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Fergie: Ando Changed The Game

Sir Alex Ferguson wasn’t impressed with our performance today but was happy with the energy Anderson brought to the game after being subbed on with half an hour to go at 1-0 down.

“I thought Anderson changed the game,” Fergie told MUTV. “We played for about 10 or 15 minutes, that was the sum total of a real performance for Manchester United. Queens Park Rangers had a surge of determination and belief, they worked really hard and that’s what you expect when a team loses its manager. We saw that again today. Of course it is frustrating [to keep conceding first] and you have to be concerned about it. The one thing about it is their goal sparked us off. From that moment on, we really got at them and played with great determination and speed and it made a difference.”

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  1. Gopher Brown says:

    So, Carrick and Giggs again for the next match?

  2. Clayton Blackmores tan lines says:

    Why Fergie isnt starting with Ando n Cleverley i will never know, the last two games we have struggled as we have had no energy in midfield, today we had Scholes – great with the ball but not renounded for tackling sat next to a guy (Fletcher) who was starting his first game in over a year. Also we now have Smalling and Joned back – if the current centre backs cant cut it put these two in – future England pairing, if they are ever going to get ti that level they need games, Fergie has a perfect excuse to make the changes

  3. denton davey says:

    With Anderson, TheLads drive forward and play an attacking game which puts the opposition on the the defensive.

    With Chicharito on the field, UTD force the opposition to play warily which creates space for the other attackers.

    With Ashley Young, GOD HELP US ! I think he’s approaching Djemba-Djemba levels of incompetence.

    Today was TheGingerNinja’s worst game in the red shirt – he was damned-near atrocious and lucky not to have been shown a straight red card for the scything “tackle” in the early going, not long after another “typical” assault. Looking at the pained expression on his face, today might just have been his “RedNevMoment” when he realizes that he’s done.

  4. parryheid says:

    Pretty poor display all round and that goal we lost takes some believing,incredible.

  5. Joffrey Baratheon says:

    Well at least Fergie didn’t try pulling the wool over anyone’s eyes with that “I thought some of our football was brilliant at times” Anderson and Hernandez’s impact in the game were the only positives to take out of yet another dire performance.

  6. Arthur "Ander-Sheds" Jackson says:

    Loved Ando today. What a run to free up Chico! He looked like a rampaging bull in there! He darn well better start on Wednesday.

  7. Goat Peticoat says:

    Im really pissed off at QPR for not rolling over and letting us win. I mean they were managerless on the bench today, brought back Division 1 players and Harry “I saved Southampton frm relegation” Redknapp hawkily looking down on them from upon high.
    There was no reason for QPR trying, that really pisses me off when opposing teams come to OT and try. Its completely uncomprehensable for me to understand why a player who earns what they earn, when compared what our boys earn, turn up and show some profeessionalism and honesty for their earnings. They make me sick, I say ban the lot of them.

  8. Red1990 says:

    Should always have anderson or cleverley in midfield to do the running, giggs and scholes only for subs!

  9. ianoha says:

    the defence was particularly worrying today..the glaring opening for the goal was shocking..Rio had a stinker 1st half but had a better 2nd..i love scholes and giggs but to play them every other week is a big concern in that fergie doesn’t trust the young boys..ando done very well when came on and like chico is an impact player..rooney was outstanding again some of his passing was pure bliss,fletcher had great energy and great for him to get a goal so happy for him..the minute i heard Hughes got sacked i was worried about the reaction from them and it showed how hard they we’re working but again it took us to go goal down to start playing..all in all 3 pts is what matters

  10. eddieTheRed says:

    Anderson could have changed the game even more if he had actually started the match – c’mon Fergie, unleash some youthful energy in that lifeless midfield!

  11. SHINJI THE NINJA says:

    For once I just wish we would start our strongest team instead of all this putting in elderly and chronically ill players. I wish we wouldnt play a striker on the wing and I wish Rooney was made to earn a place as a striker instead of being “re-invented” as a midfielder – which he isnt actually very good at.

    The first half was pathetic and it was boring as hell to watch.

    Soon as Anderson came on and actually ran fast in a forward direction, we actually felt like we were watching Manchester United. It cost me £110 today to take a mate to the game and for that money I expect a fucking show.
    Getting fucking fed up with such shit performances – OK, it was a “win” but it was fucking shit to watch.
    Can anyone tell me the last time our £250k Wayne Rooney world class player ACTUALLY scored a GREAT goal………………………………………….. do we have to go back as far as against City ?

    The Manager sits on his arse all game now and doesnt even get off his seat when we are playing shit, showing no passion and losing 1-0.

    Am I the only one who thinks that aint fucking good enough and Old Trafford is no place for sentimental team selections and sedentary management.

    We won today, but to be honest, so fucking what. I dread coming up against a proper team in the CL as we are going to get gang raped in the first 15 minutes some day very soon and the manager will maybe think that Giggs Fletcher Welbeck and Young wasnt such a great midfield choice to face Borussia Dortmund or Real Madrid.

    Why did winning 3-1 feel so shit ? I was there and was pathetic and boring and the atmosphere was shit. Just telling it like it actually is for the fans who go.

  12. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Goat – apart from the moments that you can be a complete cunt, your comment is brilliant.

  13. samuel - united WE stand says:

    That’s the thing with anderson, he has that dynamism, drive and power to get the team going. He’s a positive player, always looking positive with his passes, mainly looking to carve teams with an eye of a needle pass. Possibly only one of a few midfielders that united have that can get past players and he can be part of the midfield solution if we can somehow get him fully fit, i really hope we can because ando, kagawa, powell, carrick, fletch and cleverley are capable of that one touch passing we need, they should be first choice ahead of giggs and scholes.

  14. Stretfordborn says:

    Ando cleverly played mid week and were largely average. So don’t jump on the bandwagon but I think they definitely bring something to the squad. Which is that through ball and the willingness to attack players! If Andover was a fit player he’d be able to play a whole match without wheezing and would have that burst of pace to get away from top class midfielders.
    Was worrying our first 2 goals were from its bad defending from them but I’m glad we won a side which you are unsure of how they will play under new management

    Keep it up ! In SAF we trust

  15. pjch says:

    Every time I come on this site its the same story about our midfield.Fergie sems to be stuck on playing the old guard and I’m sorryto say that when we come up against a good team playing the midfield with Giggs and Scholes in would be a disaster, I can see (god forbid) City walking all over us and the next stage of the Champions League beckons. Hopefully SAF will buy midfielders in the transfer window so we won’t be humiliated against the likes of Barca Real Dortmund Bayern …….
    We should be starting with Ando every game from now on. Be more mobile and direct and also be able to defend too.

  16. Unitedforeva says:

    I know I’m repeating what many here and elsewhere are saying, but I have to say it. Fergie, please don’t start Scholes/Carrick/Giggs again or there will be matches in which we cannot do the come-from-behind again. For God sake, have them on the bench if you’re trying to prolong their legacy and bring them on for the last 20 or so minutes when we’re 2 or 3 goals up. Please!!

  17. napstar says:

    @Clayton Blackmores tan lines Fergie’s saving Anderson and Cleverly for Christmas…then he will unleash them

  18. Daniel88 says:

    I dont see why Fergie is struggling.

    De Gea, Evans, Ferdinand, Evra, Rafael, Cleverley Anderson, Nani, Valencia, Van Persie and Rooney.

    Lets just play a standard 4-4-2 with a back four, two energetic central midfielders, two wide men and two strikers. Keep the game high tempo and press the ball high up the pitch. Use our width to stretch teams and get crosses. We will murder teams with our pace, movement and the two big guns up top.

    Away from home against better teams in PL and CL bolster the midfield with an extra body and pick the front three on form and who we are playing.

    Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes simply cannot start games anymore its been time to move on for at least three years now. The sentimentality from Fergie is just getting on my nerves.

  19. Pebblesmeller says:

    And most of us thought that Pogba was a cheeky little pup for going! He was right to go when you see Fergie still picking Scholes and Giggs in centre midfield. Christ he is even playing Rooney there now instead of an actual proper midfielder.
    Playing 1 of Scholes or Giggs in a 2 man midfield in front of Rio is asking for trouble. No central protection for our 2 centre backs anymore means they are always under pressure. Fergie has made the same mistake today as he did v Norwich, and then uses up 2 substitutions trying to correct his fucked up team selection.
    Get it together Fergie please. 3 in midfield from here on.

  20. Pebblesmeller says:

    For the last 2 seasons the option of playing Scholes and Giggs in the middle was working because teams stood off them and gave them the time to get their head up, see the runs and play the passes. This season most teams are playing an extra man in the middle and are pressurising Scholes/Giggs into mistakes. 65mins onwards is the time for those 2 boys to come on, to keep possession and work the clock in games we are winning, or, see the space and pick the passes against tiring defences when we need a goal (or 3 as it seems this season).

  21. StatesideAussie says:

    Surely it’s time for Ando to be a first-choice MF. The lad has finally come of age. He is a bundle of energy, pace, vision and attacking intent.

    And surely, it’s time for Scholes and Giggs to take a bow. Maybe they don’t need to hang up their boots, but, if their roles are determined based on current form and merit rather than sentiment, then they deserve no more than bit-part roles. Yes, they are both legends. I will never slag them off. But Old Man Time cannot be denied, and there is no longer any justification for starting with either of these two.

    We need more of Ando and TC, and less of Scholes and Giggs. Would like to see Powell get more of a sniff, too. And I don’t understand why Young is preferred over Nani.

    And before I forget: great to see Fletcher back in business. Been sorely missed, and I am delighted for him personally as well as the team. Also good to see Hernandez back in his first-season form. As it stands, I’d rather see him play than Wellbeck, who has gone off the boil.

    Ando, TC, Kagawa (when he’s back from injury), Hernandez, Nani, Tony V, Fletcher/Carrick and Powell: pick 3 or 4 from that bunch and put them with RVP and Rooney. They’d not only win, they’d be worth watching.

  22. StatesideAussie says:

    Pebblesmeller … spot on. I only watch United matches, it seems mid-to-lower teams have moved a little away from parking the bus this season. They are not sitting back quite so much, and the midfield more combative. As you suggest, I’d keep Scholes and Giggs as subs for the latter stages of a match when the opposition is tiring, and when we could use their experience and coolness.

  23. orez says:


    I think a lot o people agree with you, but there is nothing much we can do, other then SAF will see the problems and will react. We have been lucky or unlucky that in the past 3 years although with major shortcomings we still won and were able to compete. These elevated pressure from the manager somewhat, cause we can always remind that we lost last year on goal difference forgetting the overall bad year. What I am trying to say is that a lot of us agree with you, it’s just that there is nothing much we can do.

  24. Saad says:

    I love what Ando brings to the midfield. His turbocharged runs through the midfield are just beautiful to watch. And when he’s on, he really is every bit of the hype with which he came to United. But he gets completely knackered by the 70th minute whenever he starts a game. Until he has the fitness to play 120 mins at the same tempo, he could be used as a super-sub.

  25. LexxytheRED says:


    I am very happy to see your comment. Some fucking honesty at last, as much as we blame the players and rightly so the management as been under performing for close to three seasons now, Man Utd are busy celebrating Milestones and sponsorship deals rather than actually celebrating a comprehensive win against one european power house or celebrating a trophy.
    Hate to say this but Giggs and Scholes should take a close look at themselves (especially Giggs) both of them need to do the Gary Neville and just bow out , retain their dignity and come back as Legends. I felt sorry for Scholes today it was horrible to watch.
    Finally, hate to say this once again but Fergie needs to give a younger man the reins, you can’t cheat nature. A king who is 70 will most likely be thinking of stepping down to his son, not to talk of a Manager of a day to day, minute to minute premier league club like Man Utd. Am not afraid to say it but Fergie’s time is over now, I mean he can’t even be arsed into standing up now.
    All in all, we need to move on, he’s had a stand and Statue now……… Surely , this should be his last season and a new chapter is open in the illustrious history of our great club.

  26. matrixvampire says:

    Totally agree with everyone. Giggs/Scholes/Carrick really slows the game. We need tempo. We need Manchester United back.

  27. Bf hadejha says:

    Why we always playing like fucking old club..i dnt see the season why SAF trying to show selfish in his squad..why using old player instead of new wth fresh flowing blood in their vein like ANDO CLEVERLY NANI VELENCIA CHICHARITO,..then why using old crooks like scholes,giggs,fletcher,POGBA IS RIGH FOR LEAVING THE CLUB

  28. Zulu-Utd-Malta says:

    So if Ando changed the game, why the heck is’nt he starting the games ? For God’s sake, our team is sufering coz m/field is done when Scholes is playing this season ! He became too slow overnight coz the age is there !
    I think it’s about time that we’ll see Clever and Ando playing together for most the games now and smoothly we’ll let Powell in gradually. He is a gem that boy till now !

  29. RedMist says:

    He impressed BUT it will probably Giggs or Scholes starting with Carrick next time.
    The difference in tempo and style when Ando plays is staggering…it’s even more staggering that
    The Boss can’t see it.
    It’s amazing what a difference a midfielder that can run with the ball can make.
    Please, please, please, no more lethargic, stationary midfield pairings.

  30. sophiepaddy says:

    Last time I looked we were top of the English Premier League.
    I thought we had qualified in Europe with 2 games to spare. Scored more goals than our rivals. Beaten 9 Preteams after going behind. Lost our crown last season on goal difference. In the last minute of the season. We clearly need to change the manager and half the team. Clearly tough times at OT. Did anybody out support United during the late seventies and eighties? I did…don’ t you remember what it was like to actually be a bit crap? We may have some issues in the side, but people, stop fuckjng complaining and take a reality check. WE’RE FUCKING GREAT…SUPPORT YOUR TEAM AND STOP TALKING WANK…

  31. sadiq says:

    i think that with ando on, there was more energy in midfield and with THAT performance, i think he will get a start along side carrick against west ham. west ham are in good form, so we will need experience and speed and that is the ONLY reason of why carrick did not play today. so my predicted line-up:

    DE GEA

  32. allred says:

    the time 4 anderson and cleverly wd come.. the league is a marathon and nt a race..

  33. Andooo says:

    Been saying this for a fair old while now but Ando is a rare breed.

    There aren’t many central midfielders in world football who do what he does. He’s one of the most positive midfielders you will see, always on the front foot and drifting past players for fun. I honestly think that opposition midfielders will dread playing against him as he can seriously embarrass them, when they see a team sheet with him not in there, I’m sure they are more than relieved.

    Fitness is his issue but that will only improve by playing 2 games a week, not 2 games a month!

    He is potentially a world beater and the 2014 world cup might not be too soon for Anderson.

  34. Redninja says:

    Just take the win and stop wanking afterall we are just fans

  35. StatesideAussie says:

    sophiepaddy … I said as much last week: we have won 4 out of the last 6 PL titles; in the two seasons we didn’t win, we were second, in one case by a point and in the other by goal difference. Over the same period, we have won the CL once and reached two other CL finals, both times losing to a team that many experts rate as one of the best ever. So in terms of season success and silverware, we have no right to complain; talk of the team “under-performing” is pure nonsense. It is an astonishing record, especially given the way we have been blighted by injuries these last few years, and have been competing against the bottomnless pockets that fund Shitty and the Rent Boys.

    And yet, I, like many others, can’t help feeling there’s something wrong. Something missing. Not working the way it should. Too much of the football we play is dull, ineffective or just plain ugly. We lose or draw matches that we ought to win easily. We are erratic. Our transfer and selection strategies often appear to make little or no sense. For years, we were told there was no value in the market, we would instead buy younger players and bring them through the ranks, and we would no longer buy anyone over the age of 27. Yet this season we forked out big money for a striker who’s already 29 and has only completed one of last 8 or 9 seaons uninjured. (He’s wonderful, by the way, so don’t get me wrong. I’m not bitching about the player or the decision to buy him. I am merely bitching about the bullshit we have been fed these last few years.)

    And where are the younger players? For the most part, in the reserves or warming the subs bench. I have supported the club for about 45 years, and I do understand the risk of ruching young players through too quickly. But the argument of giving them gradually more exposure over the last few years has now run its course: if they are not ready now, when will they be? Anderson will be 25 before the season is done. Nani is already 26. They are both in their 6th season with us.

    I for one like what I see when these guys play. Anderson, TC, Kagawa and others. Yes, it is sometimes naive football. But it is also fast, energetic, inventive and skilfull. And fun to watch. So why can’t we watch it more? What was achieved this week by starting Scholes (bless him) and leaving Anderson as a sub?

    I think these guys are good enough. They have enough experience now, it is time to let them run with it. And time to shuffle some of the old stagers out of the spotlight. Apart from the fact that we demonstrably play better this way, surely the logic of the situation is also undeniable: if these guys are good enough to take over the reins, then they should be allowed to do so; and if they are not good enough, then they should be shown the door because they’ve been here long enough.

  36. Kevin says:

    @shinji – I think Keane was talking about you re. Prawn sandwiches. Let me guess – your contribution to the atmosphere was substantial right? (Or did you just sit there and moan because the team only managed to win 3-1?)

    @lexxy – same deal.

    Fertile always proves muppets like you guys wrong.

  37. ClaytonBlackmoresTan says:

    Hello Reds,

    Firstly, if he’s match fit I’m sure Ando will play- all of us know that when he’s fit he can produce- its just that a lot of the time he is Norma from Shameless.

    Secondly, Clayton Blacmore’s tan lines- your hit of originality and general outright plagiarism is as lazy as it is fucking sad mate.

    What’s next? Samuel united WE stood? King Eric’s collar? Stateside Aussie shampoo?

    You’re like a dipper with your theft of my name mate- I’m up for the Sun’lun game, I’ll see if you’re there in case you try to fucking nick my pint.


    The original CBT.

  38. spitals says:

    sophiepaddy says: Last time I looked we were top of the English Premier League. I thought we had qualified in Europe with 2 games to spare. Scored more goals than our rivals. Beaten 9 Preteams after going behind. Lost our crown last season on goal difference. In the last minute of the season. We clearly need to change the manager and half the team. Clearly tough times at OT. Did anybody out support United during the late seventies and eighties? I did…don’ t you remember what it was like to actually be a bit crap? We may have some issues in the side, but people, stop fuckjng complaining and take a reality check. WE’RE FUCKING GREAT…SUPPORT YOUR TEAM AND STOP TALKING WANK…

    Spot on pal!!

  39. LexxytheRED says:


    Was expecting muppet like you, who has blind loyalty and can’t see the truth staring you in the eye

  40. Kevin says:


    Blind loyalty to the club yes please – I have an old fashioned idea that you turn up to a game to support your team not to expect a show.

    slagging off the manager after winning 3-1 and going back to the top of the table… I think there is a truth there somewhere to think about


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