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Falcao: Thank God I signed for United

Welcome to Manchester United, Radamel. How do you feel?

Thank you very much. I am very happy to be part of this big club. I’ve waited for this moment during a lot of the year. Now I am a player of Manchester United.

You must be very excited after a long day of travelling and arranging the transfer?

Yes, it was a very long day. It was hard, difficult. We were waiting until the last minute but I didn’t lose my faith. Now I want to say thank you to God for this. I’m very happy.

Are you excited to work with Louis van Gaal?

Yes, I am very excited for that. Van Gaal is a very good trainer with a lot of experience. I want to do the best for the team, for him and for the supporters.

Now you are here in the Premier League. What do you think of English football?

For me, it was a dream to play in the Premier League. I always wanted to be here because this league is very good, it has very good teams and Manchester United is the best team in England. Everything is perfect for me.

There are plenty of Spanish speakers here who can help you settle in…

Yes, I hope they can. I need them to train my English. I think they will help me in a lot of things to feel comfortable in the club.

What do you think of the squad here at Manchester United?

We have very top players. I admire them. I want to meet them for the first time. I am sure that this season will be great for us.

Do you have a message for the fans?

Yes, I want to say thank you because I have read a lot of messages from them. And I hope I can give them a lot of happiness, goals and titles.

The full interview is on MUTV.

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  1. OpikBidin says:

    Well, for hattricks, hope Welbz will do that against City, better if he scored 5 past them. I’ll do some donation and pray so he does that. hope it works

  2. Tommy says:


    Did Welbeck actually say that? Or is some arsenal fans being mischievious, i just cant imagine Danny saying something like that

  3. Marq says:


    Doesn’t explain why he refused to go to Villa at first because of money. Yes he was unlucky with injuries, but if he was that keen to play football, he would have jumped at the chance to go there. The whole episode just painted him as a mercenary. Nothing wrong with that, we all make a living, but for football, you’ve gotta be able to back it up with performances or if not, courage, both of which were lacking. Did United fail him? Nope, he was given every opportunity, more than the likes of Kagawa, Berbatov and even Veron. Did he fail us, yes. Thats my opinion anyway

    Moving on, on the topic of Januzaj. A lot of talk about Di Maria blocking his progress. I disagree. In Di Maria, Januzaj has the person who is an exact same type of player as he is, in terms of everything! The built, technique, even the master foot. Januzaj would do well to follow exactly what Di Maria is doing, and add shooting to his game, he would be treasure

  4. OpikBidin says:


    some pointed out Clev wanted to go to Everton instead, but Everton wasn’t prepared to pay the money required(8 million), so Clev doubled his wages to block a permanent move to Villa. still, Woodward flogged him out by using a loan mechanism. Don’t know how badly Villa want him. although they do need a CM.

    Basically it’s a win-win solution. Clev put himself in the shop window and can go to Everton if he wants after this season, Aston Villa got a player they need and won’t be paying extraordinary wages that will destroy their wage structure (they can put some of the 7.5 million fee into Clev wages or add ons somehow), and the club (and also Bradford) will get some fee if Villa really buy him.

  5. Nigel Macmillan says:

    Off topic but…..
    Just watched that Radamel top 20 you tube vid.
    Holy Fuck!
    If this guy is still half that good!!!!
    We are in for a treat my friends. With dimaria pulling the strings.
    This is gonna be too cool. Can’t wait.
    Danny who?

  6. Nigel Macmillan says:

    Young Wilson has quite the set of teachers doesn’t he. Lucky boy.

  7. Nigel Macmillan says:

    Just watching more Falcao clips.
    Surprised this guy got work permit, considering he’s got two concealed weapons with him at all times. His left and right foot! I can’t believe we got this guy. Somebody pinch me.
    Rooney must be well nervous, RVP too for that matter.
    Just hope he’s not crocked…
    Heard some shit about a fake birth certificate? Older then he he says he is?
    Anyway, fuck that, he’s going to be Amazing. Saurezesque, only with an appetite for goals not people!

    Ps, Great window eh lads! Woody, ya done good ya daft cunt!
    Pss all Abu’s get fucked, we’re coming for you!!

  8. OpikBidin says:


    I think many failing players are because we use them incorrectly

    Welbeck, CF, used as a LW and AM
    Kagawa, AM, used as LW and CM
    Cleverley, AM, used as a CM(Holding player)
    Carrick, CM, used as a DM
    Anderson, AM, used as a CM (Holding player)
    Nani, RW, mainly used as LW.
    Jones, Smalling, CB used as RB.

    and other factors, like being benched for a long time and injuries that keep happening

  9. Marq says:


    “Clev doubled his wages to block a permanent move to Villa.”

    That is a brilliant way to stop a move yea. You know, LVG must had a gun to Cleverley’s head so that he couldn’t say something like… “No?”



    Carrick failing? Yea, he has been such a fail for us.

    Every player that doesn’t perform is the club’s fault. Sir Alex is so bad at managing players, he should have been sacked earlier

    Opik logic strikes again

  10. m09538061 says:

    Thats why city get players at a good price and we pay over the odds for them. Because people say we
    have £300m to spend, bullshit.

  11. trevor knightsmith says:


    No excuses for Cleverley and andseron as they are both dire .

    Opik, or should I say Taufik ?

    As for Welbeck 178 appearances and 37 goals, and he will be 24 in a few weeks, speaks for itself .

    Has he been played out of position all his career at United, Preston, and Sunderland , or is he, as everyone else knows just not a very good striker .?

    You should have submitted your little table above to the Glaziers, it would have saved them about £200m over the last year, and that’s not counting the goon Moye’s wages !

    Sir Alex seemed to do quite well though didn’t he ?, and he never played players out of position and had injuries to contend with

  12. Marko Maric says:

    I dont mind if Welbeck said that. I understand him, he is frustrated. Who wouldnt be? He has a chance to prove that like Sturiddge. If he do that, than it is our fault, coz we played him out of position.

  13. Marko Maric says:

    I agree that player need to adapt to the formation, but manager also need to adapt his formation to the players, it not one way street. But if it is impossible, that sell the player and give him a chance to develop

  14. trevor knightsmith says:


    Just not true, he’s had plenty of chances at centre forward at United, Preston, and on loan to Sunderland, have all these clubs played him out of position?

    He is nearly 24, a very good player., and a nice chap to boot, but striker he is not.

    If he was, he would still be at the club !

    He has had plenty of chances.

    James Wilson shows far more promise of being a striker than Danny did.

    But saying all that,he has been a very good representative of the club and has always shown dignity and politeness. I wish him all the very best at Arsenal .

    Also, Liverpool will soon find out why Man City and Chelsea got shot of Sturridge, last season was a flash in the pan. Maureen is no mug, he sold Mata to Moyes !

  15. Marko Maric says:

    @trevor i would say he didn t get 7-8 games on one position, time will show who is right

    Wilson is a predator, hope he will get a chance. I like Mo, but Sturiddge and Lukaku was a mistakes. There was obviously ego on the menu. But he has his philosophy and knows what kind of players he wants.
    I have feeling that LVG wants to give the best of him, coz we believe in him unlike Bayern

    …but interesting interview back in 2010 with Lahm, when LVG was in charge

  16. Nigel Macmillan says:

    Agreed, Welbz was a faithful servant and is a good player. I wish him the best ad long as it doesn’t come at our expense!
    You driving the new jag to check out our new team in two weeks time?
    C’mon mate I know you want to!
    Give yourself a bday present to remember!

  17. trevor knightsmith says:


    There is a fair chance I will be, depends on the wife, who isn’t well (manic depressive). But I hope so .

    I have also bought a tin of those travel sweets for the car, all pensioners have to carry a tin by law !

  18. Marko Maric says:

    Dont get it, why my comment awaiting moderation. I haven write any bad word, just normal comment

  19. trevor knightsmith says:


    Didn’t know comments were moderated, how do you know?

    I’ve never know you to say anything that would offend anyone .

  20. Marko Maric says:

    @trevor, I answered you and they deleted it. Dont have a clue why? I know they moderate, but when i add post, it is visiable instantly, but this time they wrote that comment awaiting moderation and then it is deleted. Why? I wasn t rude, just answering and posted 2 web sites with interviews

  21. UtdSenna says:

    I listen to talksport at times and sometimes they bring in some interesting guests, they interviewed former Liverpool managing director Christian Purslow and he said the Falcao deal was a smart move. He also mentioned some other interesting things and how important it is to get top4 this season beacuse of the money it will bring in next year.
    Also Cardif who came 20th got as much money from TV-deals as United got when they won the title the year before. Crazy.
    Pretty good listen, ignore the idiot questions.

  22. Marko Maric says:

    Obviously it because of website..i posted now just websites and it s moderateing…jerks..

  23. Tommy says:


    I agree he didnt paint himself in glory pricing him out of deals, leaves a sour taste in the mouth.


    He leaves on a free next summer so unless theirs a deal in place in january, United (and bradford) wont receive a penny.


    Sometimes if I post links it will come up awaiting moderaion as well, so its not just you mate.

  24. trevor knightsmith says:


    He’d be over priced at free!

  25. Tommy says:


    Haha yea, im surprised Villa are not trying to get United to pay for them to take him off us.

  26. cr says:

    Bienvenidos Falcao y Ángel!


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