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Evra: Other People Wouldn’t Have Tried To Shake Suarez’s Hand

Patrice Evra has reflected back on the season and the incident with Luis Suarez at Old Trafford. After being found guilty of racially abusing Evra, Suarez then refused to shake his hand ahead of kick off.

“The whole thing was so difficult,” Evra told the official site. “People thought my celebration at the end of the Liverpool game was because Suarez had abused me, but it was more than that. I wanted say thanks to my team-mates. I know everybody was playing to win for Manchester United, but it was also a little bit for me. That game was the most pressure I’ve ever felt in my life – and all to do with shaking his hand. It was very difficult to decide what to do before the game. Many people would never try to shake his hand. But I tried and he refused. For me, it was like, “What’s going on?” You see the first tackle, a tackle on Rio Ferdinand? If it was Suarez then I could have had a red card straight away and I’d have been off the pitch.”

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  1. Kings says:

    Evra = Class
    Suarez = Cunt

  2. TonyBee Watson says:

    during that game everyone was waiting to see Evra tackle Suarez…..

  3. CedarsDevil says:

    Evra is indeed class, I for one fucking love him

  4. Dave says:

    You lying little rat…

    ‘many people wouldn’t have tried to shake his hand….but I’m ace…and really magnanimous…and didnt change my story half a dozen times….did I mention how ace I am?’

  5. James21 says:

    Always the vctims Its never your fault.

  6. CedarsDevil says:


    You a scouse pal? Sad times eh? Your king washed down the shitters I see… What a bunch of sad bastards

  7. Shebangsthedrums says:

    Dave, if he was a rat, you scousers would have eaten him by now.

  8. CedarsDevil says:

    Women always say it better!!

    Shebangs – Spot bloody on!!

  9. Vidic says:

    Suarez is as bad as Tevez !

  10. MG says:

    Where did the King go?

    Fucked by the Americans, sacked and fucked again.

    What happened to the livershit bird?

    Got the Hillsborough memorial flames off and fucked off to the back of the shirt by the Americans for rebranding purposes

    The mighty, how they lecture us is beyond me.

    Lenny as a man of principle should have put Suarez in his place, he didn’t Suarez fucked him, and now the Americans are happily making Liverpool there bitch.

    You say?

  11. gora says:

    hahaha king kenny. Hahahaha

  12. Red Neck says:

    Where did Dave go? Probably had to be home by 10.30 on condition of his bail. YSB

  13. JC says:

    Amusing, with Dave talking about a rat I assumed that he meant the rat faced Suarez and then I looked again and the “lying..” and “change my story half a dozen times” confirmed it.

  14. Dave says:

    Sorry I didnt stay up through the night to field replies….my bad.

    Very true the comments about Kenny being shabbily treated and it was a sad day yesterday and a lot of reds are wondering what exactly we’re supporting these days.
    Not sure you’re the best club to be preaching there though: how’s FCUM doing these days?

    Do you not see how self-serving Evra is being here? How graceless? ‘many people wouldn’t….’
    I stumbled on here from newsnow and it was that line that grated.

    More than happy to debate the merits of the FA commission’s report though: assuming you’ve all read it. Drop us an email if not….I’ll send it over.

    ‘Never our fault’?
    Cheap, lazy, inaccurate soundbite.
    I’ll debate Heysel and Hillsborough and their causes too if anyone’s read up on it and has a clue….and isn’t just sat there foaming in hatred yelling at their two year old kid bedecked in a ‘without killing anyone’ romper suit.

    The Hillsborough flame is still on the shirt and the liver bird is back clear and proud, the families of the 96 should have been consulted but you’ll not find many reds – there in ’89 or not – who thinks the new shirt is a bad thing.
    The rat line was funny mind…..

  15. Albert Ross says:

    Dave – You reveal much about yourself in your posts. You show no grace, no honesty, no maturity and no intelligence. Your sarcastic apology for not ‘staying up through the night to field replies’ is childishly moronic and grossly misleading. The truth is that you attacked Evra and ran away. The replies that you claim came in all night were mostly posted within minutes of your attack.

    In your 21:46 and your 06:05 you claim that Evra is lying when he says that most people wouldn’t shake the hand of a convicted racist that had viciously abused them.

    Evra is not lying. Further, he is 10% correct. The vast majority of people would not have shaken Suarez hand.

    You claim that Evra is graceless, yet it is abundantly clear that throughout this sorry mess it is Evra and United who have shown grace. Suarez, Dalglish and LFC are the graceless parties.

    You claim that Evra “changed his story half a dozen times” which is an absolute lie. Suarez was the party who changed his story 6 times.

    You say “more than happy to debate the merits of the FA commission’s report though: assuming you’ve all read it. if not….I’ll send it over.”

    This shows you to be a despicable lying cunt.

    You haven’t read it. That is obvious.

    I have read it, and understand it perfectly. You have not read it.

    You are a lying, graceless, childish, moronic, self-serving cunt.
    These facts are in evidence on this page.

  16. Albert Ross says:

    ^ typo ^

    “100% correct”

  17. keano86 says:


  18. Dave says:

    Are you feeling ok Albert?
    Ran away? Or maybe “went to bed” and came back on first thing? If it helps your world view though…
    Like the rest of your rant though – 7.41 and ready to rage at the world! Go ‘ed lad!

    “he called me n*gger” – on the pitch
    “he called me n*gger more than 10 times” – to Canal +
    “he called me a black b*stard” – to his team-mates
    “he called me n*gger 7 times” – to Ferguson
    “he called me n*gger 5 times” – to Ferguson
    “he called me negro 5 times, no 6 times” – to the Commission
    The Commission for some reason decided to add one and make it 7.

    Suarez remained constant in what he claimed happened.
    The interpretation from Kuyt and Commolli of what he said differed, but Suarez was adamant all the way through on what he did say, which is “Why, Black?”. And once.
    Now to my western ears that sounds appalling anyway, but there’s no credit saying that Suarez changed his story.
    I have read the report, twice as it happens, so feel to quote chapter and verse and I’ll have a bash at taking it apart.

    Now we handled it appallingly. No question about that. We were an object lesson in how not to handle a situation like this all the way through, and we ended up with the whole country against us. And you did indeed get to act the classy “we’re saying nothing” club – we handed it you on the plate, which was spectacularly incompetent of us seeing as there was no evidence either way. Itself surely a notable thing in a crowded penalty area in one of the most televised games of the year.

  19. Dave says:

    Oh and “justice for Heysel”….typical know nothing soundbite.
    If you knew anything about the issue you feel so strongly about, you’ll know that there were convictions…you should look it up, it might make you feel better.

  20. RedRobot says:

    Brilliant line…”I’ll debate Heysel and Hillsborough and their causes too…”
    Why would an ATV want to come on a United forum and argue this? Who is Dave trying to kid?. Smacks of self deception. All his logic, and reports, and files and insider knowledge on both tragedies would be lost on any United fan. He makes no sense. Wouldnt Dave be better off getting involved with those LFC groups who give a shit instead of a MUFC blog?.
    Hey Dave, go on a Juventus FC forum and go debate the causes of Heysel as you are so well read up on it. Then come back here and let us all know how you got on! Im thinking you should have no problems convincing them it was never the fault of LFC. Infact now is the time, Juve fans are in a really good mood. They’re getting a third star like City!.

  21. Dave says:

    I wouldn’t try to convince them it wasn’t the fault of Liverpool fans.

    Plenty of them hate us, and with justification. Plenty realise it wasn’t just the fault of Liverpool fans too. I have spoken to Juve fans. Have you lot? With your righteous indignation on their behalf?

    Anyway, stumbled on here from newsnow and had a few minutes to spare….I’m not usually a troll so will step away away and leave you to it.

  22. King Eric says:

    Dave – Heysel was the Chelsea fans wasn’t it you fucking murdering scouse cunts.

  23. RedRobot says:

    Poor Dave, tells porkies on forums of other teams to total stangers. Thats one messed up ATV.

  24. Gee says:

    @ Dave

    I spent six months working in Turin and Milan pal, I met hundreds of Juve fans and I will tell you now, they fucking despise you and even the most friendly of fans would happily set you alight. That isnt me making up a scenario, that is what they would actually like to do to you, set you on fire, such is there dislike for your club and anything connected to it.

  25. Gee says:


  26. Albert Ross says:

    Feed the fire with the scousers, two birds with one stone as it were.


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