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Evra: Van Persie Made The Right Decision To Leave Arsenal

Patrice Evra has reiterated what we all knew, that Robin van Persie made the right decision in leaving Arsenal for United, and he has a league winners medal to prove it.

“People forget what he achieved for Arsenal,” said Evra. “But he showed them that he hasn’t made the wrong choice. It was a long time that he didn’t win the league at Arsenal. He has come to Manchester United and won the league. He did a good job for Arsenal and I was really disappointed for him. I think he felt it as well.”

Sir Alex Ferguson has reiterated this point, claiming that United fans always give a good welcome to our former players. The important difference is that, more often than not, United players leave to join worse clubs. Cristiano Ronaldo left for Real Madrid and received a great welcome earlier this season when he returned but it’s silly to think that would have happened if went to City or Chelsea.

Carlos Tevez is the best comparison we have, even if there are plenty of differences. Tevez helped win us the league title and European Cup in his first season yet he gets plenty of abuse when he comes back to Old Trafford with City. Of course, City are our local rivals, it’s not as if Van Persie joined Spurs, but if you recall the hatred we felt for Arsenal 10-15 years ago, it’s likely a lot of their fans still feel that way about us. Also, Tevez was at United for a couple of seasons whilst Van Persie spent eight years at Arsenal.

The Arsenal fans that called Van Persie a mercenary look foolish now, given it took him just eight months to win the league after leaving them for us, but they’re entitled to give him stick. He left them for what they would consider to be a rival club and they’re pissed off about it. Fair enough. I’m sure they’ll get over it one day.

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  1. afcnor says:

    Omg this is starting to get an embarrasing discussion. We all know how little respected evra is outside of united, but I didnt think he was that stupid. After one year of the discussion some people still dont get why arsenal fans were so pissed about his choice to leave. Its about how little he did for us after all we did for him, and when we suddenly got the player we waited for he betrayed us and left. He did one good season, the rest we paid him shit load of money while he was in the physio room. I mean most clubs (like united) would have gotten rid of him looong time ago because of his ongoing injuries for 6 seasons, but arsene and arsenal saved his career. Its like if your wife gets dissabled and you help her for 6 years. You quit your job and help her with everything ,just so she can have a worthy life because you love her. Then suddenly a miracle cure gets invented and she gets her normal life back. You are so happy and excited, then she tells you that she doesnt want to be you anymore, she found someone else. What kind of person does that?

  2. jlp says:

    Yet another classy comment from Evra. There’s a surprise.

  3. Nati says:

    I was never upset that Tevez joined City. The ball was in our court and we didn’t sign him. It was the board and SAF who decided not to sign him. I just got really upset when he was coming every week and slagging SAF and everybody connected to United. That’s when the hate started for me.

  4. JackFact says:

    It’s amazing how a player with so little talent like Evra has such a big mouth. Always has a misguided opinion and knows nothing about fans!

    This is why Arsenal fans boo RVP
    8 years at Arsenal
    1 season injury free
    Started less than 45% of games
    The moment he was fit, he refused to sign contract and joined ManU. Picking up his exorbitant wages on the injury table from arsenal for most of his career meant nothing to him for a little payback in loyalty.
    He joined ManU for MORE money – not the little boy inside.
    Would he have joined United for less money than Arsenal offered him? Of course not!
    In the same way would Nasri have joined City for less? Ridiculous to think otherwise.
    Would Arsenal have won the title with him this season? No.
    So finishing in the top4 without him and bagging £24m (+ another £2m ‘cos you won the league) is fantastic business for Arsenal for an injury prone 30 year old – albeit a great one. You got a great season out of him and won the league, so great business for you too. But you probably would’ve won the league without him ‘cos i rate Chichrito a better finisher than RVP and he would’ve played more games and possibly scored more goals.
    Let’s just leave it at that.

    PS United fans boo Tevez and you didnt want him to stay! Imagine if you did.

  5. Dela says:

    @Nati –> I had read that Tevez was problematic at United, not showing up for training on occasion etc. Gary Neveille had said something to that effect too, and Tevez had been talking about his disappointment to the media of not being played while at the same time we were expected to sign or not sign him. When it comes down to it, the man has a piss poor character and how he tried to say he loved United fans but hated Alex Ferguson, and his repeated bullshit ever since, I’m glad he’s not a United player.

    I think when it comes to van Persie it genuinely is different. That lad stood and watched Arsenal sell off players like Fabregas and NOT replace them with a like for like buy. He had every reason to be worried. In his absolute best season at Arsenal he was in a race for champions league football, and now he has shown the world that he simply is way beyond that.

  6. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Tevez displayed the heart of a lion and the intellectual depth of a stubborn mule. It’s hard for me to admit it, because I was a fan of his for most of his United career. But the man just could not control his mouth. I spent a lot of time blaming the issues on his puppet master Kia Joorabchian, who I figured was the source of 99% of the problem. But after Tevez left, the lip just escalated beyond reason.

    If it had just been down to a business decision, I would have been fine with him and we would probably be applauding him. But the unnecessary p*ss talk just poisoned all the good in it for me.

    I personally think a better comparison for United was Denis Law. Denis also left us for City. But was far more like Beckham and RvP, never said a bad word about the club. Denis even apologized for a certain goal that he scored against us which some people claim sent us down. But we had sealed our own fate well earlier that season, and very few United fans ever held it against Denis.

    So I believe we had similar situations to Robin. Several in fact, Denis Law, Ruud vN, David Beckham and Ronaldo. All leaving for what were essentially steps up in their careers. The only one that we haven’t properly applauded on his return is van Nistelrooy. But that is simple, he has never returned to old Trafford. We can put that to the test in a short while when he returns to play in a legends match in early June. United Legends v Real Madrid Legends. Ruud returning for the first time and playing for both sides, as I understand it.

    Should be a blast.

    P*ss on Tevez, a decent enough player for us. But a worm of a man in the end.

  7. matt says:

    “He left them for what they would consider to be a rival club and they’re pissed off about it. Fair enough. I’m sure they’ll get over it one day”.

    Though I don’t think anyone here seriously considers Arsenal a rival anymore. I remember the good ol’days but now, even my Arsenal loving mate says they aren’t anywhere near us.

  8. RKL says:

    Most of us United fans were behind Tevez but when he started opening his mouth that’s when the hatred begin.

  9. Doghouse says:

    Arsenal are not that far away from us realistically. What you have to bear in mind that sitting on their board of directors is a Russian billionaire who is champing at the bit to unleash a tsunami of cash into the club. He’s been stopped from doing so thus far.

    Any given moment Arsenal could do a full-on Chelsea on us. Difference being they could attract a better manager, have a bigger and better ground, and would attract better players.

    Course if that never happens, it never happens. But like I said, if that money comes then they are right back in the game after one or two transfer windows.

  10. bresh says:

    Also a difference between RvP and Tevez is that Carlos was winning trophies with us and left, whereas Robin clearly left Arsenal because they weren’t winning anything, and now look.

  11. 20-and-beyond says:

    RVP has shown nothing but gratitude to Arsenal and Wenger yet their fans continue to spit on him after nearly a decade of service for their club. The fact they use “he was injured most of the time” as some excuse is pathetic, as if its something he had control over. They stuck by him, great good for them – but does that mean he had to stay there forever? If Arsenal was not in the situation they were and the direction they have taken over the last 5-6 years he would still be there no doubt. He knows it, Wenger knows it, the fans know it. This display of protest against him is just their way of expressing their anger and frustration at their own club’s failures to sustain stability and achieve success. Because he stayed in England,unlike the rest of their offloaded stars over the years, he creates a constant reminder to them.

    As for the Tevez situation, he wasn’t getting enough playing time and probably had a right to leave that year. His agent was in his ear the whole time telling him about other offers which also would of played a big part in his decision. He asked for too much money and Fergie & the club didn’t bite for it. He was a great player for us but at the time we had rooney & berbatov as the preferred forwards, while ronaldo was still there too before he was sold that summer. When Tevez came back with City he was cocky, resentful to the club, disrespected Fergie and even celebrated as soon as he scored against us.

    In other words, our bitterness towards Tevez is more justifiable & fair than theirs towards Robin.

  12. Saad says:

    Pat’s all but perfected the art of rubbing it in!

  13. Saad says:

    Had Tevez not behaved like a spoiled brat, I think he too would’ve gotten some decent cheer from the OT faithful because of the two trophy-laden years he spent with us and the tremendous heart with with he played in every appearance.


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