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FA vs United: Why Arsenal Players Escaped Punishment

Reds have responded to the FA’s decision not to take any action on William Gallas following his kick at Nani with disappointment more than surprise. The idea that an Arsenal player wouldn’t be dealt with appropriately when behaving inappropriately towards a United player is pretty easy to come to terms with. Despite the claims on the football forums that ‘Fergie has the FA in his back pocket’ when we are given a more favourable decision, as all teams are blessed with at times, as United fans we have seen the FA behave in absurd ways towards our team. All teams get decisions in their favour, wrongly or rightly, and it is usually the teams at the top that benefit from this more often than not. However, there seems to be the opinion that United are favoured more than most.

However, time and time again we have seen one rule for our players, another rule for someone else’s. The FA’s spineless action to let Gallas off for his petulant kick at our player is just the latest incident.

Gary Neville vs Robbie Fowler
Back in January 2006, United suffered derby day defeat at the council house, losing 3-1. City went 2-0 up before half time, only for Ruud to pull a goal back with 15 minutes to go, following a red card for Cristiano Ronaldo. As United clung on to some vague hope of being able to pull back another goal for a draw, Robbie Fowler scored in injury time goal to kill us off. The goal was scored in front of the away end, who Robbie Fowler ran past holding up his fingers and thumb, representing the five European Cups of Liverpool. As his team mates jumped on him to celebrate, he kept his hand up in front of the United fans, winding them up. He was playing for City and the closest he’d come to glory with Liverpool was winning the UEFA Cup, yet he stood there mocking our fans, gloating over us on behalf of dippers everywhere.
FA action: None

Eight days later, Liverpool travelled to Old Trafford. Their fans dish out the same torrid abuse we subjected Fowler to throughout the 90 minutes, with the game seemingly heading towards a 0-0 draw. Then, in injury time, Ryan Giggs delivered a perfect free kick which Rio Ferdinand headered with power past Pepe Reina. Ecstasy. Gary Neville celebrating like any red would, holding up his badge to the scousers and cheering. In a game now consumed by money making Neville displayed a rare moment of passion, a local lad celebrating an injury time winner against his fiercest rivals. Was his provocation any worse, considering his own team had just won the match, in comparison to Fowler using the bragging rights of a former club with the intention of winding up United fans? Apparently so.
FA action: £5k fine

Anyone else? Well, after Joey Barton scored an injury time winner at Goodison Park in 2006, he pulled down his shorts and flashed his arse to the disabled section of the ground. FA fined him £2000.

Rio Ferdinand vs Christian Negouai
Christian Negouai, is the former Manchester City midfielder who Keegan claimed was “the most exciting player” he’d ever signed, costing them £1.5 million back in 2001. He also missed a drugs test in 2003 and his excuses for not giving a urine sample are rather confusing. One story suggests he had to pick his mum up from the airport, whilst another given was because the test was scheduled during the time of Ramadan, when Muslims cannot drink water during daylight hours. Fair do’s, the FA couldn’t have expected to force him to break the fast, and maybe I should have asked more Muslims before writing this piece, but surely Muslims take a leak during daylight hours when fasting?
FA action: £2000 fine. No ban

Later that year, Rio Ferdinand was one of the four United players selected at random to be tested for drugs. The players were required to stay after training to take part, but Ferdinand claims he forgot, and left the training ground, only to go out shopping in town. Although submitting follicle testing the next day, where he was shown to be clean, this evidence was thrown out. The ban was slapped on him, United’s season was left in tatters, then England were dumped out of Euro 2004 in the summer after massive defensive errors.
FA action: £50,000 fine. 8 month ban.

Rooney and Scholes vs Gerrard and Mellor
In the pre-season 2003, Liverpool travelled to the Amsterdam Tournament. They lost 2-1 to Porto with both Steven Gerrard and Neil Mellor being sent off. In a bad tempered match, Mellor’s sending off was a straight red, whereas Gerrard got two yellows, the second of which coming for giving the referee too much lip. “The only good thing about the match is that the red cards won’t have any consequences,” Houllier, the Liverpool manager, said after the game.
FA action: None

Three years later, United travelled to the Amsterdam tournament in preparation for what would become our title winning season. In our victory over Porto, both Wayne Rooney and Paul Scholes were sent off. Rooney’s red card was not even worthy off a booking, whilst Scholes walked for two yellow cards.
FA action: Three match bans in the league for both players

Anything else? In the same tournament, with Liverpool taking our place after United refused to take part, a fight kicked off between Liverpool and Feyenoord. Steven Gerrard, who had nothing to do with the incident that created the fuss, waded in and slapped a player across the face. No action was taken by the FA.

It is pretty obvious that William Gallas intentionally kicked out at Nani on Saturday evening, following the young Portuguese’s showboating when we were 4-0 up. Justin Hoyte kicked at Nani first, followed by Flamini flying in on the player. When the ball was down at the other end of the field, Gallas kicked at Nani’s heels. Nani released the ball and Gallas kicked him again.

The FA reviewed the tape but deemed this acceptable behaviour. By taking no action on Gallas they are essentially saying that it is alright for players to go around kicking each other. They are saying if you show silky skills, light up a football match, then it is OK for another player to kick you for it. You think the greatest talents around the World are going to be drawn to a league where the football governing body sends out these kind of messages?

“Obviously, a lot of clubs will be disappointed because of their players who have suffered from a respective view of incidents,” Ferguson said yesterday. “It was obviously very difficult for him in the second half and there could have been three or four red cards for Arsenal. The important thing was that everyone has been made aware of the incident, that’s the thing we don’t need to answer to. We’re happy to leave it now.”

Just as I asked after the poor ruling from the FA was announced, would Wayne Rooney be let off if he had kicked an Arsenal player? The answer is all too obvious, of course he wouldn’t, and the FA’s unequal treatment of our club continues…

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. jonny D says:

    Isn’t the issue that the ref decided retrospectively that he wouldn’t have red-carded Gallas if he had seen the offence, so the FA by its own rules can’t take further action?

    So in other words, if you’re going to blame someone here, blame the ref. It was his decision.

    If you’re going to be paranoid, at least get the facts right.

  2. Scott the Red says:

    Jonny D- I see you are not very well informed. The video footage has been looked at after the game but it was decided the offence was not worthy of a red card.


  3. michael says:

    I’m an Arsenal fan and Gallas could easily have been banned but obviously I’m glad he isn’t. As far as your blog is concerned fans from every team say excactly the same things (me included) and could easily write a list like yours. If you seriously think there is a conspircy against Man United you must be joking!. Red nose gets away with slander. Don’t take too much Heart from Sturdays result we were absolute shit and brighton could have scored 4 against us. BTW Nani deserved the kick maybe the referee thought so!

  4. nik says:

    What about when You beat us (Arsenal) 1-2 when Keane scored two? He gestured to the arsenal fans
    FA action : NONE

    Gary Neville after the giggs wonder goal running past the Arsenal fans sticking up his fingers.
    Fa Action: NONE

    Swings and roundabouts, get over it!!
    Manu fans really can’t feel hard done by, by refs. So many decisions go your way!! How many penalty’s have been given to away teams at trafford??

  5. nik says:

    Don’t get me wrong though..

    How many times do the scallys get away with things? Prime example last night..

    They get away with murder (literally)

  6. skeptic says:

    It’s impossible to agree with a point of view that makes no direct comparisons between the punishments our 2 respective clubs have experienced in similar circumstances. In order to demonstrate your point you would be better served by highlighting all contentious incidents, both those that seem to favour Utd & those that seem to favour Arsenal, rather than just those your club’s manager has very selectively brought mentioned & then make a balanced assessment regarding the clubs’ treatment both directly & retrospectively.

  7. Kristiano says:

    Great article. This should be sent to FA to see how they can explain this variation of decisions

  8. JULIO says:

    I find it odd that when lee bowyer and other chap can’t remeber his name fought each other on the pitch.what happened there was a ban for both if am not wrong and the police wanted to prosecute their sorry asses.

    So when the same thing happens again arsenal go scot free.

    And off topic don’t you find it odd that frank lampard has been awarded over 50 odd goals to his name whereas rooney couldn’t even get one to his name this season.its just odd you know.

    another thing when will this thing of us meeting premiership opposition end in the F.A. cup ,it should be some record really it should?don’t you think

  9. Icemangooner says:

    I too was surprised that Gallas was not shown a retrospective red card, particularly after Fergie had stated he deserved one and as you correctly describe in your summary “for a petulant kick at our player”.
    But petulance does not imply violent conduct. The dictionary states “Petulant – moved to or showing sudden, impatient irritation, esp. over some trifling annoyance: a petulant toss of the head.”
    So you have managed to successfully describe Nani as a “trifling annoyance”. Well done.

  10. Coops says:

    Maybe your run of meeting premiership teams will end around the same time that you get drawn away from home?

    And as for getting away with things – why don’t you mancs try and get shrek’s swear count per match below 50 before looking at the state of our house?

  11. Joinny D says:

    ‘Referee Alan Wylie has watched the incident again on tape, but declined to include the defender’s kick in his report – thus the FA will take no further action.’

    Perhaps I didn’t phrase it well, but what happened was that the ref reviewed the video footage and decided it wasn’t worth a red card, so the FA couldn’t do anything further even if they wanted to because of their own rules, so laying into the FA seems a bit unfair?

  12. Matmos says:

    The FA decided it wasnt an offence because it was nothing. The same rules apply to Man U as everyone else. It is incredible that United keep bleating about how they are being treated unfairly. Ferguson repeatedly gets away with comments about referees that any other manager would be sanctioned for but the FA never do anything about it. You only need to look at Mike Rileys performances to know that, in fact, decisions often favour Man U. You beat Arsenal fair and square and Fletcher was no saint either but dont expect the FA to help you win the league as well.

  13. gazzap says:

    united fans are totally one eyed. the FA and the ref deemed it not to be red card offence because guess what? yep it wasn’t worthy of a red card. it was a nibble at worst but never a red card. a yellow maybe but they cant give yellows retropectively. what other fouls were worthy of a red card for fergie to say ‘Arsenal should have seen 3 or 4 red cards’?? Hoyte could not even get close to Nani and the ref did not even deem it to be a foul let a lone a booking or a sending off.
    I remember sol campbell brushing that cheating solkjaer off a few years ago at highbury and got sent off for it. it was not even a foul let a lone a sending off offence.
    what about Rooney calling the ref a F****** cu** to his face at Highbury, and just being waved away. that should be a mandatory straight red card but because he is a manc and is English they just ignore it.
    Then Rooney’s dive at Old trafford, which of course was bought by the Riley the Red- that was the only way you could beat us, by cheating.

    I dont know how you can compare the Ade/Bendtner push with a all out punch up between Bowyer and Dyer. firstly the Ade/bendtner thing was never caught on camera so unless you were at white hart lane I dont know how you can comment and secondly, it was a tiny push, thats all – it was a minor incident blown up by the Anti Arsenal media to try and get Ade banned so united could walk the title.

    as for fergie having an already waterlogged pitch watered. thats low – and united fans are not even disgraced by their pitch. If an Arsenal groundsmen served up that pitch there would be protests outside Ashburton Grove. top teams should not supply that sort of pitch and you call yourselves a big club.
    if you spent more time on the football and less doing trips to Dubai maybe you’d have beaten Spurs and Man City.

  14. Dan K says:

    I think you a tiny bit too paranoid. If the FA are so against Man Utd then how come Fergie got away with his antics at Reading!? Surely he should have been banned from the touch line. Rooney swears and abuses refs all the time but gets away with it. Remember oy Keanes career ending tackle on Alf Inga Haaland!? Man Utd players have done just as much wrong as any of the other teams in the EPL and got away with just as much.

  15. Ash says:

    Man Utd fans are complaining about kicking when afew seasons ago you had no problem with kicking yourself to victory against Arsenal. Now Arsenal are the kickers and bruisers of the game. Man Utd seem still unsatisfied with thier 4-0 win, we are 5 points ahead in the league so you want Gallas punished.

    I condemn what he did but Nani has bought it to himself and though it was a kick and he could have easily walked it wasnt “violent” it wasnt even enough for Nani to fall to the ground

    Theres respect between top players I respect players like Ronaldo, Rooney, Giggs, Scholes, Carrick and Evra but I dont really feel the same with the likes of Anderson and especially Nani

  16. Anthony says:

    Yes but the FA retrospectivly went back and banned Van Nistelrooy for 3 games for the challenge on Ashley Cole against Arsenal, and at least Van could say there was a ball to be challenged for there.

  17. elbondo says:

    Referee Riley saw the incident and gave both players a talking to (funny you Mancs never mention Nani squaring up to Gallas after and attempting a tentative head butt), and that should have been the end of it. But thanks to Fergie’s moaning they forced the ref to watch it again when they should only take such action if the ref didn’t see it and it wasn’t in his match report, so who is being favoured here? I’d say ManU- Riley, whether he got it right or not (and personally I thought it was a yellow for unsportsmanlike conduct, not a red for violent conduct), the FA had no right under its own rules to make him look at it again, but Fergie has power.

  18. Scott the Red says:

    Dan – don’t be so ignorant. Haaland was playing in the very next weekend for City in the league! Career ending my arse. I find it incredible that so many people believe in to that bitter bullshit without even taking two seconds to check the facts for themselves. Embarrassing. And Keane was sent off for the challenge and later punished by the FA for it after the book. Sorry, what was your point again?

  19. Ash says:

    I thought RVN tackle on Ashley Cole then was more violent. It was high he went for his knee.

    Ferguson has shot himself in the foot when he condemned what Nani did which really means that Nani has started it all and that might explain Gallas gettiing away with it

  20. Coops says:

    Anthony – Van Nistelrooy could have easilly broken cashley’s leg in that game, whiich is why it was deemed to be violent conduct. What possible damage could Gallas have done to Nani by the little flick at his ankle?

    Also, the FA should have retrospectively banned RVN for diving to get Vieira sent off when there wasn’t even close to being any contact!

  21. Dominic says:

    Scott the red misses the point. Keane went in deliberately to injure Haaland. He knew exactly what he was doing and what the possible outcome could be. Then he boasts about it in his autobiography.

  22. Scott the Red says:

    So essentially, you Arsenal fans are saying that it is OK to go around kicking other players, as long as you don’t do them any damage? Are you fucking nutty?

    If Wayne Rooney kicked Cesc Fabregas’ legs when the ball was long gone, would you be saying the same thing? Or anything LIKE the same thing? Would you bollocks.

    Whoever you play for, it is not alright to go around intentionally kicking the opposition, whether you’re doing it to cause serious damage or not.


    And Dominic, Roy Keane was out of order – and he was dealt with in the correct manner by the FA. You are the one missing the point by even bringing that up. The FA did sort him out for a nasty challenge, so what does that have to do with the FA working in United’s favour? Nothing. Get a clue man.

  23. Matmos says:

    no Scott, we’re saying Man U kick too but their fans take this holier than thou attitude. You’re too busy crying foul play to consider that they are as guilty of cheating & fouling as anyone else, if not more so.

  24. Coops says:

    It’s the same for every team though – we all work ourselves up about the wrongs committed against us by other teams and turn a blind eye when our own players get away with something. I don’t know why you’re getting so worked up, you won the game and it had no impact on the result, nor did it come close to injuring one of your players. Take the win and try to get some momentum, don’t sit there bitching and trying tio get our players suspended, or are utd fans really that insecure about their title prospects?

  25. Scott the Red says:

    Coops – show me the part in the article where I’m “trying to get an Arsenal player suspended”. I’m merely pointing out all the ridiculous inequalities in the way our players are treated and Arsenal’s players are treated. If Gallas plays any more matches like he did against us, I’m more than happy to see him playing for you ;) United fans have no reason to be insecure because we know our squad is better than yours. Five points is nothing and William Gallas isn’t going to make a blind bit of difference to that.

    Matmos – you are missing the point entirely. This has nothing to do with which team kicks the opposition more often than the other. What have you been reading, because it certainly wasn’t anything I’ve written. It’s about how the FA deals with those things. Look at all the comparison in the article and you can see how two identical incidents land United getting fucked over by the FA.

    By all means, show me a list of incidents where Arsenal players have been punished for something the FA, in hindsight, let another team’s player off for. This is not about refereeing decisions taken at the time, but decisions made by the FA off the pitch.

    Post the list up when you’ve got it. I’ll be interested to see it. Until then, I’ll tell the Arsenal fans where to go.

  26. Matmos says:

    No scott, it is you who misses the point. You put words into Arsenal fans mouths and when they explain to you their point you dismiss it. There are plenty of examples listed above which you have chosen to ignore because thats the Man U blinkered way. Its not enough that you get assisted on the pitch, you now seek assistance off it.

  27. Scott the Red says:

    I asked for a list of incidents when the FA have dealt with a situation OFF THE PITCH (we’re not talking about refereeing decisions within the 90 minutes) where Arsenal players were dealt with in harsher ways than an opposition player who committed exactly the same offence?

    Give me the list if it’s so obvious. I’ve posted a list up for United on the blog. Do the same if you think it’s the same for every team. If you’re not going to show me all those comparisons, then jog on :)

  28. Gunner77 says:

    As an Arsenal fan I think Gallas should of been carded and am surprised yet relieved that he hasn’t been banned. However all clubs(Arsenal included) have fans with conspiracy issues against them and it’s true that there seems to be little consistancy in some of the punishments that are and are not handed out. However I for one never have the opinion that we are cheated by the ref, many gooners constantly whinge about the end of our unbeaten run at OT, true some of the Utd players got ruff and could of been booked but I don’t for one second believe it’s was a conspiracy against us. Just the rub of the green, the ref’s performance on the day etc Like I said every club has these fans and perceived injustice and it drives me mad. Generaly you get what you deserve in life and in sport, we got thrashed and a player(rightly) sent off which is what we deserved. Get over your pathetic persecution complex – this is just directed at the author(or just United fans) but all one-eyed football fans in general.
    p.s all good managers will claim perceived injustice, it’s good management – fergie, wenger, mourinho!! It fires up the players however as a fan try and be intelligent enough to see through it ;)

  29. gazzap says:

    OK wenger got done by the FA for pushing racist pardew away when he came dancing into wengers technical area celebrating a last minute winner. Fergie makes a ‘stick that up your arse’ sign to Reading fans and the FA ignore it. there’s one.

  30. Coops says:

    Scott – you moaned about the fact that retrospective punishment wasn’t taken against Gallas, all I’m saying is with the squad of players you have why are you getting so hung up over it? If it had influenced the result in any way I’d understand. We all know the FA are a bunch of incompetent tossers, if they were trying to be unfair to united they’d probably find a way of f*cking it up and embarrassing themselves.

    I remember when Vieira was given something like 2 red cards in 3 games at the start of the season a few years back, neither of which should have been given and neither of which were rescinded. It almost led to him quitting football in this country because he felt so hard done by.

    I’m afraid, however, that most people on this forum are probably at work and don’t have time to sit here scouring through the record books in order to compile the list you requested, although I’m sure someone somewhere with too much spare time on their hands would be happy to oblige.

  31. craig mc says:

    Scott the red, your friggin brilliant mate!. I love to see how friggin easy it is to rile up all the Gooners, who flood United forums to blow smoke out their a****!. Just watch out mate, because if Arsenal fans are true to form, like their players, you’ll be getting a load of Pizza coming your way. They NEVER EVER CAN LOSE A GAME WITH ANY GRACE, the whole football world knows that. Mr never see anything Wenger. At least Fergie holds his hands up, and gives the other team credit when ManU have been deservedly beaten. Don’t try and reason with Arsenal fans Scott, they are mostly numbnuts. Nevertheless, I do think these sort of incidents level themselves out over a season.

  32. timao says:

    my first thought was – “what a sad mother………” but then i realised you are probably writing from the heart. the fact is that every fan thinks his team gets a raw deal in comparison to the other teams and can cite numerous examples to back up his argument. Actually I find that strangely reassuring. (Sorry I can’t resist: Man Utd have a long history of getting away with it – balls three yards over the goal-line not given, refs mobbed and harrassed, diverse diving divers, cynical fouling ((it’s a man’s game oop north ya knows)) Gallass’s little kick at Nani the other day was very small beer.
    Good luck against Lyon tonight though!

  33. Matmos says:

    Alex “I blame the Grey Shirts” Ferguson doesnt even talk to the BBC, let alone hold his hands up when they deservedly to lose. I didnt hear fergie saying “well done Man City, you deserved it” instead Querioz was wheeled out to make feeble excuses about international matches.

  34. Coops says:

    Heh, it would seem the website admins didn’t like that comment, hope you weren’t too offended craig ;) .

    I’ve spoken to a lot of gooners about that game, common consensus was that this was the worst we’ve played for a very very long time, almost like the players just didn’t want to be there in case they got injured for tonight. I don’t know which gonners you’ve been speaking to but no1 who watched the game could possibly argue that we deserved any less than a pasting.

  35. the little mozart says:
    A fair tackle: no cards from the ref and no retrospective punishment. Make sure you get off your high horse long enough to hand us the prem.

  36. craig mc says:

    Matmos, how would you know really, that Quiroz didn’t hold his hands up and say we have to give credit to City. I saw the interview and he did give Man City kudos for the way they played. I expect you didn’t hear the ovation some Utd fans gave City players either as they left the pitch – because Arsenal fans had long left the ground before the end. Not that I am criticising that though, because a lot of supporters from different clubs do that. Fergie left immediately after the City match to catch a flight to SA, that’s why he didn’t do any postmatch interviews. He is only one of several managers who refuse to give interviews to the BBC and with good cause. With regards to coming off our high horses to hand you the premership trophy, look in the mirror mate. It is not us who are counting our chickens before they hatch, and shouting about it. Words can come back to haunt you, ASK GALLAS!.

  37. craig mc says:

    Coops – no problem really, I wasn’t offended. Like I said, I enjoy banter. If I give it, then I expect some back. I hope all the English teams win in Europe and progress to next round, it will be good for English football.

  38. Tom F says:

    Matmos, you are not very well informed are you? Lile most Arsenal fans, you come on here trying to kick up a fuss but don’t actually have any real facts to hand. On most Arsenal forums the Arsenal fans there hate United YES but generally own up and say fair play United battered us – but you are only here to defend your blinkered vision and it makes us laugh.. so keep it coming.

    Craig is right, it’s a fact and well known amongst all teams fans in the league that Arsenal cannot lose with any grace and their fans are just as bad. You lot throw excuses all over the place exactly the same as your team throw punches. Every time Arsenal have a bad result they kick off, mass brawls, nasty fouls, fighting eachother.. haha.. it’s crazy, but very enjotable to watch. Arsene Wenger is as blind as you like and can never, ever accept his team were the worst on the day. Just like you and your fellow supporters.

    It is an absolute shame that a player cannot come to England and use his skills in a game which I always thought was to entertain. If a player did what Nani did to Arsenal, in the 60s or 70s I’d imagine the player would be applauded for his skill rather than booed for showing off. Nani like every other United player outclassed Arsenal on the day, anybody who thinks he deserved to get kicked is an absolute fucking joker.

    As for your Arsenals fans comparisons, it is fair to say Rooney does berrate the ref and get agressive quite alot and yes, Ronaldo did dive far too much in his early days. they are both bad traits to carry. What Arsenals fans are missing is the fact that nearly EVERY Arsenal player has those negative traits. The whole team chase the referee, they all foul, a lot of them dive, the all fight… yet, they’ll dsagree but not one Arsenal player is as talented as Ronny or Rooney!

  39. Asshat says:

    sadly, so true.

    our chant of ‘race you back to london’ at the end was met by 65,000 slightly embarassed faces. the number of cars with united scarves in the back window on the way back was shocking.

  40. Tom F says:

    The thing is this, when a team becomes as huge as United there is no longer any space left in Manchester for all the United fans. As I have pointed out, Manchester United sold out a 60k seater stadium in Saudi Arabia in around 3 hours. If you actually have been to Manchester, United are obviously the bigger club, with more Mancunian fans and you will always see that United come first.

    There are no doubt plenty of United fans from London, as well as Liverpool fans and that is due to both Clubs massive history. You also see Chelsea and Arsenal fans in Manchester. London, being such a hugely diverse city is obviously going to have a huge mixture of supporters. It’s a bit like you saying all Arsenal supporters are from North London, er.. yeah! Like Fuck!

    The thing with Manchester United is, since taking English football into Europe thanks to Sir Matt Busby, Manchester United has become a universal club. We have a great history in and outside of England and fans recognise that. It’s clear that Real Madrid and AC Milan do not have fans only from Madrid or Milan.. Arsenal will never be a club with the status of those I mention, but do you really think only Londoners are to be thanked for making Arsenal one of the top 6 or 7 clubs in Europes rich list?

    Away fans are generally season ticket holders, however home fans at Old Trafford, Anfield etc are a mixture of Season ticket holders, Tourists, big fans who cannot always afford to get to every game, fans that do live far away, any corporate scum and Arsenal is no different.

    I sat in the Arsenal end when they drew against Chelsea at home last season (which won us the League) and I witnessed it first hand.. all sorts of people. The fact is in Manchester their are more MUFC fans than Arsenal fans in London. Manchester is a smaller city also so take that into account.

    The difference with us United fans is that we do all agree with the ideals of Republik of Mancunia… We do all know United are better than England, we know because of our sucess we are easy targets.

    Manchester is RED.
    Englands best and biggest club is United!

  41. Scott the Red says:

    Asshat – 1. I sit next to the Stretford End and didn’t hear that chant once, so I guess you weren’t singing loud enough. 2. You’re a moron if you think the 65,000 United fans all came from the south.

  42. ManUtd9Titles says:

    I just got a chance to see the entire game last night, and haven’t read any of the comments, yet.

    So here is my initial “non biased view’:

    The kick out by Gallas was nullified by Nani’s headbutt. I can remember when not long ago his fellow countryman was sent off for a similar ‘blessing by the forehead’.

    Oh, btw….of course the F.A. treats us differntly.


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