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Fabio: I Almost Celebrated… But I Was Next To QPR President!

Fabio da Silva has reflected on how he felt when he saw his brother Rafael score that brilliant goal against QPR at the weekend.

Fabio was unable to play because of the terms in the loan agreement he has with the club and is set to return to United at the end of this season.

“I was pleased to see my brother score a goal like that,” he told GloboEsporte. “Naturally I wanted to celebrate. But I was sat next to the QPR president! I told him afterwards: ‘You never score goals like that! You had to do it against my new team!’ But I was happy for him.”

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  1. Robin van Gora says:

    I thought of fabio as soon as it went in. I thought the camera would focus on him.

  2. WeAreUnited says:

    Let’s hope, Fabio could also reach that hight, imagine, Fabio has always been considered the better one.

    So Fabio has that great potential and SAF will not let him go easily. From a CL final player to a loanee player . It probably was/is a hard case for Fabio, but I trust him coming stronger and it only takes a great character to swallow that, so we’ll see.

    Fabio, you are not forgotten!

  3. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Fabio is an incredible talent. Just hope we can get him into the team before he gives up on us. Sucks being behind Evra but that is the lot of a United youth player breaking into the team.

    Hoping his time will come! United are so lucky to have him. Hope he recovers from his injury and gets a good run of games with QPR.

    For now, quietly doing a job at QPR is the right thing.

  4. mladenManutd says:

    lol I like our super twins .

  5. domunited says:

    Fabio is class. He just has a world-class Evra ahead of him at LB. I thought after last season Paddy would be gone, but I am pleasantly surprised he is still our #3. Rafa doesn’t have that world beater ahead of him now that Gaz went up to the press booth. Just the luck of the draw.

    Great thing is that The Twins are still young. What a team we’ll have in about 2-3 years time!

  6. Doghouse says:

    I think Evra surprised a lot of people this season, he’s found a new level and woe betide anybody behind him in the pecking order.

    We do need to keep both these lads though. Extraordinary talents. They could both be in the running next season to do a job for us on their respective wings too. I remember they both had a great game against Arsenal a while back playing on the flanks in midfield. Paired with Rooney and Valencia you’d have had working, fast moving wings that’d be hellish for the opponent to play down and also offering all sorts in attack.

  7. Canada says:

    It\s a small list of players that get in ahead of Evra right now. Buttner’s two or three games aren’t enough to develop significantly at that position. I’m glad Fabio is getting more than that. I’m sure they had the – “welbeck, cleverly etc. etc. went on loan and now start regularly for us” talk with him. The twins are the future. Dammit that’s exciting!!!!

  8. The One says:

    Fabio, lol!!

  9. Red4ever says:

    Would like to see them both running forward like a monster and defending like bulls it will be lovely to see them play what a young and terriffic team we can hav in 4 seasons

    David da gea

    Rafa jones evans fabio

    Zaha cleverly powel ronnie



  10. DreadedRed says:

    So far, so good. Many of us feared the worst when Fabio was sent away to find game-time.

    Turns out so far that the Boss was right; Evra is once again keeping the LB spot for himself.

    Well done SAF, well done Paddy, good luck Fabio.

  11. Sparkz says:

    Still think Fabio can make it. By all accounts he was the more talented one of the twins, and he’s shown that when he’s been able to stay fit. Been pretty good for QPR when he’s played for them, and was excellent at the back end of the 2010/11 season. Him and Rooney were the only players who came out of the Champions League final with any real credit.

  12. greenhoff77 says:

    when fabio comes back into the team
    how great will it be to see the the two twins bombing down both flanks


  13. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Next up Norwich then Real Madrid, both at home

    Regarding the Real Madrid tie:

    Real play Barcelona 2times in 5days Away tonight then home on Saturday then travel to meet United away 2days later in CL.

    We only have to play Norwich at home.

    Hope this works to our favor! HA

  14. DreadedRed says:

    Joe Hart will not let the small matter of some basic maths get in his way:

    “Even if there is one game to go and we are 12 points behind, we’ll still believe. We’ve got to. We’ve got to keep fighting, you never know.”

    Er, no Joe. The Trophy will already be traveling in our team coach. Twit.

  15. DreadedRed says:

    … from iced earth’s link, Nemanja on that winning mentality:

    “Ryan is very professional and is such an example for the young players. They see how you have to treat yourself and educate yourself in football to be a great player. Of course he has the quality and ability as well. He is a great example of how to be professional and to play at the top for so long. We have quite a few players like that. Rio Ferdinand is the same. He is a committed professional the same as Paul Scholes.”

  16. DreadedRed says:

    Ryan Giggs museum tour – part 2, choses his favourite shirt, and SAF’s best trophy:

  17. DreadedRed says:

    That Strudwick interview is a must read. Linked by iced earth at 13:14

  18. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Dreaded. Yesterdays Part one was actually better. But must say the Stewart Gardener does a terrible job getting Ryan to relax. Same question formats both days as well. As Patty Crerand said about the first 90 minutes of last nights U21 match. Not the sort of thing that will have the lads running home to view the reruns…..

    Still, the history that Giggs has had at the club is phenomenal!

    For those who missed it. Here is the link to part 1.

  19. DreadedRed says:

    FletchTM – agreed. Part 1 is better, they’re both a bit stilted, but the trophy room is awesome.

    How’s SAF’s locker of trinkets? How many grains of sand are there on the beach?

  20. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Heads up, Just posted this on the U21 thread but realized that many wouldn’t see it so here goes again:

    ITV is reporting:

    Liverpool and Man United will be asked to answer FA questions about fan disorder at the U21 game last night. A number of incidents were blamed on United fans by the Liverpool presenters. Hard to tell what was going on from the MUTV feed I was watching. Hope there is nothing in it. But St Helens and the home team Liverpool will have to address how fans and projectiles got on the pitch.

  21. wayne says:

    more news on Ronnie also read Utd have given Nani a take it or leave it ultimatum

  22. Adeez says:

    Fabio’s style is dentical to that of his twin and his strengths are very similar too

    Fabio’s strengths
    Tackling (very strong)
    Ball interceptions (strong)
    Holding on to the ball (strong)
    dribbling (strong)

    Fabio’s Style of Play
    Likes to dribble
    Likes to play short passes
    Likes to tackle
    Commits fouls often

    Rafael’s strengths:
    Tackling (very strong)
    Ball interceptions (strong)
    Holding on to the ball (strong)
    Dribbling (strong)
    Concentration (strong)
    Passing (strong)

    Rafael’s Style of Play
    Likes to dribble
    Likes to play short passes
    Likes to tackle
    Commits fouls often

    Strengths, weaknesses and style of play are calculated from player statistics in games in Europe’s top leagues (source

    The difference is that passing is strong in rafa while it is not in fabio, playing around good players who move and understand space helps of course. also rafa has concentration as one of his strengths while fabio has it as one of his weaknesses and I guess bring under pressure all the time at Qpr is making him make mistakes.

    I’m personally looking forward to having fabio starting with us I think defensively he is better than evra who struggles against fast energetic players while fabio matches them for pace and enthusiasm and is ferocious in the tackle like his brother…. I think they are lions they are very brave and wil run run run plus they are technically brilliant for fullbacks but hey they are brazilian

  23. Sparkz says:

    I realise I’m probably in a minority of one, but I wouldn’t want Ronaldo back. Unbelievable player, but Fergie’s spent the last 3 years slowly building a new team….how would it look if he just went and bought back someone from his last great team? Not exactly a vote of confidence is it?

    Also,some of his antics in his final 12 months here left a sour taste in the mouth (the constant flirting with Madrid, some sulky performances, his decision to just walk off the pitch against Sunderland etc)..

  24. greenhoff77 says:


    Sir alex did the same with mark “sparky” hughes,
    id have Ronnie back this afternoon if it was possible.

  25. wayne says:

    Sparkz i agree about his first stint at Utd but if he came back he’s a lot more mature and has Real Madrid out of his system plus the fact you can figure City,PSG would be in for him so if he came it’d be for the right reasons.
    I don’t think building a new team has anything to do with it if Utd signed Ronnie some players would be leaving.If Ronnie only has 18 months left on his contract Madrid has to make a move one way or the other

  26. Sparkz says:

    @Greenhoff – Yeah you’re right, although tbh it wasn’t Sir Alex that sold Sparky, it was Big Ron wasn’t it?

    @Wayne – Yeah but the point I was making was that it’d almost be like Fergie’s saying: “The new team I’ve been building since 09/10 isn’t good enough, that’s why I’m bringing back the star of the last team”. It’s not like Ronaldo would be a bit part player either lol, the side would be built around him.

    It’d be like buying David Beckham back in around 2006, or Paul Ince back in 1998. Past players should more often than not stay there – the past.

  27. wayne says:

    Sparkz when you think Bale is being talked about for 50 to 55 mill i’d take Ronnie every day of the week,if Utd are going to splash big money or bring in new players,what difference does it make if he’s played for the club before or not.

  28. Sparkz says:

    Well first of all I’d argue whether we need to splash big money on a huge superstar signing. We already got that last summer with RVP.

    We’ve got a lot of young players in the side who are really coming into their own and developing. I say we let them keep developing, we’ve already got the likes of Rooney and RVP to provide that extra star quality. No need to throw in another superstar.

    But, let’s say, hypothetically, Fergie decided he wanted another superstar…and it was between Bale and Ronaldo…. .I’d rather go for Bale. He may not be as good but he will still be a phenomenal player who we can get a good 10 years from. Won’t upset the balance as much as Ronaldo would either IMO, coz he still has to prove that he deserves to be in that top bracket of players. Ronaldo meanwhile could just come in with his numerous trophies and personal awards, his big ego, and basically be the undoubted centre of attention

  29. LexxytheRed says:

    I still think Fergie will get Baines in the summer and he will replace Evra.
    Fabio is two-footed Fergie should try him on the Wings, he could be our Bale, a defender converted to an attacker

  30. LexxytheRed says:

    I won’t want Ronaldo back, even if its a straight battke between us and city. I will let him choose to be a Legend or a traitor.
    I agree with Sparkz! Bale is the player we should be seriously looking at……….

  31. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Fabio is no convert winger, he’s a full-back.all day long and will hopefully return as a much improved fullback from his loan spell. He’s the heir to evra’s role and if he’s patient, he’ll edge out the french man eventually. Dealing with levy is not that easy, he will have placed a ridiculous pricetag on bale, 40-50mill on him, it will be another long drawn saga. If united wanted him, it should have been a couple of seasons ago before all the hype developed, how united missed out on him whilst at southampton is beyond me. Ronaldo isn’t coming, he will be off to PSG.

  32. wayne says:

    Sparkz not for me mate getting Ronnie back from Madrid would be a massive statement
    Samuel just can’t see Ronnie tossing it off in the French league mate,the whole PSG project is a farce

  33. King Eric says:

    Yeah I have a lot of time for Tony Strudwick. Knows his shit. Also goes mental when we score. Must be a Cockney Red!!

  34. LexxytheRed says:

    I agree Ronny may be off to PSG. But I don’t see fabio and Rafael occupying our full back positions together in all honesty.
    I think Fabio will play elsewhere

  35. WeAreUnited says:

    Ronaldo back? I would take it in a second cause liek @wayne said, it would send a message, I also think he will go either to Italy or PSG, the latter is more possible at the moment.

    I think Fabio will be a great cover for Rafael and will fight his place for the LB, because lets not forget Buttner, who I think is improving every time he’s played. His second game against Chelski was a bit bad, btut after that he’s improved and he’s tecnhiqally goos like Evra and has been a winger so he knows how to attack.

    It will be a hardt fight between Fabio and Buttner for the LB, when or if Evra declines or moves on. DOn’t forget that bloke!

  36. Unitedforeva says:

    Ronaldo is destined to come back & play for United. He has said it, Sir Alex has hoped for it, 99% of fans wanted it. He will not come back just for a friendly or a testimonial, but to play competitively and help put City out of their dream-state forever.

  37. denton davey says:

    Sparkz @ 16:20: ” let’s say, hypothetically, Fergie decided he wanted another superstar…and it was between Bale and Ronaldo…. .I’d rather go for Bale. He may not be as good but he will still be a phenomenal player who we can get a good 10 years from.”

    CR7 is such a terrific athlete – doesn’t smoke, doesn’t drink, trains like a mad man, intense desire to improve – that I”m not sure that the “10 years” point is relevant.

    Look at TheLegend who is still playing awesomely at 39; Ronaldo’s game is based on power, dynamism and bravado but I’d imagine that he, too, can evolve his game in the same way that Giggs is now no longer “a cocker spaniel chasing silver paper in the wind”.

  38. Sparkz says:

    Hmm, I can’t see him being able to change his game like that tbh. His game is, as you said, based on the physical side of things….pace, power, athleticism. He’s not really noted for being a crafty passer or anything, so I doubt he’ll be able to reinvent himself. Once he loses the pace I think that’s it.

    You’re right about his dedication to take care of himself though.


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