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Fergie: Absolute b*llocks to suggest I don’t talk to Rooney!

Sir Alex Ferguson has again moved to dismiss stories in the paper this week that Wayne Rooney is set to leave Manchester United.

Two newspapers have been banned from Ferguson’s press conferences as a result of the reports, with some bizarrely suggesting that the relationship between the manager and player had deteriorated so much that they don’t even talk to each other on the training ground.

Fergie has said that there is no truth in the stories and the only reason why they’re written is because Rooney is England’s biggest star and it sells papers.

“It’s because he’s a stellar England player,” said Ferguson. “He’s the Gascoigne, the Bobby Charlton. He’s the best English player. You have to contend with that being news and the need to sell papers. For them to suggest I don’t talk to him on the training ground is absolute bollocks. It’s nonsense. It’s an insult to me too but it sells newspapers, what can you do? There’s no issues at all. It’s not about one person. The issue was that Welbeck was better at that job against people robbing him of the ball. He’s very good at that – the best we’ve got.”

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  1. hammed abiola f says:

    If there is a need to learn the act of man management, Sir Alex is surely a man to learn from. He keeps everyone happy and guides them mentally which is the best motivation to give anyone. God loves Unity and ManUtd represents love!

  2. Red in Taipei says:

    Rooney to repay Fergie’s faith with goals – starting today! And that’s NOT bollocks!

  3. Ash says:

    He is going nowhere. After the norwich goal everyone were praising him but after real game just 3 days after he has become shit and is going to leave man united. It is real bullocks.

  4. In David We Trust says:

    2 big story’s never seem to be going away, ronaldo links with united, rooney relationship with Ferguson, the question is? what are the chances both story’s are bollocks, it is interesting that ronaldo story’s are seem to be the extension of rooney needing a pay cut. But the boss seems to be seeing welbeck has the future, and rooney needing to have a lesser role. as he is the past. I still think rooney has been in better form than RVP, and its RVP who needs a break

  5. Proverb says:

    We love UNITED! We Do!
    We love UNITED! We Do!
    We love UNITED! We Do!
    Ohh UNITED . . . We Love You ♥ !

    Come on you reds!!!!!!!!

  6. theradlegion says:

    I agree with the essence but not too sure about leveling Rooney up there with the likes of Sir Bobby Charlton.

  7. evisu says:

    People saying “He is not going nowhere” are naive. You NEVER know what the player thinks and what their agents work on. You can’t trust players these days, it’s simple as that. I don’t think Rooney will leave this summer, but would I be shocked if he was? No.

  8. denton davey says:

    Let’s be honest about this – SAF is “economical with the truth” in dealing with controversial matters like this one. Remember how he “wouldn’t sell a virus to that mob” ?

    Anyhow, I think that going forward – maybe from this coming summer/pre-season – we’re going to see TheWayneBoy in the ScholesRole. Doing that resolves the “midfield problem” as well as going some way towards sorting SAF’s man-management issues with the other three strikers.

    UTD’s traditional reliance on wing play seems to be in jeopardy since the current squad has much better players who are ” # 10 ” than wingers – or midfielders. While it’s a truism that you can never have enough quality players, the big issue with TheLads is how SAF can build team-work with a diverse group that – it could be argued – has too many quality players. Some of them have to play second-fiddle @ UTD whereas they have been main-men for their previous club and their country (like Chicharito and KagawaBunga).

  9. saniahmed.usman says:

    we united!!! we never 4get with wayne rooney bcoz he is d good samaritan…rooney ix better dan rvp 100% i wish all d best 2 wazza


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