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Fat Boy: Chelsea Visit Old Trafford With Hopes of Winning or Drawing

Frank Lampard has spoken out ahead of the United vs Chelsea game, claiming that they’re coming to Old Trafford not to get beaten.

People have been banging on about Chelsea’s away record, but it’s considerably easier to have a good away record when the toughest place you’ve been to is Goodison Park. Aside from United, they still haven’t been to Liverpool, Arsenal or Aston Villa.

At home this season, they have already dropped a massive 14 points. Considering United dropped 4 points at home all season last year and have just dropped 2 points so far this season, things aren’t looking particularly promising for Chelsea.

“A game against Manchester United will always be a table-topping clash and it’s in our minds that we dropped some relatively easy points over the last few weeks, so we’re in a position now where we really want to get a result,” said Lampard. “We go to win the game or not to get beaten, there is still a long way to go regardless but it is a very important game. The publicity around Chelsea now is that if you drop a few points people jump on it straight away, but Liverpool and United have dropped points, no-one has pulled away from us, and Arsenal are behind us,” added Lampard. It’s the same for everyone, now we’re starting all pretty much level. We need to start this part of the season very strong.”

Don’t forget the Patrice Evra song for Sunday!



  1. King Eric says:

    No chance No doubt they will play better than they have been lately but we will be too strong for them on Sunday. Drogshite or Anelka won’t get a look in. 2-0 united.

  2. vive' says:

    we will beat them 2-1 tevez with the winner 89th minute !!

  3. King Eric says:

    As I said the other day,I was bored so went onto a Rent boy forum and the fans have no confidence about getting any kind of result on Sunday and this lack of confidence has instilled itself right thru the Rent boys it would appear. However they will still be up for it. As I think TonyBee mentioned last week I hope it all comes crashing in on them. Cunts.

  4. goalmachine says:

    Chelsea have got a good record at OT. I can’t remember many home wins in the league against the rentboys these past 30 years. They’ve been one of our bogey teams for as long as I can remember. For me the highlight of Diego Forlan’s United career was that brilliant 90th-minute winner from Veron’s killer pass in 2003 in a match we needed to win.

    Seeing as how top-four clashes have turned up some surprises this season (Arsenal and Liverpool winning at Chelsea, Liverpool beating United) get your money on this one (disappointingly) ending one-a-piece.
    You heard it here first.

    Sorry to be so negative…

  5. Samuel Godfrey Baguma says:

    Manchester United can not afford to lose any match at home. So the other times who come hoping that Old Trafford is any walk will got dissappointed

  6. Jake says:

    Frank doesn’t sound too confident, maybe it’s because he’s finally clocked that he is a bit overrated as his mate Tiny tears…not to mention the world’s greatest manager (sorry international manager)

  7. Vian says:

    Old Trafford is a Mighty fortress once again. Even mightier than before. It’s a good feeling to know that other teams are dead scared of visiting us. Yeah Run scared you wimps lest we crush you.

  8. keanesmagichat says:

    We will do them 2-0… Looking forwrd to viva john terry…

  9. DanS says:

    1-1 then in the 70-80th minute Berb will score the winner. And hopefully shut the Utd fans up who are saying what a waste of money he was.

    Come on U Ni Ted!

  10. 9jmac says:

    Agreed jake

  11. doncobaino says:

    its about time Berba started really earning that transfer fee, and what better way than too bag a goal or two against Chelski

  12. olusanjo says:

    i really do not care about the score line. the most important thing is a man united win without conceeding a goal.

  13. EastStandManc says:

    This isn’t going to be the goalfest some think it will, unfortunately.

    Chelski to ‘park the bus’. You heard the man, they’re coming “not to get beat”. You can guarantee we don’t want to lose the match either, so it looks like yet another dour “Big 4″ draw, given our profligacy against teams with that intention.

  14. Manu says:

    Much has been made of Chelski’s away form. But they have gone to only crap teams.
    And similarly, we should let our home form get us carried away. Only crap teams have come to Old Trafford. Yes, we were brilliant at home last season. But if anything this season hasnt really taken off for us. Just listen to the comments coming out: “Goals will come”, “Clean sheets are important”. These were exactly the same statements coming out a the BEGINNING of last season.
    Chelski are the first big test at home this season. Lets kick on. Onwards and upwards

  15. denton davey says:

    EastMancStand is right – they will come here to get a draw, to not get embarrassed, and to live to fight another day. I am not underestimating them but IF they can nick one against the run of play then the RentBoyz will return to the King’s Road as happy, happy, happy campers. IF they lose then I am expecting to see some real dissension within their ranks that will spill over into the media.

    I think that Scolari is on thin ice – only the prospect of the return of AverageGrant is really “saving his bacon”. And, let’s not forget, that Roman Abramovich is on even thinner ice in terms of the viability of his financial empire – one senses that Chel$kiFC would be one of the last of his fripperies to get a cash infusion after he has had to go cap-in-hand to the Putin government just to stay afloat. Lose big and this has the potential to turn into a perfect storm for the RentBoyz. I live in hope.

  16. DiavoloRosso says:

    Aston Villa 0 – 0 Man. Utd.
    Man. City 0 – 1 Man. Utd.
    Man. Utd. 1 – 0 Sunderland
    Tottenham 0 – 0 Man. Utd.
    Stoke 0 – 1 Man. Utd.
    Man. Utd. 1 – 0 Middlesbrough

    Methinks that with the attack we have, we’ve been simmering for just a little too long. Sooner or later the lid’s going to blow … and Sunday would be a great occasion to show what being world champions really means ! Let’s go straight for the Jugular and send them back crying all the way down the M6 / M1 !

  17. Drew Vader says:

    Well said Goalmachine…..I went absolutely insane when Diego scored!! And it was such a beautiful goal too, the best pass Veron hit his whole United career, and then what a terrific finish from Diego.

  18. Drew Vader says:

    Denton and EastStand are both spot on….

    Its going to be played at 100 miles per hour with tackles flying in all over the place but no real quality football or chances created. Both sides will be terrified of losing, so both will be quite happy with a 1-1 or 0-0 finish. We just have to hope that there is an early goal to open the game up. Check that, that UNITED score an early goal so they are forced to come out of their shell a little. If they score first, it will be Sunderland/Boro all over again and I imagine they will be a lot better at parking the bus.

    Come on Berba, step up to the plate my son.

  19. King Eric says:

    The problem with the Rent boys is Roman is getting bored of his “toy”. He has spent and spent to build a team to challenge United. All that “rebuilding” and buying culminated in the Champions league Final 2008. After losing the Premier league to us this was Roman s and the Rent Boys one big chance. The one thing they wanted above all else. However as we all know Captain Courageous the British Bulldog fucked it for them. This has blown the wind right out of their sails and in my opinion they are struggling to fight back from these two huge losses last season. Especially in Moscow. If the time was ever going to be that they won the European Cup it would have been last May. They have nothing left to give, they will feel completely shattered by the defeat, even now. Coupled with the fact that Roman spends alot more on art than buying more players. Who have they got to cover Bridge? I think Abramovic thought he could come over and steal the thunder from United by pumping millions into Ch$lski. How wrong he was.

  20. denton davey says:

    “They have nothing left to give” King Eric; I don’t think I agree with you on that point. I am sure that their defeat in Moscow really, really, really, really sticks in their craw – and so it would if JT had not slipped and we were licking our wounds.

    I think that the key issue with this year’s version of the RentBoyz is that they are soooo inconsistent – if you saw them against Villa in September/October, you would have thought it was a time-travel back to Puskasz and Hideguti’s demolition of Ingerland, the game was soooo one-sided in their favour but if you have been watching their recent performances it really looks like a blue version of Wimbledon from the early 1990s.

    Their inconsistency stems from three factors: injuries, which are a problem for all teams, have hit the RentBoyz hard as they have lost Essien and Carvalho (two really fantastic players) for a long stretch and Drogba has been in and out of their line-up; no PlanB – if they can’t steam-roller the opposition then they seem to get confused; and believing their own press clippings from September/October. Add to that, Scolari seems out of his depth, JT is slowly down and becoming an octopus like Carragher, and – just like SAF stated – they have nowhere to go but down since they have only one player (Jon Obi-Mikel) who could be considered young and a raft of guys who have seen better days.

    That said, they still have a lot of quality in their team and real fighting spirit, which was in evidence last spring when they just refused to buckle under until the last weekend of the EPL season. IF they lose to TheLads on Sunday, then I am predicting that all hell breaks loose at Stamford Bridge but IF they can win at OT on Sunday then the gloating and bleating will make us all sick to our stomachs. It’s not imposible; don’t fool yourself about that. I would be very loathe to underestimate them – don’t prod a wounded bear.

  21. Eric says:

    I’m surprised that after captain couragious clubfoot shanked his shot at English immortality that Roman “check out the size of my yacht fleet” Abramovic didn’t have one of his pals in the russian mafia take teary terry on a one way road trip into the russian steppes! LOL

    I’m just hoping that our boys can get off the schnide early and force the rentboys to come out and play. I’d really like to see goals pouring in every 10 minutes or so a la the match vs Roma ending somewheres in the vicinity of 8-Nil. Hopefully Rooney will get a couple and maybe set him off on one of his goal frenzies and maybe Berba could toss in a brace as well just to shut up the tosspots wanking about him. Let CR7 blast in a freekick from 35 yds out to keep him happy (and make up for that horrendous attempt in the final) and lets get one from Anderson (just to make believers out of us all) and then have Tevez break free and take Peters freaking padded noggined head clean off his sloped shoulders! And to round the evening off nicely lets have Edwin bounce one in off a freekick just outside his area (hell, Robinson managed it so let the dutchman dream!)

  22. King Eric says:

    I know what you are saying denton. Mayvbe I didn’t word it as I would have liked to. When I say “they have nothing left to give” I don’t for one minute underestimate them. Only a fool would. What I was trying to say is that they had all their “eggs in one basket” and that was THE best chance they have had or will ever have at winning the Champions league. We have proved time and again that when we lose things we come right back. ie 2006/2007 Prem title. I just don’t think the Rent boys have it in them. Make no mistake this was a HUGE loss to everyone concerned at Rent boys and I reckon Roman will be thinking, “if we aint done it now , we never will”. Fortunately United don’t share that way of thinking. Hope this makes sense. I also agree with you about “Big Phil”. He is completely out of his depth at club football in England.

  23. an Eritrean ManUtd fan says:

    united will beat chelsea 1-0 as is our familiar result these days. the scorer of the goal will be Wayne Rooney. we will dominate the match as we always do @ Oldtraffod against any opposition. however the scoreline will be 1-0 in the 75th minute by the hardworking, strong, the best manutd player so far this season WAYNE ROONEY after a good assist from berba.


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