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Evra: Van Persie Is Perfect For United

Robin van Persie spent eight seasons at Arsenal but all he has to show for it is the FA Cup winners medal which he picked up in his first season against us, after coming on off the bench.

Since then, United have won four league titles, the European Cup, three League Cups and the World Club Cup.

Patrice Evra believes that Van Persie has the winning mentality to be a success at United.

“Robin is perfect for Manchester United,” added Evra. “When he scored the hat-trick at Southampton he also missed a penalty. The first thing he said when he came back to the dressing room was that he was really sorry for missing the penalty. That shows the hunger, humility and personality he has to win trophies. He is not just scoring for himself. He really wants the team to win something.”

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. parryheid says:

    Seems everyone is patting each others head.

  2. Dave Malaysia says:

    Still a bit strange. Getting used to it,he one of ours now.

    He seems so happy and determined to succeed with us.

    I beleive we signed him at the perfect time of his career.His maturity and experience is brilliant.

    Thank you arsenal, sorry too but Thank you ,sincerely.

    This man will bring out the best from Rooney,who also is more matured now and experienced.

    This partnership has now been fully utilised yet, still a work in progress.

    What will we see ,as the partnership grows and grows?

    How many jumping up and screaming sessions are we on for?

    My family have learnt to leave me a alone when it happens. I had to rearrange the living room last Sunday.


  3. bayoRed says:

    You have to admire the attitude that Fergie has fostered in this squad everybody knows they are working for the team. Like I said in the prevoius post. That makes us much better than the Mercenary ladden squads.

  4. WeAreUnited says:

    Everyone knows I am the first to defend Nani here, cause I believe in the lad and selling him to another English team would be a disaster, but nobody will ask us, and if he is to be selled, I would sell him to Juventus or another froeign team.

    Whatever the reason is, I will hope always that he does well. This being said,

    This was FUNNY, @Olesrightfoot wrote this, I laughed so much :D “K stand goes on permanent “duck” standby when he /Nani gets the ball at his feet. ”

    As for Walcott, well I believe that we wouldn’t be a bad player, a replacement of Nani? NO, but he’s 23 and very good with the ball at his feet, he scores goals, and RVP is his best pal, not a bad decision.

    The question would be, would he up to it to fight with THE Terminator Valencia?

  5. United Till I Die says:

    That photo’s hilarious!

  6. Connugy says:

    The problem with having Walcott for Nani isn’t a case of speed or performance – you see Walcott put in the same sporadic performances that Nani does (and if anything, Walcott is faster).

    The problem is that Theo Walcott thinks he’s a fucking centre forward.

    I think that might kill any prospective deal. He’d have to pull his socks up as well – but he’s got the right attitude – something Nani, who flatters to deceive lacks in abundance. He had a great 18 months up until a year ago, but that’s been it!

    Im just wondering “Where can we get another Nani for 20 mil?” and I can only see Walcott as being a close enough replacement who wants to move clubs.

    If we can’t achieve that, Fergie should pay Nani more and keep him until he’s worth a bit more in the transfer market when (if) he bucks his ideas up. Because he needs to!!

  7. Marq says:

    Walcott is no Nani, but if he is available on the cheap, not a bad player to have. Still, I hope Nani comes back to the team because on his day, he is unplayable

    Then again, Nani best position has aways been on the right where Valencia plays, so I’m not so sure if we will ever see the day of both Nani & Valencia on form

  8. Costas says:

    Nice photo.

  9. WeAreUnited says:

    GUYS!!! We can relax for a minute.
    Here’s the real source of the pic. It’s some Watfords u10 players, Look at the other pic.

    NANIII we love you hahaha :D

  10. WeAreUnited says:

    I think, SAF surpirised Nani, and sold him for 20pounds to Watford????

    WOW. Anyway, a bit crazy that Nani isn’t watching oru game, but instead is in some u10 watford game?

    A cover-up for him being sold “?? hahaha.

  11. The Left Bank says:

    What I love about this current crop of players but especially the strikers like Rvp and Chica Hernandez is their attitude to play for the team.

    I think that kind of humility and loyalty is like an extra man on the pitch when their backs are against the wall in tight games. When you trust each other then you will go the extra mile for each other.

    Others may have technically gifted players but I would take our collective team spirit any day of the week.

    In many ways it’s like Messi and his relationship with the other Barca players. Breaking personal records and winning personal accolades is secondary to the team winning. It’s why I would rather have a Messi than a Ronaldo in my dream team.

    It’s pleasing to see that we have the same team collective spirit here at United.

    As for Walcott, hmmm, no. The boy is good but lacks an intelligent football brain – which even Wenger often laments. There are better options elsewhere should Nani be moved on.

  12. Ash says:

    Like I said in the other thread walcott would be a decent buy given his price. His pace is awesome and he would settle well as RVP is here. But having said this I will still keep nani. Like someone said we cannot get another nani type player for 20 millions. IMO it would be waste of money to spend 25-30 million on a winger or an attacking player. Rather spend that amount of money on a midfielder.

  13. Dela says:

    Arsenal fans getting annoyed with Wenger. Perhaps they should be more annoyed with whoever is making the transfer decisions and allocating the budget to players? If Wenger were to quit there now it would be a severe blow!

  14. FletchTHEMAN says:

    As to the topic, That’s nice that the lads are getting along. RvP is exactly the type of character this club should be buying. Walcott, noooooot so much!

  15. FletchTHEMAN says:

    As to the OFF topic that is on here:
    I kind of think the entire Nani thing is contract puff up from his agent.
    Nani’s people are trying to get a better deal and United are being coy. But it is doubtful that they aren’t budging.
    IF Nani stays, both he and the Club will have moved a little. Nothing wrong with Nani and he may well have a long career right here with us.

    That said, many people say the St Petersburg side were all ready to pay us 25m Euros last summer and the only reason it fell through was that Nani would only go for ridiculous salary, like 200k/month.

    That is NOT to say that he is asking for that salary from us. I can’t believe Nani would want to live in St Petersburg as it is NOT an improvement from here. He would also have zero chance of another CL final if he moves there. So in my view his salary demands were a statement of Lack of interest. Basically, Nani didn’t want the move, but maybe would have agreed/reluctantly, if it was silly money.

    The episode DOES signal one thing: that we would be willing to talk about a Nani move. But that we would do it reluctantly and only in the neighborhood of 25m. But also firmly puts a marker that we feel Nani is a a top 27 year old with CL finals experience.

    So now we leave FACTS. Now we enter the new world of Sports Writers FICTION:

    So now you have Arsenal and Walcott, Arsenal suck and Walcott wants out. Sports Blogger paradise …. right!? Anyone who doesn’t think this sounds like a game of footy manager has got cotton in their ears.

    No way would we sell Nani for less than he’s worth, and no way is Walcott either what we need or what we will need in 3-4 years. This is smoke an mirrors stuff.

    Come on people, this is the Daily Mail! If you read the Daily Mail you will be relishing not having a back 4 that have ever played together by February, because they have claimed in the last 2 months that Evra, Rio and Vidic were all on their way out. Not to mention Danny who just resigned EVEN though we bought Robin.

    The Fail also say we are still in for Wee Wes, and remind us about his “availability”
    on a weekly basis. :roll:

    Move on people,

    United almost never go for anyone in January. IF we do, it will be for a CB or a once in a lifetime opportunity.
    If you call Walcott (a top but not over the top winger who wants to play CF) a once in a lifetime opportunity then you need to have a serious look at yourself.

  16. WeAreUnited says:

    @The Left Bank

    exactly mate, Ronaldo is my favourite player at the moment, but the way Messi handles his team-mates and celebrates with them, that makes him a player with a big P. That’s why Barcelona has sacrificed their style for Messi, and lokk where that has got them.

    I also agree with RVP and Chicha, just look at RVP after every goal and when the game ends, he always goes to the stands, he did this for Arsenal, he does this for United.
    Same for Chicha.

    Simply AWESOME. I

    I have made a thought, that SAF always buys players who have the right attitude and a kind person inside them. You would say: What about Ronaldo? The answer is simple, ROnaldo also was more humble at his beginning of his career, but the guy has always been picked and cursed at stages, since he was 11 years old. It happened here, after the Rooney saga in the Euros, but the lad picked himself up, and built an arrogant attitude that made him the best of the world.

    A bit off topic, but That’s why he got rid of Tevez, who btw was always smiling when played for United, now he’s an arrogant man for City, what a difference. Tevez had his issues, when Berba was bought, and it send him the wrong message, and he couldn’t handle himself for that situation. SAF always picks, team-players who are ready to sit in the bench, and Tevez showed arrogance in this. That’s why he got rid off.

    Thank God, we got Chicharito :) peace.

  17. Ash says:


    You have got a point regarding character of a player but RVP also had a poor attitude during his young days. Better attitude comes with age. And honestly walcott is not like balotelli. If theo says he wants to play for united then credit to him and we may consider buying him but if he behaves like a jerk and is running for money like those city mercenaries then he can fuck off. I will still prefer if we buy that crystal palace kid zaha. He would be my first choice. Some people say let us buy sneijder. Ilike him but Honestly he is not what we need. We have kagawa who many people under rate. Kagawa could be our superstar. Zaha would be my choice if by chance nani leaves.

  18. WeAreUnited says:

    @Dave Malaysia

    yeah I know the feeling.

    I said in another thread, that why ou why, we couldn’t get this lad, when he was younger, how did we miss on him earlier.

    It’s like the lad has always dreamt of playing for United.

    cmon let’s sing all together….. oooooooooooooooooo ROBIN Van PERSIEEEEEEEEEE…. oooooooo Robin Van PErsieeeee……………….oooooooooooooooooooo Robin………. You know the rest !

  19. Ash says:

    We are united

    We have got rvp in a perfect stage of his career. His body is perfect now unlike 2-3 years ago when he was most of the time injured. His finishing has also improved alot. He was a good finsiher even in young days but now his conversion ratio is much better. He is 29 so if he remains fit then we can get atleast 3 or even 4 top class season from this man. He could be to us like zidane was to real madrid. Zidane joined madrid in 28-29 age and he played 4-5 top season for them. We have signed rvp at perfect time. :)

  20. WeAreUnited says:


    Yeah I forgot about his injuries :D

    I’m just so pumped up haha, for 3 days in a row :P thatt I want to go back in time, buy RVP and tell him that you will be injured, but when you’re 28 you will flourish even more hahahah.


  21. Ash says:


    Can understand your sentiments mate. Every united fan would be going mad whenever RVP scores. He shows what we have been missing since ronnie left. The master class he produces is astonishing. Cristiano used to produce magics and now RVP is doing that. As much as I love rooney but he doesn’t produce magic consistently like RVP produces or ronaldo used to . Just pray he stays fit. My heart is in mouth whenever RVP falls to the ground. :) He is our key to success.
    A fit vidic, Kagawa reignites his dortmund’s form and rooney continues his goal scoring then no one can stop us. We may even do well in europe then.

  22. WeAreUnited says:


    haha :P Yeah we have lacked a Ronaldo type of player. But I don’t wanna bring this Rooney debate again cause for me he is our most important player in a good or bad form. He is our talisman. As for producing magic, well maybe after this City match, he is back in his form, don’t forget, he produced 27 times magic last season ;)

    But like you said, we have missed a Ronaldo esque player a masterclass player, that in a split second changes the game. He is our KEY to success.

    I cannot wait for Kagawa to return either!!!! He will be our January “transfer” haha. Vidic also, btu who to put aside, Rio or Evans? And now Smalling playing perfectly, who? anyway, I find this a good thing, comparing to our start of the season.

    So glad, that for the first time, this season, we have finally got our flair back, and I think this will emulate the players also and get them stronger.

    I just wish, that we will not stumble against sunderland, like a bad hangover, because then the win against City would vanish in a second… anyway… I bet SAf makes sure that no one will forget last year, so no worries in that. But it does often happen after a great win, but sometimes it also provides more flair and attitude, which I think is the case with us.


  23. WeAreUnited says:

    Rooney : 12games 6goals 7assists

    RVP: 16games 11goals 4assist


  24. Ash says:


    See the key is to get maximum points during the next set of fixtures that is
    Sunderland (h)

    If we win in all these fixtures then I can see the 6 point lead turn into 10 point. City will stumble. I know it is too early in season to predict the winners but this could build a platform for our team. Let us build pressure on city and then see how city handles. I can bet had we won the wigan game last season we would have won the tittle. The loss to wigan put pressure on boys. Don’t repeat the same mistake boys.
    We should not be complacent.

  25. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    this might have been posted already but i’m too happy so i’ll post it again. KAGAWA, NANI and VIDA ALL cleared to play against Sunderland. FUCK YESSSSSSSSSSSS. Everyhing is falling into place again hahahahaha. Hopefully we can find Nani a spot in this team i really don’t want him to go.

  26. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Ash, Cheers mate. I agree about RvP, much more mature player.

    So here is the issue, We tend to buy lads (Rio, Nani, Carrick, Rooney, Robin vP, Phil Jones, Young, Berbatov) who make our lads look silly when we play their previous team).

    This is such a common occurrence that foot writers almost immediately start linking us with the current opponents in the CL. But is actually very very rare in actual practice.

    So remind me. What game did Theo rip Evra a new one? Can’t recall me self. Seriously, in our last game v Arsenal, Evra was so preoccupied with Theo and company that he went and grabbed a goal for himself 10minutes after the lad came on. Coincidence? Not!

    I want to know how many of you straight betters, not spread betters, but just one off betters, are off to put cash money that theo is a red come january?

  27. WeAreUnited says:


    I have no need to add anything, cause for me you said it all.

    It hurts me when I think the wigan and everton games :( it hurst so much, so won’t talk about thwem hahah.

    But I Have nothing to add..


    THST is GREAT news mate, vida, nani and kagawa back, it’s like 3new transfers. put them on the bench and our bench looks like, Nani, Vida, Kagawa, Welbeck, Chicha and Jones or Smalling.

    AMAZING and good news.

  28. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Has settled seamlessly into the united’s way of life. He has walked into the club, looked at the,history and has cherished it. Van persie i not one to get down about missed chances, world class are always on the run to get another chance, van persie is exactly that.

  29. kunal4622 says:

    How about Theo Walcott to United? It’s in the papers….

  30. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Has settled seamlessly into the united’s way of life. He has walked into the club, looked at the history and has cherished it. Van persie is not one to get down about missed chances, world class players are always on the run to get another chance, van persie is exactly that.

  31. denton davey says:

    Ash @ 16:20: “If we win in all these fixtures then I can see the 6 point lead turn into 10 point”

    What’s the old saying about “counting chickens before they’re hatched” ?

    I figured that TheLads would gain maximum points from the five easy pieces before the M/C derby on Saturday but then they forgot to show up against Norwich.

    Looking at those five fixtures, the only two difficult matches should be West Brom and Newcastle – and both of those matches are at OT. So, I’m counting on five chickens = 15 points.

    I also reckon that ManShitty’s match this Saturday against Newcastle is hard-to-figure because the BarCodes have been pretty lousy this year (which is surprising but that’s another story…..) while it’s impossible to figure out how Shitty will react to the events of the past week as well as the supposed bust-up in the dressing room after their failure to get any points against UTD. Anything could happen. Nothing would be a surprise. But, of course, i’m hoping for the worst – for the mercenaries. If that were to happen then I wonder what the ex-Barcelona “directors of football” will decide about their manager ?

  32. United Till I Die says:

    Just like the press and agents can put stories out there, so can Clubs.

    I reckon negotiations are ongoing and its proving difficult to reach an agreement. Its not surprising really, the next 4-year contract Nani signs will determine his whole career and top Clubs are watching very closely. I can’t see us selling, especially not for Walcott. People thought Young was a replacement but he was signed to strengthen us. I wouldn’t be surprised if we did the same again, even if its not Walcott. If we sold Nani we’d only have 2 proven wingers and thats no where near enough. We’ve already seen that 3 wingers isn’t really enough for all the games, so it wouldn’t be crazy to buy a fourth. Having 4 strikers isn’t a problem as the lads are proving!

  33. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Fletch – don’t stress, pretty sure the walcott rumour is a load of crap. He’s a very good player but there’s no truth in it

  34. Ash says:


    Well said. Honestly i don’t expect us to screw against sunderland or Newcastle. If we do that then there is matter of concern for us. I don’t want that unpredictability now. I really hope sir alex doesn’t tinker with our line up too much. Playing giggs or scholes could be suicidal. Like I Said it is too early to predict but 3 points in next 5 games will build a strong platform.

  35. ronnie says:

    think walcott would be a decent addition.pretty cheap transfer and his partnership with van persie last season was pretty lethal.fits into fergies counter attacking style i wouldnt mind seeing this happen.still need to strengthen in other departments but if rumours are true and a big if, i would be happy to see this transfer

  36. domunited says:

    1) lovely pic
    2) it’s not hard to imagine why RVP loves it here – he’s not carrying the team. Yes, our midfield has been questionable at times, yes our defense has been non-existent at times, but RVP knows that everyone has a role and wants to achieve everything. There’s a hunger at United that you just can’t copy (or buy).
    3) Has anyone mentioned the great pic?


  37. MarkoWire says:

    I think RVP is perfect for us..AGREE. However I do worry about him long term. Hes not 1 for the future as he is 29 and he is injury prone too. Although the guy is a goal machine on his day. Lets hope He is protected..

    Also interesting to see so many mixed feeling bout Nani. On his day he is great but he just plays hot and cold. We dont know what we are gonna get with him. Is Walcott a good replacement? I’m not sure. Hes a risk but good wingers are hard to come by nowadays


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