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Evra: I Am Very Angry With Ban

Patrice Evra and David Gill have today responded to the four match ban imposed on our left back following an incident with a member of Chelsea’s groundstaff.

“I am very angry about it because I didn’t touch anybody, yet I have a four-game ban,” Evra said. “But sometimes bad things happen in life – now I am just focusing on the Club World Cup because I want to a world champion.”

United chief executive David Gill expressed the same sentiments, whilst explaining the reasons behind not appealing the decision.

“We looked at the situation carefully and discussed it with Alex and Patrice himself and as you can see from the strong statement we put out [on Tuesday] we were very disappointed by the size of the ban,” said Gill. “We thought it was disproportionate and a poor decision to be perfectly frank. But we felt given the games he would miss, the issues surrounding an appeal and the distraction it would cause at a key stage in the season, it would be better to take it on the chin and move on. Patrice is a wonderful character and I believe him 100 percent when he says he never hit the groundsman. He has our full support. We don’t like the decision and we don’t think it reflects other decisions for improper conduct charges being found. But we move on.”

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  1. corea says:

    >>> But we felt given the games he would miss

    exactly my first feelings .
    but the fact is the fact.
    awfull decision.

  2. Mic says:

    I think the FA needs to take a serious look at themselves, remember when Aliadiere got sent off against Liverpool after him and Mascherano touched each others face but nowt happened to Mascherano and when Boro appealed they got an extra match ban for him and now they refuse to appeal incase it happens again, despite getting an unjust red card.

  3. olusanjo says:

    can anyone see what i am seeing. the FA actually wants us to appeal so the ban will spill over into teh chelsea match. since they cannot give him a five match ban that will spill into the chelsea match, they gave him 4 match ban hoping we will appeal and then give out one more but as we are not appealing. i think we have proved we are more intelligent and we have more class.

  4. EastStandManc says:

    “I am just focusing on the Club World Cup because I want to be a world champion.”

    Good lad, Pat!

  5. Jake says:

    and i think it’s an important point that we have a player at our club that doesn’t look like he cares, not an obsession, just a point on an internet blog

  6. suhayl says:

    no worries Scott….had to make a point over some spurious obsession some lad has with the ron…lol

  7. suhayl says:

    By way left back pat is king!!!!!! love the little fella

  8. micheal says:

    and the reports in spain that ronaldo will sign for madrid will annoy and anger me for a phew reasons, 1 we will see the likes of neville park o shea fletcher berbetov giggs will still be here before he does, well we will give giggs and neville the benifit of the doubt because they are legends and fletcher has been ok but the rest I have no time for.

    and has for berbetov shouldnt man utd be selling him before ronaldo has the biggest waste of space I have ever seen. why is he here what does he do what has he done to justify starting games, he has no meddles he is not a european champion unlike tevez who has done that and he has earned the right to be in our team and I hope man city take berbetov off our hands, because who ever thinks he should be playing ahead of tevez is just mad. berbetov should be paying man utd back the 30 million because he ows united that money for the piss poor displays he has given.

  9. King Eric says:

    Michael: Berba will come good, quality player just not doing it yet but ya don;t lose it. As they say ” form is temporary, class is permanent”. Also its not his fault he cost £30 Million, so to say he should start paying it back is ridiculous. (I know it was tongue in cheek)

  10. micheal says:

    king eric
    let’s get one thing straight we did not need another 30 million pound striker we had two top class CF’s in rooney and tevez, berbetov does what rooney and tevez do but without the mobility and work rate and to be honest he is a poor man’s rooney and tevez, and if united were needed a striker we needed a striker in the mould of andy cole drogba eto’o or torres someone who can get the ball and run at defenders and is a powerful striker and is powerful in the air. I said for months and months that we did not need him, I was going on about it on the 606 forums the red rant forums that they seem to have their favourites on that forum and my view can’t get across on there, he has always been overrated and how many thought he was any good at Leverkusen.

    united’s best attack is still ronaldo rooney tevez giggs

  11. Derek says:

    it is better for him not to focus and drain his energy on the ban ( though it is unfair, at least for me).

    This is waaaay of the champion :)

  12. RedMist says:

    Berbatov @ Leverkusen :
    2003/4 season = 16 goals in 24 starts.
    Followed by 42 goals in the two following seasons, including 5 in the CL 2004/5. All in all he scored a total of 90 goals in 196 appearances for Leverkusen.

    In what way do those stats not impress you Micheal?

    Not to mention his 46 goals in two season at Spuds.

    He is a quality striker, without doubt. Perhaps you has some misguided preconception as to what type of player Berbs was before he arrived? Perhaps you were thinking RVN MKII? Well, he ain’t that type of player. But he clearly has goals in his game.

    Bearing in mind he is the new kid in the block i think he is doing ok. He is still trying to find his niche in the United team….a team that is cram packed with more talent than he has probably ever played with before. So it’s hardly surprising, to me at least, that he has not exploded onto the Old Trafford scene. Give him time, he’s already shown on several occasions that he has the class and ability to be part of the United team.

    Tevez is a fighter, he will just knuckle down and do his best to give Fergie a selection headache. He is a top top player and won;t be brushed aside so easily.

  13. King Eric says:

    Michael: In addition Giggs is not employed as a striker anymore but more a midfielder.

  14. Tom F says:

    Would an appeal on the ban possibly have delayed the ban to start from a later date?

    I think with missing 4 respectively easier ties, it is important for us to have him back for Chelsea’s trip to the best stadium in the UK.

  15. Ryan says:

    I keep wondering when we will finally stop providing our players to the FA. Without Rooney and Rio the FA might finally realize that fucking us over constantly makes no sense.

  16. micheal says:

    he is overated and if he was that good at leverkusen why didnt any of the other clubs sign him, I knew exactly what we were getting and that is why he was not needed, he is never in the box he is slow sluggish and a guy who looks way past his sell by date, LOL new kid on the block it took tevez till octber to get going, it took van nistlerooy 2 games to know where the back of the net was. there is a massive difference between a manchester utd player and a spurs player, a spurs player are the gazza’s the ginola’s and now berbetov, big time charlies who think they are ahead of the curve and can turn up when ever they feel like it, a manchester utd player are winners driven like ronaldo rooney tevez cantona van nistlerooy giggs scholes keane solkjaer robson best law charlton schmeicheal bruce pallister irwn evra vidic ferdinand neville edwards, they set the standard’s of the great united players, berbetov will now and never will be a united player.

  17. Terry - EFC says:

    Dear Scott the Red.

    Remember me? The one you called racist scum when I said that the FA must have had reason to doubt all the United sources given their decision? Think (could be wrong) that you stated 4 people who heard the racist comments….

    Think you mentioned a few reports where you provided (at my request) links that you felt backed your comments up!!

    I refer you to the following

    Suppose that an apology saying that my comments re lets wait for the facts to come out will not materialise…..If you want to delierv humble pie let me know and will pay your rail fare up from London (Or if its Singapore I may even stretch to a flight!)

    Racist? More like your club are liars son!

  18. Its in my blood says:

    Terry EFC, not that Scott needs any help from me ( dealing with you will be somewhat similar to wiping a turd away )im certain he’ll respond appropiately. Guys, you need go to the FA’s website and read word for word what they said and how they came to the decisions they did. I have and i can tell you it was as fair a hearing as likely one would get in Guantanamo Bay. By making this public in an attempt to justify their outrageous decision, they have yet again proven that it IS one rule for everyone else and another for Utd. They should be charging themselves with disrepute! No proof whatsoever, just a decision to believe who they want. In parts they state that there was NO conclusive proof that Evra hit the fat lawnmowing neanderthal yet later state he did! The entire report is full of holes, wait and see! You have to wonder about its timing as well with the team away, no accident there. No cross examination of the fat twat either!

  19. kevin says:

    Micheal – I agree completely! Berba was well over-priced and I thought at the time, and said as well, it would damage Tevez moral and it did. He kept at though and has played well as of late. Berba needs more time to settle and get fitted into the United system. Rooney and Tevez took sometime to gel at first last season and his quality makes me think he just needs time to learn the players. I thought it would make more sense to let the price drop, I thought that money would have made more sense on a Ronaldo replacement.

    As we have seen now, over the last 8 months, Real Madrid will not go away, and he wants to go. He will go sooner or later but it is going to happen. Why not accept that fact and let him go over the summer accept the huge fee and begin to rebuilt. We could have brought in Robinho, or any other type of player and begin to make a new game plan. I know Fergie was hoping for a long period of success with Ronaldo, Rooney, Tevez, Berba, but those four are not connecting as we all would hope. Things might turn around and the players begin to click, but we can not continue to squander chances. I think the trip to Japan will help boost moral and maybe allow us to shine and get on the score sheet often. I look for Tevez to play well, Ronaldo and Berba rest, and Rooney to shine on the tour. With all that said Fergie must be shocked after some recent comments about Ronaldo staying for sometime and he himself claiming he is happy. I can not wait to hear his reaction, we will know a lot more then.

    On that note we have no idea when Ronaldo will leave but Berba is at the club. While I was reserved at the amount I would have been more willing accept a much earlier bid around 10-20 million on the Bulgarian. He needed more time to in pre-season and gel with the team in a more preparation for a season, not game, practices. Those type of practices are much different and based on all around team-gelling, not game preparation which dominates much of the in the season practices. I hope this trip will help him get to know and gel with more of the team. Berba is highly talented and has tons of ability and is beginning to show more work rate. Give him more time, sometimes a new team does a lot different than what he might be use to and he has struggled with some injuries (probably due to the lack of pre-season training) as of late and he will get better I am sure of that. I won’t label him a future legend, but he I think he will achieve some success.

    On Evra, this punishment was obscenely over the top, not to say no punishment was the right course but four games is ridiculous. On another note it might be a good bit of rest for him after a long trip to the far east. I think we can cover things well enough for the four games and give a guy a much needed break after having nearly none over the past one and a half years. It might be a nice way to look at an unjust punishment but it could really help him out.

  20. themarkedman72 says:

    They basically say that we are lying because Phelans story changes in the timing of when “…Immigrant..” was made. WOW!! thats daming evidence the timing of when he claims he racially vilified him changes??
    WTF WHere they doing making a nuisance of themselves during our warm down??
    Take the hate and destroy em with it.

  21. micheal says:

    ronaldo clearly know’s nothing about football if he did he would know if he went to spain barcelona and not real madrid would be the better option, who in their right mind want to go there at this moment of time, and who would wan’t play with a player in raul who thinks he is better then he actually, he is an overated forward who’s best days were behind a long time ago. I hope berbetov is sold in the summer buy tevez and sign ribery that is two birds killed with one stone, and david villa I think was a miles better option.

  22. Its in my blood says:

    Point 51 of the FA report, on the one hand they state that they found the fat twats denial of racists remarks convincing and yet on the very next line they say that they dont believe his assertion he was not out of control, stating he clearly was. Under the same point 51 they reveal a discrepancy between Fat twat and Martins accounts that they just seem to ignore, yet a similar discrepancy sees Phelan and Studwick castigated, cast immediately as rogues who should not be believed! WTF?!

  23. kevin says:

    I agree about Villa but I don’t know how much of an option he would be, Valencia didn’t seem like letting him go, nor was he what Fergie “thought” he wanted. I still say give Berba sometime but I understand your reservations, what as he done so far? I hope Tevez gets a lot of minutes in Japan and impresses Fergie enough to get more starts. Tevez needs to sign on to a deal soon and it seems around the corner. Ronaldo should be gone soon but I don’t think signing a bunch of big names is the way to go. It didn’t work for Madrid, I don’t see it work well for United. You need a team with players who can play roles, if United sign to many big names who expect big roles that is a problem. Credit to Tevez for sticking out this patch and continuing to work hard, even on games he wasn’t at his best. We need to sign players who fit the system and I like Ribery but I want to see about Berba before I say we sould go out for a player like Villa. Either way I can’t wait to hear Fergies thoughts this morning.

  24. Terry - EFC says:

    So the Times is lying now? Hilarious….Brand me a racist, then find out the facts were what I was saying was right, then ignore that and find the odd discrepancy in the reporting….

    As for the turd comment….Least my club is not full of liars! Accuse people of racism and then all have a completely different story, truly embarrassing!

    Enjoy Southend in my blood!

  25. klauq says:

    I cant come up with the words to describe how sh*t FA is…
    They are THE disgrace to the beautiful game.

  26. Scott the Red says:

    The FA’s decision to publish what they have on their site only further goes to support their anti-United stance. Time and again they treat us unfairly, giving us harsher punishments and dealing with us in a negative way they wouldn’t subject other clubs to. Publishing the documents is not FA practice… but like usual, they’ll bend their own rules to stitch United up.

    My response to this outrageous move by the FA will be in the form of an article sooner or later.


  27. Stephen says:

    What are the FA getting out of releasing this infomation? It is clear that there is some sort of vendetta out against our great club.
    I would love to see if Evra was Ashley Cole and the groundsmen were from Old Trafford, we would no doubt have points deducted.

  28. RedMist says:

    Michael….Shut up, eh.
    You wouldn’t know a quality player if he slapped you in the face with the Ballon d’Or trophy.
    I don’t care how much Berbs cost…you want the best players, you have to pay the best prices…sometimes over the top prices. Otherwise you end up with players like Pennant, Voronin and Kuyt. All reasonably priced but absolute shite.
    Over rated? Did you not read the stats for his career to date? Obviously not. Just because it took Tevez two minutes to adjust to United’s play that clearly doesn’t mean everyone is the same way. Vidic, Evra, Pally and Ferdinand ALL had dodgy, slow starts to their United careers. So why not Berbs?
    He has his own style, that might not be everybody’s cup of tea but he is what he is. A classy, talented, aloof footballer. If you want to direst you angst at someone worthwhile, point it in the direction of Cristiano Ronaldo. A player that doesn’t even want to be at United. At least Berbs wants to be here.

  29. john ferry says:

    I don’t mean this disrespectfully, for a mere mortal could not hope to understand the genius of Sir Alex Ferguson. I wonder what positions Sir Alex Ferguson has in mind for Rooney, Tevez, and Berva ? It seems that neither of these talented players is an out-and-out center forward, which is what we need. One of the reasons we have had a bit of a goal drought is because we need a natural center forward. It is a shame Huntelaar will be wasted in Madrid.

  30. King Eric says:

    John Ferry: Think SAF has said that he is trying to employ Rooney in a more out and out centre forward role. Said summat to that effect after todays game I think. I have stated in another post earlier today that we looked alot better with a striker playing on shoulder of last defender. Tevez then Rooney when he came on. Looked alot more effective IMO. He is certainly capable!

  31. Kings says:

    Terry – EFC. Fuck off please you racist cunt.


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