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FA Guilty Of Double Standards YET AGAIN: Nev vs Balotelli

The FA have offered up yet another poor response to a simple question. Why was Gary Neville charged with improper conduct and fined after celebrating in front of Liverpool fans when Mario Balotelli wasn’t even given a warning about his future conduct?

Dear Scott,

Thank you for contacting the Football Association.

All camera footage showed the player not to have committed any offence under which we would charge, and the same goes for all of the players who became involved in the coming together afterwards.

In the case of Gary Neville he specifically made his way to a section of away support, which wasn’t the case in this instance. We should add that the Metropolitan Police were present on the day and no complaints were registered by them to us.

So, Mario Balotelli didn’t specifically make his way to the section of Manchester United fans? Erm, in fact, that’s exactly what he did. The final whistle blew and he walked over to the half of the ground where United fans were sat and wafted his shirt around, stuck his arms out and generally behaved in an inciting manner. He was trying to wind the fans up.

To get in touch with the FA you must first register as a fan. Then you can contact them using this contact form.

FA Double Standards: Wayne Rooney vs Carlton Cole

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. mattos000 says:

    scott, we all know the fa are biased cunts.

  2. mikallef says:

    FA – Fuckin Assholes

  3. Linvoy says:

    Keep going Scott… not sure what difference it will make in influencing the cheating FA scum… but its great ammunition for the loyal fans who want to defend the club against other opposing fans that refuse to see the blatent anti-United undercurrent in the FA!

    Great stuff!

  4. Kings says:

    Fucking cunts.

  5. Drogahnus says:

    Hey, van der Vaart got booked for this against the away game at Arsenal. He supposedly taunted the Arsenals fans after equalizing, which I don’t think he did. Balotelli should be punished too.

  6. bertiebirdman says:

    This is the FA’s “newspeak”, straight out of George Orwell’s 1984. They say it didn’t happen, so it didn’t. Period.

    So why did Rio, Ando and the entire United army go berserk when the imbecile did precisely that?

  7. ididnotzeeit says:

    Can’t believe how much face time Balotelli’s getting on here, can’t stand that prick. Not one to condemn content but can we at least get some Megan Fox pics up when discussing anything to do with this disgrace to football. He single handedly brings the class of the EPL down a notch. Come to think of it, can’t think of a more fitting side for him to play for.

  8. parryheid says:

    That’s Surprising that is.

  9. Balaji Sivaraman says:

    I fucking hate Balotelli. I have seen my fair share of annoying cunts in football but this complete arsehole of a footballer tops the list. Most people who think they are the next Pele are either not actually good enough or play for some shitty team. And most people who are actually as good as the greats of football (Ronaldo, Messi etc.) don’t have to shout from every rooftop that that is the case. The world already knows their quality.

    Balotelli thinks he is as good as Messi or Ronaldo when in reality he is not even fit to tie their shoelaces. And he is playing for a club that has won fuck-all in the last 35 years and he incites fans of the club who are on their way to history and is not charged for it.

    Fuck Me! – F.A. as someone has so eloquently put – Fucking Arseholes and Mario Balotelli would easily top that list. Fucking joke of a footballer and a total waste of time to get worked up with. But I can’t stand the sight of his fucking face.

  10. T. says:

    Time to ignore the FA double-standard-hypocrites-cuntsmelling-Wengerloving-fuckers-don´t-have-a-clue-about-football-ABU-fat-bastards and focus on ourselves and no. 19! We don´t need Fa and they think that they don´t need us, what a bunch of Bertiesteins!!

    That euroleague eurotop18, that was talked about a few years back starts to sound like sweet music all of a sudden.

  11. giggolow says:

    fa and refs lack consistency. there was an incident yesterday spurs vs arsenal where arsenal keeper won the ball but followed through heavily into bale. Remember Evans tackle against bolton? won the balls but followed through on the player. Gael Clichy also did the same thing later in the match, not even a booking. Think i am a bit paranoid now, im always looking out for these things. I dont mind evans or scholes sendings off recently, i would just like to see the same being applied to everyone. John Terry should have been off in CL match after Nani beat him and he was already on a yellow. should have been 9 men. (thats a uefa ref though)

  12. jay says:

    The funny thing is he doesn’t give a flying fuck about Man City I give this guy till next season when he will be pushing to leave.

  13. denton davey says:

    Why am I not surprised ?

    You can’t shame the SweetFA; you can’t hold them accountable. What you can do is to point out the hyprocrisy of their behaviour and ask your MP to raise the issue in Parliament.

  14. MyCowIsTheBest says:

    We as fans, are obliged to do what we can as supporters if this great club. We cannot help the lads on the field, we cannot help Fergie with the tacticals, but we can help the world see what a bunch of c*nts the FA people are. Let’s share this link via FB and twitter and whatever else we can! Let’s shame the FA!

  15. Steve says:

    I received the same patronising shite from the sweet FA. Here’s my reply:
    Thank you for your reply but unless I’m mistaken (which I’m not) he, balotelli, made his way to the red dressed fans waving his blue shirt. In regards to your your last comment I’m also certain that the police made no complaint re Rooney’s recent actions but the fa were chomping at the bit to take action. However nothing surprises me with the FA anymore, I come to expect inconsistencies in judgement from an organisation who calls/demands/insists/dictates for ‘Respect’ for the most inconsistent (/incompetent?!) of institution – the professional football referee.


  16. xol says:

    I’m sorry, but 19 isn’t enough. I want to see the F.A bastards in jail.

  17. NijerianRed says:

    The FA cannot afford to ban Balotelli cos they are not sure if Tevez can come back in time for the finals.
    They dont want City, oh i mean their club to play the finals without either of them.

  18. WFW!!!? says:

    This treatmeant isn’t going to stop after we win number 19. They will keep on and on and be even more determined and desperate to stop us. Since they can’t do it on the pitch……

    Very Orweillan indeed, Bad is good, down is up, citeh are MASSIVE and United are bitter.

  19. bobkoh says:

    I will never understand why the English FA is so biased, openly, against ManUtd & denying it. Trevor Brooking is a knighted ex-England player, how can he not see the stance the FA is taking? He should resign right now if he has any conscience.

  20. 31 says:

    this is ridiculous. the Football Association takes out the F A out of FAIR

  21. MG says:

    The FA didn’t see it – they were in bed with FIFA officials namely Jack Warner and were too busy taking bungs with one another :)

    This piece of interesting breaking news will self destruct in 10 seconds


  22. stpercival says:

    Where does the FA get their legitimate financial backing ? Really I would like to know.

  23. MG says:

    Republik Of Mancunia

    in Mission Impossible

    (F)uck (A)ll protocol :lol:

  24. Lovin' United says:

    The FA didn’t see anything….

    They were too busy celebrating that we lost…

  25. MyCowIsTheBest says:

    to all United fans from Malaysia.. if you have “liked” the page “Manchester United FC (Malaysia)” or “″ on facebook, please unlike it. They are poser.. I pasted the link to this article on their wall, and they deleted it. It’s not the first time..

  26. toothandclaw says:

    “All camera footage showed the player not to have committed any offence under which we would charge”

    What a utter load of horseshit. Just own up and tell the truth, FA. You make rulings arbitrarily and without any sense of decency.

  27. King Eric says:

    toothand claw – Hello mate. Are you the one that goes on MEN site and tells that daft cunt Danny from Wilmslow off? Keep it up fella. Some mugs on that site.

  28. Irish Red says:

    I think the fact that we have won the premier league 11 times with a 12th pending is an even greater achieve with these cunts breathing down our neck doing all they can to make an example out of the greatest club on the planet.

    On an unrelated note I would like to show my absolute happiness that barcelona lost last night even if it was to the monumental cunts from madrid. I am sick of their collective whinging at teams playing ‘anti-football’. How many times do teams come out to defend a nil alldraw against us. We dont moan about it. We just get on with it. Personally I think they do more for anti-football than teams like stoke with their constant passing across midfield. Its boring and i hope madrid hockey them again in the semi finaland we lift old big ears for a fourth time!

  29. Jeyt says:

    Shit, maybe they’re just saying. We’re not going to take any action on Ferdinand for almost stomping that dumbfucks face in so we’re letting him get away with it.

  30. WFW!!!? says:

    But Rio’s response only proves that Ballotellatubi was inciteful and they would have to punish him a la Gary the Red. Wait scratch that, there is logic and fairness involved in that action. Two things the F(#cking) A(rseholes would never be associated with. Carry on then….

  31. King Eric says:

    Irish Red. Good post pal.

  32. GLAZER---HATER says:

    Money Grabbing twat.
    bet he got paid well over a million to do that.

  33. r8devil says:

    Keep going Scott. Every response the FA send just proves that they are targeting United. So can someone log a complaint with the police that Ballotelli was inciting the crowd? Maybe then the FA might do something.

  34. Mickjk says:

    No one cares of our plight! It’s obvious the f.a treat us like shut but no body but us united fans care. The opposition love it. It’s unfortunate but they do because they can!

  35. KingOfStretfordEnd says:

    You do your thing Scott, really glad to have you representing all of us. Hail the Scott!

  36. gazzer says:

    The last person I saw showing some dignity towards the FA was Paul Scholes when he politely told them where to stick it. If Rio, Rooney etc did the same thing, perhaps they might take notice. In the meantime, we can applaud Sir Alex for consistently standing up to them.

    This all reminds me of the fiasco when they were trying to hire an England manager and lost Phil Scolari due to their stupid arbitrary rule about timing. And then there was the fiasco over the world cup when they didn’t have the balls to go after fifa for being just as corrupt as they are. Oh, but I answer my own point.

  37. GoatinaUnitedShirt says:

    All I can say if it really bothers you, jump from the crowd and shove a fist through his face. It would be hard for the FA to say he wasnt there.
    We’ll be banned forever if we did that. Not so. You can pick up your tickets from other sources and change your hair cut (maybe grow a beard). Nobody will be the wiser, there are no ID cards in Britain so no one can stop you and ask on game day. Once more all those decent shags you’ve had but blew it because you held her head under the covers too many times when farting can be reexplored. She will fall for your charm which got her in the first place but she wont recognise you. And then hey presto take her home and hold her head under the covers.


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