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FA CUP DRAW: United drawn against…

Manchester United will play Swansea at home in the 3rd Round of the FA Cup.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. NBI Red 21 says:

    Swansea has not been an easy game for us since Ladrup was manager. I expect them to flood MF and if we play 442 we will be lucky to control the game and create the chances we need to. However, I would expect this to be a win for us, and an easier game in normal circumstances.


  2. NBI Red 21 says:

    @ John – mate not worth it. Ignoring is best or you feed the beast. The guy is nuts.

    @ Marq – Agree with your footie point on previous blog.

    Re Everton game, with the title gone an Arsenal win would have done us a bigger favour as we desperately need to overhaul Everton. I am not even bothering to look at Arsenal, City and Chelsea until we make some ground on the 5 teams just above us.

    Re Lukaku, I have to say by sending him to Everton Maureen has taken points of rivals that he might otherwise not have. And Lukaku cannot play against Chelsea. It would be interesting to see at the end of the season how many points Lukaku helped Chelsea indirectly get off key opponents. But given his form he may have been more use to them at SB. Beast of a player, not as good as Drogba yet though and he needs to show he can retain this form for another year to really prove himself.

  3. NBI Red 21 says:

    United listing prospectus:

    “‘Moreover, because of the prestige associated with participating in the European competitions and especially the Champions League, failure to qualify for any European competition, particularly for consecutive seasons, would negatively affect our ability to attract or retain talented players and coaching staff, as well as supporters and sponsors.”

  4. NBI Red 21 says:

    An insight into Moyes thinking in his post match interview –

    - The fact that he did not take RVP off after 60 mins as he intended to, possibly on medical advice, because he was afraid of what people would think has already been cited as a matter of concern.

    - The other issue is that he thought he had thrown the kitchen sink at Newcatle and that he did not consider Valencia to be playing RB as he sacrificed RB for attacking. This is worrying. There is a big difference between just chucking on attacking players and actually using players who can create attacks, which RB’s can do. Also that was exactly why Newcastle scored. Further how can putting on Zaha and Ando, neither of whom have had any real match time, nor who he has trusted, be the kitchen sink? This insight into his thinking is worrying. United were not creating chances and getting closed down on the wings, erasing the RB and throwing on 2 players who are probably not match fit and one who is a rookie was just bizarre.

    My concern is that Moyes thinks you can just chuck attacking players on the pitch and that will work. Load the wings with new player, remove a RB and we should score right? What we really needed imo was to get more control in the middle. create chances in different ways, push Newcastle back, get possession and give them something to think about.

    We created no chances after those subs as it was too easy for Newcastle. The MF was dead. We were punting long balls and they had plenty of time to close down the wings and defend the wings. By closing down the dysfunctional unit of Jones and Cleverly meant the defence had no one to pass to and ended up playing long balls over MF, our play was so predictable and slow you could see it a mile off. If this really is how Moyes things you attack and what constitutes throwing the kitchen sink it is desperately sad. It just invited Newcastle on and we have less defensive cover when they did. Also its nuts to try to play counterattack without a defender as you are always vulnerable at the back.

  5. sir matt martin says:

    According to reports. Everton and England left-back Leighton Baines remains United’s only realistic target when the transfer window re-opens on January 1.

  6. sir matt martin says:

    @ NBI Red 21
    you rite mate its best to ignor, after all they say telling a fool that he is a fool makes him an angry fool. @Tommy aka wayne i wance thurt u were one of the matured poster on here but you just prove me wrong.. what a shame mate.

  7. sir matt martin says:

    NBI Red 21
    Lukaku is truly a beast of a player, he bullys defnders, i wunder how united scourt miss out on him but instead they went aheard for bebe.

  8. NBI Red 21 says:

    “First, United are less creative and more direct. They have played a slightly higher percentage of forward passes (41.9% compared with 40.1% in 2012-13) but have less success when they pass the ball into their opponent’s final third (54% compared with 57.3%). And while football heat maps too often resemble 1990s Global Hypercolor T-shirts with their catarrhy blotches of stat-gunk, United’s has noticeably changed, with fewer red patches in central zones – signalling that they are not playing through teams as much – and greater activity on the flanks, particularly on the left, indicating more crossing and less efficiency in attack.”

  9. sir matt martin says:

    And we are now stock with a manager who dosnt fancy creative football. just the old british way of hooping the ball up, for fallaini. if we dont finish top 4 , am sory then we need to find another manager.

  10. WeAreUnitedd says:


    look I don’t like doubleposters or ABU’s who pretend BUT

    if you threaten someone here, I can’t and WON’T back you up, that’s crossing the line, no matter what the other said, That’s too much for me. too serious. it’s a freaking blog for F’s sake.


  11. Tommy says:


    I was just defending a man whos family was insulted, I would have done the same to anyone else who was having their family insulted on this blog

  12. sir matt martin says:

    Why do so many people love
    Manchester United? Of course some of them are glory hunters, but most of them, including me, liked Manchester United’s overall performance. They have never been the most talented team in my opinion but there is a moving, exciting spirit that no other teams can compare. But now, Moyes make people feel cold. Fans leave Old Trafford before the match ends because they lose confidence in Manchester United that it can equalise the score or win the match. In the Ferguson era, fans leave because the score difference tells them that they are definitely going to win the match. Manchester United is no longer the previous Manchester United. They are no longer in “Union.” In the Ferguson era, the Red Devils might not be the top players, but when they unite, the power is underestimated by any opponent. Even if the game is about to end and the players have been attempting nothing and accomplishing nothing in 89 minutes, they still have the chance to surprise us. Watch the match against Bayern in Camp Nou in 1999 and look at today’s Red Devils, even when they are in their own territory and face no deterrent, opponents know how to deal with them – withstand Manchester United and begin the counter-attack. There is an increasing number of managers like Martinez and Pardew who publicly declare victory over Manchester United in front of Dream Theater.
    Under Moyes’ leadership, Manchester United is almost in no form. When Vidic and Evans are in control of the ball, midfielders like Cleverly and Phil Jones should come and receive the ball. However, they are often running far away like they have met a ghost. Even when they sometimes hack away the ball from rivals, it results in passing to the opponent. The easiest cooperation cannot be guaranteed. Today’s Manchester United can score because of attacking player’s personal ability, such as Robin van Persie’s shot, Rooney’s assists or Januzaj’s occasional outbreak. Once the bad luck comes, when the ball hits the post or the opponent blocks the ball with his arms and is not judged as a foul, they will fall into despair just like now. So you can understand the reasons for Van Persie’s transfer. At this moment he is so desperate, not because he has to stay, but because he is almost isolated in the game, lacking of supply. Moreover, he has to worry about his injury after high-intensity exercises. The season hasn’t come to a half and his absence has already exceeded his absence record of last year.
    After removing Ferguson’s team crews, Moyes replaces the squad with his ex- Everton crews which are known for building up physical fitness. This kind of system only suits middle-class clubs like Everton, because they only have one complete first team squad with few choices for replacement to play for the whole season, so physical fitness is very essential. I’m not saying that physical fitness can be neglected in Manchester United, but we cannot be a team which only looks on physical fitness, unless we are transforming into a middle-class club. Nevertheless, there is one thing that we can be sure about is that Moyes doesn’t really understand big clubs. He should be dealing with transfers, choice of tactics and keeping the team in form instead of just designing lesson contents. These underlying impacts are Van Persie and Ferdinand’s complaints about the intensity, the team not in form and inaccuracy of passing. What’s more is that it is hard to see the good effects of training in high intensity on the pitch. Often in matches, the Red Devils are the ones who are under pressure. Now, players who got fewer chances to play last year (e.g. Carrick) finally get more chances – in the medical centre. “Moyes is a good manager,” says every other managers and fans, then they turn their heads and laugh, like how others have treated Mancini and Benitez. “Give him the time to prove himself” is what the fans say most currently, but if Manchester United doesn’t train players in a correct way, if it cannot arrange a reasonable tactic, if it won’t maintain good relationships with players, and most importantly, replace Sir Alex Ferguson with a manager who can at least obtain normal results and is still saying that Ferguson has once come apart with the epoch, then we won’t get back to the track no matter how much time we’ve got and our rivals would hugely appreciate this decision.
    To be fair, some of the players did not do well during the matches. The squad lacks cohesion, especially in the midfield. When we push the ball forward in the flanks, the rivals’ defenders can easily intercept the ball. Our possession has also greatly reduced. Number of aged players is rising and the problem hasn’t been solved. In the match versus Everton, Patrice Evra seemed to be fatigued fast as Leighton Baines twiddled him. Last match versus Newcastle, we can even see Fellaini playing on his phone, how unprofessional is that for a top team! Being in a transitional phase cannot be an excuse; even if it is the case, it should have limits. A manager who can’t deter or make rivals be awared, who can’t take control of the team, is difficult to go on in a short period of time. Andres Villa Boas’ short career life in Chelsea definitely carries huge conviction. According to media, Moyes is to be replaced by Jurgen Klopp of Borussia Dortmund. If Moyes won’t leave, van Persie will leave sooner or later. What’s worse is that how do you hope for talented
    players to join our side? There might be a chance if SAF invites them. Let me remind you that Ozil joined the Gunners because Real Madrid doesn’t want him AND Moyes could have signed Ozil beforehand. Alcantara joined Bayern, thanks to Guardiola AND our indecisive Moyes. Apparently, Moyes has bought Fellaini and Varela. Fellaini has lost his power in United (though it isn’t Moyes to be blamed, I never thought Fellaini is the right choice since I noticed him last year when he was still in Everton), whereas Varela is almost transparent and is not ready to be in the senior squad. The new coaches aren’t fit for the club right now; they are giving a bad effect on the squad. It would be very hard for us to win the champion and we might only get Europa qualifications. I will still continue to support Manchester United and wish them get into top 4 in the end, but we should all squarely face the issue. I don’t want to see my favourite club struggling in the relegation zone.

  13. zibbie says:



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