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Evra: Ronaldo Loves And Misses United

Patrice Evra has encouraged Cristiano Ronaldo to return from Madrid and sign for United again, where he will be appreciated as much as he deserves.

“I have been in touch with him many times,” Evra told MUTV. “He still loves Manchester United and misses Manchester United. He has done some incredible things for Real Madrid, he broke all the records, but they didn’t show him the respect he deserves. When Ronny was here, he got the love from all the players, the manager and the fans. He is a winner. But he likes people to like him. He misses Manchester United because it was his house. I always say I hope he will come back because this is his home. If he wants to win the Ballon d’Or he has to come back to Manchester United.”

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  1. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Evra might be right and the Ballon d Or thing, Real seriously feked that up for Ronnie and that’s a fact.
    Serious or no, I expect Evra to have Ronnie in his back pocket all night. Ronnie will be up for the game, but Evra will be so and more. We need to counter attack all night and we will win. Evra will need to have a hell of a night, home and away!

  2. red joey says:

    correct dude but it will be rafa up against him cause he plays on left flank for the virus

  3. wayne says:

    Lol interpretation of not showing him respect wants the same contract as Messi which is 12.5mill per season plus bonuses what i’ve read Real hasn’t given him a pay rise since signing.If he doesn’t get the deal he wants out
    Gotta say all that shit about him going to his boyhood dream team,he’s putting them through the gears just like he did Utd,think Utd gave him about 5 pay raises while he was at OT
    He’s Rod Tidwell ‘show me the money’, boyhood dream lol what a fucking joke,in retrospect Utd should have paid him the 200k a week and he’d have stayed.Problem was the club was still following strict salary guidelines then eventually realized a year later had to pay big wages to keep top players in the Rooney dispute
    That’s what City have given football the fucking cunts

  4. Costas says:

    Sadly, it will take more than love to bring him back. Won’t happen. Not while he’s in his prime anyway.

  5. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Even if Ronnie decided he wanted back, United dont have the stones or the money to make it happen.
    Bottom line. Ronnie left for cash and he has to live in that cesspool now. He is not coming back.

  6. WeAreUnited says:

    The Petition for Ronaldo to come back starts here

    PS. whatever Ronaldo or Messi asks, they deserves it, so there’s no excuse to not raise the salary when the lad scores more goals than he plays. Sportwise his salary should be raised when he plays like he does.

    Human and economy wise, all footballers are overpayed. period.

    So don’t go and say he doesn’t deserve his salary.

  7. NBI Red Onion says:

    Ronnie come back. Say it was a mistake. Score 50 goals. Say you were depressed when you said Maureen is a better manager than SAF. All is forgiven.

    Evra has taken over SAF mind games. Love it. This will rattle the Virus – they will wonder what Ronaldo will be thinking, he will be wondering too, its made United look like a great cosy place to be and Real like a cestpool of rubbish. Haha.

    Ronaldo’s salary at Madrid is covered more than twice over by his shirt sales, they pay nothing for him, he pays for himself there.

  8. kagawabungabunga says:

    Nobody cares about him
    he has shitty ego….”IS HE GOD?”
    No just a human being,how many assists Ozil,di maria and co provided and still providing for him?
    Many assists…how many assists rooney and co provided to him when he was here…
    he did not recognize that but forcing other to respect him
    do you think Xavi Alonso,Casillas will do that? no
    They are UEFA,EURO and WORLD CUP CHAMPIONS and they are integral part of Real but the
    The Ego sad boy wants respect from them while he is not respecting them.Thanxs Fergie you realised the boy was insane and was damaging our club as other players are inferior worshiping him.
    I love RVP, class boy respecting all players even learning from the likes of CHICHA.
    Welcome back,we appreciate your efforts when you was here but

  9. denton davey says:

    CR7 is, without question, a terrific footie player but he comes with a lot of baggage that is not necessarily useful for the NewUTD. In fact, I don’t think he’d be such a good addition to the team – there’s no “I” in team and what SAF has re-built is a on-the-verge-of-greatness-team. Spending money on another attacking player would inevitably be at the cost of re-building the midfield. It wouldn’t be money-well-spent for the NewUTD.

  10. Gee says:

    @ Kagawa – Show some respect to a player that did a lot for us you fucking bellend!! He may have an ego but most players that are great have an ego, are you telling me Cantona didnt have an ego?? or Best or Pele, even Messi does, he fucking sulks when he doesn’t get his own way but they are fucking phenoms and rightly have an ego to suit!! Ronnie may have loved himself but he did the business on the pitch, so you know what let him have an ego!! not like some players about that have an ego but do fuck all to back it up!!

  11. Red Truth says:

    Its funny when people refer to Ronaldo as the “I” in “Team”……he couldnt be more opposite to that if he tried.

    Because of his look he gets the “ego” and “arrogant” card brandished at him, unfairly i might add. There are for more arrogant players, (Gerrard, Rooney, Terry, Ibra). I like he is the only player to publicly say he wants to be the best and strives to be it, hes putting his neck on the line by publicly stating it. I dont see that drive and ambiton from Mr Ambition himself Wayne Rooney?

    There would be no I in team if Ronaldo came back to Old Trafford, no chance. He does play for himself but he doesnt half play for his team mates aswell. He loved the club and he loves Real. Real have a funny way have cockking up a good situation though and thats what there doing with Ronaldo. They have a player who has broke every record going and nearly single-handedly along with Mourinho dethroned a Barca squad that will go down as one the greats. He did that, but still no improved contract, which he gained several of at United. There is no respect or appreciation shown to him at Real.

    The past 3 Ballon D’ors the club has promoted lost causes in Sergio Ramos and Casillas because they are Spanish, its a political thing that i dont think Ronaldo realised before he joined. A Portuguese player is no way going to get a greater vote of confidence over their Spanish captain, no way. This is in stark contrast to Barcelona’s best player who has the President, Manager and at least one ex-great footballer of the club (Luis Enrique) escort represent him at the Ballon D’or World Player of the year awards……Ronaldo went with one of the club secretaries. It is for this reason why i believe, with just 2 and half years left on his contract, if he hasnt signed a new one by mid-summer we could well be in for him and at a 75 million fee. His buy-out clause is 1000 million! However, with no Mourinho there, hel be well gone by then, there will be noone for Ronaldo to cling onto for support, it will see him leave.

    People mistake Ronaldo’s need for a new contract and recognition for arrogance and a large ego. Couldnt be further from the truth, he wants the support love and recognition he had at United, simple as that. He recieves a lesser wage than Rooney! That tells you everything. Rooney isnt in the same league as Ronaldo. He will be looking around thinking…..hang on a minute, Ibra, Rooney, Eto’o, Drogba, Messi, Terry are all on better wages than me, except Messi they are all nowhere near in my league and not even the best players at their clubs (rooney, terry) why am i here, the best player of one of the best clubs in the world getting no improved contracts to be on their level and no public support for the Ballon D’or? He has every right to be thinking this. United is where he got that and where he will get that and i think its not just recently that he has woken up to this fact. Evra is right.

    and another thing @kagawabungabunga its alright calling Ronaldo someone with a poor ego and the “I” in “team” like many others wrongly do and then they draw on Messi as this “humble” “teamplayer”…….i think its important to recognise Messi’s flaws in that department aswell…….after an away victory in the league, in which Ibrahmovic scored 2 and Messi scored none, Messi texted messaged Guardiola stating “its either Ibra, or me.” 3 months later Ibra’s out the door. Very humble that Messi.

    Having Ronaldo back at Old Trafford would be the stuff of legends and would take us back to that level we were at 5 years ago and with RVP we’d be right back in to the swing of things in Europe. Rightly, we should never beg for a player to come back and we’l be fine without him but dismissing his achievements with us and his present and future ability is absolutely shambolic.

  12. Sad Old Red says:

    Never post but felt compelled to comment on a player that will always be close to my heart,,, It would be a dream to welcome Ronaldo back to United,, However,, I believe it’s just a dream,, I’m lucky enough to have seen some of the finest players wear the shirt including Best,, Law and Charlton and still maintain that Ronaldo was a United legend,, Regardless of his sad departure he did a great job at United,, Wayne your posts are always a pleasure to read, Please keep them coming,, Seasons greetings to all fellow Reds

  13. red says:

    “Denton” – In fact, I don’t think he’d be such a good addition to the team ???

    What? Tell me how a player like Ronnie can NOT be a good addition to the team? Name any team in the world that would say such a ludicrous thing?

    Ronaldo is amongst the best players that this planet have seen!
    He don’t have to compete with the others. It’s them “others” who have to compete with him. He has definitely raised the bar on the modern football.

    Personally I’d love to see him back in the United’ s fold but I also realize that there is more on to do rather than just make the stance by saying he “could” or “might” be back playing for the team that has helped to develop what was a diamond well spotted by Sir Alex :-) that boy changed all United fans thinking of this beautiful game. Only time will tell, for now I think we should concentrate on what a big potential we have in the current team with the likes of Kagawa and Chico. Also Cleveley looks like it could be a good season for him. Delighted to see Vida back in the team, should resolve some problems we’ve experienced in our defence. Full praise to Rafa – keep it that way boy! I’m sure there is a proud man in the Sky Sports studio watching you and thinking what a good job we did signing those twins he he :-)

    Viva Ronaldo! Viva Ronaldo! Running down the wing, hear United sing Viva Ronaldo!

  14. weeeldrinkadrinkadrink says:

    Ronaldo didn’t leave for money,he had his heart set on the Viruses for many years and we all knew it. Ronaldo is a bit like that drop dead gorgeous girl you dated as a 15 year old;it was great while it lasted,she swore undying love but deep down you both knew she’d end up with spoiled obnoxious son of the millionaire car dealer that lived on the other side of town.Still,it didn’t mean,he’d treat her well or she’d stay with him forever…to be continued

  15. StatesideAussie says:

    Fletch … though I haven’t seen a lot of Real recently, I hear Ronaldo has mostly been playing on the left wing this season, as an “inverted winger” (that is, plays on the opposite side to his dominant foot, and generally cuts inside the fullback, thus bringing his dominant foot into play as he moves laterally across the pitch). If they follow the same approach against us, he will be up against our right back, not Evra.


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