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Evra Reveals Fergie’s Arsenal Reaction

Last season, the rivalry which has been developed over the years between United and Arsenal appeared to be disappearing. With two fourth place finishes from Arsenal, they were no longer our title rivals. The players who we’d grown to hate over the years, Vieira, Keown, Ashley Cole and Pires, to name a few, were no longer there. It was hard to remember just how it felt to really hate Arsenal after spending the past couple of seasons focussing on the new team to hate, Chelsea.

When we went to the Emirates there was a strong desire to win, especially considering they had beaten us at Old Trafford earlier in the season. A win could take us nine points clear of Chelsea at the top of the league, taking us one step closer to winning back our title. When Evra played in a great ball to Rooney, which he headered past Lehmann powerfully, it looked as though we would get our wish. However, in the last seven minutes, Arsenal scored two goals, the first by van Persie, the latter by Thierry Henry in injury time. Shit. Three valuable points down the drain after leading until the final few minutes.

Patrice Evra has today revealed the bollocking the team received from Sir Alex Ferguson after the game. “I remember one match we had lost 2-1 to Arsenal in the closing seconds,” he said. “I’ve had my dad shout at me in the past. But when I saw the boss yelling in the dressing room, it was like nothing I had ever seen. Even if you are strong at heart, you’re thinking ‘Ouch!’ You think he’s going to break everything. But another good thing is nobody gets special treatment. Whether he has to scream at Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney or me, he screams at us all in the same way.”

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  1. Ahmed Bilal says:

    Incidents like these make me think that Fergie hates Arsenal more than he hates Liverpool.

  2. Mick says:

    No way does he hate Arsnal more than he hates Liverpool. It’s just that Liverpool, under Benitez, have been our whipping boys, so he hardly ever needs to break out the hairdryer after a trip to Anfailed.

    Which pleases me greatly :)

  3. Pooja says:

    Naah ,
    Knocking Pool right off their fucking perch is always on top of Fergie’s list.These pretenders always come second.

  4. Ronnie Vengan says:




  5. RobM says:

    I don’t think he hates any team in particular, not in the way a fan does anyway, he just hates losing. Especially those “6 pointers” at the top of the league. Same for Wenger or any other top manager, they want to win so badly it’s all they can see.

  6. Gidster says:

    Except Fergie didnt knock Liverpool off their fucking perch. Arsenal started the process by winning the Littlewoods Cup against them, blowing the “Rush Scores, Liverpool win” psychological bubble. Then, Arsenal did the Anfied 89 thing, and that really was Pool done in. They died that night. They came back and won the league the next yeah, a last hurrah, a very poor season. Then Arsenal won it, then Leeds won it, and Liverpool had gone… by the time Utd went on their title spree, Pool had gone, and it wasnt Utd that done it. Utd assumed a vacant perch… they didnt push anyone off it. Typical Fergie, taking credit where none is due.

  7. James Oliver Smith says:

    First he must learn he can’t win all the time.
    Second he must learn to respect other teams and managers and not pass condescending remarks.Maybe it’s his way to motivate his team.
    Third great manager as he is he aint going to win titles and championships every year..
    Finally he shd watch his temper which could backfire and cause a heart attack.

  8. Marcuus says:

    Even if he is a Scotsman, i wouldnt mind him being the England Gaffer. He would certainly woop some lazy arses that we have.

  9. Anekin says:

    He Just Hates LOSING.

  10. Yomi says:

    He’s got no spirit of sportmanship and thats why Arsene is different bcos le boss does not see a defeat as as something new but he realises he has to do sime extra job in the team to make up for the loss Yomi from Nigeria

  11. John Kimble says:

    Fergie hates Wenger because despite Man U’s enormous wealth and influence, Wenger is the one manager who has the superior record in terms of head to head matches.

    He”s also annoyed at how Wenger has become famous for sucessfully developing young and relatively unkown players when this used to be what Fergie was known for 10-15 years ago.

  12. TrueGUNNER says:

    Fergie just can’t believe Wenger can challenge him with limited resources and everything else. He looks at everything he does and unfortunately a picture of Wenger comes up, doing things better than Fergie. Fergie now seems to have turned his efforts to foreign quotas to get rid of Wenger. It will backfire right in his face and that of England should the FA implement that!!!!

  13. Jack says:

    I see we have been infested with rodents.

  14. Gooner001 says:

    Fergie thinks in the moment, not about the future. He waits for players who have learned their trade and then he snaps them up. Wenger makes them! Sorry guys but I think your United is slowly becoming another Chelski! I’ll give you something though, When it comes to the crunch, you do put up a good fight in trying to beat us. A fight you just can’t win.

  15. busingye says:

    wise up cant spend what you dont have.where i come from,rich people buy even the simplest stuff from supermarkets while the poor buy from flea markets.quality might be the same u realise united has more expectations than arsenal?kids were a foundtion to fergies teams.we are well above the foundation.

  16. Scott the Red says:


    “Fergie thinks in the moment, not about the future. He waits for players who have learned their trade and then he snaps them up.”

    That’s simply not true. You only need to have been watching Premiership football for the past 15 years to see the amount of young players Ferguson has brought in to the team, well before they are established players.

    You haven’t already forgotten about Anderson have you? Remember, the guy who played your wonderkid out of the game? ;)

  17. UnitedRay says:

    United fans, hear me! Dun waste your breath arguing with idiotic arsenal or pool fans. They are just bitter thats all. Its christmas time, show some compassion to these needy bunch. A group who had nothing to play for very early in the last season, another group is still waiting after 17 years. Merry christmas! Ho ho ho

  18. Gidster says:

    Now thats funny… Anderson played Cesc out of the game this season? is that really the Utd opinion on it? Utd came to Emirites, like they did to Anfield, to try and knick a win. They didnt dominate any areas of the pitch, except for the centre backs against Pool. They played on the break. They aint bad at it either, but its never, ever in a million years dominating. Just coz Cesc didnt tear Anderson a new asshole doesnt mean Anderson won the war… also, in a short space of time, Anderson looks every inch the whiney little latino dive merchant that we all expected he would be.

  19. Scott the Red says:

    Gidster, as an Arsenal fan, you would know ALL about whiney little dive merchants, wouldn’t you? ;)

    Got to love Gooners who’ve got nothing better to do than post on United blogs. Get a hobby or something eh lads.

  20. UnitedRay says:

    Cool video scott. At least when ronaldo takes a tumble, he nv clutch his face like that. Fabragas is a pussy!

  21. Smithy says:

    All of you, Get a life! In all this bickering and winging, saying who is better and who Sir Alex hates, you’re losing the true spirit of the game. The most beautiful game in the world, we all know that! So why don’t you all stop being petty and start appreciating the game that is our Football and the club that is our UNITED!


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