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Evra: Everyone here loves the club and will fight for the shirt

Ahead of United’s game against Olympiacos tomorrow, Patrice Evra has spoken about his desire to make amends for what has been a horrible season.

“When you win, you win together and when you lose, you lose together,” Evra said. “It’s been a difficult season for everyone. We’re not used to losing games. We always win. Everybody wants to fight for this club, everyone loves this club. We know we had a bad game in the first leg. Even a three-year-old Manchester United fan will have been hurting from that performance. But in life you always have a second chance and we get that tomorrow tonight. I’m not God and telling you we will qualify tomorrow but I can promise you we will all fight and respect the shirt and make sure all the fans will be really proud of us after the game.”

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  1. wayne barker says:

    Wow what a nice change waking up to another Moyes bashing thread.I do have one question if things under Moyes is so bad how come Januzaj,Carrick,Rooney,Nani all signed new contracts,RVP said he’d extend his contract if offered a new one and Mata signed surely if things are so horrible DDG would have warned Mata off instead of encouraging him to sign and by all accounts DDG is on the verge of extending his contract.
    Not one person including players from Utd has broke ranks and had anything bad to say it’s just article after article of unknown sources by abu press.We all get it it’s been a bad year,Moyes is having issues adapting but why do some of you feel the need to insult him and just repeat the same shit every thread now to a point his press conferences are being picked apart,REALLY,fuck me get a fucking life

  2. CTRED says:

    The only way we are going to win this tie is if the players flat our ignore Moyes and the coaching staffs instructions for the game, and do their own thing. Even that is risky though becuase you can’t have 11 players all playing to their own script. So the only way it would work is not only if Moyes’ instructions are ignored, but also if someone has laid out a script for them to follow. I can’t see any player being that disloyal to organize a separate game plan though.

    So instead, since I don’t expect the players to follow Moyes anymore, I expect a haphazard game where everyone frantically tries to make something happen. If we get lucky we will nick one early and individual skill will see us through. In football at this level it is very difficult to breakdown a well organized team through individual skill alone, let alone do it by 3 goals to the good. Also, remember the only team we have beat at home by a scoreline that would win this tie is Norwich. Olympiakos may be the weakest team left in the tournament, but a Greek Norwich they are not.

    Should be an interesting night.

  3. RDK says:

    Might be because they know that if they endure this difficult period they can stay with a great club and the manager will be changed, as it’s alot harder to replace 25 people than it is 3.

  4. wayne barker says:

    sorry mate been no indication the club has any intention of getting rid of Moyes, the club has had plenty of opportunities to do so,so to commit another 4 years if things are so horrible really doesn’t make any sense.RVP has no reason to come out and say he’ll extend while he still has over 2 yrs left to run and he’s the one according to all the press who hates Moyes the most.Your theory doesn’t explain why Mata signed if things are so bad and why DDG encouraged him to join

  5. sir liam matt says:

    David Moyes is an inferior tactician to
    Roberto Martinez, claims Ross Barkley.

  6. WeAreUnitedd says:

    this youtube video sums the debate going on here in ROm

  7. Mav says:

    At this point in the season firing Moyes makes no sense. The season is lost and there is no way anyone can come in and salvage it (irregardless of the fact that who the hell can the club get)

    Its obvious the team isn’t playing for him. I fealty confident that oyes will be gone at the end of the season. The performances show he just isn’t good enough, amongst all the other bullshit.

    But the main reason I think he’s a goner is despite the fact that the Glazers are hated, they are astute business men.

    Moyes is destroying the brand (read: money making potential) of the club. One season can be dealt with but the long term looks bleak and I don’t think they have confidence in him to turn it around. They will cut their losses.

    Our club has never been as vocal like Madrid and Barca with the inner goings so there is silence for the most part now from inside. But they are most definitely assessing the situation and simply from a business standpoint I think they will see its best to move in a different direction.

  8. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    Someone just made a great point on twitter. Just imagine that EVERYTHING is exactly the way it is. 2-0 down to Olympiakos, 7th in the table. BUT you see Fergie in the dug out tonight and not Moyes. I can bet that EVERYBODY on this blog will start to believe again that we can win this tie and possibly even get as far as the semis and finish as high as 5th in the table. That is what a manager should be.

    A great manager should be able to have the total confidence and trust of his players and the fans. There is not a single Chelsea fan that does not think they can win every game with Mourinho in the dug out. Same goes for Bayern and Guardiola. And Arsenal and Wenger and Dortmund and Klopp and Juventus and Conte and Atletico Madrid and Simeone. That is the way it was with Fergie and United. The fans felt they had a shot at winning every single game simply because of the presence of a capable coach. THAT is the importance of a good coach. It goes far beyond tactics. There is an aura around a great manager that makes his players believe that they are invincible and can make history every single game.

    Moyes does not have ANYTHING close to that aura. NOTHING he says instills any confidence. Would Evra have had the balls to say that he could not promise us that we would qualify tonight with Fergie beside him? LOL.

  9. sayyidhashim says:

    dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT

    Moyes brings no inspiration. He cannot even convince himself that we will win. Keeps saying hopefully, but Fergie would say without doubt

    The man is a clown

  10. Monica Bulker3 says:

    @wayne barker

    No player while still contracted to a club would ever come out and saying bad things about the manager or he would risk being benched for the rest of the season in a World Cup year.

    I don’t think contracts mean anything these days as long as another club pays the asking price.

  11. John says:

    Who should replace David Moyes? 61 per cent of YOU think Jurgen Klopp is the man to take over. (source: Mirror) :)

  12. ashtheking says:


    No matter what the first thing in every thread I see is moyes out, moyes sucks, even though this thread has nothing to do with moyes. If you go against them , they will call you moyes lover even though we are Manchester United lover. There are people who are using two three names and trying to create confusion. I said earlier also, there are people here who present their point so well but there are some who just come and start bashing moyes. And you know what’s the biggest joke is they will try their best to defend Martinez, Rodgers, and every other manager but moyes. I spent cry if moyes is sacked today and I am not saying moyes is doing a great job but at least don’t behave like a dick each time and spread lies.
    If you don’t like him , good but don’t come here and spread lies.

  13. ashtheking says:

    I won’t cry if moyes is sacked today.

  14. John says:

    ( Here the mirror goes !!) The Manchester United boss’ position at Old Trafford is becoming increasingly under threat and we asked you who should replace him.

    David Moyes’ position as Manchester United manager is becoming increasingly under-threat after another blow to his debut season at Old Trafford.

    The Red Devils slumped to a humiliating 3-0 home defeat to Liverpool on Sunday, with many fans calling for the Scot’s head.

    We asked who should take over from Moyes this summer – should he be sacked – and the results are rather definitive.

    A staggering 61 per cent of you opted for Borussia Dortmund boss Jurgen Klopp as the man they want in the home dugout in August.

    Despite only boasting a brief coaching spell on his CV, United legend Ryan Giggs polls in second with 15 per cent of the vote.

    Atletico Madrid boss – and David Beckham foe – Diego Simeone takes third with 8 per cent, while reported Tottenham target Louis van Gaal received 7 per cent of your votes.

    United fans are clearly not convinced by Antonio Conte’s credentials, with the Juventus manager polling just 3 per cent of your vote.

    Meanwhile, Frank de Boer, Fabio Capello and Luciano Spalletti tied for last-place with 2 per cent.

    Micheal Landrup????????????? :|

  15. John says:

    It has been some time I have REALLY commented on this blog though I go through the comments usually. The reason is the commenters opinion in terms of majority and minority has exactly reversed since I commented here in those first few months. THANK YOU DAVID MOYES FOR THAT. :) :) :)

    I must say it was lot easier to express my feelings in those earlier few months and I never got bullied. ;)

    To the point, what can be said about david moyes???!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D

    David Moyes lovers or haters is no more an issue. Im my honest opinion the issue is WHAT TYPE OF MANAGER SHOULD REPLACE DAVID MOYES “WHEN” HE IS SACKED NOT IF ANYMORE?? David moyes won’t last in our club very long and CHEERS TO ALL!! Once again THANK YOU MOYESY, PLEASE FUCK OFF TO GLASGOW OR ANYWHERE YOU LIKE!!

    And leave that little girl Lauren Moyes in and around Cardiff!! ;)

  16. vicndech says:

    I really can’t understand what’s happenning to my united. At first i thought the players were letting themselves down but its increasingly clear that the manager is the problem. I would have loved to see moyes succed but now i don’t think he has the capacity to handle this great club…maybe it is time to change the manager before its too late…ggmu

  17. Dan Young says:

    weareunitedd – that video is so annoying to watch. the guy in the blue blazer brings up a couple of very good points and simply asks them to answer his question and they keep just talking over him. the old guy on the left keeps saying how he hasnt had any chance to bring in the players he wants – what about mata and fellaini (£65 million) that he has failed to integrate into the team against anyone above 15th in the league! .. so basically your comparison with that video to ROM is spot on! haha

    i want moyes to do well, i just dont think he ever will. i disagree with people calling him a cunt or anything like that cause at the end of the day he dosnt want us to fail as its his reputation aswell as ours on the line. but its difficult to keep sticking up for and supporting a guy thats stubborn and thinks if we carry on the way were going then we will be able to win a champions league and the premier league.

    for me the first mistake was the appointment (and thats not just fergie). gill said fergies successor has to have european and domestic experience which would straight away take moyes out of the equation.

    next mistake was moyes’ first decisions. getting rid of all of the coaching staff meant all traits that SAF and his coaches brought to the club were all taken away from just 1 decision (a shit decision!). yes we had pnev but he hadnt played under SAF for years and giggs as a player coach really isnt in a situation where he can have a big say on how things are run.

    then the transfer window happened

    and we all know what happened after that

    basically in short its been a fucking shambles that has ripped the philosophy, heart, attitude, swagger and competitive nature out of the club. the only 2 things we currently have going for us at the moment are the huge turnover the club is capable of bringing in (this could change in time) and the same premier league winning side we had last year still all together (again, with time this could change). considering it really wont take much time for the only 2 things we have going for us to start going downhill then i think we should question moyes and start thinking of a decision now because whatever manager we choose to take us forwards, it will be his philosophy that the future of manchester united will depend on because the last philosophy has been ripped apart in less then a year.

    for me, i dont even know what moyes’ philosophy is even after 40+ games so i think its time to look elsewhere, klopp is the perfect candidate

  18. John says:

    Holland boss Louis van Gaal says he wants to manage in England and win the Premier League. :)

    Louis van Gaal said he wants to win the Premier League – or he will retire.

    The Holland manager, 62, will be available after the World Cup and has been linked with Manchester United and Tottenham.

    He has won the title in Holland, Spain and Germany.

    And now van Gaal has advertised his availability to English clubs to German newspaper Bild.

  19. John says:

    Here goes our potential manager Van Gaal:

    “My ambition is to coach a top team in the Premier League,” he said.

    “I have never experienced the atmosphere in England.

    “I want to win the league title in a fourth country. That’s my objective and I want to fulfil it.

    “Either that, or I will retire and move with my wife to Portugal. ;)

    “Of course, I like the Bundesliga a lot, but I have already won the German title. I now want to win a major trophy in another country.”

    Van Gaal previously won the Dutch title with Ajax and AZ, La Liga with Barcelona and the Bundesliga with Bayern Munich.

  20. united till i die says:

    Oh for fucks sake replacing Moyes with Giggs long term Is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever fucking heard. People rightly complain about Moyes having never beaten a top 4 team away but they want to replace him with someone who who got zero coaching experience. Rarely do great players make great coaches. If this season has taught us anything its that the job of leading Man Utd post Alex Ferguson is the most pressure filled job in world football and Its not the time for a manager to get on the job training

  21. Mav says:


    That twitter point is pretty stupid to be honest.

    Because if everything is at it is except fergie, then united have been playing shit all season, can’t score goals, then yeah, we would still suck lol

  22. united till i die says:

    If we are going to replace Moyes then Van Gaal with Rene Musselteen as his number 2 would be my preferred choice.

  23. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    you’ve missed the point spectacularly. The person is asking you to imagine the atmosphere around the club if Fergie were to take over TONIGHT. Not if Fergie had been there since the start of the season. If Fergie was here, no way in hell we’re even 5th. Top four at least. He won’t allow the players to fuck up like this.

  24. John says:

    I DON’T want to bash David Moyes personally anymore BECAUSE Moyes is a dead man walking as our manager. And, since it was coming and pretty obvious to me from his time in Everton, I personally find boring to bash the guy. Who bashes the DEFEATED CLUELESS man who is down there lying on the shit helpless??!! And that fucker is David William Moyes the mr. 4-4-2 who is determined to make Juan Mata a great winger and Chris Smalling a full back. David moyes is a rotten potato which can rotten all others if kept for a long. That potato is REVEALED!! So, of course, it is going to get dumped to where it belongs and therefore just a matter of time.

    Sooner is better when noble deeds are to be done. Great man old school moyes truely deserves to be next West Brom manager and instill that drive on those bunch of average players who never knew about the tactics of top top manager. :)


    David moyes as manager = Free fall of world class club.

  25. John says:

    wayne barker aka canadian home video seller aka local pornstar says:

    “We all get it it’s been a bad year,Moyes is having issues adapting but why do some of you feel the need to insult him and just repeat the same shit every thread now to a point his press conferences are being picked apart,REALLY,fuck me get a fucking life.”

    Sums of this man!! He is just trying to be different so that he can refresh himself from his lonely life. :(


  26. mjcRED says:

    @ Wayne

    There has not been a single comment from either a United supporter or otherwise that has so convincingly and categorically put forward the case against one David Moyes than how he himself has orchestrated the team with more or less each and every performance under his guidance and direction since becoming our manager. Your refusal to acknowledge this is making you look foolish at best and I wonder when you aren’t on here dripping your poison whether you are outside the local off license trying to convince passers by that the world is still flat and that Elvis hasn’t died?

    Though it’s just my opinion of course.

  27. tallestreD says:

    Old trafford has witnessed and hosted several memorable European nights, and here’s to hoping we get another of such nights tonight.

  28. mjcRED says:

    I hope so @tallestreD, I really do.

    The thing is though, on those previous nights we had players with unquestionable character and grit. Given that the overwhelming evidence suggests not, do we have these players within our ranks now?

  29. wayne barker says:

    Of course contract extensions signing top players or other players like RVP and DDG ready to commit mean nothing to some because it’s all positive,its all one way,unless it’s negative a lot of you don’t want to know.God forbid he says the wrong thing at a presser becomes a major event

  30. wayne barker says:

    John your act is boring don’t address me and that includes all your other user names

  31. mjcRED says:

    Given that things are being read into everything sighting and word at the moment, can anything be deduced from the arrival of SAF, Gill and Sir Bobby at OT so early on? Granted it does come from the Mail so a pinch of salt perhaps? No doubt it will set tongues wagging amongst us?

  32. Chris says:

    @mjcRED: If its coming from the Mail then I expect Moyes is being blamed for immigration, single teenage mothers and the economy! ;-)

    I expect people are adding 2+2 and getting 4 but who the fuck knows anymore?

  33. tallestreD says:

    MjcreD that’s the question really. Do they have it in them? I remember Chelsea lost to Napoli 3 1 and turned it around with a 4 1 scoreline in the reverse fixture. I believe we can. I mean its only Olmpiacos…

  34. mjcRED says:


    I dare say you’re right!?
    Here’s a thought. When Scotland go to the vote and lets assume they achieve independence and if by some miracle Moyes is still in the job, Perhaps there’s a chance of getting him extradited for crimes against football ?!
    I reckon the Glazers lawyers will be looking into it as we speak. Anything to get them off paying out the remainder of his contract…!

  35. Koketso Brian Kupe says:


    While I appreciate your comments I don’t fully understand the reasoning. You argue that the articles and references to moyes have little bearing and are nothing more than speculation but the conclusions you have drawn about the players+contracts employ similar logic. You can’t conclude that there are no issues based on that, that too is speculation. Januzaj signed way before things were bad. He’s also a young player afforded playing time in one of the worlds biggest clubs. Heck for all we know he could have been under instruction from parents. Regardless of the manager not many young players would pass up the opportunity. Nani also signed way before things were bad at the start of the season. Mata was in desperate need of playing time. Rooney has 300 thousand reasons and RVP could easily have made comments to appease fans.

    Today I posted some references that go a long way in echoing my sentiments about moyes. I have complained the entire season that he is tactically impotent and for me this is an insurmountable obstacle, especially for a man who insists on assuming FULL control in training and match day approach. Ross Barkley coming out and speaking of how Martinez is a greater tactician corroborates what we have SEEN on the pitch. If Moyes’s issue was merely the failure to motivate players then I be more optimistic about the prospects of him getting time with HIS players. Being tactically inferior to an everton manager is not my idea of Uniteds standards. All of Europes most successful teams in the modern era all have something in common. A strong tactician at the helm. Looking at spain u have Simeone, ancelotti, martino. Serie A u have Conte. EPL you have pelligrini, mourinho, wenger, rogers etc. Bundelsiga you have Klopp and guardiola. ALL STRONG TACTICIANS.

    Not every reference made to moyes is speculative. Its not all conjecture. We have been afforded the opportunity to assess his work after years with Everton and his “achievements” with United have exposed striking similarities. He had the same number of points at this stage in the season last year with everton. Same number of goals scored etc etc. Not all of our comments are mindless and repetitive. Moyes does all he can to give us fresh scepticism with every passing game. I for one am of the opinion that this leopard will not change its spots.

  36. UnitedFaithful says:

    I am still unsure about his capability to manage United but I won’t claim that he is clueless,you can’t survive in a top division football league for more than 10 years if you are unsure of yourself.There were many mitigating circumstances which have contributed to our downfall this season and although Moyes is to blame of some of it it won’t be fair to lie the blame entirely at his feet.His true ability hasn’t been reflected by the team’s performances this season and as much as I respect the great man for what he gave to United the way he also relied on short term solutions to the squad’s weaknesses which are now having a negative effect on the team,his aura and miasma of fear and respect kept these players complacency at bay but he now that he is gone most players aren’t fighting for the new guy the team is missing that essential component which has contributed to so much of United’s recent success.Ultimately this is a result oriented business and Moyes will be judged by how the team performs in the next couple of weeks but it will elicit only half the truth if we claim he is the only variable responsible for what has been a disastrous season.

  37. Gary Mitrovic says:

    DeGeaWeTrust, the thing is the gap between Martin’s books have become bigger. Since ASOS was realeased in 2000 he has completed just two books and they both were some what of disappointment after reaching such a high with ASOS. The producers of the show may be forced into the very strange situation where they finish the tv series before George RR Martin finished the books. The child actors are going to age to the point where they don’t fit their character no more and audiences could lose interest waiting for the new series which would result in HBO pulling the plug. Let’s hope either way it’s resolved because any GOT fanatic is desperate to know how the story ends.

  38. wayne barker says:

    Koketso have to disagree mate at the time tons of big clubs were sniffing Januzaj at at the time everyone was relived that Moyes got the deal done.Gill has already come out and said Rooney isn’t making 300k per week so that was just paper talk.RVP didn’t have to expand his comments to say he’d extend his contract,if things were such a shit show Mata wouldn’t have signed and DDG wouldn’t have encouraged him to do so

  39. Koketso Brian Kupe says:


    Fair enough. We prob won’t agree on the “state of affairs” because neither of us are a fly on the wall inside that dressing room. That aside though, would you back Moyes tactically against some of the managers I mentioned? Remember that he insists on absolute control. So assuming all is rosey, would you back him against that elite group?

    I did point out at one stage that the players haven’t ALWAYS lacked effort. Like the fulham game. It takes some insane relentlessness to avg a cross/minute. But like others its the tactics that failed the players and this was confirmed in Moyes suggesting we played well.


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