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FA CUP DRAW: United To Face…

If Manchester United beat Reading on Monday night they will face Middlesbrough/Chelsea at Old Trafford on March 9th or 10th.

The other draws:

Oldham/Everton vs Wigan

Manchester City vs Barnsley

Millwall vs Blackburn Rovers.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. knightsmith says:

    Another Premiership side, and peeps say we’re lucky !

  2. Aliyu Na'Abba says:

    Another PL team. Haters always saying we r making the draws by our selves.

  3. Costas says:

    Who said Chelsea always get the easy draws? :D 2 games against the FSW at OT. Nice!

    Not the ideal tie with the Real game 4-5 days prior. Of course, if Chelsea go through they will also have a Europa League game 3 days before the FA cup game.

    But one game at a time. Lets make sure we beat Reading first.

  4. ak47 says:

    Another game set to be televised, yet still you’ll hear the cunts say “ooh man u games are always televised” – if these thundercunts actually take a look at who we’ve had to play in the past 6-7 years and then look at the complete draw they’ll see that we’re one of the ties of the round nearly all the time. Lazy fucking uber cunts

  5. Marq says:

    Well, not counting our horses yet, but we have a game before looking at the next round. One game at a time

  6. AlphaRS says:

    One game at a time. Reading next.

  7. Andromeda says:

    FA cup is progressively becoming pretty important for us this season.City have a good opportunity to reach the final after been drawn to Barnsley at home, so we must make sure it will be a bitter taste on their mouth.starting from Reading then, utmost degree of concentration needed.

  8. Voice of reason says:

    Congestion starfing to buiid in fixtures – means west ham away bound to be 13th – fergus will prioritise madrid and a game against the fsw – not only ars we plsying in europe we are playing much tougher cup ties

  9. domunited says:

    Anything but a draw against Reading please. A deserved win, a hard-fought loss… but a drab draw does us no favors

  10. sheep shagers says:

    Fucking typical,super weeds bent over quicker than than the French in a war

  11. ididnotzeeit says:

    Who says Boro won’t get a result against The Renties? 8)

    As someone previously pointed out, at least the Chavs have to get through us (potentially) as opposed to preious years in which they’ve been handed gifts in this competition. How anyone can claim United get “easy draws” is fucking beyond me, it’s been like this for ages.

    Get the job done tomorrow, that’s all that matters. We’ve a real shot at making amends for last season in the next few months, one game at a time, one competition after the next. The gaffer already showed last week vs Everton, he’s no time for fucking about with team sheets. We’ve got the squad fit (shocking, I know) and ready to roll on, let’s put our heads down and play some cracking football.

    20 – that’s the only number I care about

  12. Dela says:

    I thought we would draw Manchester City to be honest. Chelsea at OT doesn’t scare me! Bring it on if we get through Reading tomorrow.

    Anyone else feel this might end up a United v. City final?

  13. Daniel88 says:

    As long as we were at home dont care who we got.

    Shame we couldn’t put Liverpool out.

  14. TheCANTONA says:

    Won’t bother about chavs yet while we got to finish Reading off first. I hope SAF & UTD don’t underestimate this Reading game as we had a bad unexpected result against Pompey at OT in 07/08.

  15. TheCANTONA says:

    I think Chicha would play. Imho Rooney needed a rest after almost playing full 90 minutes on last 5 games after come back injury. Would really love to see Nani & Young play too.

  16. mara says:

    How many rounds until final?

  17. godfrey says:

    Since the start of 1999, I make that 44 out of 55 FA Cup ties versus Premiership opposition

  18. AlphaRS says:

    Round 5 v Reading
    Quarter Finals
    Semi Finals

  19. Hans says:

    Reading, then Chelsea, then Shitty and finally Everton!!!!

    We will beat them all!!!!!

  20. DohaRed says:

    4-0 against Reading tomorrow, then 2-0 against the Rent Boys. Shaping up to be an awesome season. When is Sir Alex going to be made a Lord, or God?

  21. UnitedFaithful says:

    I don’t care what premiership side we get,now that we have a fully fit squad(excluding jones.any news on him BTW?)I am confident that whatever side we field will get the job done.

  22. AlphaRS says:

    Jones still in Madrid man marking Ronaldo. Ha :D

  23. UnitedFaithful says:



    I can’t remember the last time we had a fully fit squad.Now when it seems the injury woes are behind us ,jones has taken a knock from what I have read.Yet to see a confirmation though.

  24. D'GING€r PrinC€ says:

    C’mon u Reds!one game at a time

  25. Strik3rr says:

    Should be good game, off hand would anyone like to add some input for me, doing a small paper on SIR ALEX FERGUSON for my colleges elective (“Soccer and its impact in society”, yes its in Canada, hence the soccer)

    What do you feel his biggest impact on English footy, or footy in general has been?

    always love to hear different perspectives, particularly from people that have been united fans longer than myself (was only introduced about 10 years ago)

  26. Toms says:

    On the plus side, the big games are what we live for as fans. It’ll be another spectacle to watch.

    On the down side, I care a lot more about beating city for the league and edging out Madrid in the Champions league. FA cup would be very nice and despite not winning we have had great runs…. buut I wouldnt mind seeing the kids stretch their legs.

  27. Jigpig says:

    Yeah but you can bet your life that the FA will do anything to derail another treble.
    We all know the script. There have been some dodgy decisions today, shittys penalty was a bad one and so was side show bobs yellow card which should have been a straight red.
    We need to stay focused and teach all these losers a lesson in professionalism.

  28. lawman10 says:

    One at a time lads,
    Thats how its got to be , take each game as it comes.

  29. wayne says:

    The edge Utd have this year is supreme confidence doesn’t matter what team is put out all the lads figure their going to win.RVP’s comments yesterday put testament to that saying there’s a feeling something special is developing this season.Few weeks ago when Rene Meulensteen was talking about RVP being the missing ingredient and all the lads figure just not going to lose games
    Self belief is a very powerful weapon something none of Utd’s rivals have in England,most of them are fractured this gives Utd a big advantage for the run in

  30. tc says:

    De gea
    Smalling Vidic Evans Evra
    Cleverly Anderson
    Nani Powell Young

    Rotation of the squad, keep everyone sharp. Plenty of energy and attacking qualities but with some solidity at the back, make it 4-0 not 4-3 this time! Chance for Powell to shine, nani to stake a claim for his preferred right Wing slot and for young to get some match fitness.

  31. Marq says:

    Yea, that game against Portsmouth should be a big lesson. We would have had a second treble that season had the ref not turned a blind eye to Distin taking out Ronaldo if my memory served me right.

  32. Dwaza1985 says:

    Off topic, Stan collymores column in the mirror, this man talks some absolute tripe. He called Michael carrick the weak link of the team, unbelievable!!!goes on to say he based this analysis on a 2nd half clip show he seen of the Real Madrid game, apparently carrick only features twice, hence backing up his point that he fails to take games by the scruff of the neck. Obviously Stanley doesn’t care for statistics or facts. Brilliant journalism from a waste of talent no body. Why does a toss pot like this get column inches.

  33. brett1985 says:


    As far as I’m concerned we have effectively done the treble twice. It was a blatant penalty on Ronaldo, the referee having given a similar foul on the touchline minutes before. Not only that but Portsmouth were only in that position, stealing trophies from hardworking teams, because they spent vast amounts of money that they didn’t had. Tantamount to cheating. In similar fashion to Lance Armstrong I would have expected previous victories to be expunged from the record books. Yet, it appears that the likes of Rangers FC and Portsmouth FC will get to keep the trophies.

  34. brett1985 says:

    On the Madrid return game the more I think about it the more bullish I become. We got just about the best result we could have hoped for. Their unbeaten run at the Bernabeu is impressive and goes back ages. The fear of Madrid is that they could score multiple goals. Well they only scored one at home. I wouldn’t like the shoe to be on the other foot- going to the Bernabeu needing to score. 1-1 a terrible result for Real as far as I am concerned. Lastly, we’ve got Van Persie, Rooney and real threat from set pieces when they fail to defend well. I hope that we defend well and score 3. And if Madrid do the business then fair enough.

  35. NBI Red Onion says:

    This is totally rigged, how can we always face PL opposition when everyone else gets an easier game wit h lower leagues. It should have been Chelsea v City, but no, we are the ones to reduce on of Citys competitors, they must have had the easiest ride in the FA cup ever. The is a joke.

  36. NBI Red Onion says:

    United games are televised because us versus any team draws higher ratings as we have a larger fan base so bastards to be in TV etc make more money. SAF has already complained about the bloody TV peoples scheduling of our matches.

  37. NBI Red Onion says:

    @ Brett – remember OT is also Ronnie home turf, he is very capable of scoring 3 goals if we do not contain him well and Di Maria will love the width he has here. I don’t think this being a home game has an advantage for us, I think we will have to work harder and smarter than the last game, our players will know their game better but they will also know us better. I don’t want to see De Gea having to make too many wonder saves at OT.

  38. NBI Red Onion says:

    SAF – world famous, father of managers, gentleman supporter of troubled managers, longevity, records, tactics, mind games, fight to the end, never give up, wining with youth, bouncing back from relegation, knocking previous best team of perch, defying critics, modest, understated, man management, hair dryer, family atmosphere at OT, listened to, admired, feared, loved, respected, worshipped, nothing is impossible, ambition, ambition, 70 still ambitious.

  39. NBI Red Onion says:

    and, entertaining, off and on the pitch, SAF, master entertainer created the largest fan base and football club the world has every seen.

    His key impact – winning, entertaining, making United a team loved world over.

  40. godfrey says:

    If you trace it back over the last 15 seasons, a whopping 80% of United’s FA Cup ties have been versus Premiership opponents.
    “Totally Rigged” ?….. errr, yes

  41. Andromeda says:

    you said it all mate.

  42. MansionOfTheReds says:

    Im glad that we might face league opponents. Go through by beating the best there is to offer.

    1) it will shut the ABUs up

    2) none of the lads will be complacent during the game

    3) it will shut the FUCKIN ABUs up


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