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Evans: Wes And I Fighting For Derby Day Place

Jonny Evans believes he has settled well in to the first team squad and is hoping we have the upper hand against City at the weekend.

“I feel very settled among the first team squad now,” said Evans. “I also felt very much part of it last season, but it was kind of a new thing for me. Rio and Vidic are two of the top centre-backs in the world and I’m learning a lot from them. Me and Wes have both got a fight on our hands to get into the team, but I still think both of us will play a lot throughout the season.”

With derby day approaching and Rio Ferdinand still unconfirmed as fit, Evans is hoping we get a win, with the possibility of him getting to start.

“City have had a great start, but our performance at Spurs last weekend was outstanding,” he added. “The lads did brilliantly to come back from losing an early goal and also cope with being down to ten men when Scholesy got sent off. I watched from the bench and it’s one of the best performances I’ve seen from us in a long time. We all know about the big rivalry between United and City and it’s always nice to get the upper hand on them. They’ve put themselves up there now. It’s a long season but fair play to them because they’ve got off to a good start.”

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  1. Devilton says:

    What is going on with Rio these days. He plays less then Ledley King…

  2. aig alex is god says:

    sorry will be will make it and i have no doubt about case he dosent i will go with evans.

  3. now evra's biggest fan! says:

    I think evans is class but we rio out so much it even gutting that Pique has gone!

  4. berbatov is a fucking rolls royce says:

    did we put a buy-back clause in Piques contract? he’s a monster for barca at the back, not the paciest but reads the game well.

    @ Devilton- its all connected to his back problems so he’ll need looking after properly, but he’s at the best club in the world for that. just look at how the club managed and solved sir ryans dodgy hamstrings.

    El Blanco

    Fletch and Ando to run the bollocks off their midfield, and Nani and Valencia to ruin the fullbacks with pace.

  5. King Eric says:

    I love Wes but would have to go with Jonny at Centre back. Rio’s fitness is becoming a concern. Evans is quality though. I prefer him when he is partnered with Vidic as he is already a similar player to Rio.

  6. ManU says:

    Honestly speaking Evans,Brown,Vidic,Ferdinand.Evera,Rafeal and Fabio are the best back bone of MU. John Oshea has no place in the team due to his sloppyness and lack of pace.Gary N and Scholes should retire and not to be the stumbling block of the youngsters progress.Fergi please get over it.

  7. zhixiang says:

    ManU you are too harsh on Scholes — “stumbling block of the youngsters” is a no-brainer to start with.. I must seriously doubt you are Citeh fan or Gooner or dipper in disguise.

    For the Citeh game, if Rio is crocked, then Evans would be a good choice
    Play Brown in the right back, and pray that he will blaze down the right wing like he did in Moscow…

  8. cantona7 says:

    lol ManU u still dont change your name? You are one ignorant fool.

    And still slating JOS.. you are a shame man..

  9. shmoo says:

    can some1 with admin powers get that fkin daft advert for compare off please, i h8 that fat cunt, everytime i roll my mouseover he fucks about with his tash!!!!!!. looking forward to the weekend, prediction. 2-0 utd :) ..

  10. Long John O'Shea says:

    Cantona7… I agree 100%… that chap is some muppet….

  11. King Eric says:

    manu – Do you even read peoples comments on here? Your attitude toward Scholes and Sheasy is a disgrace. You want Scholes to call it a day? Who has been our best midfielder this season aside from Fletch and who scored the winner in Turkey the other night? And change your fucking name!!

  12. KJ says:

    When you look at how much he’s played and how good he is.. you sometimes forget he’s only 21!

  13. jimmy bob says:

    Pique looked slow and cumbersome in the pl, he does look v good for barca.

    Perhaps he needed a run of games or perhaps he was never cut out for the english game?

    rio is coming to the end to imo but evans vidic and wes gives us cover and strength in that area

    what is happening with evans kid brother he supposed to be even better isnlt he?

  14. Jish Inc. says:

    Man u, even your name suggests you don’t know what u are talking about. Must have watched only 2 games last season and made up ur mind. Please watch some more football then make an intelligent comment

  15. mikekelly12 says:

    ManU….Scholesy is a legend, he’s been awesome this season and even if he hadn’t been you don’t wish him to retire and discard him like some half witt! Whilst John O’Shea is not my favourite player, he has performed in every position for our club, including keeper, with no questions asked. He has dug us out of problems when injuries have raved our team in the past, and scoring the winner at Anfield in the dying minutes of the game, season before last means he’ll always be ok in my book. And change your bleeding name you prick!

  16. five says:

    He’s a wind up account(ManU) he’s getting exactly what he wants when you lot reply to him. Scott cant you ban him from the site??

    Evans is quality. It’s scary how good he is…if Rio cant make it I’d start him at centre back for sure.

  17. King Eric says:

    five – The sad thing is I don’t think he is a wind up merchant. He praises certain players so must be a United “fan”.

  18. twilight says:

    evans should get his surgery on his ankle, dont want him to aggrevate it and screw it up more.

  19. Em-man-U-el says:

    evans’ll be good in there if we cant get Rio in.u need some lite up (manu). dont remain this blunt

  20. Em-man-U-el says:

    brown alongside vidic if we cant have rio

  21. CROoney says:


    he’s a good RB but a crap CB – absolutely crap – against arsenal he made my heart skipping a beat like 3 times – when he gave that poor pass, than he failed to tackle the player, and when he mis-judged that slow falling cross to let rvp shoot from 2 yards out


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