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Fans Are The Slaves, Not The Players

In a week where Arsenal have announced that their cheapest season ticket will set you back 925, as well as a footballer earning 125,000 being dubbed ‘a slave’, it is no wonder football fans are feeling fed up.

The money in the game is getting out of control, as are the egos of the players we cheer on every week and now is the time to voice our displeasure.

The United Reserves started their pre-season against the Blue Square Conference North side, Burscough, under the guidance of new manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. Here is a player who spent 11 years at our club, not always in a starting role, but did so without complaining or making a fuss.

It is therefore fitting that an anti-Ronaldo protest was seen at loyal Solskjaer’s 3-1 victory with the Reserve side.

Following Sepp Blatter’s ridiculous comments about Ronaldo, likening his situation to that of a slave, and Ronaldo’s agreement with the statement, many United fans have lost all patience with the player. We have been biding our time, waiting for official news, waiting for our manager to have a word and let us know what was going on, but now it appears as if many reds aren’t concerned where Ronaldo plays next season, as long as it is Old Trafford.

“The fans are the slaves not the players,” said a disgruntled fan at the match. “I started work at four this morning and come straight here to watch the Reds. I’ve not finished paying for my trip to Moscow yet and I will have to work Saturday and Sunday until September. It takes me seven years to earn what Ronaldo gets in a week and although he is a great player it is time for him to go, and go soon.”

There’s only so much we can take and it appears as though the breaking point has been reached, leaving Ronaldo’s position at the club unattainable.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. furrball says:

    as long as it’s not real madrid do you mean :)

  2. Tumusiime Francis says:

    Truth is that Ronaldo should not have agreed to Sepp Blatter’s Utterences! I surely agree that FANS are the SLAVES instead. But this is a very tempting situation and you need to be calm at the moment.

  3. Jimmy The Weed says:

    Whatever Happens to Ronaldo, WE SHOULD NOT SELL HIM TO REAL. That would put the club in the same rent-boy category as the player, bending over for Calderon’s Money. Reagrdless of how much they are offering, we should either keep him or sell him to somebody else. I would never do business with Real ever again, whilst this regime is in charge. Their arrogance is offensive. It is we who are the Champions of Europe

  4. Craig Mc says:

    So the Spanish and British Mafia press, Real Madrid, Calderon, Blatter, PRATini, and Uncle Tom Cobbley and all, have finally achieved their concerted aims. To get the Man Utd faithful so enraged, frustrated, and emotionally distraught, that we do the job for them, pushing Ronaldo out the door, by banner waving dissent. Well hurrah feckin hurrah!, they finally worn us down!. If after all Fergie’s and Gills/Glazers fight against Madrid’s obscene behaviour fails because of United fan revolt, SAD is the day!. Where’s the United chant then, United never die?. Seems United fans do in the end. I am as mad as a raging bull with Ronaldo, whose arse is splintered through sitting on the fence in this will he/wont he saga, and feel he needs the silent treatment from the fans, yes, but concede to Real feckin Madrid – NEVER!.

    We need to find out what exactly CR7 meant when he said some modern day footballers are treated as slaves, because it might not mean what we think it means. In the interview referred too, Ronaldo never actually said that HE was a slave, just that some footballers are treated like slaves sometimes. Now I’m the last person who wants to support Ronnie, and his shit and disrespecting behaviour, but I want to judge him on what he did actually say, and what he meant by it. Sorry if that offends some of you. I’m not intending to be offensive.

  5. Duncan says:

    Does anyone actually know what a ‘slave’ is?!! They get paid NOTHING when they are FORCED to work, zero. Fans are not slaves, some (like the guy quoted in the article) are the same whingey little brats that Ronaldo is. Poor me, I’ve used up all my money on flying to Moscow, boo hoo, i’m a slave. Your obviously not working hard enough if you really are a slave, you should be whipped for stating your opinion.

  6. Stephen says:

    @ Craig, mate what do you think he meant? he hasn’t come out and said he loves the club and thank them for the support we have shown him.

    He has been saying things ” you know what I want” and “I like playing in white” he has shown the club and staff and especially the fans no respect, but what do we expect.

    United will never die! and we are bigger than that jumped up little prick.

  7. Primachenko says:

    craig mc,

    i think most of the fans (including me) that want ronaldo out would agree that united should let him go anywhere but real. i don’t think ronaldo will ever again be accepted by the fan at united no matter what the outcome of this saga will be. united should encourage a betting war for ronaldo and then sell him to anyone but real, even if it means getting less money than real would offer. but then again, ronaldo has to agree to the transfer so everything might not be that simple.

  8. Jimmy The Weed says:

    Craig. It is perfectly obvious what Ronaldo wants. There must be some king of ‘loyalty’ payment penalty attached to an outright request to go on the transfer list. All this ambiguity is specifically designed to illicit exactly the reaction which we see in the photo at the top of the page, the less intelligent United fans forcing him out so that he doesn’t have to say the words ‘I want to leave’. We should do what Fergie is doing, and keep out views away from the mainstream media and not be waving banners around like it’s us forcing him out. Keep the ball in his court, don’t transfer list him and regardless of what HE wants, NEVER sell him to Madrid. The pride of this club is worth more than £80M or whatever Calderon and his cheap, tacky cronies are waving at us. p.s. Eric for No. 2!!!

  9. Stephen says:

    I love Eric but I realistically can’t see him as number 2. We need to get another top coach who can articulate the game out to players as well as motivate. Eric was more of a genius than someone who had to work @ the game.

    We need someone with experience in coaching and eho is ambtious, like Blanc or Laudrup.

  10. jake says:

    As far as I am concerned, its becoming to much of a coincidence that players like fat Ronaldo, Zidane, Figo, basically any Gallactico that Madrid demand to sign tarnish their reputation with their current club before leaving for Madrid. The tactics Madrid use are to heavily blame for this

  11. Craig Mc says:

    @ Stephen, I agree CR7 hasn’t said he loves the club, and thanked us for our support, but he hasn’t said either, apart from media inferences that he wants out. Everyone has assumed (me included), that when he said “you know what I want,” he meant he wanted out. But is that what he meant?. He has played Madrid as much as he has played United if you ask me. I don’t think anybody is really clear, even though lying bastards Madrid said they had him signed. The comment I was debating though, which prompted the banner waving protest, was the slave issue. The press interpreted that as CR7 saying he was Man Utd’s slave, but that is no what he said in the interview. Brian Robson got it right, when he said, that the press have blown everything out of all proportion, to whip up a storm. They are getting that now, with some United fans.

    @ Primachenko and Jimmy The Weed, I agree with your sentiments wholeheartedly, but like you say, having a transfer trade off for Ronnie among all other clubs than Real M, will not be easy, and will be resisted by CR7′s advisors. If he stays in the end, it will be sweet singing on the terraces to Real Madrid bastards, “Madrid can’t get no satisfaction, they can’t get no Ronaldo reaction, and they tried, yes they tried, yes they tried, and they tried, hey hey hey.” Thank God for the Rolling Stones!. I am more enraged and pissed with Real M to be honest. I def agree with you though, that Ronaldo won’t be getting songs from much of the terrace faithful at OT. He has lost the accolade big time. Fergie may just be waiting for the media whirlwind to subside, and the quiet to descend, before Ronaldo gets the hairdryer like nobody ever got it before. Who knows how all this is going to end – hahaha – its like we have a Fergie will he/wont he keep or sell saga now, isn’t it?????????

  12. Stephen says:

    Craig I know where you are comming from mate, but deep down we all know he wants to leave surely?!

    The press do create problems but there is no smoke without fire and all he has to do and come out and say, “I want to stay”. He is not doing that beacuse he wants out, and he won’t say he wants out because he would no doubt be fined or not recieve some loyality bonus if sold.

    I really don’t care if we sell to Madrid or Maidstone, as long as we sell sell him on our terms and to the highest bidder.

  13. Craig Mc says:

    Guess what?. I have a friend whose Spanish, and he said Real Madrid are pissing themselves laughing at the Ronaldo Out banners, because they take it as a sure sign they are winning the war. Just like they always do. He said they laugh and don’t believe in the English sense of fair play. To them they will fight as dirty as they have too, because they are determined to get Ronaldo. Now they are going to Ronnie’s advisors armed with the mighty weapon, the United fans hate you, they will hurt you, they will flourish their banners and chant hatred everywhere. I hate that some fans have fallen for it, before this whole matter has been sorted one way or another. My spanish friend is a Barca fan, and he is on our side obviously.

  14. Tom F says:

    If a reasonable offer was made, and it was my decision I’d let him have his move to Spain, but only to go to Barcalona.

    That would be a great ending to a twisted, sometimes sad and of course partly amazing story.

  15. Stephen says:

    It is not the fans fault mate that his behaviour has been that of a 12 year old spoilt brat.

    We need to put the ball in his court and he needs to tell the fans what he wants, but we all know he wants to go to Real, end of.

    We should not have to coax him into staying, be nice to him because he has shown us no respect, and thats all the fans were doing to him.

  16. dozer says:

    We don’t really know if Ronaldo made those statements Scott.

  17. kramer says:

    Slaves? Isn’t that going too far?
    Players are most definitely not slaves, but neither are fans. For fuck’s sake, if it is doing you more harm than good to support your team, stop supporting it. Calling yourself a slave is something you’d expect a scouser to do.

  18. Gary says:

    Have to agree with Kramer. No football fan is a slave. Of course rising prices are forcing people away from following there team but no one is forcing us to follow our team around the country. We do it because its our passion in life. It certainly isnt slavery.

  19. Matthew N. Gravis says:

    It’s such a shame really. He’s got it all, and it only takes him two months to ruin his relationship to the United fans.

    As a footballer, his value to United is unquestionable. Physique, technique, winning mentality and charisma. A sacred and rare mix, especially when served on such a high level throughout a whole season. You have to believe this was a one off season. Too copy last year is close to impossible.

    None of us could stand Rio Ferdinand when he was renegotiating his contract with United. Reluctant to sign; -he was greedy, self-righteous and out of touch with reality. Let him go, we all said. “No player is bigger than the club!” Well, he signed. And now, we can’t praise Rio enough. In contention for the captaincy, and one of our biggest stars. Without a doubt one of the finest defenders on the planet, justifying his huge salary, many say.

    What about Ronaldo? IF he decides to stay, we’ll we learn to love him again? After all the respect and affection we’ve given him, he repays us with what? The bust-up with Rooney in the World Cup? His constant off-field antics, like rape-allegations, prostitues and orgies? His comments on Real throughout the season? His promise to stay at United after the Champions League final? The deafening silence throughout Euro2008? His choice to go on vacation instead of operating his ancle? His “I’m a slave” comment?

    Just by mentioning all these points gets me thinking. The people around Ronaldo surely has to have their hands full in handling his mental health, through the immense barrage of press attacks. There isn’t a single player in the United dressingroom that is living under the same amount of scrutiny, under such a huge magnifying glass. Not a single day goes by without any new Ronaldo news. All kinds of people are asked to share their thoughts on him (even Gordon Banks had to say something…), all which accumilates to an insane amount of press coverage. Hell, even his mum most get sick of him.. but is all this really his fault? I’ll let you make up your own minds about that one.

    Right now, I can’t care less on the current situtation. Fergie will do whatever is best for United as a club, and that’s more than enough for me. If we end up selling him, fine. Just make sure that Real and their banks really feel it.

    If he stays; (and this is VITAL) we have NOTHING to gain as a club, as a team or as fans by booing our very best player. Sure, we’ll send “the ungrateful cunt” a message, but will that really benefit the team? It’s the same thing as with Giggs the last two seasons; booing is not helping the player to perform. Not when it’s coming from your own fans. He’ll start underperfoming, we might loose games, Fergie might bench him and his value will plummet. That only hurts the club. Ronaldo couldn’t care less.. He’ll become cheaper and more available for other clubs. Why not try do make the best out of the situation, and let him (and United at that) get on with the game?

    Remember, he’s given us some glorious moments: A fantastic debut against Bolton, showing of the immense potential and lifting the entertainment value sky high. Dazzling us (and opponents) with skill, (remember Ashley Cole, on his backside?) Some amazing, crucial goals. Fulham, Sporting, Roma away etc.. And freekicks to die for. I’ll never forget that Pompey strike, EVER.


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