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Evans: Our Lads Don’t Get Nervous

Jonny Evans’ ability is something most people took note of following Sir Alex Ferguson’s refusal to sell him. Sunderland saw a £10 million bid rejected for a player that hadn’t even had a look in on the United first team.

Having already won over the fans at Sunderland, who chanted “There’s only one Jonny Evans!” as he warmed up alongside the pitch in our meeting at Old Trafford, he is receiving increasing praise from our fans and the media alike. He’s put in two solid performances against Chelsea this season, as well as Inter Milan, Villarreal and a whole host of other teams, with a total of 20 appearances so far this season.

He has today claimed that he is ready for the League Cup final, as are the other younger players who are likely to feature, and points out he is not as inexperienced as people might think!

“Most of the lads don’t get nervous,” Evans said. “People talk about inexperience but, as long as your concentration is good and you do the basics right it should be fine. You don’t want to get carried away on the ball and try to beat people at the back. It’s best to keep everything nice and simple.”

Evans is quick to point out that he isn’t as inexperienced as people describe him as, reminding us of the Premiership season he’s already had with Sunderland.

“People say I was a rookie defender when I came into the team but we had a lot of tough games at Sunderland last season,” he added. “Playing against Chelsea and Arsenal when you are near the bottom of the Premier League isn’t easy. Of course, we have good players here which does make it easier. They have helped me and I have gained confidence from that.”

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  1. daveoob82 says:

    It’s scary to think this 21 year old is as good a central defender as he is…… Can’t wait to see what he is like when he hits his peak………

    The fact that we sold Pique for so little just goes to show how highly Sir Alex rates Jonny Evans…..

  2. King Eric says:

    Is going to go all the way is this lad. Will step with ease into Rio’s boots. A great defender, good positioning, solid, reads the game and full of confidence. I personally think at the moment that Rio seems alot more shaky with Evans as he is obviously guiding him through big games so Rio is having to concentrate on his own job as well as looking out for Johnny.

    On a different thread how poor were Madrid last night? A set of posing, mercanary primadonnas. Casillas with his scarf round neck, diving for the cameras, Guti with a fucking alice band in hair even though his hair is short? and Ramos, surely one of most over rated right backs today. There is no way I can see Ronnie going to this excuse of a team. Dippers were also awful but managed to sneak that away goal. The EPL is way infront of other European leagues and Uniteds football is on a different plane. Am confident we can beat anybody in front of us.

  3. Billy Meredith says:

    Yup, Evans has been impressive indeed, so much so we hardly noticed when he stepped in for Ferdinand (which is HUGE praise). Rio & Nemanja will always be 1st choice (even if Rio does need to sharpen up a little), and now that he’s been noticed by the rest of the league, I just hope we can keep him.

    Regarding Marca FC and Loserpool last night, the cheesy bastards i knew they’d spawn one. Last year I couldn’t handle the prospect of playing the red sh1te in the closing stages of the CL. But this year, I want them to taste the pain, whilst we lap up scouse tears, mmmmm. Bring it!

    And come on lads, give us another shiny trophy on Sunday. Can’t wait!!


  4. bossdem says:

    dont like taking the discussion down a different road, but seen as two out of three of u have!
    Billy. i said exactly the same thing this morning in the canteen to some crewe fan whilst this dirty scally fan was ear wagging on the next table!
    last year i and a few scallies i have the misfortune to know, were of the same feelings. neither of us wanted to play each other because of the unbearable consequences of defeat. but today like urself, i really wanna teach them jammy boring smack eds a lesson!

  5. cherry says:

    Evans has passed all superlatives and is in a different planet. His work rate is phenominal at his age. Happy for the kid.

    As for Loserfools and Fc marca(hahahaha), I really don’t know how much I hate both teams. As it is now, I want them both out!!! though it is not possible. They were both awful to watch last night. I dont give a fuck which of them make it to the quarters. I am just hoping for a later meeting with one of them. I dont want another team to have the joy of kickin them out of europe. Ronaldo must be thankin his stars that he was not allowed to join this bandwagon of losers.

    Lookin forward to the cup final on Sunday. Me and my mates will be hanging out after the game to celebrate. Will not be stayin out too late though cos we have to come to work on Monday. We shall be grabing a couple of drinks around the beach.

    Good luck on Sunday

  6. Paul the red says:

    anyone think we will see Tosic again on sunday?

  7. costas says:

    It might be too early for Tosic.I have been very impressed with Evans.He has played at some of the toughest grounds and he has shown great confidence.I read that he took an injection to play in Italy.That’s very noble of him.Now i say rest him properly so he doesn’t need any more of those.They can cause damage down the road.You are all correct about Madrid.A dipper friend of mine told me he didn’t expect it so easy.By the way,anyone notice who gave away the foul that resulted in there goal?Gabriel fuckin Heinze.Once a dipper always a dipper.

  8. Paul the red says:

    i hope that evans doesnt keep going down the injections route as it may hurt him in the long run…. i know he may be upset not to get a carling cup winners medal (hopefully) but i do believe he has a good part to play with the bigger fish we are frying

  9. Billy Meredith says:

    couldn’t agree more costas, i rarely dislike ex-players, in fact i’m usually proud to see them do well elsewhere, but that fook Heinze is not missed!

    He played like a star for us, nearly as good as Evra, but then it all went wrong and the boss realised what he really was, a scouser!!! Yuk!!

    No football to watch except borin eufa :(

    Roll on Sunday! :D

  10. tommy taylor says:

    Costas like you I was thinking that treacherous piece of shite
    Heinze is still doing is utmost to get a move to the mickeys
    this time by giving them a deliberate free kick and a chance to score
    the winner – fact !!!

  11. Drew Vader says:

    In addition to the foul though, Gabby was shit the rest of the match. He barley ventured into the opposition half and look likely to commit a foul on every challenge he entered.

    Brilliant Fergie once again to see that Evra is leaps and bounds ahead of the once fans player of the year.

  12. costas says:

    Drew Vader brought up a good point.I forgot he was our player of the year.Although it was a season marred with inconsistency.Ruud had his worst season for us because he missed 3 months of it,Rooney was settling in,Scholes went 3 months without scoring,Giggs showed top form for only the second half of the season and Ronaldo was still in Nani mode.It would be either Rio or Heinze.Heinze was the ideal man to take over the mantle from Dennis Irwin.But this is 09 not 99.Patrice Evra for the last 3 years has been the best full back in the world.I hate Heinze for one specific reason.No,it’s not because he showed total lack of respect for the fans.It was the fact that he stopped trying.Once Evra surpassed him,he gave up.That’s why he wanted to leave.Those are not traits of a United player.Want to know what it takes to be a United player?Check this aticle.

  13. King Eric says:

    Costas, have you got a link to that article you refer to at the bottom of your post please? Or are you referring to Scotts post? I’m confused.

    Completely agree that Evra the best full back in world, think I may have mentioned that on an earlier post. Can’t understand all the fuss about Ramos? just a poser that people like to name drop.

  14. costas says:

    He has nice hair King.That’s all that i can think off.I am sorry about the confusion.I was referring to Scott’s article about Jonny.I am sorry that i have to talk about ex players like that but the Heinze subject always get me angry.On another topic,Rafael is out for a month.I just hope Gary and Wes are not too far away from coming back now.


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