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Evra: Arsenal Are Wounded Animal

A couple of months ago, Arsenal were still in four competitions and awaited the League Cup final against Birmingham, a great opportunity for them to end their trophy drought.

However, in the space of a fortnight, they lost the final, they were knocked out of the FA Cup buy a weak United team and were beaten by Barcelona in the Champions League.

Then, with just the Premier League to focus on, they somehow managed to throw that away too, and have picked up just 8 points from a possible 21 in recent weeks. They currently lie in 3rd, 9 points behind United, with just 4 games left to play.

With a game against them this weekend, our recent history against them bodes well. In our last eight meetings, we have lost just once, back in November 2008. We have won 6 of the others and the draw in 2009 was enough to see us crowned champions.

Despite our good record at the Emirates recently, Patrice Evra has today claimed that we should beware of Arsenal, who are likely to be reeling after yet another collapse.

“You have to fear the wounded animal,” said Evra. “It is all or nothing for Arsenal so that is a danger. They will want to show they can still win the title. We have a good record at Arsenal but statistics can change so quickly. Everyone used to say how Arsenal kept losing to Chelsea and then they beat them. We kept losing at Stamford Bridge but won there in the Champions League Our record at the Emirates will hurt them and they will want to do something about it.”

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  1. devil without a cause says:

    another dig at the arse by evra………… absolutely love him for it…………. <3

  2. GAZ says:

    @devil without a cause – i didnt see a dig….YET.. just re-focusing the minds i hope tough game in prospect they have no pressure but we will be okay if we keep playing like Tuesday! Viva John Terry!

  3. devil without a cause says:


    “It is all or nothing for Arsenal so that is a danger. They will want to show they can still win the title.”

    the way i look at it, he cant be serious here mate………. statistacially yes, possibly no………

  4. NotoriousRedDevil says:

    Evra is right many think its a given we will get 3 points. Considering the highest placed team we’ve beaten away is Stoke this season let not count chickens. I don’t think we will lose this Sunday, I’ll see what happens at chelski Saturday before I place my bets…literally. We know there will be no Giggs or Scholes, so it shall be interesting who the manager picks in midfield. This is l’arse’s cup final now, and although we can’t win the league there, we can officially stop them from winning it.

  5. lil'k says:


  6. Norm187 says:

    love that photo says it all, evra determined to get the ball, walcott little le arse pussy worrying about getting hurt, men vs boys, 3 -1 united 2 for chico the other for rooney

  7. wayne says:

    wounded animals need putting out of their misery it falls upon utd to do that,finish the fuckers off

  8. mattbw7 says:

    Nah its no dig, just think if positions where reversed and we had a cahnce to put a spanner in Arsenals chances of winning the title, would we do it, of course we bloody would.

    Sundays game is really dangerous, the Spuds couldnt beat WBA so the Chavs will fuckin spit roast em, which will mean Chelsea 3 points behind when we play the Arse, this could be as snidey as the game last night, watch for Fabregas waving imaginary cards about.

    A game for battlers not bottlers.

  9. Norm187 says:

    whilst we still gotta give them some respect i just cant see us losing to them even at the new libary even with our shocking away form in the league, as long as the team show up with the same attitude from tues against shalke and not the game against loserpool or citeh we’ll be fine


  10. Norm187 says:

    mattbw7 “a game for battlers not bottlers” we’ll be fine then thats were always up for a battle, while they always love to bottle it

  11. mattbw7 says:

    Thats my theme for the game Norm187, I can see them coming at us really hard for the 1st 15 trying to prove they have the best philosophy, cue the barca comparisons by the commentators while we soak up the pressure and fuck em in the 2nd half.

  12. devil without a cause says:


    putting a spanner in chances is another thing but still seeing them as title contenders is just having a laugh at them……… me thinks

  13. Balaji Sivaraman says:

    To be a wounded animal, you’ve got be an animal with hunger first. Arsenal are wounded alright. But I think they’re more like a wounded puppy. When puppies are wounded, they go crying to their parents or masters, they don’t bite back.

    Enough of the metaphors, I think Arsenal are dangerous enough that they could potentially provide a small roadblock for us but I don’t think this is as huge a result as the one at Old Trafford. This result only provides the benefit for us of knowing when we will the title. If we beat Arsenal and Chelsea, the title is ours. But more important for us is the be prepared for Chelsea.

    The best thing we can do is match/better Chelsea’s result for this weekend and then beat them at OT the subsequent week to be crowned Champions for the 19th time.

  14. mattbw7 says:

    We need the Spuds to beat the Chavs for us to be champs when we play them.

  15. Unitedfanatic says:

    Hehe.. this time not a sucker punch kind of dig but a more a sensible one directed toward L’Arse. It’s amazing how good they are at throwing away their trophies.

  16. Balaji Sivaraman says:

    @matt, Nope, we just need to match their result this weekend. We both draw/win/lose, the lead remains 6 points. Then we can beat Chelsea and the lead becomes 9 with 2 games remaining and United are crowned Champions.

    For a draw with Chelsea to be enough to see us become Champions, then we need Spurs to beat/draw at Chelsea and we need to beat Arsenal. Then the lead becomes 8/9 points and stays that way after we get the draw the following week.

    Either way, good news is that title is in our hands and I don’t expect us the throw it away at this stage of the season. Although if Atkinson is the referee for the OT game, that is a whole another story.

  17. mattbw7 says:

    I am corrected, but I aint countin no chickens yet :)

  18. willierednut says:

    Wounded pussies lol. Come United, finish the arse holes off!!

  19. Briggsy says:

    Going by the previous mind-set Arsenal have shown, I wouldn’t be surprised if they weren’t up for this game at all.

    They must know they are out of it now, and in my opinion, some of their players are probably thinking of which club they want to play for next.

    But I could be wrong, and being a man I’m often told I always am, and they could come out gunning for us.

  20. King Eric says:

    Hhhm. Not sure Paddy. I do not think these mincing cunts have rthe mentalitty to fight back. A wounded animal just dies. United would bounce back. Not sure about these.

  21. King Eric says:

    Brggsy – Agree mate. Just noticed your post prior to saying the same thing.

  22. GHred says:

    @ King Eric, lol. quality post. but i’m sure if we played every match from now on as though they were cup finals, we’d win all; the chavs included. my heart wants both nani and valencia to play on Sunday so their FBs piss in their pants, but my head thinks park instead of nani/valencia.
    if park plays, i’d want nani to play on the right, resting valencia. we can later bring him on if things are difficult or to see out the game.
    come on lads, let’s beat the shit outta arse

  23. Briggsy says:

    @King Eric – lol. Happens to everyone.

    @GHred. I think the subs against Shalke showed who he’s playing against Arsenal. I think that’s why he took Park, Hernandez and Rooney off, to give them a rest and give Scholes, Anderson and maybe Nani a bit of a run out. Reporters said he did it to bolster the midfield and to stifle the game, but to be truthful, there was nothing to stifle.

    Midfield I’d go for is Park – Scholes – Anderson – Valencia (maybe Nani) with Rooney and Hernandez up front.

    The defence could be anyone, but I’m guessing Rio won’t play a 3rd match on the trot.

  24. GAZ says:

    should we stick with the tried and trusted 4-5-1 against the pussies? i mean everygame we played against them over the last 3 seasons playing that way we have smashed them? But i think this is how we will line up!


  25. KingOfStretfordEnd says:

    Oh Evra. He’s got a thing for Arsenal doesn’t he.

  26. GHred says:

    i’ll make the defence evans instead of smalling cos of his more experience in such big games, even if slight. remember how he’d drogba in his pocket @ SB last season. plus he’s getting his confidence back.
    but i’m sure saf will think this season smalling’s shown his mettle esp against citeh, so may go with him on current form
    don’t really mind who as long as we reproduce the most brilliant counter-attacking football ever as we did in the 3-1 hanging at de emirates. hehehe

  27. Giles Oakley says:

    Well said, Patrice! A couple of months ago you could probably get lots of Arsenal fans talking all full of confidence about how they were going to win, if not a Quadruple, at least a couple of major trophies. I hate to see so many people here doing exactly that, like we’ve already won something. We haven’t . Thank God Patrice is on the case, just as Rio was yesterday, warning of the dangers of complacency and stressing the importance of not underestimating good opponents. It’s all very well bragging United up and calling the opposition cunts, but it will look very very stupid if the players even start to think the same way. United supporters have a big part to play in whether we get another Double so please listen to those players who are talking sense. Focus, intensity , patience and never-give-in team-spirit, that’s what we need, not this over-the-top abuse at honoured rivals, and certainly not any taking victory for granted.

  28. StatesideAussie says:

    Off topic, byt anyone know where barca stand on yellow cards, in relation to the final? I tried to check on the UEFA site but didn’t find what I want to know, which is whether any Barca would miss he final if they get another yellow against Real next week.

  29. denton davey says:

    Squad rotation – lots of changes for this match. I’d be surprised if Rio or SirRyanGiggs are even on the bench. Chris Smalling to partner Nemanja Vidic in the center. Valencia is a physical monster- incredibly strong and resilient so he’ll be likely to play on one side with Nani on the other. Fabio/Rafael – which one’s which ? I’d be astonished to see any change to the WayneBoy/Chicharito partnership up-front. Similarly, Michael Carrick is in a rich vein of form so he’ll probably partner one of the Brazilians: DarrenFletcherinho or Anderson. And, although it would only be “fair” to give Kuszczak a game, SAF will ride Edwin to the finish line.

  30. Fred says:

    Wounded animal? Yeah, a fucking dog that needs to be put down.

    Nice rhetoric from Evra though, he’s usually winding Arsenal up but this time he’s coming out with all the right soundbites. You can tell the lads are very focused. Beat these cunts from North London and then the cunts from West London and then Fergie’s “worst team for years” :lol: are fucking champions with two games to spare and we can concentrate on winning the European Cup against those Barcelona cunts.

    We’re Man United… what? Fucking WHAT? FUCK OFF! :D

  31. Devil310 says:

    Urgh…Evra running his mouth again….Don’t like it!

  32. GoatinaUnitedShirt says:

    Wounded animal. As a self proclaimed animal doctor. Ok maybe not the healey kind but rather the kind that likes to make SeaDogs and Tigopotamus’s I can only say that the kind thing is to put them to sleep. And then and only then could we possibly make a footballer out of a two or three of them. Ok he’ll look a bit like kettle neck but he might be able to hit a cow on the arse with a banjo and dribble without filling his spittle cup. We’ll bugger me, as I write I have just managed the incarnation of a baboon with a Barcelona footballer I found on a stretcher and made something that resembles Fabregas’s mum. Maybe this is the start of something beautiful, or maybe just another guppy faced diving whining dago with shit for brains, I’ll let you decide.

  33. StatesideAussie says:

    Giles … I agree totally. And that’s where SAF’s motivational powers have to come into play. We great against Schalke but there’s a danger in that too, because they are not class and they are not tough. For example, Carrick had a great game (all our lads did) but at the same time, the Germans didn’t exactly put him (or any of us) under pressure. I don’t know what their plan was, but it didn’t include making a fist of it. And for all their diving and heating, Barca are good (and so are Real, if it comes to that). And of course, we haven’t actually gotten there yet. We can beat either of those teams, but we will need to be on totally on top of our game, and our lads will need to focus and concentrate and use all their powers of determination and spirit like never before!

  34. King Eric says:

    Devil310 – No offence mate but how is Evra running his mouth?

  35. T4M says:

    Good to see evra give some respect to arse this time.

  36. scan74 says:

    think pats spot on arsenal will be hurting after the way they have fucked up recently

    they will be bustin to turn us over

    need a big performance

    and keep moving towards number 19

    come on the shirts

  37. Adan says:

    evra yuar da best man ,nd show us yuar spirit on da weekend

  38. missingOTnowiminoz says:

    Ji sung Park will do them again!!

  39. t says:

    I appreciate the wonderful “MAN EVRA” . chance should be with UNTD.


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