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Fergie: Becks Is Near The End… Like Giggs, Scholes and Nev

After claiming the only club he would play for in England was Manchester United, David Beckham entered talks with Tottenham Hotspurs, amongst others, a fortnight later. It now looks as though he will join Spurs on loan this weekend.

Sir Alex Ferguson has been asked what he makes of Beckham’s return to the Premiership, but our manager doesn’t seem very excited about the impact the former United man could make on the league.

“The thing with David, if he comes to England, whoever takes him on, he will have to go back in March,” said Ferguson. “It’s a very short-term loan and we had the same situation with Henrik Larsson in 2007. We utilised those two months well and Henrik played a great part but we always knew that we would miss him at the time when we would have liked to have had him, at the tail-end of the season. Anyone at 35 is looking at the twilight years of his career. I have players like Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs and Gary Neville who grew up with David and are at the same level. They know they are coming towards the end of their careers and the horrible part of being a manager is seeing that. These players, who have been with you so long, are eventually going to retire and David knows that better than anyone.”

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  1. Costas says:

    Yet it’s worryying what difference Scholes and Giggs still make for us.

  2. Trevor says:

    Just goes to show what quality we were blessed with!

  3. Anon Payn says:

    Do Scholes and Giggs really make that big a difference any more?
    Yes they bring a lot of talent and experience to the table, but we have beaten Arsenal this season without either of those in the team.
    Not to mention, Ando has completely taken over the midfield enforcer’s role.
    As for Giggs, he is needed at the moment due to injuries and internationals. I honestly don’t think Giggs is required to play week in week out when Valencia and Park are around.

  4. Raizzen says:

    Scholes has. At least the start of the season and when he’s fit. And look at our mid (barring a few recent games Ando has been exceptional), they looked mediocre at best when he wasn’t playing.

    Yeah we won the Arse game but what a horrid game that was to watch. And the gooners had to guts to come here and claim they play pretty. Not that we were good but fuck me, weren’t they much prettier.

    But its coming. That dreaded day when we have to see the back of Scholes leaving us. That’d be an awful sight.

  5. MG says:

    All things have to end. One day Sir Alex will also walk out of his doors at OT forever.

    Maybe we will cry maybe we’ll know that we have lost the greatest thing that happened to us

    Or maybe we’ll remember those beautiful Babes that came a symbol of our hope. A definition of what we have become.

    Maybe we will stand together hand in hand brother sister of all colours of all races United in our love for this Manchester United. Maybe we will look on those that tell us that we are no more that we were born with defiance.

    We too will end. But Manchester United will never die. And nobody but ourselves will understand that when we say it as simply as that. Manchester United will never die.

    This shirt that we wear – this red shirt – this shirt is a symbol of defiance.

    Let change come – we are not afraid of change – we defy those that do not believe. We believe.

  6. Trafford Brown says:

    Whilst I dread the day that SAF steps down, I 100% concur with MG.

    Manchester United will never die.

  7. Red Rupert says:

    bloody hell MG, I’m not saying you’re a drama queen but that is worthy of a Liverpool supporter

  8. Keyser Soze says:

    This is getting too gloomy and sentimental for my own liking…

    There are too many people dreading the day Fergie leaves, and the problem with that is they are not worried of what we’ll be missing that he has to offer, but with the constant fear of his successor (ideally, there will be only one for an extended period, as unlikely as it seems in the current climate) not being able to maintain SAF’s levels of consistency at the highest stage. That shows lack of faith in the club itself.

    Ferguson is one of the greatest people to associate with United, but he is not The Club, and he has worked hard to express that out loud and instill it into every member of the club – the badge, the fans and the history of Manchester United mean everything, not players, not owners, not managers.

    As long as SIr Alex’s legacy lives, even if he’s not around, I wouldn’t be worried one bit.

  9. NotoriousRedDevil says:

    Everyone needs to listen to this finally a pundit who calls it like it is. Nice one Lawrie Sanchez.

  10. adkoillusion says:

    @mg-totally agree with you

  11. Dave Malaysia says:

    Have u guys read Bruce comments that ince once pulled an air gun on Fergie ?

    Sunday will be tricky or straight foward if we play our game well.

    Spurs seem to have signed 2 players already. This is goin to be a very interesting game next week.
    The media are goin to go bonkers.

    Scholes and Giggs have had thier ups and downs with thier performances levels these few years,generally they have recovered and made an impact.
    They might get a contract extension or join VDS and Gary as coaches at Manutd.

    With Ando now following Nani in turning things around and looking capable of achieiving thier potential at Manutd ,signing new contracts, its looks the above mentioned legends will retire this season most likely.

    I think if it becomes clearer and confirmed thats happening ,this is going to be an emotional season for us.

    As for Fergie,the good news is he wants to continue managing ,and very sure when he does retire ,as Gill said ,Fergie will help pick his successor. Sure he will have a role at the club for the rest of his life,without interfering in the new manager and the team.And I also beleive they know who they want already.

    We are seeing some adjustments to our team,like I have said in here ,this season many careers will be decided , Chester has now been released.Magnus sound like hes gone too.
    I wonder whats goin to happen to Oliver Gill among others this season,in or released?

  12. musvn says:

    @MG: great comment

  13. GilesFans says:

    @MG: spot on

    and when the day SAF walk out, personally, i don’t want a new manager comes and fill our club with mercenaries.

  14. kel says:

    The sad thing about manager is seeing those player who have been with you for so long couldn’t carry on and have to retired. =(

  15. Lexxy says:

    @MG. . . . . . . . GREAT ARTICLE MATE. Man United will never die. We wont. . . .Thd Red shirt we wear is a symbol of deviance

  16. Moscow2008 says:

    If Becks do join spurs then crouch is gonna b a top scorer.

  17. Natural Red says:

    It has been for me the greatest honour growing up watching these guys…and live through their era, Giggs,Scholes etc…

    These guys for me are immortalized like Duncan Edwards is for the old folk.

  18. Costas says:

    Personally, I don’t get where Fergie was going with this statement. It’s like he is trying to find a flaw in Beckham’s move to the Pr.League. Tottenham obviously know that Beckham will go back in March, so they just wanted another player to beef up their squad and with the experience to help them negotiate the Milan fixtures. Beckham can do both and Spurs obviously feel that he won’t be needed after that.

    And yeah, David isn’t getting any younger, but as I said in my first comment, I feel we depend on Scholes or Giggs as much or maybe evevn more than Tottenham might depend on Beckham.

  19. smartalex says:

    Methinks he doth protest too much.
    Sir Alex recognizes the fairy tale qualities of a Beckham return. As SAF becomes more grandfatherly he has allowed sentiment in. Not enough to cloud his judgement, but enough to make him feel like a grinch for closing the door on David. So he sits us on his knee and benevolently reminds us that all good things come to an end.

  20. Giles Oakley says:

    MG, a lovely piece of writing.

  21. Yergen says:

    I think the dressing room and on the training pitch is where we will suffer most. Good players have come and gone. Our mentality and attitude has been the one thing, apart from Sir Alex and a few of his fledglings, that has been with us since we started winning again. It’s because they have remained (Sir Alex, Nev, Giggs and Scholes etc) we have been able to maintain the right attitude. When they go, who is going to be there to instill this into coming generations? That’s what worries me…

  22. davirob says:

    Off topic. I know caught offside is a crap website but they are runningnwith Madrid sniffing around Vidic and Hernandez. Not the first time I’ve read this!

  23. United says:

    The Hernandez and Vidic stories write themselves, which is what lazy journalists want. And I agree with whoever posted up there saying Giggs hasn’t been influential this season. He has ALWAYS had this irritating habit of trying flicks, tricks, flashy passes etc which leads to him losing possession, when he is off form it stands out a lot more. Both him and Scholes have a year in them yet, good to bring them out for a big game at old trafford, or to close out a game during ‘squeaky bum time.’

  24. wayne says:

    i understand beckhams reason for the move he wants to stay relevant,from spurs not so much,its sir alex in a nice way saying beckham is finished at the top level.capello recongnised that last year by saying beckham is to old,he backtracked a bit but i’d lay odds beckham won’t play for england again in a match that means something.even “arry” said that to a point something to the effect,even if beckham joins spurs and is not match fit and just trains with the team and he’ll be great round the dressing room nothing lost by signing him for a couple of months.i find it all to big a big publicity stunt “arry” and beckham are cut from the same cloth media whores.beckham will not make any significant difference to spurs on the pitch.

  25. willierednut says:

    Becks was never coming to United, he’s done. The reason Fergie has kept playing Scholes and Giggs, is because Anderson and Nani have taken longer to show their worth to the team. Now, Nani and Ando are showing consistency in their game, I’d expect to see less of Scholes and Giggsy.

  26. Troy says:

    Truth be told i am getting a bit weary of all this Beckham talk.
    I do feel he is a bit long in the tooth for the EPL, being away from it for so long won’t make it any easier either.
    I know there are those who dislike him for the lifestyle he chose to live but as a United player he gave us some great memories.
    I wish him the very best for this is for sure a swansong of sorts.

  27. MG says:

    I was never a fan of bears but lately Paddington has become a hero due to parental reasons.

    In any case I don’t exactly listen to anyone who shares a name with a bear

    To everyone else who got it thank-you

    To Giles Oakley – hope you are doing better Sir

    Good day Reds.

  28. willierednut says:

    Calm down dear lol.

  29. Costas says:


    So Scholes and Giggs won’t be offered contract extensions?

  30. willierednut says:

    I don’t know, are they getting offered new contracts?

  31. wayne says:

    @costas don’t think sir alex will just cut them try and phase them into others areas of the club.think scholes has already said if he feels can’t contribute anymore he’ll be done.don’t think we’ll see a g.nev situation develop with either player.

  32. smartalex says:

    Liverpool supporters are unbearable.

  33. Costas says:

    I think that’s the rumor going around mate. And it would be a smart move to do, since you don’t want to lose Giggs, Scholes and Neville all at once. And I’ve always said that these guys should decide themselves when to call it quits. I just found Fergie’s comment about Beckham’s age strange since we will likely offer at least one of our golden oldies a contract extemsion.

  34. Costas says:

    The post above was directed at willie.


    Yeah, the way I look at it, it’s up to them too. As I said above, I just find the age discussion weird, since we will probably offer these guys an extension should they feel up for it.

  35. MG says:


    I’m not green – anymore – not yet anyway :)


    Scholes and Giggs are on a different level from Beckham at comparable ages.

    You could argue Neville and Becks are at the same level however ;)

  36. wayne says:

    @costas scholes and giggs have much better skill sets than beckham + stayed in one place,never chased fame and both quit international football fairly early,think they have a chance of contributing one more year at a ltd level and then move on to other areas of the club.

  37. willierednut says:

    I don’t see where Becks would have fitted in at United. He can’t play on the right wing anymore, which we have Nani anyway. The CM area does need strengthened, but Becks wouldn’t be the answer imo. On why SAF made this comment, I know there’s talk, they sorted their differences out, but I still detect a bit of tension between them. If Giggsy and Scholes get a one year deal, then that will be their last contract. Red Nev will probably retire in the summer.

  38. MG says:

    SAF should make Neville assistant every time we play shitty and the scouse

    Stand him all the way through the match in the technical area nice and composed – fuck me that would be enough to piss the non believers off


  39. Costas says:


    I think it’s hard to compare. And after Beckham’s injury last year, we don’t know what he has left in the tank. He could do better than we think at Spurs. Neville isn’t finished imo, just a victim of circumstance. He has 3 players ahead of him for that right back berth, so we will never know what he can do on an exteded run in the side. So in his case, it’s either go elsewhere, or retire.


    I agree about all those factors. And of course Ferguson isn’t wrong when he says that Beckham’s career is near the end. I just don’t see how Spus have anything to lose from this as it’s implied. They can benefit from his experience and class, just like we still do when we use Scholes and Giggs.

  40. willierednut says:

    MG – Could see Gary taking over from Ole, he has commented on the reserve games quite a few games. Natural progression, eh?

  41. willierednut says:


  42. pmcelevey1 says:

    Lads look at the quality wel have on our wings next season

    Nani, Valencia, Park, Giggs, Wellbeck, Cleverly………….Now if thats not options i dont know what is.

    Bebe & Obertan can go on loan to Wigan and sunderland


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