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Evans: We Don’t Play-Act But We Still Have To Beat Ref

Jonny Evans has reiterated the comments of other United players and fans in claiming that big decisions have gone against us so far this season.

“We are usually quite good with referees,” Evans said. “I think there are a lot of teams that do a lot of play-acting, but I don’t think that’s the case with Manchester United. I think we do try and play fair and not many of us would roll around and try and cheat. Sometimes the 50-50 decisions, that you would hope because of that would go in your way, have not been really going our way lately and I think that’s what has maybe been disheartening a few of the lads, but that’s football. Sometimes you have got to beat the referee as well and that is what we are going to try and do.”

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  1. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    well said jonny
    i cant see why ex players who read the game and know how players react if it was a dive or not,like the way harrys son talked about how he knew valencia should have got a peno by his reaction, dont become ,or are encouraged to become refs themselves
    the fa should really try and push it

  2. United4eva says:

    Its good the players are feeling the injustice cos we’re never quite so good as when we’ve got the world against us: siege mentality. At this rate Everton are gonna get pasted.

  3. Fze123 says:

    He’s totally right. Unfourtantly for the players, they will have to beat the ref’s decisions as well as beat the opposition throughout this season.

  4. Shimo says:

    Time for the lads to step up another gear.

    Well if there is another gear for them to, not sure why they wouldn’t be already playing at top gear but, have to find a way to get to another level. Fuck the refs – fuck the world … .we’ll beat them and the 11 in front of us.

  5. Kash says:

    @ GHTT

    Now you wouldnt want someone like Jamie Redknapp incharge of a match like United vs Liverpool would you! No points for guessing who gets all the decisions their way.

  6. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    im talking harrys son been a ref in italy say
    and italians in spain french in england blah blah

  7. Fze123 says:

    It’s going to be us against the world of refs and ABUs this season.

  8. Drew Vader says:

    Johnny is a young lad so I understand his frustration, but I really wish he hadn’t said this….. We can all admit I think that while yes, some decisions have not gone our way recently, we have been on the receiving end of some very fortuitious (sp?) calls in the last few years… It comes and it goes.

  9. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    Drew Vader
    I think he has every right to say what he said

  10. Frank_luvs_Wazza says:

    D epl refs r twats who r conspirin against us n if nt checked it wll hinder d grwth of our young lads.very envious of our history n successes,no weapon formed against Man.United shall prosper!

  11. Don says:

    Johny Boy is absolutely right about it..For all those ABUs who are saying,”Its karma because we had a lot of 50-50 go for United,some had to go against “..I got 2 words for ya all…”FUCK OFF”..

  12. Don says:

    off topic…are we really in for cartlon cole ??20 mil..:O

  13. Drew Vader says:

    GHTT — fair enough

  14. cantona7 says:

    I can understand Jonny’s feeling, but i think it’s about time we stop saying “the refs are against us” comments. Because it’s clear already, they are not just against us, but they are also showing it openly. So let’s just concentrate on football and not get ourselves further disappointed.

  15. DebRed says:

    Let the refs do what they want to…we have to do what we are best at, scoring goals and winning matches…
    We have to forget that the ref is against us…we have to forget that the FA is against us…We just have to remember that the league is for us and we have to fight and attack and score and win it…
    Come on Man United its time to show everyone which is the # 1 team in the world.
    Who Dares…Wins!

  16. Jandsdad says:

    @ Don

    Carlton cole for 20mil is just bullshit from daily mail would rather have Kenwyn Jones imo but not for the mentioned here.

  17. Jandsdad says:

    sorry – not for the AMOUNT mentioned here

  18. Giles Oakley says:

    I thought Jonny’s comments were level-headed and a fair reflection of what’s been happening lately. Yes it’s true that United have sometimes benefited from refs getting things wrong but in recent years I’d say the balance was strongly against us. I don’t have the stats to prove it, but I’d guess when United are in the ascendancy, such as over the last 3 years or, say, c. 1993-97, we get more duff decisions. That’s partly because, like a barometer rising, when United are top dogs it arouses more jealousy and hatred (as well as more glory hunters). That in turn creates a strongly ABU public mood which refs pick up on, however unconsciously. Right now everyone is dumping on Fergie for his attacks on refs, which stokes up this hostile atmosphere, assisted by Winter and Pole of course, repeatedly showing just how ‘neutral’ they are in the process! As Fergie will have to watch his words to some degree after his pitch-side ban, I would like to see the players speak up like Jonny, if that’s genuinely how they feel. Keep it calm and measured like Jonny, not a rant, and it carries more weight.Having seen at least 5 major errors at Stamford Bridge it’s hardly surprising that Rooney made his ’12 men’ remark or that Jonny has had his six pennyworth . The surprise is how restrained they have been, having lost a match they should perhaps won 2-0 but for the effing reffing. If I’d been on camera after the game I’d have completely let rip. I suppose I’d then face a sofa ban for 2 matches , with 2 more suspended, obliging me to sit with my wife upstairs.

  19. King Eric says:

    Giles – Hi mate, hope you are feeling well. Great post and could not agree more. This is the strongest the abu’s have been out in force for some time. Like you say Jonny and other players are absolutely right to say how they feel about certain decisions. I would put my mortgage on it that United have had more decisions go AGAINST them than FOR them these last few years. Loved your last comment : ” I suppose I’d then face a sofa ban for 2 matches , with 2 more suspended, obliging me to sit with my wife upstairs”.

  20. Marq says:

    I would like to point out. Play-acting is somewhat different to diving. What I read, Evans implies that we don’t have players that do a “Drogba”, even Ronaldo, after he goes down, legit or not, he either makes a fuss or jus gets up, never rolling around like he got hit by a train, like what Drogba always do


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