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Evra vs Chelsea Verdict Out… and it’s not a good one

Patrice Evra has been banned for four matches following his fight with Chelsea groundstaff, Sam Bethell.

Looks as though the FA are playing their usual trick of making an example out of United. It’s not as if we expected anything different though, is it?

As of December 22nd, Evra will be out of action for four league games.

The club have responded stressing their frustration with yet another ridiculous FA decision against us.

Despite statements from United’s assistant manager and club captain, amongst others, clearly outlining they heard Bethell call Evra “a fucking immigrant”, the FA have dropped that charge against Chelsea.

Manchester United notes the announcement from the FA and is disappointed with the decision and in particular considers the sanctions against Patrice Evra excessive. Manchester United and Patrice will consider all options once there has been an opportunity to digest the full reasons for the decision.

Fucking rent boy cunts.

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    so one of our players gets called a racist name and he gets punished? tevez said after the game that one of their staff members said a “great insult” to evra so i am guessing it was a racist comment.

  2. S says:

    No he doesn’t, he misses a meaningless cup game which he wouldn’t have played in, he’ll be back for Chelsea.

    Incidentally you can’t just brand people a racist without having sufficient evidence to back it up.

  3. Sam says:

    the fa kick up a stink if an england player get’s racially abused in away matches, like heskey and croatia. Yet when it’s in their own backyard they shy away. I like how they stretched it to 4 games to cover the chelsea match in january. At the moment our luck is out and chelsea seem to be getting the breaks hopefully that’ll change after christmas but at the moment it does seem as though the FA are trying their hardest to prevent us winning 3 in a row. Barwick doesn’t want us to level the dippers record the scouse twat

  4. james f says:

    Evra missing the Chelsea game is suspiciously convenient. I wish we thrash them, because they’re worth it. Fucking immigrants. We’ll shred them to pieces with our Carling Cup team.

  5. Billy Meredith says:

    Thats fucking ridiculous, I’m so pissed off! Again, the FA decide to ‘spice things up’ by hammering UNITED.


  6. Scott the Red says:

    S – Stoke Dec 26th, Boro Dec 29th, Southampton Jan 4th, Chelsea Jan 11th.

    By dropping the charges of racism, the FA are saying our assistant manager, our captain, Carlos Tevez and Gerard Pique are all liars.

  7. BESHER says:

    Scott u forgot the carling cup semi’s last season they were played at 8-9january so lets hope its the same this year

  8. Marl says:


  9. SRAB says:

    This is an overly harsh punishment but let’s forget the conspiracy theories about him being prevented from playing Chelsea: as has been said, the 4th game he will miss will be the first leg of the Carling Cup semi-final

  10. scotty says:

    racist rentboy cunts!!!, hope fc cluj knocks them out of c.l…..fuck the f.a., its that russian’s cunt money running the show yet again….fuck, i’m so fucking pissed off…..CUUUUUUUUNTS.

  11. That Boy Neville says:

    Dreadful decision based on what seems to be very loose grounds. The positive side is we can probably do without him for those games if the Carling cup game is in there.

  12. inmoscowwemadeit3 says:

    I think we should the case further and Evra should appeal against the decison and take it to FIFA. If that fails then the court of arbitration for sport should be involved. And I hope the rentboy chants will be loud, audioble and excessive and aimed at all members of chelski.fc when they arrive at OT on the 11th Jan. If you can get away with racism we can get away with calling them whores

  13. N0bber says:

    We have to be big enough to put up with this shit, let’s face it, it happens in one form or another every season…forget Milwall, no one likes US and we dont care.

    We’ll win the league and shut the fuckers up at the FA. (Whilst we do our bit for the FA and the W/C bid by sending our boys to the other end of the world….again) short term memory loss FA.

  14. Its in my blood says:

    That twat Barwick and that racist cunt of a lawnmower man should be treated like the true rentboys they are…. get them shackled to Boy Georges bed for a fucking good thrashing! As Scott said, this effectively means that our asst. manager and three players are liars. Fucking outrageous! If we as a club dont take this further theres no hope for anything anymore.

  15. Primachenko says:

    a chance to blood fabio perhaps? if he is fit.

  16. gjb says:

    @Besher the league cup semi-finals first leg is the 6/7 Jan so you’re right he’ll be back for chelski. bad planning that by the fa

  17. Martin says:

    fuck off fa, I’ve said it for several times, our players shouldn’t play more for england…they are london cunts and let london players play for england…

  18. Ryan says:

    Chelsea+Racism+The FA=United player suspended.


  19. themarkedman72 says:

    Fabio time!!!
    Lets see what twin number two has got.
    I am annoyed but not surprised.
    Has anyone at the F.a. missed out on their russian payday?? The rain of rubels keeps falling,Roman makes sure everyone has been paid in full with a hand out from the big sweaty pile of filthy lucre in his nefarious pocket. Maybe I will just write on a piece of paper that I own the oil fields in Ukraine now and I can buy off the f.a.

  20. Manu says:


    Any news on when Fabio will start playing after his operation?

  21. Sam says:

    shh. don’t tell the fa that he’ll miss the carling cup match, they’ll stretch his ban to 5 matches. i’m pleased he does though.

  22. john ferry says:

    What the fuck happened to kicking racism out of football ? We should start a new campaign – lets kick stupidity out of the FA.

  23. rick says:

    The FA have a tendancy to sweet issues under the carpet for so long then all of a sudden ban somebody. This happened last season and they issue the ban now. Evra naturally retaliated against racist abuse, the FA are showing a bad example of ‘kicking racism out of football’, they are promoting it!

  24. Squiddy says:

    No case proven against the vile accusations by Utd, means Phelan and others making the claim were liars. The repeated attacks by Evra were proof of his guilt. Justice is served against the petty bully boys who had a tantrum just because they were deservedly beaten on the day.

  25. suhayl says:

    fuck off squiddy you plastic rentboy…we all know the fa lives in that racist ground of yours and in the pocket off your bully boy captain..tiny tears..muppet


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