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Evra: It must be the Korean food

Park Ji-Sung put in a brilliant display against Chelsea a couple of weekends ago, working tirelessly in midfield to keep possession for United.

Park’s best mate, Patrice Evra, reckons it must be something he eats.

“Ji’s unbelievable,” said Evra. “I was just laughing when I was watching the Chelsea game when he was running, because it was unbelievable. It must be the Korean food. I try to do the same, sometimes I go to his house and eat the same food. But seriously, I think Ji is an example to every player. He runs for everyone. Sometimes if I’m tired I know I’ll be okay because Ji will run for me. I think he’s one of the most important players in the team because he doesn’t stop running, he can run all day. It’s funny because when we reached the final, some fan said, ‘Yeah, we’re going to win against Barcelona because Ji is going to run all day with Messi.’ I made some joke with Ji in the dressing room afterwards, saying, ‘People now think you’re a defender.’”

Rio Ferdinand also joined in the praise and also questioned what food Park is eating.

“The lads in the changing room sometimes sit and laugh at the amount of work Ji gets through, because it’s just ridiculous,” he said. “We just want to know what he eats pre-match and at home. He must have a different diet to all of us because the way he runs and the energy he’s got is phenomenal. It’s great to see and have as a part of your team. He’s definitely an unsung hero.”

Park ate my dog

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  1. dmowlin says:

    hey guys, on a totally dfferent matter, does anyone know who Raphael Varane is? Italian press are reporting that he’s is due to sign for united after rejecting Juventus. All i know is that he’s an 18 year old defender who plays for lens, he turned 18 yesterday! anyone knows anything???

  2. Ash says:

    Reports are saying we have signed french defender rafael varane.He is more of a defensive midfielder.I hope its true because the lad is talented and can be a star at united.

  3. wayne says:

    @Costas hope you’re are well, i agree mate said the other day can see utd signing a goalie maybe a ball winner not much more,just posted about how i fucking hate rentboys and that formula very rarely works big names doesn’t mean trophies.utds formula of buying kids and deveolping them with the right mindset is a much better way,

  4. fergie is the boss says:

    Costas – I truly believe the players back then when they say, that the grey kit colors did effect the players vision that they could not see each other against southampton. I saw highlights of the game against southampton, and in the bright sun, the players did blend in with the stadium. Players have less than 2 or 3 seconds to make their decisions and so many times, the players were misplacing passes. That for me the kit had a big role in the players struggling to see each other. Maybe it is me being bias, but I do not think they couold see each other that well

  5. shubhangmanred says:

    Pogba looked a delightful prospect yesterday. Coming up next year for sure.
    SAF said 2-3 signings at the most.
    So, 1 GK, 2 Mid.

  6. JS Park's dog says:

    History? You’ve either got it or you haven’t.

    After securing our record breaking 19th title over the weekend, it’s interesting to see who our real rivals are for all the trophies available in England:

    League Championship/Premier League Winners
    United 19
    Liverpool 18
    Arsenal 13
    Everton 9
    Aston Villa 7

    FA Cup Winners
    United 11
    Arsenal 10
    Tottenham 8
    Aston Villa 7
    Liverpool 7

    League Cup Winners
    Liverpool 7
    Aston Villa 5
    United 4
    Chelsea 4
    Nottm Forest 4
    Tottenham 4

    Charity/Community Shield
    United 18
    Liverpool 15
    Arsenal 12
    Everton 9
    Tottenham 7

    FA Youth Cup
    United 9 (soon to be 10?)
    Arsenal 7
    Aston Villa 3
    Chelsea 3
    Everton 3
    Ipswich 3
    Liverpool 3
    Tottenham 3
    West Ham 3

    Our main rivals are the Scousers – always have been, always will be. Not much sign of Chelsea, hardly a trophy at all in the pre-Abramovich’s money days.

    As for Man City – don’t be silly. These tables are based on trophies won.

  7. fergie is the boss says:

    Ash – again he is not much use when he is 18 and most likely be sent on loan, or stuck in the reserves

  8. wayne says:

    just for men hair dye lol cunts using that look worse than pricks with bad rugs,no rugs or dye for me started shaving my head years ago but i’m more of goat mentality not a

  9. sachu says:

    varanes coach said he is potentialy world class

  10. Ash says:

    Not a use for now but definitely a useful player for future.And moreover he is a regular in lens side so for not that much of inexperience.France always gives best defensive midfielders.
    I say one for the future.

  11. dela says:

    I don’t think it’s an age thing at all. Might have more to do with how big a fan you are of Football Manager :)

    I for one am not losing my sleep over the transfer window. I’d be happy if we signed Sneijder/Sanchez/random French kid too, but I’d rather see Cleverley, Morrison, Pogba and Tunnicliffe step in and sort out our midfield woes. Remember ’96?

  12. sachu says:

    if paul scholes retires then i hope fergie gives paul pogba first team chances
    he is going to take epl by storm

  13. willierednut says:

    Costas – Well mate, I’m paying the price for dyeing my hair Freeking Blonde lol. Though it wasn’t so much Blonde, but bloody Yellow! Like Wayne, I’m resigned to shaving the head these days lol. Anyway, enough of all that talk lol.

  14. fergie is the boss says:

    Ash – I do not see the need wasting more money on unproven players, we got enough. We need experience in the engine room not another kid

  15. sachu says:

    pogba has to start carling cup games
    thats an absolute minimum

  16. wayne says:

    @willie couple of friends had used that,the colour that came out wasn’t the colour advertised,it was fucking funny they both looked like cunts.

  17. sendron45 says:

    Park is a great play we should embrace his efforts to the team. As Manu fans lets stand and lift up his name he has done a lot for the team

  18. Costas says:

    @wayne, dela

    Exactly guys. The youth policy is as important now as it ever was. It’s also about balance. I’ve seen United have one of their worst seasons after we signed Ruud and Seba Veron and I’ve seen us win the title in style after we sold Ruud. So that’s what we need to preserve and enhance now. The balance between youth and experience, as well as the balance between attack, midfield and defence.


    That’s not a wrong theory at all. People said the grey kit was an excuse, but there are many things that can go wrong during games. The grey kit could have been a factor. Especially when we played in the sun. And I don’t think it’s a coincidence that we never designed another grey kit.


    Haha. I wanted to experiment with blonde too, but I wasn’t brave enough! I’ll probably start shaving the head after I turn 30 too. It’s just that I like brushing my hair with my hand and I am not ready to do that by putting my hand in my trousers. :lol:

  19. fergie is the boss says:

    Costas – Big pete said. we could not see each other.

  20. Gotta hate tiny tears says:


    That very man, His name was a treading topic on twitter in Manchester this morning, It shows the love this great Manchester United fan has . He died last night .

  21. willierednut says:

    GHTT – Cheers mate. He was one of a few, that was allowed to watch the players train at Carrington. Sad news. RIP Norman

  22. Gotta hate tiny tears says:


    he was 1 of 2 thats allowed. Well not allowed persay more invited

  23. King Eric says:

    Gotta hate – Oh. Gutted about that. Top bloke Norman and put the fucking idiots in their place when needed. RIP.

  24. Kings says:

    giggs12gerrard0 – Hello mate. Thanks very much for the heads up too. Nice work on getting a ticket mate.

    fergie is the boss – Hello mate. Yeah Fergie is the master, he will know what to do and will address the issues on the 29th May. As I said many times, we only need 2 players and we are set up for many years. The youth and the returning loaness will play a major part next season, which is why I feel that he won’t sign too many players which will hinder their progress.

  25. indiandevil says:

    Nani: “When we reached the final, a fan said ‘Yeah, we’re going to win vs Barcelona because Park is going to run all day with Messi!’

    Give this a read, worth it :

  26. Nigel says:

    It’s not a secret, everyone from Asia would know its Ginseng!


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