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Fabio Gives The Verdict On His Team Mates

Fábio on…

Rafael: “At home he only wants to mess around… he’s like a 10-year-old!”

Vidic: “He’s a raging bull! His behaviour changes… sometimes he’s smiling, other times he’s anxious and wants to hit you!”

Chicharito: “Everyone likes him… you know Mexicans, they’re always happy!”

Berbatov: “He’s also really quiet… you only hear his voice when he celebrates a goal!”

Park: “Whatever happens, he’s always there with a huge smile on his face!”

Evra: “He’s one of those guys who always wants to be perfect!”

Valencia: “He likes to mess around… takes the mickey out of everyone, but then pretends he’s all quiet!”

Nani: “Always joking, always laughing… he sometimes gets on people’s nerves!”

Giggs: “Everyone thinks of him as the old man of the team, because he helps the young guys a lot.”

Scholes: “A very English type of person… cold. He watches everything!”

Fletcher: “He loves UFC… watches it all day, records it, shows it to everyone. He knows all the Brazilian fighters!”

O’Shea: “He’s like a chess player… very intelligent, patient, always studies his opponent. He could be a manager…”

Anderson: “He’s so relaxed, he doesn’t care about anything! He doesn’t even sort his hair out properly!”

Owen: “He really likes horses… spends all day betting and talking about races!”

Bébé: “Everyone mocks him in the locker room for being a rookie, but he’s a good guy.”

Rio: “Scooby-Doo. Simple as that.”

Fábio on Rooney; “Shrek…”

Thanks to Jack Lang for translation of interview with Globo.

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  1. The Count says:

    Fabio on Fergie, “He’s a potty-mouth! …once he even kicked a boot in the changing room. Off the field, he’s always helpful, but during a game he’s very strict, shouts at everyone, swears.”

  2. chuffer says:

    I love Fabio, I love the twins & I love United!!

    My mystic wife dreamt we won 2-1 !! She is sometimes uncannily accurate.

    For the record – I dreamt we beat Barca 2-1 the night before the Cup Winners Cup final in ’91

    Pre-games me & my son usually act out the games on FIFA11 on PS3 – I give him United (as he usually wins) & I played Barca………… score 0-0.

    I have got a fiver on both results!! Though to be honest 0-0 is unlikely!!

    It is squeaky bum time!!

  3. MUFCReidy says:

    Hahaha bin dipper! Im a season ticket holder at OT but Nani’s still an infuriating little prick who’d be more suited playing for Arsenal.

  4. PorkFriedRice says:

    I’m bookmarking this page

  5. wiuru says:

    Paul Scholes cold never lol .

  6. seasonticketholder says:

    well MUFCReidy, you are even more of a cunt than if you were a dipper!! Don’t come on her to slag united payers off, no-one wants to hear it! He’s our player of the year and you think he’d be better playing at the Emirates! Well, I think your a prick who’d be better off supporting A.B.U!!

  7. smartalex says:

    Well said seasonticketholder! It is a shame that so many true Reds are unable to attend Old Trafford, while cunts like MUFCReidy that clearly don’t love United steal seats.

  8. seasonticketholder says:

    it winds me up, there’s some old twat that sits behind me at OT who used to spend the whole game slagging players off (especially Carrick). I say used to, because he doesn’t anymore since i told him to shut his fucking mouth! I dont like Nani’s play acting at times, but to say the PL’s best player should be whith the Gooners is just madness! We are UNITED!!!

  9. smartalex says:


    Well done for teaching that ingrate behind you. True Reds must defend United.

  10. cronekills says:

    I can’t imagine that about Valencia. I imagined him smiling as much as his left footed crosses: rare.

  11. and solskaer has won it says:

    I sense tension between MUFCREIDY and the rest of us…
    Can’t we all just get along ;)

  12. Jonkolabu says:

    Such a happy big family….

  13. Onside says:

    The twins remind me of those two hairy little fighters in ‘Nacho Libre’. They just jumped into the ring, 2 fireballs of energy, running helter skelter with the opposition’s heads panickingly turning left and right just trying to keep up with all the movement.

    I bet that’s how Arsenal’s defence felt in the FA Cup tie.

  14. RedSmiley says:

    He probably doesn’t have much in common with
    Scholesy and isn’t he also known for being the first to
    go home…

  15. aliyunaabbamanchesterunited says:

    scholesy seems to be like this in my thought


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