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Evra: Ronaldo Scared Me

Patrice Evra had played in a Champions League final before last Wednesday, however then was on the losing side. Jose Mourinho’s Porto beat Monaco 3-0 and it is a night that has stayed with Evra ever since.

Since lifting the trophy last week, Evra has spoken at his great joy about being a European Cup winner, although admits that Ronaldo’s penalty miss scared him.

“I can’t believe I am a champion,” said Evra. “I never stopped believing we would win this competition, but I was scared a little bit when Ronny missed his penalty. The experience with Monaco helped me a lot. I said to myself that I couldn’t lose a second final. If we had lost the match I would have asked the boss not to play me in the Champions League next year. To lose two finals would have been hard to take. I am very happy, the atmosphere in the dressing room was great and it was a big present for Sir Alex Ferguson because he deserves it for working so hard for United. It is unbelievable, but I think we deserve it. We have the squad, talent and spirit in this team.”

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  1. jsos says:

    I feckin LOVE Evra. With all the Ronnie talk and the idea that foreign players cannot love the reds or show the kind of loyaty that our mancunian boys can.. the likes of Evra and Tevez are exhilarating. Love these boys to bits. Now let’s get Patrice’s contract sorted!

  2. PeeJay says:

    Evra is meeting United tomorrow, the thought of Fergie letting him leave on a free makes me shiver.
    Surely, United will give Evra a good contract?

  3. corea says:

    Comment by PeeJay on May 26, 2008 18:39

    surely ;)
    great player.
    3.5 mln. pounds = 67 000 a week ?
    i think he deserves this king of money.
    SURELY ;)

  4. corea says:

    *kind ))

  5. blindkat says:

    We cannot let patrice go!! Good God he is fucking integral to the defense that just won us the double. Not to mention the way he attacks, his crosses are usually right on point. Don’t be fooled we need him bad,if that means letting silvestre go do it. Don’t screw up on Patrice like we did with Jaap, thinking blanc could take his place and being dead wrong. This is the best back 4 in football don’t fuck widdit

  6. mike says:

    i thought when that prick heinze wanted to leave for liverpool we would never be able to fill his boots but then along came came spider called evra. what an amazing player he has turmed out to be. he is far better than heinze and is only 2nd to rio when it comes to being the best defender united have. lets make him irwin number 2 and give him the fucking money and keep him for the next 6 years.

  7. jimmy Bob says:

    best left back in the lge sign him up asap

  8. austin reynolds says:

    here! here!

  9. suhayl says:

    give him 100k a week..

    kepp silvestre as cover for centre + left …

    Evra best LB in the world…end off!!!!

  10. dre says:


    i think we are on for the double again


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