

“Considering the challenges going in during the game it was harsh for Darren to get a second yellow,” admitted Evans. “The momentum was with us at the time and if he had stayed on the pitch I think we would have created more chances. You’re always going to drop points here and there, but we want to go on from here and try and win as many games as we can.”

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  1. Ulster Red says:

    tut tut jonny but all in the learning

  2. mo says:

    yeah jonny was poor on sturday but we all have bad games and hes only just came bacl from injury. Wes brown however should know better by now

  3. Mancaroon says:

    @ mo

    I agree mate. Is it me, or is wes brown only ever consistently effective at right back? his physical style of play really throw wingers out of their stride, but doesn’t really work against ‘busy’ centre forwards.

  4. jeet says:

    Scott and fellow Utd. brothers – will you excuse me for being completely off topic (not for the first time :D )?
    But reading the posts about Evans and Anderson, I started wondering what could our starting eleven look like 2-3 years from now. Maybe something like this:
    PIG/ Someone new??
    Fabio Evans DeLaet Rafael
    Obertan Fletcher Anderson Valencia
    Rooney Macheda

    Reserve GK

    Which begs the question -what do we do with Nani, Berba, Park, Cathcart, Diouf? Do we continue rotation? Loan out/sell them? What do you think – what would we look like 3 years from now?

  5. Your Dad says:

    Who knows whether the ref would’ve given the offside even if Evans hadnt played him onside. They were just pathetic, the ref and the linesman.

  6. Welbz19 says:

    James, cleverley Morrison, tunnicliffe, plus others will all be around the first team in the coming years aswell there’s plenty coming through at the minute!

  7. tunnelboy says:

    Mo! Apart from the goal, I thought Evo had a good game back there whcih must have difficult as Wes Brown was out of place as usual.

  8. Kevin says:

    I mentioned this at halftime of the game. He should have stepped up but instead stayed on the line. It is an easy mistake to make in the confusion of the goal but hopefully he will learn from the mistake. At least he admits mistakes and is willing to change. Well done, lad!

  9. Kevin says:

    Jeet – I think we need to see more of DIouf but if he can get 5 goals until the end of the season I say keep him and give him more time. He will also have all summer with the club to train and get better. I do think Wellbeck would benefit from a year long or half season long loan deal with a championship team, small EPL, or a smaller team abroad. He needs to get on-field experience to continue his development.

    Does anyone know why Macheda has not played much this season? Is he injured or does the manager think he needs more time to develop? I am confused about this!

  10. Williamkulha says:

    In the 1st half of the season he wa competing with Owen, berbatov, and Rooney and so he got a limited amount of play time, he’s been injured for a while and as far as I know he still isn’t back from injury. I really enjoy watching Evans and I think he’ll develop into a great defender, he’s only what, 22? A few years down the line he’ll be a regular for sure.

  11. Welbz19 says:

    @ kevin – Kiko is injured!

  12. Ashish says:

    Your Dad-”They were just pathetic, the ref and the linesman.”

    We ought to consider ourselves lucky the referee and the linesman made the right decision to award the goal !

    We could have ended up losing !

  13. Kevin says:

    Wellbz19 – Ok thanks. I hope he can come back soon, any time table on that?

  14. aig alex is god says:

    Good thing Jonny admitted it. If i am not mistaken it was also his poor clearence that gave the ball to Jerome to have an easy tap in. Jonny has been poor both against Leeds and brum but considering he came back from an injury he will need time to settle

  15. bchilds says:

    Nice to hear some honesty!

  16. Welbz19 says:

    Kevin – not sure don’t think it’s anything serious tho! There was talk of him going back to Italy on loan!

  17. Corea says:

    We’ve got Jonny Evans! We’ve got Jonny Evans!

  18. keano77 says:

    Jonny Evans, great lad. Only 22, but has filled in brilliantly and will be a world class central defender. Shouldn´t take the blame like that, it was a bit of a tussle in front of the net, could´ve happened to a more exprecienced player as well. Fuckin City are flying against Blackburn.


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