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Fergie Blames Ref For Rooney Substitution

Wayne Rooney was subbed off in our 1-1 draw with Everton today, much to the surprise of our fans.

With over 20 minutes left to play, following an afternoon of abuse from the home fans, Rooney was booked for a ‘late challenge’ on Mikel Arteta. There was nothing in it really and certainly wasn’t worthy of a yellow card, in light of how the game was played. When you compare that with the reckless challenge on Cristiano Ronaldo from Phil Neville, ol Phil should have been sent off three times over!

Less than 5 minutes later, Rooney was substituted for Nani, leaving us rather bewildered. If anyone was going to make a difference for us in this game, surely it was him, yet astonishingly he was taken off when the game was still there to be won.

Ferguson has explained that with the crowd baying for blood, he couldn’t trust the referee not to make another weak decision that would see Rooney given his marching orders.

“I think the referee was to blame for that (the substitution) because he’s booked him for nothing,” said Fergie. “I think with the crowd egging him on, there was every chance he was going to get sent off. It wasn’t his doing, I thought he did nothing wrong in the game. I thought he behaved well. We were getting to the point where I was wondering what the referee was going to do next.”

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  1. Devil says:

    I don’t think the yellow card Rooney recieved was for nothing.. He deserved it quite frankly..
    All said crowd, was egging him on and did seem on his way out..
    Too bad.. could have scored his 100th and given us a win

  2. Scott the Red says:

    Devil – compare what Rooney did with the other challenges the ref gave yellow cards to… pulling and tripping players back as they approached the box, Phil going in studs showing on Ronaldo. It was the softest booking of the game.

  3. jsos says:

    scott is right about the booking. bewildering as the rooney sub was.. even more shocking – no tevez to replace him. what gives?

  4. Patrik says:

    It was nothing compared to Nevilles tackle on Ronaldo, which even led to Giggs screaming in his face, but I don’t think it’s fair to say that Rooney “did nothing”.Neville should have been sent off (and I think if it were anyone else but Ronaldo he would’ve) and Rooney deserved the yellow card in my opinion, he was late in the challenge. But others should’ve had yellow cards as well so if you look at it that way then maybe he could’ve gotten away with it, but saying it was “nothing” is a bit biased IMO.

  5. Fuglis says:

    Rooney got the yellow for being Rooney and playing in that red shirt that every referee hates. It was a freekick, but a yellow? No way.. Picture Rooney going in on an Everton-player the way Phil did on Ronaldo. Red card you think?

  6. Farty Foulke says:

    Wayne wasn’t subbed because of the yellow card, but for his intemperate response to it – badge-kissing and the like. When he can ignore the baiting by the crowd he’ll deserve the praise he gets. Right now he’s just a stupid boy who probably lost us two points today.

  7. Blue says:

    Fuglis – the red shirt every referee hates?????

    what planet are you from mate?
    Brown should have walked- last man on Yakubu
    Neville should have walked – tackle on Ronaldo being high despite getting the ball (watch it again lad)
    Rooney should have walked – foul on Arteta plus crowd incitement is a yellow card these days.

    Fatty Foulke about Rooney – spot on. A Manc with sense.

  8. divedivedive says:

    Its a fucking joke to read the absolute shit on here. Rooney gets a yellow card and some of you think its this bad after all that he has got away with. Game after game swearing at the ref and showing dissent, badge kissing is inciting the crowd and is a bookable offence plus he does this at the club that put him on the map. He is nothing but a thug and a diver so why dont you lot take your heads out of the sand and wake up. Plus all this fuss about Neville, where did he learn to tackle like that, at old trafford so what goes round comes round. Tackles like that are exactly what Ronaldo deserves after all his cheating and diving.

  9. Scott the Red says:

    Divedivedive – I hope you feel the same way when someone plants their studs in Arteta’s knee.

  10. james f says:

    Aaah, so this explains everything. It was Rooney who “probably lost us two points today” then…
    This blog is becoming more and more like RedRants now. Should we expect the usual “sack Fergie” comments any time soon?

  11. Scott the Red says:

    James F – sack Fergie, sell Rooney, give Ronaldo a knighthood. Yup, sounds good to me.

  12. RedMist says:

    Not sure why Rooney is being criticised. I agree his booking was soft. Totally pulled out, just two players coming together. Look at what Giggsy didn;t get booked for earlier…that was a definite booking. Neville’s lunge at Ronaldo was a red all day. Fellaini, Yakubu, and others all escaped bookings for peristent fouling. Loved Rooneys badge kissing myself. As for “he could have won us two points today”…nonsense. Tevez could have won us two points had he come on instead. Nani could have, Any one of those guys out there today could have won the game….just a bad d day at the office. Why not “Rio cost us two points”? They are all culpable, collectively. Leave off the Rooney bashing eh, he gets enough of that in the press,ffs.

  13. TonyBee says:

    Shame the toffees didn’t lose, but remember SAF sold Pneville and he knew he had been bombed ou tas SAF didn’t rate him. A fucking cowardly way to prove a point but there you go
    He also knew he couldn’t kick Rooney,Rio,Vidic and especially his big bro as he would have had some back in fucking spades (or should I say studs) but he has yet to come to Old Traf where I suspect brotherly love will be put aside for some gentle reminders as to his talents.

  14. Ste says:

    If pulling out a tackle is a bookable offence, we may just rename the sport “Pansyball”. What a joke.

    And to be fair to Neville, Dirk Kuyt did a worse tackle to him and only got a yellow, so at least its half-consistent. Lol.

  15. Tevratov says:

    To who ever said Rooney is a stupid boy and cost us 3 points:

    Rooney was merely showing a degree of passion, which is more than can be said for Ronaldo today. I probably enjoyed watching Wayne kiss the badge a tiny bit more than Darren ‘football genius’ Fletcher’s goal after making that tasty run.

  16. james f says:

    Some of the people in the stands yesterday were his childhood friends, but still he kissed the United badge like there was no tomorrow. What a guy! Rooney is a United legend already.

  17. RedMist says:

    And those childhood friends were probably the ones singing distasteful songs about Rooney, his wife and his family. Typical “cake and eat it ” scousers. I agree, top lad, and i for one was well chuffed with his badge kissing. Partly because of the ott reaction it seems to have generated. That and the fact he was saying in no uncertain terms..”this is my club now and we’re number 1″.
    Ronaldo was absolutely awful yesterday. If that lad could harness a fraction of the passion that Rooney plays with, then he would be literally unstoppable. Unfortunately, he is stopped all to easily. Id rather see Rooney kissing his badge and playing like he does than have to watch Ronaldo’s “watch me collapse like a house of cards” routine. Great player Ronnie, but has so much to learn yet.

  18. john ferry says:

    Read once again what Sir Alex stated. He took Rooney out because the ref let the game get out of control. There where offenses from both teams (most notably from Everton). In the end it’s the referee’s responsibility to get the game under control. Viva Rooney !!!


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