Tim Cahill, who’s had a brilliant season for Everton, has answered a few questions for The Guardian before taking on Manchester United in this afternoon’s FA Cup semi-final.

As far as United fans are concerned, he has given several pleasing answers.

It’s the Premiership’s public enemy number one that Cahill would list as his favourite player today, after growing up supporting Milan and idolising the likes of Rijkaard and Van Basten.

“I’d have to say Cristiano Ronaldo,” he responded. “He’s a player that can do anything, he’s someone that can never be marked. Lionel Messi is another one. I also like unsung heroes like Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs.”

When asked who was his toughest opponent, he listed our former captain, whilst also giving a mention to the Brazilian Chelsea defender.

“It used to be Roy Keane, but now?” he said. “Being a striker it would have be someone like Alex. He’s a big boy and very strong and I’ve bounced off him a few times and he’s bounced off me. He’s very difficult to play against.”

With his career heading in the right direction, Cahill wouldn’t rule out a move to Arsenal, but was certain he would never sign for the dippers!

“Never. Never, never,” he said. “No money in this world could convince me to play for Liverpool. And that’s not a lack of respect for Liverpool supporters or the football club. It’s for the respect for the Everton supporters. You just can’t do that. Morally, it’s not right. It goes against everything I stand for. No chance.”

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