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Evra: Our Atmosphere Best In Europe

After snatching a 1-1 away to Lyon in the Champions League, United will play them at home this evening, hoping to make their way to the quarter finals. With almost a full squad available to us and the home advantage, United are certainly the favourites to progress.

Patrice Evra has today talked about the importance of playing at Old Trafford, claiming our atmosphere is more than anywhere else on a European night.

“Playing at this stadium, the atmosphere is not the same as anywhere else on a European night,” Evra said. “The fans really lift the team from the first minute until the final whistle. When I play at Old Trafford I feel I have more power, more energy in my legs, more character. It’s strange, but teams can be scared when they come to here. We shouldn’t underestimate the effect it can have. It’s a big stadium, the pitch is wide, and we play with pace. Teams don’t like that. It can be hard for them to cope. It’s called the Theatre of Dreams – but that’s only for United, not for any other team!”

How do you rate the atmosphere at Old Trafford on European nights and can it make the difference to United?



  1. jsos says:

    love love evra. he’s as dazzled by the club as we are :)

  2. craig mc says:

    I just wish Fergie would fight to have the Stretford End back for the fans who sing from 1st to last. L’pool fought to keep the Kop, ManU didn’t fight for the Stretford end – It irks me – sorry!.

  3. austin reynolds says:

    craig mc- im not sure that if fergie had spoken on behalf of the fans wanting the stretford end back that he would come out and say, “by the way , ive tried to do my best but david gill and the glazers are having none of it!”
    so what makes u think hes said nothing. the fact that it irks you, irks me.

  4. craig mc says:

    Austin Reynolds – thanks for your post, and info that it is the Glazers and Gill who are not for the Stretford end returning to its former GLORY – but Sir Alex is God around Old Trafford, and I think if he pushed for the Stretford End to go back to what it was originally, then the hierachy in the Old Trafford Kremlin mightt listen. But maybe I am just naive Austin. Good on you for trying Austin, was Fergie approached at all?.

  5. UnitedRay says:

    Are you sure old traf is the best ground in europe? In the lyon match i sometimes find the away supporters out sing the home crowd. I still think anfield is the best ground. Although i think their team is shit ha ha

  6. Red-Manc says:

    anfield is shite even if its in europe or the prem, they only sing youll never walk alone then its quiet for the most part unless they score, when United played barca in the semi’s Old Trafford was louder than anywhere, everyone was stood up waving their flags/scarves and we sang our hearts out, thats just one example of the great european nights at the theatre of dreams ;)



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