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Fabio: I’m Excited About Benfica

Talk of a surprise loan move for Fabio Da Silva to Benfica emerged from the manager last week and after confirmation from his agent, the player himself has commented.

“I am excited about the opportunity to play for Benfica – a very famous and big club,” Fabio told A Bola. “I feel very honoured by Benfica’s interest, but my transfer now depends on negotiations with Manchester United.”

With Patrice Evra’s form being generally below par since the World Cup it seems very strange that the club are open to loaning Fabio out next season. It’s disappointing too. However, there are rumours that the deal has been put in place as a part exchange for Benfica star Nicolas Gaitán.

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  1. MG says:

    On Eriksen

    Don’t rate him at all

    A fit Cleverly is better so fingers crossed ;)

  2. eric keane says:

    I certainly don’t think we’ll be buying a CM this summer. With petrucci pogba cleverly tunni we have amazing potential in that area!
    I believe tunni can nail a place in the 11 next season!
    He’s the kind of player fergie loves and he’s also a born and bred red

  3. NBI Red Onion says:

    Is it a transfer or a loan? Rafael’s comments make it sound like a transfer is being discussed not a loan.

  4. Lee Martins Winner says:

    I also dont think we will buy a centre midfield player. I would like an Ozil or a Kaka. But tbh, if you guys are waxing lyrical about our youth, then I have faith in your opinions.

    Utd is youth.

  5. WillieRedNut says:

    Everyone knows I’m a fan of Modric, but he’s been poor this season. Clearly the speculation has affected him. Never got the hype about Bale. People talk about Valencia being one dimensional. Bale is the definition of that! I think it was Samuel said, they don’t have the winning mentality, our players do. that makes a huge difference. Who knows how they’d fare at United, playing under Fergie. Bale has missed his chance. Modric might yet get that chance, if you believe some rumours!

  6. samuel - united WE stand says:

    FERGIE wouldn’t use petrucci as part of the bait for gaitan or whoever else Linked with the club. i think that’s another gabbage conjured up by glue sniffing sports journalists. Petrucci was part of the squad at spurs this season, an indication that he’s close to breaking in. He’s a very talented player and would be starting for roma now if he stayed. I’m hoping he’ll be part of the team next season.

  7. MG says:

    We issa will buy a midfielder this summer

    Let the bets begin


  8. Albert Ross says:

    Whoa, I’m going to Benfica
    Whoa, playing in the Portuguese Liga
    Whoa, I’m going to get more football
    Whoa, with the sunny Portuguese

    I don’t wanna be understudy all my life
    I’ve seen too much of Old Trafford from the side
    Fly away on Turkish Airlines
    Fly me high, Benfica skies

    Whoa, I’m going to Benfica
    Whoa, going without my brother
    Whoa, I am my fortune-seeker
    Whoa, in the sunny Portuguese Liga

    We will have a fabio-less time without you son, but never you mind.
    Play out of your skin and take benfica to heart!

  9. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Willie – it makes a massive difference, winning mentality and drive that is. It gives top players the edge over other talented players. If bale had joined then FERGIE would instill that priceless edge and belief into him in order to move from good to outstanding. Ronaldo is a prime example Of this, his precocious talent was never in doubt but FERGIE has played a huge part in him turning into an efficient goal-machine that madrid now benefit from.

  10. eric keane says:

    New thread

  11. denton davey says:

    Dean @ 18:06: “To be honest there’s no real difference between the Scholes of today and the Scholes of a season or 2 or 3 ago and that’s just my opinion.”

    I’d completely agree – except that I’d say that TheGingerNinja is actually playing better NOW than two/three years ago because (for some reason I can’t explain – and/or no one has explained to my satisfaction) his partnership with Michael Carrick seems to function better. They seem to be on the same wave-length whereas last year, and the year before that and the year before that, too, Michael Carrick seemed too deferential to playing beside a living-legend.

    NOW, they seem to have worked that out and I think that’s why there’s less of that sideways/backwards passing from Carrick.

    Perhaps that mutual-confidence might have something to do with about personality – MIchael Carrick seems a diffident person who seems to lack the self-confidence that most other top-flight players draw from their testosterone.

    “seems” is the operative word in that sentence since I have no idea about Michael Carrick’s personality except what I can infer from his body language.

  12. denton davey says:

    dannysoya @ 19:09: ‘I cannot believe we are spending 25 million on Gaitan. I really hope this huge investment pays off. Can he play in the centre of midfield?”

    Maybe the thinking is that TheWayneBoy is an adjustable piece-to-the-puzzle ? – moving back into midfield to alternate with TheGingerNinja in the EPL and forwards to play as the “1″ in a 4-5-1 away formation in the CL.

    Also, having Gaitan – in addition to Valencia, Young, and Nani – makes one wonder about how SAF plans to deploy his “resources”. My guess – and you all know that my guesses ain’t worth shit ! – would be that the wily OldFootieKnight has some very different (and unexpected) plans for deploying those “resources” – not the 4-4-2 of days gone by.

  13. Clint-Iamyourpapii says:

    The left back at Lyon is Aly Cyssokho, a name I have tossed about for weeks and months, hell I wanted him since he contained Ronaldo back 2009 at Old Trafford for Porto. I think he is now 24, reliable, he’s no Paddy but defensively sound.

    Michel Bastos is a left winger like Coentrao and Gareth Bale who are often mistake for Left Backs by people that have no knowledge of the player. Doubt United are linked with this 28 year old winger.

    I am for Fabio to go out on loan but it would be nice at a premier league club for the experience. I Think SAF will buy a left back which is why he has given Fabio the loan move.

    Do we really want a 21 year old Fabio who’s barely played as our left back for consecutive matches when he can’t even stay fit for two matches in a row?

    We can’t rely on a player like that to push Evra throughout the season. When Evra was bought in 2006, he was brought in to compete with an Old Heinze who wasn’t great going forwards plus he was sidelined for a long time. Evra proved to be a bargain and better so he pushed forward to 2nd choice and then beat off Silvestre for Left back around mid-season.

    I doubt Fabio could do this while the 31 year old Evra is still going strong ( well a bit). What Evra needs is serious,young competition, someone who will definitely replace him, not a “maybe”. But the point is this potential signing will scare Evra into raising his levels. It is then up to Patrice to try and delay the inevitable, Paddy cannot play 45+ games in his remaining years which is 2 seasons more at max, so it’s about time we strengthen.

    Fabio should be in contention to compete with the potential new left back…once….once! Evra has been displaced, in the meanwhile a loan move, a right back and left midfield role should suffice during his education. By the time Paddy leaves Fabio will be 23/24, which is hardly old is it.

    I’m sure SAF has a plan with him, the boy is more than decent he’s great for his age and has good discipline, he and his brother are educated with game time like all good players, you don’t learn and become the best overnight.

    What is certain is that, this summer we need a left and a centre midfielder !
    I don’t care for Gaitan just like I didn’t care for Young,Jones De Gea last April because it was too early. Lets not judge any potential signing ability wise…who knows we might miss out on Gaitan and he may well become the next…say Iniesta !


  14. denton davey says:

    dean @ 19:59: “Does anybody on this blog know anything about Davide Petrucci’s contract situation at MUFC?? Anyone??
    Oh by the way the lad is fucking world class!”

    My understanding is that he’s a free-agent/out-of-contract this summer. Since he was signed by UTD he has been plagued by leg injuries BUT he seems to have finally got through that and shown himself to be a very, very intriguing prospect as an “attacking midfielder” – AND that may be why all the talk about Gaitan, Hazard, Eriksen, etc., is just a smokescreen.

    Given his “druthers”, SAF would always choose to stick with kids he knows and when assessing Petrucci’s chances it’s important to keep two things in mind: first, UTD have a big investment in him; and, second, he’s been able to show his class (NOT “fucking world class !”). Keep in mind that SAF was bound-and-determined to keep faith with DarrenFletcherinho when everyone else called him “the Scottish player” or “Fergy’s love child”. The wily OldFootieKnight ain’t lost his marbles.

  15. denton davey says:

    eric keane @ 21:03: “With petrucci pogba cleverly tunni we have amazing potential in that area!”

    Yeah, but you can’t win anything with kids.

  16. msuvn says:

    Has anyone mentioned De Laet? He could be the understudy of Patrice Evra next year along with Zeki Fryer.

  17. dannysoya LOVES SIAN MASSEY says:

    As for Eriksen joining, nah he’s prolly gonna join Barcelona or Madrid or something like that. Do oyu know who I think we should look at. Nuri Sahin. He isn’t getting any gametime down in Madrid and he was the man who started the dortmund revival two years ago plus he is very young like 23 or something like that. Let’s look at him. Can’t cost more than 19 million at this point. Van der Vaart was in a similar situation at Madrid and Tottenham took a chance on him and he has repaid them. Let’s not let this slip.

  18. mara says:

    Eriksen, Hazard…they fit in in our sistem…so i would think only about two of them…Modric to expensive not that good….
    and other one is Mateo Kovacic from Dinamo Zagreb…great investment…

  19. Sparkz says:

    I hear people saying Fergie might buy Gaitan because he’s looking at doing something different in Europe. I’d be cautious if that’s the case….coz you don’t buy a big player JUST for Europe. For £20m+, that player will be getting regular football. Which means the Gaffer will try and blend him into our team in the League as well. And it’s essential he adapts.

    Veron is a prime example. Fergie bought him for the Champions League really. And tbf….in Europe he was magic. But having paid £28m for him….Fergie wasn’t just gonna use him in Europe. So he incorporated him into our League line up, and it was to the detriment of the team. For the most part, he wasn’t comfortable, and neither was the team.

    Point I’m tryna make is this: Its risky to buy a player specifically for European purposes. He’s gonna need to be able to adapt to our League style as well.

    Just an opinion I’m putting out there…..

  20. Iceman says:

    @ King Eric – I’m not sure if you know Gylfi SIgurdsson’s history. Started out as a teenager at Reading. In his first full season 2009-2010 he scored 21 goals in 44 matches, pretty decent for a 19 year old midfielder. The season after he was voted the player of the season at Reading. The German side Hoffenheim bought him for 6.5m pounds after that season in 2011. He started out brilliantly for his new side, kept scoring his signature goals from long range and making assists. He was voted the fans’ player of the season at Hoffenheim despite starting only 13 games in his first season. The club then changed managers and the new manager didn’t give Sigurdsson any play time this season. Therefor he was loaned to Swansea where he has now scored 7 goals in 14 matches and has won the EPL player of the month award. Hoffenheim have now sacked the manager that loaned him to Swansea. Sigurdsson is 22 years old, speaks fluent English and knows England. He would need much less adjustment than a Portuguese player coming from a different league. Plus he has followed United since he was a small boy and his dream is to play at Old Trafford.

    Just saying, we bought Bebe for 7m pounds, I think we could do a lot worse than buying Sigurdsson for 10-15m pounds. We need a goal scoring midfielder to fill Scholes’ shoes and Sigurdsson is surely a goal scoring midfielder. Anderson surely does not fit the bill…

  21. King Eric says:

    Clint. Yes mate I said Cissoko too not Bastos or that debauchery or whatever his fucking name is ha! He looks a decent player.

    Wayne. Alright pal. Oh you don’t have to tell me Modric and Bale are over rated. Been saying it for years pal. This Spurs fan goes on a lot of reliable spurs blogs and that’s the talk.

    Ozil? Fuck that. The mincing little cunt cannot play longer than an hour.

    What a fucking horrible cunt Ribery is. Pathetic cheating bastard. Noncey cunt. Never forgive him for getting Rafa sent off.

    I may get stick for this but even though he was shite tonight take Ronnie out that Madrid side and I think they are vastly over rated. Ramos is a red card waiting to happen. The fullbacks like that Paul Calf flashed mullet cunt Coantrao is a ponce. Marcelo cannot defend. Pepe is a cunt. Khedira is limited. Ozil can’t get past an hour. Alonso is decent. Irony is they are probably gonna win the league although I think Barca will piss the game on Saturday.

  22. Albert Ross says:

    Anderson scored has scored 1 goal per 4 starts in the Premiership this season.

    If he had kept fit and on form that might have translated into 8 or 10.

    If, if, if.

  23. Manchuchu says:

    No left back, no right back, no midfield.

    I guess next season sees the return of the boring 2-2-6 formation.

    I’ll see you shit your pants Josep.

  24. KingOfStretfordEnd says:

    Nah, the brothers can’t be apart for long!

  25. MyCowIsTheBest says:

    Evra has not been as great as he was before the World Cup. But this season, his form is the best in the league. He is still the best LB in the league.

    Having said that, I agree with Scott on our options for the position. While there is no way Fabio can push Evra out when Evra is playing like that, we do need someone who is capable of replacing Evra if something happens to him.

  26. bayoRed says:

    Fabio will be back….. has to come back coz I love the twins.. I’m still holding on to my fantasy where LB will be Fabio and RB will be Rafael. Imagine the attacking prowess we would get there.

  27. redbilly says:

    congrats reading

  28. bayoRed says:

    2013/14 Season

    David De gea

    Rafael Smalling/Jones Evans/Vidic Fabio

    AY/AV Carrick/Rooney Hazard/Cleverly Nani

    Welbeck Chicharito/ Keane

  29. redbilly says:

    wolves turn over the bitters. Hope, BELIEVE.

  30. utd_fc says:

    very disappointed with this news. kinda confirms that gaitan is on his way in. i’ve never really been opposed to new signings but this one seems fairly pointless to me. i’d rather we buy a center mid rather than another winger. don’t know what’s going on here.

    this gaitan fellow seems pretty overrated, thoughts, and comments? any lads here following portuguese league too?

  31. Albert Ross says:

    I don’t pay much attention to transfer speculation, and have never yearned for any player.

    Once confirmation (by SAF or Gill or United) of a new signing is made, I am always tremendously excited, proud of our acquisitions department, chuffed for the lad and grateful for the new options now available to Sir Alex.

    This is normal, yes?

  32. Marq says:

    I wouldn’t say Gaitan is overrated, but he has yet to convince he is the real deal. The few players from Bilbao looked a better bet. That said, Silva wasn’t exactly rated as highly before he went to City, so we would never know.

  33. jwuochuks says:

    mmmmmmmmm lets wait n c.

  34. lordrt says:

    I will not mind sending him on loan, but not make a permanent move, we need the twins at Utd, and with only Evra as the confirmed LB so far, Fabio can acquire some experience with a loan move and be prepared to take over from the former.

  35. denton davey says:

    King Eric @ 0:01: “take Ronnie out that Madrid side and I think they are vastly over rated.”

    A lot of talent there but not much of a “team-ethic”, which is why they’ll probably go down to Barcelona this week-end. I really detest RM – “I wouldn’t sell them a virus” is a pretty good way to look at them and their history – but the recent fan-gasms about Barcelona are just too, too, too much for me. So, I’d actually prefer seeing RM win “el classico” – besides, love-him-or-loathe-him, Jo$e really gives great interviews ! Indeed, if RM could somehow win the LaLiga/CL double then Jo$e would be absolutely on the top of his game – what can you say about Pep (he must might be the most boring man alive !) ?

    I wasn’t able to watch a lot of last night’s match but I did get to see the last ten minutes and I have trawled the GuardianOnline blog to see what other punters have had to say. Lots of grumbling about Howard Webb’s leniency, Franck Ribery’s dramatic arts, CR7′s non-defensive role AND Fabio Coentraho’s abysmality BUT no one has said a word about Casillas’ fault for the last-gasp Bayern winner. “Saint Iker” was rooted to the line when the ball was squared by Lahm; he could have cut out the through-ball but moved backwards instead of forwards. To me, that seemed like an idiotic mistake.

  36. Jules says:

    I am a little surprised when people say he is not good enough for Utd!
    They were saying that about David Degea a matter of only months ago??
    I heard that Fabio is better than Rafael, and only recently has Rafael had the time to show his skill
    They are both young and need time
    People who knock them need to take a step back and give people time


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