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Evra: Privilege To Represent United Abroad

With Manchester United preparing for their pre-season tour in Asia, Patrice Evra has stated that it is a privilege to represent United and that he’s looking forward to spending time with people in the local communities over there.

“We have great memories of our last trip to Asia when we won the Club World Cup and it’s always a pleasure to go back,” said Evra. “You feel like you are a pop star when you’re there – the supporters just go crazy wherever we go! It’s a privilege to represent the club on these trips and it makes you realise that it doesn’t matter where you live in the world, the club is just one big family. One of the great things about going on tour is being able to visit and meet some of the people from local communities. I visited an orphanage on the last tour in 2007, which was amazing. I love being with children and the kids on that visit really touched my heart. That’s my best memory from the last trip.”

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  1. TheTipIsRed says:

    I hope Evra starts mentoring Obertan now. It’s a privilege to wear the shirt, shit, it’s a privilege to even be noticed by United!

  2. CJ says:

    I agree with TheTiplsRed!

  3. Fze123 says:

    It’s a privilege to have you playing for us, evra.
    Just love this guy.

  4. bruce thomas says:

    Off topic — what’s all this about Berbatov in part exchange for Aguero? Start a new thread please.

  5. Red Dave says:

    read that tevez, you little shite

  6. stretford end says:

    fantastic evra.

    what a contrast to the deluded idiot (also fellow frenchman) benzema

  7. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    This day last year we couldn’t even be happy about Manchester uniteda second most successfull season ever because it was just is Ronaldo stayin or not why won’t he talk and spurs sayin united are tapping up berbatov one year later it’s nothing but possitive stuff coming out of the teM. Benzema came out today Nd said blah blah bollox but he’s nothing to do with us Manchester united are united and in fantastixc spirits

  8. Linvoy says:

    I wouldn’t swap berbatov for anyone! That’s all!

  9. Anon says:

    just s i begin to read this piece guess what song begins toplay on my media player?

    “We are the champions! No time for losers!” haha.

  10. Anon says:

    @ LInvoy, i would, for probably Pele. Or God.

  11. porter says:

    Pele’s pace isn’t the same anymore

  12. Anon says:

    yeah, heard his finishing has dipped a bit too.

  13. Fze123 says:

    I hope all this shit about swapping berba for aguero is just trash. he’s only been here for one season, we haven’t seen the best of him yet. he’ll be double his price next season, that’s my gut feeling. and please, no more argies. we’ve had enough of these ignorant idiotic creatures.

  14. 9jmac says:

    Evra is a legend

  15. Tony Starks says:

    GHTT – Spot on mate!

  16. Linvoy says:

    @Anon… I’m sticking to my guns on this one, what with Pele’s dip in form & God breaking his 3rd metetarsal yet again… There is no-one I’d swap Berba with!

  17. Manu says:

    Well.. we already have the God in Rooney!

  18. Mic says:

    Well said Evra, look at Benzema, Ronaldo, Ribery, all who want to sign for Madrid, not because it’s one big family, not because of anything but money, Ronaldo wouldn’t have signed had they not gone for Kaka then gone for him followed by more big money moves, the team got pounded home and away against Barcelona leading Ronaldo to say his dream was dead to play there. United are really a family club and i’m not saying that just because i’m a fan, the unity in the team, the bond we share, it’s played a huge part in our success lately, the players would do anything for each other. We’ll see if Madrid have bought that, I highly doubt it. I’d rather have 11 Evras then 11 Ronaldos out there, it’s more than a shirt and if you don’t want to come, we don’t want you.

  19. King Eric says:

    Really do like Pat. He knows and understands United’s history and what it means to play for this great club. Others take note!

  20. King Eric says:

    Ps – Spot on Mic.

  21. aig alex is god says:

    wasnt evra linked wid barca?nyways hope he stays best in da world at left back .nyone heard of huntelaar to stuggart?

  22. 11reds says:

    Add 11Reds TV Video Widget to your blog or site!!

  23. manutdchampions2008 says:

    the good news is aguero could come our way and berbatov leaving for atletico

  24. Devilton says:

    Too bad that little shit Tevez couldn’t learn a few things about loyalty and honor from Evra. BTW, is anyone else pissed off that cunt still hasn’t left our club ?

  25. aig alex is god says:

    @ devilton.ya nw dat asshole shud hve found a new club.actually he is a free agent bcoz his contract has expired bt i m feelin he wil go to chlsa dan city.maybe dats why its taking him time.

  26. manutdchampions2008 says:

    Devilton wait till you see aguero in a united shirt if he does arrive. aguero is berbatov rooney and tevez roled into one. I am landed we have not got tevez because maybe we are going to get aguero who is on another planet tot tevez.

  27. Fze123 says:

    Devilton, yeah i am. wonder why he ain’t gone yet, someone like him shouldn’t be a utd player no more. maybe shitty’s hesitating, i mean what team would want a player who scores 5 goals in the league.

  28. aig alex is god says:

    tevez once said evra was his best friend at the club.dats surprising given the contrasting statements of da 2 players

  29. Costas says:

    Guys don’t worry. Tevez has ceased being a UNited player since June 30th. At the moment he is out of contract. But City will snap him up within a week or two.

  30. aig alex is god says:

    @ costas.r u sure mate.i think he may go to chlsa.bcoz if it was city why is it taking so much tme?

  31. Costas says:

    I heard today that the FA is giving them a hard time about it. THey want to make sure that with his new contract Tevez will not be owned by a third party. But they expect to sort it out by next week. Chelsea might het encouragement from all this, but i doubt they will match City’s offer.

  32. aig alex is god says:

    by the way jst heard dat etoo wil nt join city.

  33. Costas says:

    That’s accurate. But you never know in these cases. City might be doing this to force Eto’s hand.

  34. SULLY says:

    “It’s a privilege to represent the club on these trips and it makes you realise that it does’nt matter where you live in the world, the club is just one big family” Pat spot on, could’nt have put it better myself. Gotta’ love the lil fella’… He’s a true die-hard United fan.

  35. Jim Carrey says:

    we love you Evra, we do.

    We love you Evra, we do

    Wwoooaaahhh Evra we love you.

    Unquestionably the best left back in the world and a cracking fella. Same can’t be said for his old “pal” Tevez.

  36. manutdchampions2008 says:


  37. kaihnsn says:

    I really don’t understand fan who love this player or that player come to united. what’s the point to have a player who has no heart to wear the shirt? for me better got a decent head with a love for united and ready to play with the team.

    i don’t want another teves fiasco to disrupt the team morale. i think saf know this better.

  38. Briggs says:

    United hasnt spent up to 30m since the transfer window opened, sir Alex should pay even 45m without a player in exchange for Aguero. SAS shouldnt behave like Winger. We the fans will take any excuse for failure.From nigeria.

  39. AIG Alex is GOD says:

    anyone read.Dippers defender Micah Richards has contracted SWINE FLU,19528,11661_5425486,00.html

  40. AIG Alex is GOD says:

    sorry .i meant manchester city defender micah richards

  41. kshetrajna says:

    Wish a speedy recovery to Micah Richards…this is the kind of situation when we should wish well to even our rivals…

  42. AIG Alex is GOD says:

    @kshetrajna Said,ya mate he shud be fit wen we rip them apart in the next derby.

  43. AIG Alex is GOD says:

    @kshetrajna .sorry i meant,’well said’.forgot to type it completely

  44. Tony Starks says:


    What do you mean by this…’We the fans will take any excuse for failure’

  45. Kshetrajna says:

    No disrespect but buying a player just for the sake of staisfying fans is crazy…No way will SAF do that…And as for Wenger…Even as a united fan i have to admit that he is among the better Managers in the game today…I really doubt if Wenger has the cash which people think he does…But we have to admit he is a world class manager…

  46. Trevor says:

    Im in agreement Kshetrajna.

    WEnger has an eye for tallent and can get the best out of players.

    Its a differnt Situation that him and Fergie is in, Just cause you have More money doesnt alwys just make it easier! Some might disagree but you still have to have the eye for tallent to ensure they are going to fit into your Formation and with your players.

    For me the best managers currently in the premiership are as follows.


  47. bchilds says:

    Well said Pat!


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