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Fabio: Rafael fighting over position and PlayStation

Fabio da Silva started at right-back for United in our 2-0 win over Crystal Palace, filling in for his injured twin brother Rafael. The latter nailed down his place in the starting XI last season whilst Fabio, who just two years ago started the Champions League final at right-back, went to QPR on loan.

Fabio says that he is working hard in training and is working hard to take his brother’s place in the team.

“I definitely want to impress the new manager,” he said. “I did this on the training ground. That is why I played. I trained hard. I worked hard. He has seen me do that on the training ground, so he put me in the team. Hopefully, if I play well, I will stay there and I will fight with my brother for the position. That is what I have spoken about with him in the past. Now we are going to fight with him for the position. Why not? We have always fought over everything – PlayStation, anything. We fight with each other to win. This is no different. Now we are 23. We are mature. It is important, whether me or him plays, that we do well. I am confident in myself that I can play for Manchester United. But Manchester United is one of the biggest clubs in the world. They have fantastic players here.”

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  1. GreatShudi says:

    This guy sounds so confident of himself.

  2. mk88 says:

    My god the da silva twins are only 23….our flank backs are sorted for at least the next 8 years…. it seems they have been around forever though!

  3. Andromeda says:

    The beauty about Fabio is the fact that he can both play in the right back and left back, so no wonder he will definitely go all the way to compete with his twin brother, and on the other hand he will be ready along with Buttner to fill any vacancy in the left back, so best of the luck for the kid.

  4. The One says:

    It might also be good idea to try playing them both on the right at the same time, as right-back/right winger – they can interchange and double up on the opponent’s winger and left-back too….that would be fun to watch!! :)

  5. Squeaky says:

    Fabio put in a solid performance. Glad to have him back.

  6. Trevor says:

    Fabio is full of bullish?? He could not even get a game for QPR so how is he going to get a place at United I think also that Valencia would be a better. Full back than Rafael

  7. Axeman says:

    Valencia better than Rafael at fullback? I think not. Valencia has done an OK job while filling in. Rafael has been top notch for over a year. Pretty much cemented the position as his own unless Fabio give him tough competition.

  8. King Eric says:

    As someone else mentoned can owt be done please about this fucking Halifax advert, it’s doing my nut in. Cheers!!

  9. Andromeda says:

    @Trevor, it seems that you don’t have the slightest idea of what you just mentioned, its all utter non sense.

  10. wayne says:

    Download Adblock plus works a treat

  11. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Love Fabio to bits. Love his positive outlook. How many players with his pedigree of games would agree to a loan at QPR in the hopes of saving his United career. Chuffed to bits that he is getting a chance to shine.

    Now the BIG question for me has always been WHY the loan.
    Sure there is the obvious thing to get some games and fair enough.
    But I feel that there was a deal that he would be played as RB and so it played out at QPR.

    Fabio is a gifted 2 footed player, but always seems to me to play better on the right, his “natural” position as well. For me, there was a plan that he would give the RB slot a go and compete with his brother for it.

    Maybe also adding cover on the left mind.

    Just my read on this and good luck to him.

  12. Etila says:

    No man! May be I m niv, i thght i hv wtchd Rafael saturday, jst to be told it was Fabio! Wrs of it evn readin th nam or th number has won me.

  13. Ricky147Redman says:

    Yeah i think @ thr one says. Play yhem both on the right. Rafeal is so naturally gifted with the ball at his feet. Hr can go passed players and put a decent ball in the box. Give him the chance and he will bang in some goals. Could be a great telepathy down the wing that. Overlapping both capable of playing RB


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