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Evra: Best Feeling Winning At Anfield

Patrice Evra was booed every time he touched the ball today because Liverpool striker Luis Suarez racially abused him last year. Evra didn’t let that dampen the mood though and is delighted to have beaten the scousers at Anfield.

“It’s unbelievable,” he told MUTV. “To be fair, I always say one of the best sensations is when we win at Anfield. We’ve been coming here for four years [almost five years], a long time and I’ve not been seeing a dressing room like that with smiles on the faces after the game. I want to win against Liverpool. If I play badly or play well, I just want to win and that is what we did.”

Evra shrugged off the pre-match talk about his handshake with Luis Suarez to instead focus on the bigger picture.

“It was not an easy game,” he stressed. “There was a lot of tension and emotion beforehand and, in the end, we get the three points. It’s all we talk about – winning – because we have done our job and well done to everyone. I think the most important word today was respect because it was a game between two big clubs that have both had big tragedies. That’s why, although a lot of people were talking about me shaking hands with Suarez, the story of the clubs is bigger than that. It’s why I think if I didn’t shake his hand, I didn’t respect the story of both clubs. In the end, this time, he shook my hand and it was more important to respect the families who lost a lot of people.”

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  1. Dave says:

    IMO, Evra wasn’t too bad today considering his recent performances and the pressure on him.

  2. Scott shaw says:

    Has everyone seen what Rodgers said?
    I never had to ask Liverpool supporters to behave because they rally value humanity
    On 2:40

  3. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Patty Evra, he’s a red mate. Well said from Patty.

    Better taste in it with a win though. GET IN UNITED!

  4. Little Red Ant says:

    Scott he is a twat – all these years singing the Munich song and putting their arms out – oh yes they really do value humanity – cunts

  5. Young Keazy says:

    Also what a wanker Alan Smith is! His commentary was cringeworthyly ABU. Talking shit all game. Bum licking Liverpool. Giving Stevie GBH man of the match?? Da fuck.. out of sympathy I imagine. Scholes and even more so Carrick controlled and bossed it in the second half. It was great to see Carrick so marauding and penetrative. Saying Sterling had the measure of Paddy?? Perhaps first half but it wasn’t anything truly goal threatening. Evra was right up his arse throughout and he couldn’t take anymore so got subbed off. Alan Smith was also very reluctant to admit it was a dangerous challenge that deserved a red with Jonny Evans doing well to escape serious injury. Or criticizing that bald twat enough for his feral antics. With how amazingly well behaved and civil our fans were to today what with all the intense media pressure, I’m surprised it didn’t get so much of a mention. We were brilliant! Have you ever seen Gerrard win the leaGue LOL? Manchester Manchester Manchester! Gary Neville of all people would have offered a far more balanced and professional performance in the commentary booth today.

  6. Young Keazy says:

    I just want credit to be given where credit is due and I feel this United team come under an unfair amount of critique. We’re adapting to the new arrivals and young players finding their feet in the first team, when it all comes together and we click we’ll be a devastating force to be reckoned with again. Patience is one of Sir Alex Fergusons greatest virtues and he has faith in the present and the future of his squad. I’m ecstatic over this win at the dippers after having to wait 5 long years for this sweet moment and will savour it all through the week. Manchester United Spurs is the next epic fixture and test for United in the league. Points on the board are what matter right now and we are getting plenty. Will hope the encouraging 2nd half performance today will serve as a platform to build on and we’ll continue to improve against Newceastle midweek. The imminent return of a Wayne Rooney with fresh impetus and competitive appetite will be just what we need. We’ll never die

  7. Joffrey Barathron says:

    Who cares if Gerrard got motm? Let him have it we’ll take the 3 points even if it was with a stroke of fortune. Real poor performance today from United but it could prove a massive 3 points come the end of the season. We can only get better…..hopefully!


    They`re going down in a Yellow Submarine, a Yellow Submarine, a Yellow submarine

    Scousers are irrelevant and that is why they have to go on and on about the past – It is because their future is behind them.

  9. Warwick says:

    Great results today – one in the face for the biased, begrudging, commentators – as bad as Andy Townsend usually is.

  10. Dyson x says:

    Wasn’t pretty watching for 45 if cleverly, scholes or Anderson are the only cms with have use them to partner carrick. Nani was so poor had to be subbed and giggs can still do a shift wide left? Thought keeper and defence were solid ( could of marked tighter 1st half) but its a very important 3 points and at this stage of the season all the counts our performances will improve in time?

  11. Marq says:

    Fo those saying the red card was harsh. Evans was sent of for exactly the same type of tackle against Holden against Bolton I think 2 years ago. Holden was out for a few months I can recall. Evans was lucky this time round, without getting injured

  12. andromeda says:

    The title of this game should go something like this”FOOTBALL IS NOT ONLY ABOUT PASSION” I really don’t want emotional player like Gerard in my team that when needed he is acting in front of the fans, that is not in our DNA.We showed our respect and rationality as a whole, I agree we didn’t show the typical united spirit and performance, but we do have the maturity and a superior vision over the pitch.

    Also I can’t deny that Liverpool players were enjoying a lion’s share of possession but our midfield has done a great job after the red should go for three pertinent players”Carrick, Rafael andScholes”

  13. AlphaRS says:

    It didn’t sound like Paddy Evra wasn’t booed everytime he touched the ball on Sky Sports today.
    I have to say.

  14. Akinpeludavid07 says:

    During and after the game i could see that the experience of coach and players mater a lot.

  15. everydayislikesunday says:

    “Patrice Evra was booed every time he touched the ball today”

    He wasn’t actually. I am deeply content to be able to say we kept a lid on things for the victimhood ritual and I fully expected them to Boo Evra the moment he touched the ball, and they didn’t. They made a point of not booing him until tackling action kicked in, but it’s to their credit. Both sets of fans big up today, we were ‘on’ despite the media, not because of.

    Incidentally, they booed Nani the moment he touched the ball but that’s because (let’s face it) he’s a prick in any football jersey!

    Though a significantly smaller prick that Rubber Johney Shevley.

  16. Rednemz says:

    Yeah Gerrard can be MOTM, a consolation for a loser and a relegation team

  17. nanisgranny says:

    jj shelvey looks like an alien that is all!!!

  18. Man_1 says:

    What is the difference between Liverpool and a Triangle? A Triangle has got 3 points!

  19. Lebai says:

    Well done Man U team for grabbing the 3 important points at Anfield. That is all that counts. Losers will always have something to complain about! The tackle that was aimed at Valencia by 2 players, just before he got the penalty resulted in one of the Liver player being carried out on a stretcher!! Why is no one talking about that? Especially the humanity lovers?? What a shame!! Keep-it-up Man U team come Spurs, Newcastle and who ever……..

  20. Redbilly says:

    Man1- hahahaha

  21. Redbilly says:

    Liverpool. PL whingers 2012

  22. chica chica says:

    When was the last time Loserpool was relegated?

  23. gfunk says:

    dippers were relegated in 1954

  24. Redbilly says:

    Relegated. Now there is a thought. Would enjoy the despair of a scouse delegation but miss the PL encounters. Personally, prefer them basking season by season near the drop zone and play them.


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