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Evans: People Have Been Saying For Years He Will Retire

After Jonny Evans was disappointed to see Manchester United turn down an offer from Sunderland for a permanent move, his United career has gone from strength to strength.

He’s yet to put a foot out of place and has played in high profile games against the likes of Chelsea and Inter Milan.

Evans’ international career is going well for him too, making life all-round pretty sweet for him at the moment!

“People have been saying this for years about the manager, but as long as he’s feeling good, he will want to continue,” Evans said.

Evans scored a goal whilst on duty for Northern Ireland at the weekend and has reflected on how much it would mean for him to travel to the World Cup next year.

“I have enjoyed having a few days off, but once you have had two or three days off you are just dying to get back into it again,” he added. “England failed to qualify for a major tournament last year, but they’re doing really well in their group this year. It would mean a lot to some of the younger players in their team and it would be an unbelievable achievement for a team like Northern Ireland.”

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  1. King Eric says:

    Heard an interview with the lad last night in which he was praising the likes of Nev and Giggs. He then went on to say what a pleasure it is to play alongside Berba and “big characters” like Rooney and Ronnie!

    He also said the training with NI is not nearly as good as at United. Gonna be huge this kid, great defender already and his attitude is spot on.

  2. wazza says:

    well said King Eric :-)

  3. the Count says:

    not only a sound lad but also one of our key future players, would be great for him if he can get a world cup tournament under his belt as well.

  4. Giles Oakley says:

    Is it correct that Jonny Evans was ‘disappointed’ when United turned down the bid from Sunderland? I had the impression he just wanted reassurance that he’d get a decent chance of first team action at United. The fact United rejected serious money was itself a good sign that Fergie really did rate him and once he realised that he was only too happy to stay. The departure of Pique to Barca must have helped too. I think Jonny’s been fantastic and if you compare photos of him now with ones only a year ago you can see he’s maturing fast. He’s got that ‘adult’ look all the best defenders have, regardless of age, and he looks physically stronger now. Hope his ankle holds out till the end of the season.

  5. gotta hate tiny tears says:

    @Giles Oakley

    its not that he didnt want to play for united

    he just wants to play ball

    and he didnt know if he’d get a crack at first team united

  6. Kings says:

    Brilliant defender.

  7. Adam says:

    I’d really love to see Northern Ireland qualify for obvious reasons but it would be great to see Jonny Evans playing on that stage because I think he’d announce himself to World football as one of the best young defenders about!


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