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Evra: Hazard Will Win Titles With Red Side Of Manchester

With speculation mounting over which team Eden Hazard will join, Patrice Evra has claimed that he can assure the young Belgian he’ll win titles at United.

“I’m not his father but, if he comes to Manchester, I assure him that he will win titles,” said Evra. “That’s if he joins my Manchester not the blue side.”

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  1. zhukov43 says:

    Hazard is a joke let him go to the council house, what a self important little toad, he isn’t fit enough to walk behind Sir. Alex nevermind play for him….

  2. King Eric says:

    wayne – Ha. Offer to suck his cock. Nice one mate. Ignore Brendan , he rarely has anything positive to say.

  3. Jippers says:

    He will ‘do a Nasri’ I am almost certain of it. Very talented player though and definitely would like him at United.

  4. King Eric says:

    Ha. Micky Hazard. Curly tot cunt.

    I may get stick for this (CEDARS)!! BUT I have watched Sweinsteiger in recent months and I do not really think he is the midfield enforcer or box to boxer some claim. He made a run down the right wing against the Rentboys on Saturday and couldnt even track back. He was fucked. This was early in the game too. Injuries have taken the toll and he even looks to have too much timber on him. As denton alluded to last night the man we are missing badly is Darren fucking Fletcher.

  5. King Eric says:

    Well I do not get bogged down in Glazer talk but if we were THAT skint would we really spend 18 million on a 20 year old kid as keeper?

  6. CedarsDevil says:

    King Eric

    Ha ha, no stick from me mate! Hope you, wee Tom and Ruth are well…. Could not give a two fucks about silly season to be honest

  7. Fred says:

    Albert Ross – Why is my name being dragged into this?

  8. Albert Ross says:


    Oops! I meant ColinZeal ! Not a typo, so why I said ‘Fred’ is not apparent. Sorry!

    Anyway, i would never drag you anywhere.

  9. iDon says:

    Please don’t, whenever Evra suggests his country fellas to play with us, they instead choose oil-company :S …. though hope he comes to us

  10. parryheid says:

    Get Hayley McQeen to start seducing on our behalf.

  11. Never beaten only run out of time says:

    @ Albert Ross

    i do not know where you are from but Im from Ireland and in this part of the world we have this thing called democracy and lots of ppl died so we could call ourselves democratic.

    So if someone wants to have a go at evra they can. I just dont get the ppl who can have a rant at someone for having

    rant at evra

  12. Never beaten only run out of time says:

    Albert believe me this is not directed at you personally its just having a go at someone for having a go at evra just smacks of hypocrisy. Believe me when i say this i have laughed out loud at lots of your posts but that one got up my goat.

  13. Albert Ross says:

    Never beaten only run out of time

    If that’s the case, then your having a go at someone, for having a go at someone for having a go at Evra ALSO smacks of the very same ‘hypocrisy’.

    Yet it is the ‘hypocrisy’ you claim that you don’t get.

    How does your democratic right differ from mine?
    Did the people that died for you and ColinZeal not die for me too?

    Did they not die for Evra? Why is his voice shouted down?

    Hypocrisy – claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one’s own behavior does not conform.

  14. King Eric says:

    Cedars – Yes good thanks my friend. My old dear is looking after Tom tomorrow so I am on a promise! Been fucking weeks!

  15. UTD-STHLM says:

    am i the only one that don’t want him to come to united??,
    1. he will cost a bloody fortune.
    2. he is acting like a prick and saying everything publicly. You should be the luckiest man in the world if Sir Alex even considers to buy him.
    3. Kagawa is much cheaper.

  16. Fred says:

    UTD-STHLM – agree with 2 and 3, not so concerned about 1.

  17. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Someone must be havin a bender early. Reds bashing reds, must be summer time then….

    Right, if you want to light into someone, how about another round of Suarez then. Lad has lost his rag again. Mores the pity as well.

  18. OHH AHH Cantona says:

    Can we not just sign a central midfielder instead and a left-back

  19. OHH AHH Cantona says:

    Can we not just sign a central midfielder instead and a left-back

  20. paramrooney says:

    wats da gaffer waitin for?heskeys free………………….get him fergie!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Vidic says:

    “My Manchestet” Vidic is back soooooooooooooooooooon. :)

  22. Vidic says:

    Manchester *

  23. Sam says:

    He says who he joins will depend on playing time and where he plays, City is so saturated surely he wouldnt get much game time there, also where does he wanna play wing or CAM?

  24. #07 says:

    Its very simple with Hazard. Money will decide it. I’m actually more excited by Kagawa. The player seems convinced and the main issue seems to be Dortmund. Seems far closer and more ‘real’ than all this Hazard will decide soon stuff.

  25. Adam. says:

    Georgebest7 – totally agree. I think he used this as a publicity stunt to show that he is a wanted player and as a leverage for wages at Chelsea where he will also get all the playing time he wants.

    I would be surprised to see him at united and would be equality surprised not to see kagawa with us, although his presence will put a bandage on a gushing wound.

  26. NBI Red Onion says:

    Hazard – mouthing off all the time saying 3 clubs are in it is clearly a negotiating tactic to get the best deal and make Clubs provide guarantees.Clever but obvious tactic. Hard bastard. Playing a game. He knows who he wants to play for, he just wants deal sweeter. Saying City is a great Club….no respect for history, just today’s ho trying to get the best for his trick, fair enough.

  27. NBI Red Onion says:

    @ wayne – forget sucking Hazard’s cock, City already have their heads up his ass.

  28. Vilhelm28 says:

    According to journo, SAF wants Hazard, Kagawa and Baines. Hazard will make his choice june 2 nd. Kagawa is almost in the books and Baines will take most of the summer.

    As for Hazard, why are people talking shit about him for thinking things over? He is 21 years young, is moving abroad and potentialy making one of his most important career moves. Give the boy some slack. He is not going to choose a team shere he rides the bench, when he is playing regularily at Lille.

    On another note, any news on the Brazilian boys from “our” academy that have moves to Netherlands on a so called stop over to United. Anyone know how they are doing and how they are progressing?

  29. Dwaza1985 says:

    When was the last time united spent big (30 million) on a player from outside the premier league? veron as I recall, and that turned out well, i have no interest in Hazard, if you have to think about joining united then fuck off elsewhere u Belgian twat!

  30. tony says:

    evra should keep his big mouth shut. fergie needs to buy some fucking players. please god.cant keep relieing on scholes and giggs. its a fucking joke

  31. Albert Ross says:

    tony should keep his big mouth shut. “fergie needs to buy some fucking players”.
    You’re a fucking joke!

  32. Pam says:

    You people get more tragic by the week.


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