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Fergie: Anderson Kept Gerrard Quiet

Rooney Anderson vs LiverpoolChristmas came early for United fans following a victory at Anfield today. Sir Alex Ferguson, who has never been shy over his feelings of dislike towards Liverpool, has praised the performance of new signings Anderson and Hargreaves, who did the business in midfield today.

“Anderson was terrific, he wasn’t intimidated by Steven Gerrard,” said Ferguson. “I thought he handled that particular part of the game really well. Steven was actually quite quiet today. Hargreaves has got more experience obviously. Both of them did a great job.”

After following a few seasons trying to find the right players to put the centre of our midfield, trying out Djemba Djemba, Alan Smith, John O’Shea, Darren Fletcher and Kleberson, to name a few, it finally seems as though Ferguson has got it right. Whilst waiting for Paul Scholes to return from injury, Anderson has been so impressive in midfield. He is still a teenager, a few games in to his first season in the Premiership, and after bossing the Arsenal midfield of Fabregas and Flamini, took control against the Liverpool midfield of Gerrard and Mascherano. The future is bright with players like Anderson on the books.

Does Anderson have the potential to be the midfield superstar we’ve been waiting for?

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  1. craig mc says:

    Anderson is a winner!. So young, and yet so strong a desire to win. I wonder what Fergie will do when Scholes is available again, because Anderson is too good on present form to be left out. A lot of United players do not produce the same form they have at home games when they play away, but Anderson has no fear, he turns it on home and away. He was better than Gerard today, but that is not hard, because Gerard cannot play against top teams, as he has proved in England games.

  2. Kop says:

    either Fergie has got his eyes up his ar** or i had too much smoke in my eyes cause i lost count of how many tackles steve gerrard has made today and just because he did not score a goal doesn`t really mean he`s been quite, as for the whole game i agree that there were chances for liverpool that they didn`t take but we all saw how the manchies scored.. it was pure luck but then again wut`s new? for me the game was 50 – 50 with a goal that liverpool shouldn`t have suffered..

  3. Kop says:

    As for the “gerrard cannot play with top teams comment” don`t forget mate that there were man.utd players too in the english national team when they were out, so don`t talk crap.. if you have any doubts go back into the champions league games and see if stevey can keep up or not.. or have you forgotten there`s a european cup too since you forgot the last time you were in the finals?

  4. Whiteside10 says:

    Thought Anderson was superb, along with most of the team… I originally thought he was brought in to replace Scholes longer term, but he and Hargreaves are forming a great defensive midfield partnership in front of the back four… Reckon that they’ll bring Scholes back in some of the easier home games to play alongside Anderson, to add a greater goal threat… One last thing, was disappointed to hear Benitez’s comments after the game – he reckoned the we only had one chance and scored from it, while they had many chances in the first half… to give Geoff Shreeves credit on Sky, he did ask Rafa what chances did he mean, and his reply was “from the corners”… The game I watched saw Rooney miss the best chance of the game – putting the ball wide from seven yards with just the keeper to beat… dunno what game Rafa was watching…

  5. Bonfire says:

    Haha, Kop I think it’s you with your head up your arse. Gerrard was absolute shite today, Anderson and Hargreaves upstaged them after playing what.. 5 games together? Anderson, in his first season in the Prem, after returning from a broken leg outclassed them, just like he did against Arsenal at the Emirates.

    And how was the goal pure luck? Leaving Rooney unmarked was tactical suicide by Benitez, then Benayoun staying on his post instead of rushing out and playing Tevez offside was defensive ineptitude. Pretty much a masterclass in how not to defend a corner if you ask me.

    AnderSHOW is the future. Brazil! Brazil! Brazil!

  6. mufc 4ever says:

    dear kop, dont talk about luck. We can name quite a few matches where lives have got a point or three on pure luck, or with referee giving them points. Anderson clearly topped Gerrard today, by a mile…

  7. Joel says:

    craig mc – “Anderson is a winner!. So young, and yet so strong a desire to win. I wonder what Fergie will do when Scholes is available again, because Anderson is too good on present form to be left out.”

    I agree completely with your assessment of Anderson, and have to say that he has surprised me thus far this season with his mature and effective performances.

    As for what would happen to him, I really hope Fergie would play Anderson alongside Scholes in at least a few games, as he has done earlier when Carrick and Hargreaves were out. Anderson has shown enough defensive qualities for us to entrust the defensive midfield role to him. I feel that his passing range is better than Hargreaves’, while his movement and incisiveness is better than Carrick’s. So he really could form a brilliant partnership with Scholesy. (But of course only against weaker teams; we’ll need Hargreaves against the better attacking teams!)

  8. Klauq says:

    LMAO rafa was the blind one! i dont think he should have subbed Kuyt out, instead he should hve subbed Torres out! Torres couldnt match Ferdinand at all, while Kuyt at least can be more helpful because of his workmanship. Torres was useless to get the level point.But really Gerrad was kept quiet by Anderson, REALLY a shame, plus he got booked against a 19year old, an EPL newcomer! LOL! of course he sent a lot of tackle flying, but that’s all he could do! his tackles couldnt hold the games! Andersons’ did!

  9. IndianPunk says:

    Does Anderson have the potential to be the midfield superstar we’ve been waiting for?

    Hell yeah lad’s a winner
    fergie’s got it spot on
    and his partnership with hargo is amazing
    well we cant get keano and scholesy youth ful era back but these guys are definately the new mid field partnership we’ve been looking out for

    and i just hope carrick stays put as a backup for all his life at united and not cry for action always.

  10. Taehr says:

    Anderson is amazing.he has everything.tenacity,pace,power,passing,dribbling,vision he is outstanding.he is only 19?!what a talent.i think he will keep scholes out.he has too.why slow his development?

  11. Tom F says:

    Anderson doesn’t give players the space or time to think let alone pass the ball, him as well as Hargreaves and Tevez are 3 top quality examples of what you do when you or a team mate loses the ball.. GET IT BACK, they are all strong, quick and have great vision. Back to Anderson, I also did see him as a long term replacement for Scholes and Nani as a replacement for Giggs. In Europe Anderson at his best can bully and of the top midfielders and to think he’s only 19 is incredible, I remember when we first signed him and I went online to ask Porto fans what they were losing and none of them were happy and all insisted we didn’t realise what we’re in for. Now we know.

    As for Gerrards game, he DID have a quiet game (by his own standards) and in the first half Anderson did get to every ball before Gerrard. A few Liverpool players had unconvincing games today, Torres (who I am a fan of) for example.

    The squad we started with today, is the one I was hoping for and probably the one that starts the next 5,6 or 7 games. Would have a slightly different bench though ;o)

  12. Tom F says:

    Also, anyone who disputes the fact that Anderson won the midfield battle with Gerrard.. just watch MATCH OF THE DAY.. Alan Hansen and Lawrenson will settle the issues.. =Op

  13. Canadian Red says:

    I think Fergie summed it up best, they didn’t come to play free flowing football, they came to stifle Liverpool a game plan which worked well for them, its strange that a team with as many “world class” players in their side an Man Yoo fans would have us think are scared to play free flowing football against us eh?

  14. jsos says:

    anderson was truly magic today. no question. and as to the gerrard comments, he was outclassed and looked amateur today. the whole liverpool squad did. mighty torres looked too scared to make a move while the rest of the team spent the better part of the match kicking away their chances into the stands. gerrard’s completely undeserved penalty was the only one that came remotely close. I think even the scouse can acknowledge that today they were outplayed

  15. OMelhorDoMundo says:

    Liverpool tried very hard. Today was like their game against Fulham. Lacking any real danger going forward and limiting themselves to hopeful shots and crosses.
    But anyway, about the future of world football. Anderson is incredible. He has a bit of everything and is incredibly mature for a teenager. He has a physical presence perhaps Carrick and Scholes lack. And today, when he carried the ball from our end to their area before Gerrard tackled him..that was just incredible. If there’s one thing he can improve on, it’s scoring goals but that’ll surely come. He’s an amazing talent and very exciting

  16. Jonathan Bianco says:

    Actually KOP, when england got knocked out against croatia there was not even one united player in the team. rio was suspended, neville and rooney injured, carrick and hargreaves not selected..that is just to clarify that..
    all gerrard did is one tackle in the first half that stopped andersons surging run through the middle..
    ferdinand had ‘diving’ torres on a leash, and liverpool did not even have one decent chance..

  17. Shahzeem Pasha says:

    Anderson has been teriffic. But i have a feeling he’s been playing it simple or safe, probly SAF’s instructions as part of his footballing education. Im sure once he fully understands the premiership and then allowed to push up more often then he will truly explode.i cant see him as a defensive midfeilder for long. i hope he scores his 1st goal soon he deserves one and i can imagine the celebrations.
    Anderson the only number 10player with number 6 player qualities. Probly that’s why SAF gave him no 8 instead of no 10 which was available.

  18. demang says:

    canadian red, u r just pathetic bitter pool fan. 1st of all why on earth we go there to play free flowing football when we knows that the kop DOES NOT appreciate it? 2nd, i believe its pool fan that always came with the idea of my team have world class player in gerrard, torress,carragher not to mention the best goalkeeper in the world in reina bla bla bla.. Finally, please oh please oh please realized that how ordinary Liverpool was when anderson and hargreaves simply shut your gerrard down! i believe that was the main idea of fergie’s talk u quote up there..

  19. Tom F says:

    “I think Fergie summed it up best, they didn’t come to play free flowing football, they came to stifle Liverpool a game plan which worked well for them, its strange that a team with as many “world class” players in their side an Man Yoo fans would have us think are scared to play free flowing football against us eh”

    ER.. Yeah Great Comment!!

    Even if you don’t use the words ‘world class’ United are certainly a class or 2 above ‘pool!!

    Anfield is meant to be hell for travelling fans and teams, so to try to stick the knife in United fans try to remember how many times you have actually beaten us there in recent years. In fact try to remember a draw or two..

    United fans, because of our teams sucess are easy targets but we, like our team yesterday stand up for ourselves. This was Liverpools best shot at beating United and they walked back under that ‘This is Anfield’ sign yesterday with NOTHING!!

  20. tinzweishe says:

    the guy is generally superb and he has eager and commitment to win the game.he is a natural play maker good ball control and passing.The most surprising thing is that he is currently the youngest guy in the team but the holy squad follow his instructions during the game,has the potential to be the captain unlike Rooney who is campaigning to be the captain because he is English. With this guy united will not be reduced to par performers against strong oppositions like ac Milan or real Madrid.

  21. denton davey says:

    Anderson, like Ronaldo, has been a masterful purchase. And, also like Ronaldo, he’s young and will get much, much better.

    It makes me grinch when I think how the anti-Glazers told us that the money was going to dry up ! The Glazers bought UTD to make money – and they didn’t have to build a stadium (like L’pool or d’Arse) and delay current acquisitions to fund that immense (and always over-budget) expense. The Glazers knew that they had a diamond in SAF and if they gave him an unlimited budge, he would exceed it ! But they would be happy with the results. Me, too.

  22. Jack says:

    Our signings this season have been masterstrokes by SAF.. Anderson, Tevez, Hargreaves are immense, and Nani, like Ronaldo did, will get better in time. Nani has a lot of potential (The 2 thunderbolts this season) and training with the squad, will only get better. And what can I say about the other 3? They’ve already all broke into the first 11! So what if we paid alot during the summer. I’m sure if ‘pool or Arsenal didn’t buy their new stadiums, they would have spent just as much.. And then of course, Chelsea over the past few seasons.. Long live UNITED!


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