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Falcao confirmed – “Signing for United is a dream come true”


The signing of Ramadel Falcao has finally been confirmed! United have applied for an extension for another hour to finalise the paperwork, after the player’s late arrival to the club. However, this hasn’t stopped the player giving an interview with The Independent.

“It’s a dream come true to join a club like Manchester United, one of the biggest clubs in the world,” he said. “I’ve always dreamt about playing for one of the truly great teams and winning lots of trophies. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity and you can’t turn that down.”

It has been reported that United will pay the striker around £250,000-a-week and have the option to sign him on a permanent basis for just over £40m at the end of the season.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Dan Young says:

    definitely going to start calling people a blowhard from now on

  2. OpikBidin says:

    So, My nightmare that Welbeck has gone to Arsenal turned out right. Waiting for Januzaj to leave too. He can’t possibly displace Rooney, RVP, Falcao, Di Maria, and Mata judging from how Aloysius Maria persisted with them.

    My dream Trio has come to an end, Kagawa to Dortmund, Welbeck to Arsenal, Januzaj also might leave. and then there’s Nani and Cleverley too.

  3. OpikBidin says:

    And how Manchester united fans can play for a rival club is depressing. Arsenal now have Ramsey and Welbeck. Maybe they will purchase Ben Pearson and Wilson in the future, who knows…

  4. wayne barker says:

    Opik my take on all your posts is actually taking the piss on all the fucking idiots who live by Football manager and formations,so you’re having a laugh,if I’m wrong,you just end up in the same basket as most of these fucks

  5. denislawking says:

    Nigel, call the club for tickets. Don’t use a ticket outlet. Whenever I go back, (every year) I have always called the club and got tickets. Not always the best, but I was in. Indeed, every year I get a card sent from OT to my parents house about games coming up. Wayne’s right though. Forget Boxing Day. The saturday before Christmas is always a good time slot. There’s always some available.
    Best of luck and enjoy. There’s nothing like it.

  6. OpikBidin says:

    nope, I just hate to be proven right. I’m a negative thinker. and so far, I have been proven right more than been proven wrong.

    We’re becoming more like a galacticos ala Real madrid. having star players and force them to play rather than have a system and find the right players.

    and I always hope to be proven wrong on my predictions.

  7. Nigel Macmillan says:

    Thanks denislawking;
    Appreciate it!
    Opik, you must be taking the piss
    Adnan is going nowhere! Wilson is what 19? He’ll be a fixture for years to come.
    Some on hear saying he’s the best youth teamed they’ve ever seen come through.

    And your “dream trio” wasn’t good enough!
    You need to reconsider your take on things
    I just can’t stay away….

  8. BenjieTee says:

    Diego Costa at Chelsea is the result of Moyes refusing to sell Rooney and handing him a new contract. The Moyes domino effect..Rooney being sold might have given Welbeck a chance also.

  9. OpikBidin says:


    Don’t you know Januzaj and Wilson need games. They are both 19, and are on the verge of playing as a starter. It’s better we sell them and have a buyback clause. They won’t get any gametime they need now with our shoehorning.

  10. Marq says:

    Rafael/Jones. Evans/Smalling. Blackett/Rojo
    Di Maria. Herrera. Blind/Carrick. Januzaj/Shaw
    Falcao. Rooney/Rvp

    Mata’s position can potentially be played by Januzaj or Rooney. So no biggie. A bit light at the back, but think we are good to go

  11. wayne barker says:

    Fair enough I over thought you’re nonsense,just a fact Sir Alex had lots of players playing out of their comfort zone
    Comparing Utd to Real Madrid is just nonsense,thought you were taking the piss out of the Muppets,you really do talk shit Bebe? Really

  12. OpikBidin says:


    Januzaj is best as a no.10 or winger
    Wilson is best as a CF or wide forward.

    now, we have Rooney, RVP, Falcao, Di Maria, Mata. not to mention Valencia and Young who somehow keep getting games.

    Rooney, Di Maria and Mata can play as a no.10
    RVP, Rooney, Falcao can play as a CF.
    Winger\wide forward can be played by Rooney, Di Maria, Valencia, Young, and even Mata

    those two better go

  13. Marq says:

    FFS, they are 19yrs old, all our strikers around 30. It makes for a perfect transition in 2 years. If they need games, they will get it somewhere. Beckham did not need to play 100 games for United before being able to score that goal against Wimbledon, and Ronaldo came in and changed the game against Bolton immediately, before that, he was playing in a league Bebe excelled.

    If you are good enough, people will come knocking to take you on loan or play you, don’t have to worry about the lack of games. We have seen the FFP at work this window, with big clubs doing loans to get around the FFP, including us. So you better get used to the loan system

  14. Craig Kapaj says:

    I don’t want to sound negative, I’m delighted that we’ve landed possibly the best pure striker in the world. But, with the sale of Welbeck (to Arsenal!), I fear LVG is throwing disregarding loyalty of the players, and only bringing mercenaries, like Citeh or Chelski. One thing that I always admired about United was SAF’s ability to adapt to the modern era of football with money and agents everywhere, yet also having the core of team loyal to United, and playing for at least three years for us, thus retaining a few traditional aspects as well. Still, I guess those days are over.

  15. OpikBidin says:


    Really, You think RVP and Mata buying won’t happen…
    There will be better wingers, AMs and strikers available every season
    and players won’t develop by sitting at the bench

    And I see Welbeck, DI Maria, Januzaj still hasn’t started a game in the front 3 while Mata, Rooney, and RVP continues to be in bad form in the league.

    let’s see then. Januzaj has been rumoured to go. and I think if we treat him like Welbeck, he would be gone by January

  16. Marq says:

    I ain’t talking to someone from la la land, don’t @ me

  17. trevor knightsmith says:


    you said it

    ” RVP, Rooney, Falcao can play as a CF”

    Welbeck, Bebe, and Hernandez couldn’t that’s why they’re gone.

    You keep harping on about Rooney (who i don;t like) and Mata ( who is slower than me, Maureen knew what he was doing getting shot of him) .

    But who was it who got Rooney to signed a new contract on inflated wages, and who also signed Mata? your old mare Moyes wasn’t it .

    And i’ll tell you one thing, most of the Arsenal supporters aren’t over thrilled by the signing of Welbeck, doesn’t that tell you something ?

    The only thing i’m annoyed about is that the useless egotistic Cleverley is still sponging money off United (along with Young, Fellaini, and Anderson) .

    Wilson will score more goals for United than Welbeck ever did

  18. Nigel Macmillan says:

    Wilson will be the man!!
    Learning from RVP Rafael and FSB
    Couldn’t be better. We have two of the best pure strikers on the planet!
    And one fat bastard! Hahaha! C’mon Roo, be a man and step aside,
    I’m torn cause he can be so good but sometimes he just not….

  19. Nigel Macmillan says:

    Aargh!dumb spell checker *Radamel!

  20. united till i die says:

    The problem with the falcao signing is its going to make teams sit even deeper and harder to break down. To get the best out of him we need to play with wingers who can beat the fullbacks and central midfielders who will pose a threat to the center backs. Keeping the full backs & center backs under constant pressure will allow Falcao that little bit of space to operate in the box effectively.

  21. Dwayne O Linn says:

    Another set of quality signings, i will give Woodward credit, he left it late but what quality we have now in attack. If this team clicks we have a side that could dominate Europe for 3 or 4 years with another one or 2 signings.

    Another point I feel it is worth noting, i predict we will break another unfortunate record this year, this season could see the first time since 1937 (tell me if I’m wrong) that a youth team product won’t start on our team. But if it means that the team is better for it, then so be it.

  22. trevor knightsmith says:


    What about Tyler Blackett

  23. trevor knightsmith says:


    I agree, Falcao and Wilson upfront .

    Was hoping FSB would go to the chavs, but Maureen isn’t that daft !

  24. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Let’s get one thing straight here.. decisions on who plays won’t have anything to do with who is liked or who isn’t.. sentimental stuff has no place at the highest level

  25. samuel - united WE stand says:

    i see resident clown with nothing better to do is mumbling again..

  26. babzcorleone says:

    Stop complaining

    One of the best players in the world came available and as the biggest club in the world we bought him.

    I for one dont think RVP and Rooney work together. So bringing Falcao in to the mix only gives us another world class option.

    We can now say we have 5 world class players – RVP, Rooney, Mata, Di Maria, Falcao.
    Soon to be world class De Gea, Shaw, Zanuzaj, Blind, Herrerra

    He will sort the defence/midfield out in Jan – Strootman our future captain!

  27. trevor knightsmith says:

    Isn’t RVP having surgery, or is this just a rumour?

  28. berbatov9 says:

    some people are ignorant to absurd level…

    Falcao is a world class striker…when he is available you only had two option…

    a)let him go to rival and further strenghtening them…

    b)buy him and increase the quality of your own team…thus make other team not able to do the frightening thing like option a

    he is a manchester united player and yes we still lack quality in much needed area but do you happy him going to citeh or chelshit perhaps

  29. m09538061 says:

    Falcao signs for Manchester United at 01:33am after the 11:00pm deadline…Fergie may be gone,but at least we still have Fergie Time.
    ‘In Van Gaal We Trust’

  30. trevor knightsmith says:

    My Arsenal supporting friend made me chuckle when he said .

    ” Arsene Wenger is currently undergoing a medical at Arsenal after agreeing to pay £16 million for Man United’s Danny Welbeck. “

  31. Marco Soares says:

    Di Maria was an awesome signing but the Falcao signing to me is just the icing on the cake, a few days ago nobody would believe we would have got Falcao in our ranks, the surprise element of the signing is superb and which top side in the world would not want this man straight away, world’s best number 9 and he’s at United

  32. gra mar says:

    Has Januzaj ever played as nº10? I haven’t seen him. Everyone keeps saying he’ll be playing at number 10 but I can only recall him being out on the wing mostly the left.

  33. Tommy says:


    City never rejexted him, they were offered him at the same time we were and Real Madrid were, city couldnt afford him due to FFP and were trying to get rid of negrado to Valencia to fund a deal

  34. Tommy says:


    Im a ST holder mate, but a single ticket it dosent matter who the opponents are the price is the same for all premier league games mate, between £35 – £48 I think it is deoending on wher3e you sit, for example where I sit an individual ticket would cost £37

  35. Tommy says:


    If you make youreself a member, pretty much all tickets are available except against the big teams, its not different for a non ST holder getting a ticket but you have to be a member (Costs about £25 for membership)

  36. Tommy says:


    You will be able to get to some games off the club at facevalue, its better than paying stupid tout prices, seriously make yourself a member and get a ticket, easy as that

  37. Crazy Horse says:

    I cant help but feel a tad gutted to see Welbeck go to Arsenhole but i’d rather see a potentially great future England player get game time and improve – sometimes in the Prem i think we are bit selfish with our international players which leads to disappointment in international comps.

    But the talent thats been bought in is pretty staggering – cant wait to see how it comes together. May not work from the off but it looks really promising!

  38. Crazy Horse says:

    Also @Dan Young….

    can I get that number for away tix too? Got my home games lined up but the dream is to get in with the travelling Reds

  39. Dwayne O Linn says:


    Unfortunately I don’t think Blackett will be a regular this season once everyone is fit, he is one for the future. We have made all these signings and spent all this money for the first ever, now youth no longer seems to matter. Next we will be selling off the naming rights to old Trafford, and as long as we get a great signing in no one will care. Now before anyone goes mad, I’m glad we have all these great signings but it’s alway important to maintain traditions and remember our identity or else we are just another city now.

  40. Tommy says:

    @Dwayne O Linn

    Their is no chance whatsoever of OT being renamed, the Glazers are not that daft

  41. Dwayne O Linn says:

    would you actually be surprised if they did though?
    Another question for you lad, which era would you prefer, the united of the 90′s or the united from the mid 00′s to present?and why?

  42. kunal2978 says:

    Nigel – i strongly recommend u make tht trip to OT. I had been planning it for a while and finally managed to make the long haul from India to Manchester earlier this year to watch the last home game against Hull city. Getting tickets aint easy tho, had to approach the Utd marketing team through theor telecom part er which happens to be an indian company. Took a while but managed to get thru, got a seat next to the stretford end. Stayed at salford quays which was a 10 min walk from OT.

    Expensive for ppl like us who live on the other side of the world, but heck, well worth it. It was my pilgrimage!

  43. Tommy says:

    @Dwayne O Linn

    I would actually be very surprised mate, and I prefered the 90s team all day long, the 94 side was the best United side ive ever seen (Would of won champions league had it not been for the 3 foreigner rule) and the 99 side is the second best side I have seen, 90s for me.

  44. Dwayne O Linn says:

    @ Tommy

    Yes I agree, the 90′s was a glorious era alright, it was all about pure football back then. 442 vs 442 and that was it. I remember watching barca hammering united 4-0 in a group stage match and all the ‘foreign players’ sitting in the stands and gary walsh in nets.Also got tanked by the mighty Gothenburg that year as I recall.haha. The 99 team was my favourite, just so much natural talent and that never say die attitude, the likes which we will never see again I rekon. Recently watched the class of 92, what a show, if anyone hasn’t watched it, I’d recommend it, there are some good laughs in there as well.

  45. Tommy says:

    @Dwayne O Linn

    The worst thing about that mate was that Scotish, Welsh and Irish all counted as foreign, We could only pick 3 from, Schmeical, keane, Irwin, cantana, Gigs, kanchelskis, McClair, Hughes, and they were all the best players in the team, a major handicap


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