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Fabio: Suarez Behaviour Inspired United Win

Fabio da Silva has criticised Luis Suarez for refusing to shake Patrice Evra’s hand ahead of Manchester United’s 2-1 victory at the weekend. Rio Ferdinand refused to shake Suarez’s hand in response and Fabio reckons the Uruguayan’s behaviour helped motivate United even more than usual.

“I believe that in life it is always necessary to forgive,” he told Globoesporte. “Patrice wanted to forgive Suarez. In Anfield he was attacked, but at Old Trafford he offered the hand. The action of Suarez was not justified. For me, to reject the hand of someone is very serious. The action of the Uruguayan before the beginning of the match increased our force to defeat Liverpool. In the ground, there was calm and the rivalry. But after the action of Suarez, the tension exploded.”

After the final whistle on Saturday, Fabio’s twin brother, Rafael, joined Evra in celebrating in front of the Stretford End.

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  1. sayyidhashim says:

    Sir Alex on Scholes: “I don’t think there’s any chance of that. (Scholes returning for England). It’s hard to describe Scholes. Honestly… on Saturday he was unbelievable.

    “When I told Paul last season he could play 25 to 30 games this season, he said that wasn’t enough. He decided to retire after that – he didn’t want to go from being a top player who’s in the team all the time to a player playing only 25 games a season. He was approaching 37 years of age and it’s difficult for players to do that at the top level. I was honest with Paul, though, and I told him that if I got 25 games of quality from him I’d be delighted.

    “When he decided to come back I saw no negatives. I was delighted. There couldn’t be a negative attached to it because he was training really hard in the couple of months before that. He’d realised he’d made a mistake. He’s come back refreshed and enthusiastic and he’s his normal self in terms of his training performances. It’s been an amazing turnabout for us in the sense of the order and class he brings to the team. Barcelona talk about Xavi in the same way we talk about Scholes.”

  2. shakhtardonetsk says:


  3. NotoriousRedDevil says:

    First things first off the other thread.

    Afternoon fellas. That is disappointing about Berbatov. Hopefully if it is an injury it isn’t too serious. Agree about not taking Giggsy or Evra across. Both need rest. Scholes is a different matter he’s the only one in the squad to have scored in the competition!!!

    Jokes aside with the next league game 10 days away we can afford to play a strong XI with a few tweaks. I’d start Scholes and bring Cleverly on. My team for tomoz


    Smalling Evans Ferdinand Fabio

    Tony V Carrick Scholes Young

    Welbeck Rooney

    Amos, Jones, Rafael, Park, Cleverly, Hernandez and Nani on the bench

    As for the so called new shirt, Nike have been very disappointing in the majority of the home shirts they have released. That new design (if real) looks nothing like tartan. Looks like a fucked up napkin or tea towel. Now Adidias have dropped the vermin hopefully they do our shirts when the contract is up for renewal. This years shirt was just a copy of the very last Umbro one.

    According to Fergies press conference Berbatov is injured didn’t say what with though.

    Finally well said Fabio, still a young lad but clearly has his head screwed on

  4. sayyidhashim says:

    Sir Alex is asked about recent matters between United and Liverpool. “I think we’re all delighted we’ve put the matter to bed, to be honest with you. The two clubs have too much great history and a great rivalry. That’s what we want to concentrate on

  5. sayyidhashim says:

    Sir Alex: “It was over two months ago that we went out of the Champions League. We have so many young players who don’t have much experience of Europe, so being in the tournament should be great. There’s a final in Romania – they want to be there, I want to be there and our fans want us to be there.”

  6. sayyidhashim says:

    Wayne: “We’ve always been confident, throughout the season. We’ve always stated we can win the league. I think we’re in a good position at the minute. We’re in good form and hopefully that will continue so we’re there or thereabouts at the end of the season. Then we can give it a push to get over the finishing line.

    “As a player, I feel I’ve matured on the pitch as a player. I’ve cut out some silly bookings which I did get in the past. I hope that continues as well as my form and I can help the team be successful.

    “It was a controversial red card. I don’t think it was deserved. That was a long time ago though…”

  7. sayyidhashim says:

    Sir Alex gives more details on the team news: “Ryan got a knock in the first half against Liverpool on the ankle and Dimitar got an injury in training on Sunday. I’ve got plenty of options up front with Wayne, Chicha and Danny Welbeck. I could also play Ashley Young off the front or Nani through the middle. It was better to leave Dimitar behind. It’s not a serious injury – he’d be available if I asked him to play – but I thought it better not to risk it, so I left him behind.”

  8. CedarsDevil says:

    Big words from such a young man………… Fabio I for one love you and your twin brother.

    Rafael’s post match celebrations after the victory over the dippers just goes to show what a pair of passionate gems we have on our ranks…..

    Da Silva twins, out to get you

  9. Costas says:

    Thanks Luis!

  10. gerkeo says:

    Off topic slightly, Nike leak of united, arse and barca shirts for next season

    We’re getting another poor effort from Nike.

  11. WillieRedNut says:

    Two roving reporters? SMA won’t like it! Eyeball seesaw!

  12. jay says:

    Nike have been making shit kits for United for quite a while now, it’s funny because I was looking at AC Milans kit and I thought it wasn’t bad. The best kit nike have made for us is our home kits when we won the Champions League, the big Aon logo doesn’t help matters either but I would rather win titles with an ugly kit than wear a fantastic kit and not win anything.

  13. redbilly says:

    All three kits are dire

  14. NBI Red Onion says:

    Loyalty is a great quality, the twins have it in spades and wear it on their sleaves and I love that about them.


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