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Evans: Not Bothered By Wes’ Shirt Number

Following Wes Brown’s transfer to Sunderland, Jonny Evans has been given his number 6 shirt which he had worn since 2003. Evans’ 23 shirt, which he inherited from Kieran Richardson, has now been passed down to Tom Cleverley. Evans insists he’s not bothered by the change in numbers though and isn’t at all superstitious about the shirt he plays in.

“I am not superstitious at all,” he said. “It doesn’t bother me. I got a phone call one day and they said the manager wanted to know if I wanted the number six shirt. I said: ‘Why not?’ It’s more of a defender’s number than 23 and looks a bit nicer. Tom Cleverley’s got 23 now and I’m sure he’ll take good care of it. But I am sure the manager doesn’t really think about stuff like that – and I don’t either. I don’t have anything like that going on in my head.”

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  1. phildo79 says:

    I’m not bothered by it either, John.

  2. SirAlex'sSon says:

    Has been impressive so far this campaign

  3. Costas says:

    I do wish players today were more adamant about gettting shirt numbers from 1 to 11. For example the twins are content with 20 and 21 when 2 is available and Nani and Valencia opting not to wear number 7.

  4. GoatinaUnitedShirt says:

    Bastard Glazers. I bought a number 23 Evans shirt and now I feel completely shafted by the money making machine at OT. Imagine my surprise and amazement that when I changed the name cleverley on my shirt that indeed the player with the 23 shirt now is Cleverley. You cant make this shit up!

  5. Giles Oakley says:

    I ain’t superstitious either, but I’l just cross my fingers for Jonny anyway.

  6. FULLARD says:

    i think it’ll do him the world of good if anything. especially after he was picked in his natural position instead of having smalling partnering jones against arsenal, it tells him he hasn’t fallen down the pecking order with jones and smallings arrivals. well done johnny!

  7. Gorse Hill Red says:

    He should have given that number to Jones he will be here for a long time to come. I’m probably being plain picky but I much prefer it when we can field players with 1 to 11. Maybe its an 70s or 80s thing.

  8. YorYor says:

    Waiting for the day when someone asks for no. 99…

  9. Union Jack says:

    I hope the twins stick with their numbers its the only way I can tell them apart.

  10. Union Jack says:

    other than the fact they have their names on as well

  11. GoatinaUnitedShirt says:

    I’ll have a 99 please but no topping.

  12. GoatinaUnitedShirt says:

    I think we should consider getting rid of Rafael. His brother Fabio is more reliable. By my calculations and Im an expert fucking about with a calculator that the twins are identical apart from their names. Rafael has more letter on his shirt thus weighing him down. By my calculations over a period of 10 years of play the extra weight of the extra letter will slow him down by four steps over the period of his playing days. This could lead to a goal or the giving away of a needless penalty. It then goes to show that indeed Rafael will look a twat sometime in the future so Ill just take this opertunity to be first to call him a TWAT!

  13. Chica Chicha says:

    The thing that bothers me are the fouls JE commits inside the penalty box. Pls, for fucks’ sake, cut out your shirt pulling stunts.

  14. YorYor says:

    Chica Chicha
    With more games under his belt, he’ll get better at it. :P
    If you ask me, Vidic actually does it far worse than Evans.

  15. keano86 says:


    Start proving all those fuckers wrong you had one bad season SO WHAT get it out of the way while you’re young.

    Future legend.

  16. DreadedRed says:

    Odds are Evans is a safe bet to be in favor for a high ratio of starts this season.

  17. DreadedRed says:

    Jonny – Why would you get ‘really annoyed’ if you ‘couldn’t believe it’?

  18. scan74 says:

    started well this season didnt have the best time last year but methinks he can be a top player for us superb in his first year

  19. Chica Chicha says:

    Yor yor
    JE dont stand a chance with the trained Divers from Arsie. Even a sneeze from JE and those asses will roll all over the place screaming for a penalty.

    Seems a bit odd. The younger defenders seem to be able to play in a few positions while Vidic and Ferdy only in CB positions. It’s a blessing to us so i’m not complaining.

    3 new players, Ashley has scored. De Gea has saved a penalty (equivalent to scoring). Next goal to come from PJ.

  20. Twisted Fatboy says:

    Evans has looked good so far this season, the new lads seem to have re sparked his interest. We’ll have to play three centre backs at this rate with the Da Silva’s running the lines!

    What a future.

  21. StatesideAussie says:

    Goat … cracked me up.

    Evans has been terrific so far this season. Chica Chicha commented that our young central defenders seem more versatile than Vidic and Rio. That may be true. It is probably just a freak of nature, though. I can hardly believe how well both Smalling and Jones get forward. Evans does too but seems more of a traditional center-half. But Smalling and Jones are marauders and I don’t recall seeing many center-halfs who can go rampaging up the field like those two.

    But I am well pleased for Evans because he had a good year or so a while back, then seemed out of sorts last year and a lot of folk were dumping on him, wanting him out. I hope he makes those people eat their words, and on current indications, that’s exactly what he will do.

  22. King Eric says:

    Gorse Hill Red – So will Jonny mate. Be here for a long time to come. I was fucking seething on Sunday. When Keegan read out the teamsheet this little fucking 20 year old prick behind me bood at Jonny’s name. He got some right fucking stick for it. Cunts like this are polluting Old Trafford.

  23. YorYor says:

    @Chica Chicha
    True that. Hah!

  24. Fred says:

    Costas – I don’t think you can blame Nani and Valencia for not demanding the number 7 shirt. :? It was the manager’s decision to give it to the Scouse “suber sub” who gets about 5 games a season. It will be interesting to see who gets it when we finally let Owen go. I think the number 7 shirt has some added significance because it’s a somewhat iconic shirt at United these days. I can only presume that Valencia was not offered the shirt for one of three reasons:

    1. Sir Alex felt Antonio was undeserving of the shirt.
    2. Sir Alex feared the shirt would put extra pressure on Antonio, due to the footsteps he was following in.
    3. The shirt was being saved for a “marquee” player, whose replica shirts would be more likely to fly out of the Megastore than a “Valencia 7″, in the eyes of the United marketing department.

    My guess is number 2.


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