Time is running out. The Liverpool vs United game approaches and the sickly feeling in my stomach can be quite overwhelming at times. A win against Liverpool, particularly at Anfield, is the highlight of the domestic season (obviously, not in the nine years out of the last fifteen when we’ve won the title, when clearly success of being the greatest team in England meant more than the points we got from Liverpool to help us on our way) and one I looked forward to. The injury time goals we’ve scored against them in the previous two seasons, thanks to John O’Shea and Rio Ferdinand have just made the three points and bragging rights all the more sweet. However, whenever contemplating how amazing it feels to beat the dippers, I am reminded of the horrible feeling of losing to them.

Oh how I ached when they knocked us out of the FA Cup the season before last, although the defeat was entirely overshadowed by the Smith injury. Whilst of course not happy our former striker was injured, it did help full the pain of defeat and give me something else to think about. Losing against Liverpool beats the pain of losing to Arsenal, Chelsea, Leeds or even City, and in the week preceding our matches, I am filled with a confusion of feelings; the excitement of anticipating a win combined with the dread of a loss.

If we look at the past few seasons though, United have certainly been able to rub their nose in our glory.

United 2 (Scholes, Ferdinand) Liverpool 0
Liverpool 0 United 1 (O’Shea)

Liverpool 0 United 0
United 1 (Ferdinand) Liverpool 0

United 2 (Silvestre x 2) Liverpool 1 (O’Shea)
Liverpool 0 United 1 (Rooney)

Liverpool 1 (Kewell) United 2 (Giggs x 2)
United 0 Liverpool 1 (Murphy pen)

Liverpool 1 (Hyypia) United 2 (Forlan x 2)
United 4 (van Nistelrooy x 2, Giggs, Solskjaer) Liverpool 0

If you have the misfortune of having an dipper mates, the following summary might be useful on match day. In the past five seasons, ten league games, United have won eight of them, drawn one, and lost one. United have scored fifteen goals, to Liverpool’s four. A Liverpool player hasn’t scored against us in the league since April 2004. Is that enough? No? Well check out the latest designs from the shop.

I can picture it now, United a couple of goals up, songs of Park, Liverpool Slums, We’ve won it two times etc. being belted out, with a sea of United fans boldly wearing their “Feed the Scousers” Santa hats :DHappy Christmas 😉