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CONFIRMED: Evra has extended his contract

Manchester United have confirmed that Patrice Evra has extended his contract for another year, after his current deal expired today.

Some newspapers reported last week that Evra had been spotted in Turin ahead of a medical at Juventus, but this story was denied by the player’s agent, Claudia Pastorello,

“The guy hasn’t been to Turin,” he revealed. “That he’s a player who Antonio Conte likes is true but I think he will stay at Manchester United. A transfer to Juventus is very difficult.”

The club have released the names of players who will not be playing for United next season, which is Ryan Giggs, Rio Ferdinand, Nemanja Vidic, Jack Barmby and Federico Macheda.

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  1. Imran says:

    Andersons got a contract till 2015 i think

  2. Teezed says:

    as good as evra has been, shaw must come and evra needs to help him.

    toni kroos looks like its over so i dont know who we will be getting. we need 3 mids, 2 defenders, one winger . with ando,giggs ,vida,ferdi, cleverly and young (probably?) leaving…we need to act quickk

  3. Imran says:

    there’s a lot of deadwood in the squad. Won’t be needing a lot of players now that we don’t have to play in Europe. Expect to see a lot many departures. We seem to be short in defence and midfield now, that should be addressed. Evra staying is a Good thing though.

  4. Imran says:

    nani and chica might also be on the edge and a lot will depend on How their world cup goes kagawa too

  5. ashtheking says:

    So far today has been less eventful day for us. Kroos transfer is reportedly off, shaw is not ready to talk about us and we are linked to mccarthey that Everton bloke. Let’s start the World Cup soon.

    Also a bit surprised that champions league game is hardly in focus. I hope the game is good to watch.

  6. Imran says:

    considering our midfield options there’s carick, fletcher, cleverly, felaini and ando. With Only felaini going to the world cup we can say there is a glaring lack of quality there.

  7. Teezed says:

    does this mean shaw is not coming then? that would be a disaster. as great as paddy has been, he was pretty poor last year

  8. m09538061 says:

    Breaking News on Sky Sports News:
    Patrice Evra extends contract at Manchester United for another year.

  9. ashtheking says:


    Yes. Carrick had a shit season and hodson is right to drop him. We have a shit midfield. Let’s repair that first.

  10. ashtheking says:

    Happy Evra will be around for one more year. Lovely bloke. But I hope we sign one lb

  11. Sparkz says:

    Evra is a legend but he’s been a liability for nearly 4 years. If Vidic & Rio hadn’t already left he should’ve been one of the first out the door. BUT I do love the guy and it’ll be good to have him around the place, can be a good mentor for the new left back as well (touch wood lol).

    @Ash – don’t think form should always come into it when you’re picking for a 3 week international tournament. IMO Hodgson missed a trick – at a World Cup, in those conditions, they’ll need his ball retention ability. Also, if Gerrard gets injured there is actually NOBODY who can play the sitting role (and even he’s defensively suspect)

    Carrick did have a shit season, but so did Lampard, Smalling, Jones and Johnson….

  12. ashtheking says:


    I agree carrick should have been to Brazil. And I will say this lampard is one of the most overrated footballer of the past decade. Lampard shouldn’t have been in the plane to Brazil . But my point is if not one of our midfielder is able to get selected for English midfield then we have a poor midfield and so etching huge is wrong.

    Also I may be harsh on carrick but he has been the biggest disappointment for us this season. Jones and smalling did produce some pretty good performances especially while playing in cb so to say they had a shit season is not correct. Evra had much shittier season than jones and smalling.

  13. Imran says:

    everyone knows that carrick should have gone, but the England manager isn’t a big fan of his. He took lampard instead of carrick now that is a disappointing selection

  14. NefariousVirtuoso88 says:

    Keeping Patrice Evra at the club is a shrewd move.

    - for his leadership
    - giving Luke Shaw a season of training and learning from a genuine top class fullback.

  15. Jesmontanaro says:

    It is true that the transfer period have not started yet but it seems that we are going to have a lot of smoke with little or no fire. Hope we do not experience the same faith as last year. Anderson and Bebe` and coming back again ? !!!!

  16. warrored says:

    Somethings amiss. We hear about Paddys extension off some never heard of before PL list….then MUFC announce the extension 30 minutes later?

    Surely it should have been United releasing the news. He is our captain after all.

    The optimist in me would be that we were waiting to announce a few deals together, the pessimist was keeping it schtum until Shaw had signed.

  17. Jesmontanaro says:

    MUTV: ” Luke Shaw’s United transfer a done deal” Is this true ?? Reportedly, Mark Ogden’s exact words were “The Shaw deal is done, it’s just a matter of time.”

  18. NBI Red 21 says:

    Get in!!!!!!! Great news!!!! On pitch and in dressing room brilliant to have one senior player staying. Evra = Captain.

  19. Martin Thomas says:

    Paddy loves United… He knows what it’s about… Simple as that…

    Glad he is staying, but I still think Louis will make RVP skipper… I wouldn’t mind Paddy as captain though (as long as that hold the club to ransom, toupee wearing Scouse git isn’t made captain!).

  20. Moseley Scholes says:

    As good as Shaw is, I’d rather 30 mill (if that figure is to be believed) was spent elsewhere. Let’s be honest, replacing Evra isn’t a priority RIGHT NOW. Replacing Vida and Rio is. If Shaw comes, great, if not… I won’t be losing any sleep.

  21. Quality Man says:

    Evra is left back, so now he should be placed in the midfield left. He then only has to cover half of the field. He is very good crosser of the ball which makes him an attacking midfield man plus he can still be defensive midfield since he was a left back and he does not have to run as much.


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