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Evra: Easy To Win, Hard To Retain

Manchester United players seem up for the challenge of retaining the Champions League crown, something no other team has yet managed.

The defence of the trophy started fairly slowly last night, with a 0-0 draw to Villarreal at home, however Patrice Evra believes we’ve got it in us to rise to the challenge.

“It’s not extra pressure, it’s just a massive challenge,” Evra said. “It’s easy to win some titles when you play for United, but it’s very hard to keep the trophies. You have the best challenge this year to prove that, to keep the Champions League and the Premier League. It is more difficult (as champions). You have to work harder in training every day, but I am just glad to have the challenge like that. When you go to play for United, you need challenges like that.”

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  1. Fuglis says:

    Really hope we can get our campaign up and running proper this Sunday!

  2. Gazzaro says:

    Totally Agree….

    To defend our titles this season, it will be much harder.

    I think last night match against Villareal we played very well. The pair of Hargreves and Fletcher in the middle show more desire to win battle and get the ball back. Evans play quite well alongside Ferdinand. Nani and Evra combined very effectively when we attack on the left hand side. In the second half, especially after the introduce of Ronaldo and Anderson, our speed of play and attack is very much quicker and better. Overall, I think the addition of Berbatov and Manucho up front, we have a strong quality enough to win both trophies again this season.

    Of course, we have to hope that a little bit of LUCK will stay with us again this season. However, the only thing we need to improve is to find the perfect pair up front who can score goals for us.

    In my opinion, I think Berbatov and Tevez could be a good choice. However, physically, Manucho pairing with Berbatov could be effective. Anyway, I think Wayne Rooney, with his present form, should be the one that SAF make him sit on the bench.

    We all love United and we all want our team to win. We all hurt when our team lose. Of course, Rooney is a great fighter. He keep running and chasing the ball. However, what do you really expect from a 27 million pounds striker????….

    Some may argue that last season we’ve losted many matches when Rooney didn’t play. However, this season we’ve already losted twice (against Zenith in Super Cup and against Liverpool which Rooney play full 90 minutes for both matches and didn’t play well at all). In my opinion, based on his current form, Rooney is no where near a so called Top Class Striker. His form is no where near his best when he first joined us. He has no sharpness, lack of penetration, and above all, lack of confidence to shoot when the team is needed (Last night match is a great example. On the 72nd minute, Ronaldo played a SUPER BALL to Rooney which he should has scored or at least hit the target. Rooney, however, SELFISHLY choose to pass that big responsibility to Tevez which finally failed. How can he did that???)….

    It’s not good enough for a 27 million pounds striker to just keep running but refuse to take a shot when the team is needed…..

    It’s not good enough for a 27 million pounds striker to just keep saying that I’m not selfish but never score a goal for the team….

    Lack of sharpness, lack of penetration, and lack of confidence… IT”S NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!!!….

    Working hard but never score goals is not enough when you play as a striker, especially when you play for Manchester United and the team pay 27 million pounds for you. With his present form, I think no one, including SAF, will pay 27 million pounds for his signature.

    With the Return of Ronaldo, Berbatov, and Manucho, I think this is the best time to DROP Rooney and give him more time to re-discover his best form again…


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