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Evans: I’d Swap Captaincy For Victory

Jonny Evans made his debut for United in the League Cup against Coventry in 2007. Four years later he was named captain of the side that had the opportunity to reach the semi-finals. However, following the 2-1 defeat, Evans has claimed that he would swap the captaincy for a win.

“Before the game I was delighted to be given the armband, but I’d happily take that away to have the victory instead,” he said. “It’s good that the manager plays the younger lads, but unfortunately we’ve not managed to get the result. My first game was in the Carling Cup and it didn’t turn out as well as we expected, but the lads have got to keep focused and work hard on their games.”

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. itsfergietime says:

    Smalling kept the defence together yesterday. He was carrying Evans

  2. James21 says:

    Do you take any medication for your anger? If you do they’re not working, I’d change your Dr if I were you.

    One mistake last night but the last time I looked Jonney doesn’t have eyes in the back of his head, the guy was offside and Evans knew it unfortunately for Evans the linesman hadn’t got any fucking eyes.

    Get off his back get your arse to Old Trafford and get behind the players instead of slagging them.

  3. itsfergietime says:

    @James21 So Evans decides its offside and also decides not to challenge? You kidding me with that explanation? Have you ever seen Vidic’s marking being so lax?

  4. James21 says:

    No not kidding anyone. I’ve seen Vidic have howlers against Torres. Also Vidic has learn’t his trade well and had longer to do it. I saw Vidic loose then bring down Milner in the Carling cup final for a penalty. Can’t really compare Vidic to Evans. Sorry. Vidic is one of the best defenders this club hs ever had maybe next time try to compare him with Wes Brown who was prone to mistakes and OG.

  5. Suprb_Utd says:

    Evans should have some flack for his defending on Palace’s winner. SAF sure gave him some.

    He was goal side, he just needed to make sure he got his head on it, he doesn’t know what’s behind him so he has to make sure. He didn’t jump or go to meet the ball just let it go over his head, it was bad defending.

    Smalling last night however was a different class.

  6. Strik3rr says:

    i dont even like this kid on our team for the last few seasons let alone let him wear an armband. who the fk are they trying to kid by letting him have it?

  7. James21 says:

    But all of a sudden it seams fair to constantly hound and blame a player for Utd’s losses, yet for years Wes dropped clanger after clanger, OG after OG yet the OT Faithful including myself still chant his name. It didn’t matter because the team would almost always score more and Wes would leave the pitch relieved. It seams to me that because Jonney Evans is even at the club people will jump on the Bandwaggon and blame him all the time. It wasn’t Evans fault we lost the game last night. Utd should have scored more.
    Wes was lucky to have played in a better Utd side. Nothing against the guy either I quite liked him.

  8. CedarsDevil says:


    Very good use of words you twat, not a big fan of Giggs either you twat, a United fan? Highly unlikely

    James21 – Evening pal, that Tgan cunt got my blood boiling for a second than I realized he’s just a wum

    Willie – Cheers buddy

  9. CedarsDevil says:

    KR, now that’s what I would call a twat, got it? Twat

  10. James21 says:

    Evening mate. An ally has arrived and a good ‘n’ at that. Think I’m wasting my breath here. :D

  11. CedarsDevil says:


    Always ready to protect and serve as it were! hahaha

  12. James21 says:

    Maybe Sir Alex is trying to help him get his confidence back.

  13. Utd4life says:

    Wasn’t this the same Evans who along with Vidic was responsible for that mammoth 16( or was it 17?) consecutive clean sheets? Quality doesn’t disappear like that. Form is temporary, class is permanent.
    I’m sure Johnny boy will bounce back. He did well as the captain considering he had to command a young back 4 which later turned into a makeshift back 4.

  14. CedarsDevil says:


    First of all, how have been young fella? Second of all, loved your post you beauty

  15. James21 says:

    Yeh thats the one. :)

  16. Captain Park says:

    Oh no! just because we lost, ppl are out in numbers looking for a scapegoat – Evans!! It used to be Fletcher but now Evans has taken over the mantle. Sad deluded fans!! All these so called fans have definitely contributed to his lack of confidence. He has made the odd mistakes here and there this season but has been quite good overall.

  17. Utd4life says:

    @Cedars.. I am doing good Mate. Just preparing for my finals but will never stop watching United. How have you been??

  18. CedarsDevil says:

    Captain Park

    Welcome along to the club of sensibility my friend

  19. Captain Park says:

    Utd4life, spot on!!

  20. Captain Park says:

    Thanks Cedars :) !!

  21. CedarsDevil says:


    Best of luck with them exams my friend…. Personally I am doing as ok as can be, health wise I am fucked up! hahaha…… Never with out a smile on my face, as ever feeling nostalgic and for the past week or so been paying my own respects to George Best

  22. Utd4life says:

    @james21.. LOL..

  23. James21 says:

    Yippie more allies. :D

  24. Utd4life says:

    @Cedars..Thanks and take care of yourself mate. Just like you, I have been watching tribute videos of George Best and there are no words in the dictionary to describe him. Simply put- George Best was/is/always will be the Best.

  25. Captain Park says:


    Best, a fitting name for George :)

  26. CedarsDevil says:


    Thanks for the kind wishes my good friend….

    James21 – Utd4life is an ally of the highest order, red to the core he is

  27. Utd4life says:

    “A red to the core.” Yup, thats me.

  28. James21 says:

    Utd4life and red to the core. :)
    Nice one and a blessing from the ROM Devil. :D
    Your post was a breath of fresh air after the bashers.

  29. NormanRightside says:

    Sadly I am inclined to agree with some of the Evans criticism. I watched him come into the team and play superbly on loan at Sunderland I really thought that we had a Utd great in the making. Unfortunately courage and not lack of talent that appears to be the lads problem. Each time he plays his confidence looks more damaged and I fear it’s going to ruin his career. At the moment It’s not if but when he’s going to make a mistake in the 90 mins and they are getting more costly. I would hate to see a true red with so much talent follow the Titus Bramble career path. So maybe it’s time saf said thanks and goodbye and let him go somewhere that the pressure isn’t so great? Richardson was the similar, lots of talent but got dazzled in th OT floodlights like a rabbit on the m6 but he’s doing fine.

  30. TheRadLegion says:

    @Captain park:
    I wholeheartedly agree with you, he just forgot to jump.. that’s all.

  31. NewMostonRed says:


    Disagree with you regarding Wes. Ok he made the odd gaff but that were over 12 years service. Evans has probably equalled that in the past 18 months. Wes was one of the best around when playing regularly. As proved when playing 40 odd games at right back in the Moscow season. Fergie also stated he were the best natural defender he has had at the club.

    Palace Game were a sham. From start to finish, lacklustre and mainly sidewards. Smalling, TonyV and Amos were pretty sound. The rest were woeful. How long can we class Diouf and Gibson as young players, enough has to be enough soon surely. Rant over!


  32. smartalex says:


    The ‘youngsters’ that Evans is referring to when he says “It’s good that the manager plays the younger lads, but unfortunately we’ve not managed to get the result” includes himself.

    He is squarely accepting the blame. The ‘younger lads’ with their young academy-groomed debut captain have ‘not managed to get the result’.

  33. Sparkz says:

    Yeah I’m a bit surprised at some of the comments aimed at Wes as well. He was a top top player for us when fit, I was gutted to see him go. And he pulled out some HUGE performances in big games……the ones that come to mind are both legs vs Barca in 08. Vidic was injured for both matches, but Wes & Rio put in an absolutely phenomenal display.

    Also remember the FA Cup semi final vs Arsenal in 04- Wes put in one of the finest performances I’ve seen by a Utd centre back.

  34. Kevin says:

    I’m not changing. Been posting for nearly two years now. Think you are the namesake.

    Don’t think it is fair to compare Brown with Evans. Brown served us for much longer and was an important role player for us for years. Evans hasn’t matched anywhere close to Brown’s achievements and on with his play on the field. I don’t think our defeat lies with Evans but he didn’t have his best outing. Worried about Berba more and more each game. This injury is just another set back and will push him further down the pecking order.

    Smalling was fantastic. Let’s just be glad we have plenty of options at the center of defense. I don’t rate the League Cup and like that we it allows us a chance to play our youth. I can except getting knocked out when doing playing our youth but you never want to go out at home against a inferior opponent, especially with the talent we put out on the field. Plenty of bright spots in the game, especially from the younger players. Macheda doesn’t do it for me but he had his moments. Morrison found space well but we were too narrow. We have to get better play out wide.

    I don’t think I will have to wait long because this weekend Nani and Young should return to the squad along with the rest of the mainstays in the team.

  35. calvo says:

    Can EVANS kindly head towards the exit and NEVER return!!!!….I cannot understand how players like Smalling who was playing non lge not so long ago be 100% better than u?!!!…PLZ PLZ PLZ u are over – staying your welcome….go now and let sum other team suffer the embarassment of seeing u in their shirt – Johnny “Mr.TIMID” Evans, thank u and BYE!

  36. tom c says:

    @Paul Parker

    pretty awesome post mate, especially about someone as “hated” as Bebe. sure, we paid a little more for him, but hey he was picked up from the streets by Sir Alex himself, so.. who’s anyone to judge right?!

    it’s different for ando and evans, but holy bejezus they’re both still young! people banging on about smalling and jones, yes they’re pretty good defenders and players, but tbh this is their real debut season (not too sure about smalling, my memory eludes me at times) for United and in his first, and second if i recall rightly, evans was destroying it all over the park.

    grow a pair, haters, and if you can’t..
    city might pay you to take their season tickets ;)

  37. Kevin says:

    @Kevin hahaha this is funny. I dont know if I shall be allowed to change because once am logged in then changing will bring about double accounts.

  38. King Eric says:

    calvo – No son YOU have outstayed your welcome you idiotic cunt. Bet you were lauding Jonny in our clean sheet run three years back.

  39. James21 says:

    Hi mate. Yes i agree with you regarding Wes and I wasn’t calling him, far from it. I was mearly trying to use a defender that I and alot of other reds thought was prone to mistakes. Wes is a true red and a very good defender on his day so no complaints there. However I do stand by the comment about him being lucky to have played in good Utd teams. He also had the extra protection of good mifielders.
    I try and look at the good things in a Utd player like Evans and you’ll never see me come out and say Evans is wank Evans needs to be shown the door or just blatently slag a player off. Most of the posts above, you must surly agree are just bandwaggon and scapegoat searching comments. You made your comments without the need to do any of the above so Hats off and respect.

    calvo. Please!

  40. James21 says:

    *Midfielders* Bloody keyboard.

  41. Kevin says:

    @Kevin how about we both change. I’ll take Kevin Sr. you take Jr. sound good?

  42. United says:

    Cannot believe how some here can still say Bebe’s transfer shouldnt be judged because Sir Alex himself picked him up. SAF didnt ever watch him play. Regarding Evans, error prone, vulnerable in the air, lapses of concentration. Loan him out, sell him, or play him with an experienced partner at all times. He has been terrible over the last year and a half and something has to change.


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