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Fergie addressed youth team problem after 4 weeks in charge

Eric Harrison, the Manchester United coach credited with bringing through that fantastic team of 1992, has claimed that he owes his ability to establish a great youth team to Sir Alex Ferguson putting faith in the academy.

Harrison says that after a few weeks Ferguson spoke to him about his concerns regarding the youth team. This is an account Ferguson himself spoke about at the recent evening he spent with fans at the Lowry. Having seen our kids get thrashed by City, our former manager knew he had to change things quickly.

“Sir Alex had only been there three or four weeks,” said Harrison. “He got me in his office and said: ‘I’m not entirely satisfied with the youth set-up.’ I thought he was having a go at me personally. He said: ‘I want more players through.’ So I said: ‘Do you know how many scouts Manchester City have? About 10 times more than we have.’ He said: ‘Leave that with me, I’ll sort that out.’ And within about a month scouts were coming in right, left and centre, good scouts as well. Many a time when the first team finished training early they would come over and watch the youth team, especially Steve Bruce. And Steve used to say to me: ‘Eric, what a bunch of players you’ve got there.’ That’s a top player like Steve Bruce saying that. And little did he know that he’d be kicked out of the team when you got a bit older! But your group, you’ll never get a group like that again. It’s virtually impossible.”

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  1. Marko Maric says:

    When i was saying that, you all said that we have great academy…guess we dont

  2. xyz says:

    De Gea; Smalling, Vidic, Evans, Evra; Valencia, Cleverley, Jones, Kagawa, Welbeck; Rooney

  3. xyz says:

    Vidic for Ferdinand is an upgrade from the midweek side. Interesting to see if Kags plays 10, Rooney at 9 and Danny left or Kags left Rooney at 10 and Danny at 9…..

    Big game for Cleverly.

  4. Redfrog says:

    Hope Kagawa plays at 10 and Danny at left. Otherwise it would be a travesty.

  5. Redfrog says:

    Happy with the team but Welbeck playing and Januzaj not on the bench is fucking disappointing. Should be enough to win the game anyway. Go United!

  6. xyz says:

    I don’t believe Moyes would be starting Danny as first choice winger which makes me think he’ll be up top with Kags on the left…..

  7. wayne barker says:

    it’ll be Danny on the left,these early starts fuck me up 4 o clock in the fucking morning over here.Up for this game fucking hate Spurs and that smug looking cunt AVB.Had a Utd fan kicked out of the game Thursday for giving him some banter,checked out a Spurs site yesterday the cunts call us manure and that Levi is a fucking twat.Utd need a early goal really put the pressure on AVB and the players,these cunts get behind will fold like a cheap suit have no heart

  8. Redfrog says:

    @xyz, I’m worried to that it can be the case. Hope you’re wrong through

  9. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Welbeck will be on the left to counter townsend’s direct running and pace… Valencia on the right, kagawa at number 10 behind rooney… There’s mobility and inter-changing in the team, can’t afford slack cumbersome players in this tough game

  10. Tommy says:

    Thats the difference, Fergie built teams for the long term, managers these days get little time so are wanting instant success so its bye bye to the youth team!


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