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Everton Match Winner: I Was Lucky Not To Give Away Pen

The man who scored the decisive penalty for Everton yesterday should have been given his marching orders for a foul on Danny Welbeck towards the end of the game.

Phil Jagielka has today confessed that he was lucky Mike Riley chose to ignore Manchester United’s penalty claims when Welbeck was brought down.

“I did touch him,” he confessed. “I don’t know how much that contributed to him going down. Maybe I got lucky, but we’ll take that luck.”

Given that Welbeck had already rounded the keeper, it is silly to suggest he might have dived.

Two trips to Wembley, two stonewall pens turned down.

My only hope is that following the pressure referee’s have felt not to give us decisions of late, we’ll start seeing more of them in this crucial part of the season to come.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. doncobaino says:

    he was lucky to still be on the field

    yet of course the story this morning is how fergie go it wrong

    what complete and utter bullshit- wellbeck was about to but the ball into an empty net but was brought down illegally. should’ve been a penalty should’ve been sent off.

  2. gotta hate tiny tears says:

    anyone know rileys e-mail address so i can send the last 2 posts from scott to him

  3. costas says:

    Rob Styles was punished for his decision against Bolton.Punish Riley now.

  4. Stephen says:

    doncobaino, I completly agree with that, Fergie has taken I lot of stick for the side he put out but if the penalty was given I have no doubt in my mind that we would have won and Fergie would be touted as a genius, call me cynical but if Liverpool were involved in that same incident the press would be more focussed on the penalty which was not given, not the team or Berba.

  5. Satz says:

    I guess it is fine if we are the most hated club …I remember Gary Neville commenting on the same about 1.5 years ago when he stated that he did not like the fact that United were a darling with the press for being an entertaining side etc etc vis a vis Chelsea
    I expect more of press backlash on Berba and Fergie, The best thing is to support our lads..Thats all..

  6. costas says:

    Stephen you are not cynical,you are stating FACTS.Lets face it.The press hate Fergie because he sees them for the two faced,chicken shit liars that they are.All this time the FSW has been getting away with cheap shots at Fergie and the minute the Scot opens his mouth, he is at the eye of the storm.That’s why this title will be the sweetest one of them all.The FA cup semis were a farce.From the pitch conditions,to the venue to the timing of the fixtures.Did any of that bother them?No.Apparently the only one that has disgraced the cup is Fergie.They are parasites and that’s fair enough.But they should stop putting words in United fans’ mouths.The majority of us were happy with the team selection yesterday.The FA cup romance is not only about the small team doing well.It’s also about youngsters getting the chance to shine.But that’s foreign terminology for people who apart from “Quintuple”,”Untouchables” and “Chelsea-United dream final” don’t know any other words.

  7. costas says:

    4 months of busting our balls about 5 trophies and “QUINTOPPLED” is the best the Sun can come up with?That’s a joke even for this rag.Sorry guys for getting so obsessed with the tabloids.Last time it will happen.

  8. Stephen says:

    The press are willing Liverpool to win the league which is now getting embarrassing we must win it this year if we do I will be the happiest man alive.

  9. dromarared says:

    Whatever way you look at it how can Fergie be blamed.? he played a youthful team with “the legs” to cope with the surface – they did really well against a top 10 side. he brought on some experience for the exta time /penalties and still they kept going. in the penalty shootout it was Ferdinand and berbatove who missed (they would probably have been in fergie’s strongest 11) so how can the kids be blamed.? They all showed composure, ability and willingness to wrk for the team. i hail them all – 7 of that team could be playing for United for another 10 years! celebrate the future looks bright and I hope that Fabio’s injury is not too serious. Stop complaining about fergie and support the team through what will be a very difficult and tiring end of season!

  10. costas says:

    dromarared to be fair,very few people in here blamed Fergie.I was proud of the team.For them to play a FA cup semi against a hungry team and not get beat was fantastic.Kudos to Ole Solskaer too for the work he has put in.I was dissapointed with Fergie’s pen order selection because it was biased against Tevez but that’s mere details.The fact is that after Friday’s press conference,some people outside the club were waiting for him to fall flat on his face and he stuck it to them.So once again,well done to the lads and now lets bring home that 18th title!

  11. Trevor says:

    I think it was a stone wall penalty! The commentators dissapointed me to be honest as they said it was 50-50! Hang on a minute!

    if it was England Verses Whoever in a world cup qualifyer they would have said it was a clear pen!

    Some of these decisions you get some you dont! Fair play to moyles as he has pulled off a fergie master stroke with his pre game comments!

    I dont think we as honest united fans can be too down about fergies team selection! After Raffas rants there is no way we can loose the league to him!

    We have bigger fish to fry unfortunitaly than the FA Cup – Although saying that the team Fergie did put out matched the energy Levels of Everton and i honestly thought we were the better team!

  12. 16 says:

    costas, spot on mate! when i saw the line up i was confident with it. finally we could see what the young kids could do. i thaught they really did well!! concerning berbatov’s penelty strike, i would say, that i would have been much happier if he took a longer run for it. anyway,it’s in the past now!
    for me the league is the most important one to win and as others have said before, winning the champs league and fa cup would be the icing on the cake.
    so lets get behind the boys and sir alex as there’s still much to be won!!!!!!

  13. Stephen says:

    If it was Torres or Stevie Pancake who went down in the Wembly turf then it would not even be discussed by the pundits they would say that it was a stonewall pen and it would have been given FHACT!!

  14. gotta hate tiny tears says:

    and them kids(!) will win 1 and or 2 more medels this year. 1 team can not win a trophy you need a team thats made up of 2 or 3 teams and uniteds “second string” showed yesterday that not only is the future bright but in the situtation they where in yesterday that the present is bright 2. I’d have no worrys about that line up playing portsmouth on wednesday

    Highly highly proud to support yesterdays losin team

  15. costas says:

    One more point that i think needs to be made.United have come off a grueling 07-08 campaign followed by Euros and Olympic games(for Ando).This year has been even worse.In most months we have played 7,8 or 9 games.That’s 1 game every 3-4 days for a year.On top of that,the fixture list gave us the most diffcicult away games at the first half of the season.Fergie went down the honest path.He didn’t bow out of any competition like we did in 99.He fought every single one of them and also gave the kids a chance to prove their worth in the 2 cups.And look how well we did:won the league cup and went out of the FA cup unbeaten.Oh and we also have reached the semis of the Ch.League.The Champions to do so since 2003.That’s why the League is good enough for me.Because given the circumstaces everything else is a bonus.In the immortal words od Martin Edwads,”you can’t ask the players to play 80 games a year,you will kill them”.

  16. bruce thomas says:

    Apparently Everton supporters have tried to book the same coach that took them to their last final — but were told that the two horses have since died :)

  17. King Eric says:

    Costas, Gotta hate and Stephen – Some excellent points. We have just GOT to win the title and shove it to the ABU cunts in the media. Scum, simple as.

  18. Giles Oakley says:

    Some great positive responses all round. Yes it was clearly a penalty, and if we’d got it I’ve no doubt United would have gone on and won. Even with the kids, even with a completely untried formation/ line-up, United were the better team and were desperatley unlucky not to get a result. I was proud of Fergie having the guts to play the kids and I think he fully repaid their trust. I hope Aaron Ramsey has seen how United’s kids have been given a chance this season – Evans, the da Silvas, Gibson, Wellbeck, Macheda – even in matches at the highest level. Maybe he’ll wonder if he made the right decision going to Arsenal and not Old Trafford. I was impressed by Wellbeck, who was a little overwhelmed in the Carling Cup Final. Here he was never phased by his own mistakes and he got stronger and stronger through the 120 mins. He’s a gangly lad and needs to fill out and build his strength but at times it was hard to believe he’s only 18 as he took on one of the toughest defences in the Premiership. I was gutted yesterday when we didn’t win as I would have loved another shot at the FA Cup , but that’s life. Now let’s all get behind the team, like most people here are saying. Still SO much to go for.

  19. Stephen says:

    Spot on Giles, we all need to get behind the boys and agree with your point regarding Ramsey, he probably would have a winning Carling Cup medal and have played in a FA Cup semi final if he had made the RIGHT decision with regards to his career.
    We have ideally 10 cup finals comming up starting on Wedesday in the first one and if we do win the league this year it will probably the best one yet, so lets not be greedy this year we could equal Liverpool’s record and not long ago that really did not seem posible.

  20. costas says:

    Waking up this morning i wasn’t feeling awul as i usually do after a league defeat.I was thinking what i have been thinking for a while.Win the league and then just be in another Ch.League final.It’s such a big occasion and if we are up against Barca it will be a win/win situation.No pressure on retaining our title.Just enjoying the moment.And if the next 2 League games go in our favor and not in the dippers,then we can start focusing on the target.Here’s hoping Arsenal give them a whipping tomorrow and then Manucho finishes the job on Saturday.

  21. FailsworthDevil says:

    Giles mate… even though i always respect your comments… always do mate… but with regards to Welbeck… i thought he looked lost in that position mate, and thought he would have been better served on the right side, rather than the left… and coz of that he looked really lost.. and never tracked back… yes he did come back towards the defence, but lost when trying to pick players up..

    I know that you know and many know i aint a fan of Welbeck… and yes he is only a young kid… but……….the only time when i thought he has played well for us…. and more importantly looked comfortable was the cup match when he played on the right… he looked really useful there… and was just a shame..

    Time to move on………..Weds beckons…. get the 3 points… a good 3 points… and lets throw this pressure onto the Dippers, and shove the premier league trophy right down the ABU fuckers necks.

  22. Trevor says:

    With Regards To costas Said – Comments

    I agree to be honest! Although the Pen Selection is difficult. You Want your best takers but then you look on the day who looks most confident!

    You would think that Berbatov would be a cert for a pen! Cool Calm and Clinical (well we can only dream!) Although when he came on i thought he had a reasonable game. His touch is great, bringing people into play was good! What else can we ask! Maybe that he can score a penalty wouldnt be too much!

    People compare him to Cantona! I fail to see the resemblence! Cantona had a Pressence. Berbatov hasnt! – Cantona you would trust to take a Penalty – Berbatov after yesterday i am not sure! – Cantona Showed Passion and Pride! Berbatov Doesnt! Maybe im a bit harsh but one thing is for sure! Time will tell!

  23. FailsworthDevil says:

    Im defo with you on that one Costa’s…. if we had been dumped out against Porto… then i would be very very upset today…

    I just think its a missed opportunity… but………. if this ultimately means that it helps us to retain the PL and EC……… then im all for it…

    Get 2 wins this week, then the pressure is on the bin dippers coz they will be running out of games…

    Its all in our hands… we win our games, we win the trophies..

    B E L I E V E.

  24. Oooodz says:

    I am pleased with the truth in Jagielka’s comments there. That doesn’t happen too much in modern day football.

    However, the more I think about the penalty. The more I’m sure that we should have got it.

  25. haha says:

    I’ll be burning an effigy of Berbatov outside the mega store of Old Trafford at aproximatley 2:00pm. All are welcome, please show your support by bringing fire wood and accelerants. :)

  26. FailsworthDevil says:

    haha mate… yes was a shambolic.. lazy… pathetic attempt of a penalty… but lets not put it all down to Berba…

    We didnt score over 120 minutes… yes we should have got a penalty… but we never got it… lets move on with that one mate..

    Howard saved our penalties… they scored theres…

    At the end of the day… penalties are lotteries… and our numbers didnt come out yesterday..

    We will see a different United on Weds and Sat… and lets get behind the lads… forget the FA Cup… its gone… over with.. good luck to Everton..

    Lets think about the Premier League… &……. Champs League… thats our bread and butter… they are the 2 that we really want..

    If we would have got the FA Cup then thats a bonus… another addition to the trophy cabinet..

    I am waiting Berba to come good… I am expecting it for £30m… and lets hope he can do that to ensure that we fuck the dippers over by winning number 18 in league titles……..fuck the ABU’s…. and lets beat the gooners to get a nice trip to Rome..


    B E L I E V E

  27. AlphaRS says:

    I have a different and maybe controversial view on yesterdays penalty decision.

    If the ref gave a penalty yesterday he should not have been sent off as I think he made a genuine attempt at getting the ball.

    If the challenge was made outside the penalty area and he was one on one with the keeper I think he should have got sent off.

    Can’t punish Everton twice.

    However much maybe made about Fergies team selections but I actually think he got it right. United were gonna lose games before the end of the season and out of the 3 competitions I prefer to get knocked out of the FA Cup. The league is the biggest priority and then the Champions League.

  28. costas says:

    Penalties are often not fair guys.Of course we support United,but would it have been fair on Tim Cahill to be the player who cost them the dream?Or would it have been fair on Cristiano to be our villain in Moscow?And yet,Phil Neville of all people cooly puts his past Foster!Sometimes the greats(not saying that Berba is one currently) black out at penalties.I would mention Baggio,but that’s another story.So if they asked me how responsible he was for our cup exit,i would say 5-10 %.ABout his overall play,i do believe that his ball retention helps us a lot even if it makes our attacks slower.But maybe that’s how Fergie wanted to go this season.Maybe in CQ’s absence he felt that they best way to balance attack and defence is this style of play and that’s why he brought Berba.We will see.Starting on Wednesday,our real cup finals begin.

  29. rc7 says:

    Slightly off topic but Jagielka was born and bred in Manchester. He lived in Sale only 3-4 miles from OT. Surely he must have been a “bitter” or a “Red”.
    Does anyone know?

  30. Rob the Red says:

    Proud of those boys yesterday! Good luck in the final to Everton.

  31. Giles Oakley says:

    Failsworth, no problem about disagreeing with me, I never take offence, especially with genuine United folk like your good self. Actually I agree with you, I also think Welbeck (must spell the poor devil’s name right) is better on the right, as he showed in the FA cup game against Tottenham. If I had criticisms of Fergie’s selection it would be on that score, as it added to the pressure on him. It was when he was running at the defence through the middle he was causing panic. His judgement about when to release the ball still needs working on, and he needs to strengthen his left foot, but I still think he did well, not fading or , worse, hiding. Anyway, that’s all bye-the-bye, time to move on and let’s hope we see United in their full pomp against Pompey!

  32. Giles Oakley says:

    Oh yes, I agree with Rob the Red, good luck to Everton in the Final. I’ll be rooting for Phil Nev and Saha in particular. Hope Saha is fit for it…

  33. corea says:

    @ costas

    “Waking up this morning i wasn’t feeling awul as i usually do after a league defeat” – that was the same for me ;) and it describes the whole situation.

    BTW, Manucho was awful against Sunderland on Saturday.

  34. KVN says:

    @ Trevor
    @ costas
    @ Giles Oakley
    SAFs decision to field the youngsters was absolutely spot on. How is he really going to see how they are if he doesn’t play them in a real competitive game against strong Prem opposition? Plus he has to see the bigger picture, United are looking to retain the EPL and ECL titles and you need fresh players to put in 8 or 9 out of 10 performances from here onwards. If they’re tired (like the 1st leg against Porto @ OT) you see the result – you’ll either loose or get knocked out. either way you’ll suffer. then everyone will be criticising Fergie about why he didn’t rest players etc etc.

    i agree with your comments guys. i think that we’re seeing the ABUs rise up again and especially in the media are pouring out their true feelings about Fergie and his team selection. “The gamble backfired etc” they said, yes it was a gamble, but we just showed the world that our kids are developing nicely and will be big players next season and the season beyond that. the experience they’re got from playing in big games against top 5/6 teams and at big arenas like Wembley and not only handle the occasion but you could see grow as they played more. By Fergie taking this “risk” the message he sent to Wellbecks, Kiko, Da Silvas twins, Gibson, Foster is that he trust them and believes they will become class players. Whilst i’m naturally dissapointed with the result, the postivies far outweigh the negatives.

    1 – They will know that their future is with Man United
    2 – They will be more hungrier for 1st team action
    3 – Expereince of playing in big occasions will not phase them and they’ll play without fear.
    4 – They’ll work even harder to impress Fergie and the coaching staff
    5 – The teams depht will have grown and SAF will know (from next season especially) that the team can cope with the number of games especially when it comes to the business end
    6 – competition for places will increase which will push the team onto greater success
    7 – It will inspire the other kids like Possebon and Cleverley and Ravel Morrison to push harder, learn more and develop into better footballers with intellegence along with ability and hard work to be a success.

    8 – Rio & Vidic looked good back to their solid best

    1 – ABUs will hate us even more (but we knew that already!)

    On the Berbablob matter I think that whilst he’s still adjusting to playing for a big team, if he puts in performances like that then SAF will quickly sell him on (see Seba Veron). I think that at spurs he and Keane were the driving force – the big fish, now at OT he’s just one of many quality players. I’m willing to be patient with him and reserve judgement until next season after he’s had a proper pre season training under his belt. as Trevor said, Cantona had presence, hardly ever missed a penalty and inspired the young ones to greatness. I think he even galvanised Fergie to believe the impossible and create a successful empire.
    Berbablob has a long way to go and much to prove, but i’m hoping when the lights do switch on in his head we’ll see a true world class player and champion.

    Now we need to win against portsmouth and spurs plus next weeks game against arsenal and build on the momentum to retain our trophies.

  35. United4eva says:

    I’m still annoyed about this. David Moyes’ Riley is a United fan comment clearly CLEARLY influenced his decision making yesterday and cost us the final. No doubt about it. I don’t care what anyone says about us failing to score over 120 minutes Mike Riley has cost us the dream on the anniversarry of 1998-1999. He ruined the Treble dream. I dont know why journo’s speak of Moyes as a future Man Utd manager? Nobody remember Rooney’s book? Doubt he and Wazza will get on like a house on fire and I’d much rather have Rooney than Moyes especially after these B.S. mind games.

  36. FailsworthDevil says:

    Nice one Giles mate.. i think thats the closest me and you have ever come to agreeing with each other pal lol..

  37. FailsworthDevil says:

    United4Eva …. dont take it to heart pal… at the end of the day… i would class that down to good management… sommat SAF would have done himself in that predicament…

    Cheeky… Crafty…. but very very clever.

  38. EastStandManc says:

    Was anyone else here hopin’ and prayin’ that Jags, as a United fan, would *ahem* do us a favour *ahem* and miss? Pretty desperate, I know.

    Perversely, I rate him even more highly for scoring, though. Shows he’s 100% professional. Good lad.

  39. jcolas says:

    The benefits of starting all of the youngsters for such a big game will be seen in the years ahead. No other club in the WORLD may have been as competitive with the amount of experience on the pitch in such a big game.

  40. King Eric says:

    East Stand Manc – Is Jagielka a United fan? I did not know that.

  41. denton davey says:

    Costas: “The press hate Fergie because he sees them for the two faced,chicken shit liars that they are.All this time the FSW has been getting away with cheap shots at Fergie and the minute the Scot opens his mouth, he is at the eye of the storm.”

    WRONG ! The press just love SAF because he provides them with so much to write about.

    The incident cried out for video-replay. Jagielka doesn’t seem to have touched the ball but he did touch Welbeck and Howard was alone, stranded. SO, it should have been a penalty and a red card – just like Scholes received at Fulham.

    The kids are alright ! These kids are UTD quality and it was an inspired move by SAF to “blood” them in the big game. Not just because it will feed their loyalty and their hunger but also because it tells him about their “character”. I’m convinced that the difference in skill between a “UTD player” and a journeyman EPL player is pretty slim so the difference in “character” is probably crucial. Is there a better way to discover if the kid has the bollox to play on the biggest stage by throwing him in at the deep end.

    And if the kid wants to play first-team footie rather than proving himself – see the rumours about the Argentine playmaker from Hurucan and also Aaron Ramsey who went to TheArse because he couldn’t see himself dislodging Anderson – then he’s clearly lacking in what the Amurrricans like to call “intestinal fortitude”.

    UTD want/need kids like Jonny Evans, Anderson, Danny Welbeck, Rafael, Fabio, and Kiko who play without fear because they are confident in their own abilities. They won’t shit-their-shorts when they walk out into a boiling cauldron of emotions. I would imagine that it’s almost impossible to “scout” for those characteristics so the only way to discover if they have the bollox is to give them a run-out.

    And, let’s not forget the kids would have won in regulation time IF the referee wasn’t mistaken. The kids had most of the possession. The kids made most of the chances. And it wasn’t the kids who missed the penalties but, rather, two of UTD’s most senior professionals. Shit happens.

  42. Giles Oakley says:

    Actually Failsworth you’d be surprised, as I often disagree with myself!

  43. EastStandManc says:

    King Eric: yeah, he is mate (at least, supposedly). I can’t remember which website it was, but I was doing some research on him a couple of months ago in response to a post on another forum when I came across that little fact.

  44. King Eric says:

    East Stand Manc – Cheers mate.


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