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Everything you need to know about Guillermo Varela

Birthdate: 24 March 1993
Born: Montevideo, Uruguay
Position: Full-back (right)
International: Uruguay Under-20. Had 9 caps and is will be representing his country in the U-2o Championships which is taking part in Turkey later this month.
Background: He started his career with Peñarol and made his senior début, and only appearance for the club, on June 5th 2011 against Racing Club de Montevideo in the Primera División. Peñarol finished 3rd that season, 2nd the following season and were champions last season. Peñarol gets its name from a neighbourhood on the outskirts of Montevido, where Varela was born and grew up.
Link with United: Varela had a two week trial at United in early May. Upon returning to Uruguay, he told Tirando Paredes: “I have trained with the first-team. I am very happy and I was received very well. It was a surprise to get the chance to test with Manchester United. I’m glad and happy, and grateful to Penarol who allowed me to travel. I was treated so well and Chicharito helped me a lot. The work outs were short but very demanding.”
Signing for United: On Thursday, Penarol club treasurer Rodolfo Catino brought Varela to England. He tweeted: “In San Pablo airport waiting for the connection to London, with Guille about to board travelling with him.” Later that day he tweeted a picture of Varela on a plane at Manchester Airport and revealed that he would be having a medical the following day, although negotiations had yet been concluded. A deal was finalised on Friday.
Transfer fee: Reportedly £1m with the potential to rise to £2.5m.

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  1. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Not sure if it is posted, but there are a couple of videos of the new signing

    Reds complete Varela signing. VIDEO.

  2. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Also this view of Varela playing in U20 action. Looks to be a very very key player for Uruguay.

    Guille Varela looks aces playing for UruguayU20. …! #MUFC

  3. King Eric says:

    Fletch – Yes we had signed Casillas that summer!

  4. 12 cantonas says:

    hey all

    i have must t-shirt and it has a number on the left side below

    what does this number means??

  5. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Sorry, Here is the video of Guille Varela signing. All in spanish actually.

    Rough translation of his interview:

    How do you feel:
    Guille: Over the moon really.. what can you say, this one of the biggest clubs in the world. They have won everything there is to win and I hope it continues like that.

    How did you like the club and are you happy that so many speed spanish.
    Guille: It is great. The lads who have spoken to me will help me settle in faster.

    What are your best characteristics as a footballer:
    Guille: Well my speed really. I’m fast!

  6. Paul Scholes Jr. says:

    I understand your viewpoint against singing Wes now. Both parties (United and Sneijder) wanted the deal but Inter wouldn’t allow it. I mentioned the injury problem in the previous post too. However the quality is worth it at that price. Look back at the Real Madrid and Gala UCL game. He took control of the game with a goal and assist.

    I think he is still a popular figure in the footballing world and will make the money back in jersey sales rather quickly. I am a little biased though, he is one of my favorite players when he is healthy. The link up play between sneijder, kags and carrick is a mouth watering thought.

    Also I don’t want to see him go to Chel$ea or Man Shitty and have a bounce back year.

  7. FletchTHEMAN says:

    @Paul Scholes Bit revisionist? I recall United weren’t about to do his Inter wages during year one. Inter didn’t want to continue footing the bill.

    But whatever, Sneijder is a truly gifted player. Would you spend 15m of your own money on him right now? Fair play if United go and do it. If so, I will back him as our player. From what I see, it wouldn’t be my 15m. Just sayin.

  8. wazzer says:

    fabregas and lewandowski will give us another trophy next season

  9. mara says:

    My opinion about Moyss if he want to help himself about fans who dont like him and about Rooney realtionship, is to buy and convince Cesc and Thiago to sign for us. Then fans would see that big players want to come even we lost SAF, and that he mean bussiness, that he is serious. That is the way he s gonna get all fans on his side. And one winter, and we are covered. I don’t know where will Kagawa play ifCesc come, but… :-)

  10. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Sneijder did not take control of that match, he was actually poor for a while in that game until a moment of brilliance ignited things, that’s what you’d expect from sneijder, he’s a class act but he isn’t the same player anymore, there’s absolutely no logical reason to go out and buy him other than trying to play fantasy football, united require midfielders of different calibre.

  11. Diego says:

    Yes, convince Fabregas to sign with us just after he has gotten his dream transfer to his boyhood club and try to get in Thiago who probably have never even heard of Moyes.

  12. Tope99 says:

    From the videos varela loves to do one-two passes with the winger above him a lot,he’s decent and seems to have great talent

  13. King Eric says:

    Err the way to make Moyes feel at home is to fucking get behind him. Why should he have to go sign two Barca players to make a statement? Oh that’s right to appease the impatient United fans. Thiago isn’t what we need for fuck sake. Bet half those desperate for him have never seen him play. Fucking hate this
    time of year. Two year back folk were desperate for Sanchez and other flavour of month Pastore. Yeah they’ve been top class. We will strengthen where we need to e.g. A dominant midfielder in the Fletch role not a fairy like Thiago.

  14. Wakey says:

    @Paul Scholes Jr

    I think you are getting mixed up. United and Inter had the fee agreed by all accounts but WS wouldn’t budge on the wages. I believe the club thought he would budge eventually but seemed he prefered getting a ridicioulous wage at Inter for not playing rather than a decent wage at United where he would play

  15. Paul Scholes Jr. says:

    But the banana passes that RVP could eat up…..

  16. busby says:

    Balance is key. I am sure we will bring in some more established names but names for the future are also necessary. They provide funds when they are sold off later and that is the worst case scenario. They could become big time first teamers as well.

  17. Saad says:

    Missing Manchester United fan. Please spread the word among all those living in England.



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