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Fergie Calls Gary Neville An Idiot?

On Monday night, Gary Neville went in to great detail to explain why David de Gea was at fault for conceding Spurs’ late equaliser against United. Neville even showed a slow motion replay of the “five or six second stare” that Nemanja Vidic gave De Gea after the goal went in.

Whilst most people would agree that Neville is an excellent pundit, who fans of all teams (including City and Liverpool!) begrudgingly agree with, whether praising or criticising their players, because he usually hits the nail on the head.

I reckon Edwin Van der Sar or Peter Schmeichel would have flattened the players in front of them to make sure they thumped the danger clear, whilst De Gea took a feeble swipe at the ball. His lack of strength and ability to own the penalty area is definitely a weakness of De Gea’s, but as Schmeichel correctly pointed out after the game: “if De Gea had not played the way he did we would have lost 4-1.”

So whilst De Gea didn’t do well enough, there’s no way he should be left the shoulder all the blame. The way Vidic went in to him, a freekick would have been awarded to United if he was a Spurs player! And let’s not forget that it was Rafael who let the cross come in after being caught out of position.

Sir Alex Ferguson has been asked what he thinks of the criticism that De Gea has received since Sunday.

“I’ve got nothing to say about David de Gea. You have to listen to some idiots in this game.” Ouch.

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  1. RedHairedDevil says:

    @denton davey Agreed. But we also have to consider that Vidic has been out injured, were we really expecting him to reappear and be the boss he’s always been? He needs time, just as De Gea does.

    @K20 Also agreed, it’s easy to get a bit sensitive, but I think GNev was taking on some of the criticism and deflecting some much needed praise on DDG.

  2. Bob says:

    It’s gettin stupid blamin him 4 everythin he wil b 1 of the bst if ppl get off his bck n let him get on with it…. It wouldn’t of happened if vidic n Ferdinand didn’t drop So far bck 2 defend 4 final 30mins 1 of the so called experienced defenders shoulda moved of de gea goal line…….

    P.s I fell over in snow yesterday guess that’s de gea fault aswell he gets blamed 4 everything else….. Lool

  3. wayne says:

    Bob he’s not getting blamed for everything he has a recurring weakness to his game that needs to improve because teams are exploiting it,simple as that

  4. samuel - united WE stand says:

    There’s nothing wrong with GNev some people are just a bit too sensitive. When he was ripping into Torres everyone was whooping it up, now it’s a United players turn and everyone is saying he’s gone too far.”

    A bit too sensitive, what a load of crap. I think you will find it’s called “supporting the player” and as for torres, speak for yourself, i’ve never really been interested in other teams and their players, can’t say the same about others.

    Gary neville may have legendary status but on this occassion, there are no sentiments, fergie’s utterance of labelling these people as idiots applies to him.

    As for de gea, most knew he was never the finished article, he had rough edges that needed ironing out, his adaptation was always going to be a test. “He’s been here 2 seasons now so he should be complete” is another rubbish i’ve read lately, development can’t have prediction placed on it but de gea has the talent, what he lacks is experience and all these basic aspects can be worked on. Perseverance is the key.

  5. Costas says:

    Burn baby, burn.

  6. Daniel88 says:

    Its great saying Rafael was this, Vidic did that or that De Gea had a good game before that feeble mistake that cost the goal.

  7. Sam says:

    @wayne Sorry, but you’re exaggerating massively. Making mistakes time and time again, major weakness, flapping like a woman (what relevance does gender have?) etc, you’re parroting a frankly tired narrative (and why point out pundits doing so as if that proves anything?). DDG HAS improved on crosses. He doesn’t have a technical issue dealing with them llike some seem to be implying (his handling is fine), it’s always been his decision making. That has improved as he simply pushes people out of the way and comes to collect/punch the ball. Oh and just as an aside, why do people keep going on about him punching the ball? If it was that big an issue the staff would surely tell him to stop? Clearly it is a deliberate tactic as it enables us to counter quickly (even when he does catch it he looks to release the ball quickly which frankly backs up this view).

    As far as your argument that the defence is uncertain with him in goal, bollocks. They’re more worried about the fact nobody screens them. We allow far too many shots/chances regardless of who is in goal. Our defensive issues do not begin with the goalkeeper and it’s been going on for two+ years, i.e. before DDG even joined. With Vidic we naturally play a deeper line which invites its own problems. Not a coincedence that with Evans we start higher and help the keeper out by allowing him more space to operate. Far more factors in defensive solidity/uncertainty than the goalkeeper, it’s ridiculous to say otherwise.

  8. Derv1sh says:

    Didn’t SAF fall out with Gaz over the planning application for the proposed clubhouse? Think they had a spat then.

  9. slim says:

    Sort out the dodgy defense then maybe we’ll see less flapping.
    Fuming big time here. Every man and his dick eager to drop a load on the boy and the GK situation .
    The wait for a game is killing me. Hate it when we drop points, makes the wait more unbearable

  10. zigoo says:

    hope it was aimed at nev

    the guys become a cunt since joining the england setup,and he never dishes out criticism on hart

    he took it too far and was trying to cause friction in the dressing room and sedition

    keys was right,i for life of me agree that sky made sure g nev was to make sure he fuked up de gea…as the video was so intricate,and the goal was in the 91st minute!!!!

    g nev = clown



  11. Mozza79 says:

    He was calling Richard Keys an idiot.

  12. NBI Red Onion says:

    De Gea has greater strengths and greater weaknesses than your average champions league keeper. The problem is his weaknesses can cost games as much as his strengths can win them.

    To be honest I prefer Lindegard, he is steadier, more assertive and given a run I think he will be better. De Gea needs more practice, he is one for the future, he is not the finished deal right now.

  13. NBI Red Onion says:

    Neville is right on criticism but wrong to say rest of team would have a go at De Gea, I agree that did go a bit too far and had nothing to do with his performance. A bit to much info Gary – but hey! We ALL make mistakes. One for you, one for De Gea.

  14. wayne says:

    Sam not exaggerating at all mate didn’t say making mistakes time and time again i said the same mistake game after game and if it wasn’t true the pundits wouldn’t keep pointing it out game after game and DDG wouldn’t be tagged as having issues with crosses.Doesn’t matter if you watch his first or last game evident for everyone to see.The gender issue comes into play because a woman is hardly likely to be able to power forward and take out whoever he/she has to to get good power on the punch.
    I’m not talking bollocks at all when a goalie doesn’t take control the defenders have no fucking idea,i’m guessing Vidic never even got a call sunday,goalie has to be strong and decisive something DDG isn’t,want to disagree up to you.

  15. gazzer says:

    So I think we’re all agreed that De Gea is an excellent shot stopper who distributes the ball well. Not bad at all.
    He’s also not physically imposing and flaps at the ball and doesn’t command the area. He’s only 23 and there is still time to hope he grows out of it. Also, our focus is Europe where they are much less likely to physically intimidate English teams. So perhaps we can accept him being shaky against teams like Liverpool and Stoke City? I’d love to see him in goal against Messi, Villa, fabregas and all those other short fast players at barca.
    One other thought – Vidic might stare at him for 12 seconds, but he also pats him on the back for all those reaction saves earlier. Just because we criticise each other does not mean we are losing confidence.
    Let’s back our players!

  16. Quiza says:

    Shame on you Scott for trying to stir up trouble in the United family. Fergie never called or meant to call RedNev an idiot.

  17. wayne says:

    I always back Utd players look at my Rom history defend all the lads who show a true desire to wear the shirt,my main concern is Utd put the time and effort and live with points dropped then he fucks off to Real Madrid or Barca .Just not convinced spending 20mill and giving him the time to become great is going to pay any dividends. Personnely feel anytime Real or Barca come knocking he’ll be gone in a second,just don’t trust him end up looking like mugs and truthfully not helping the cause present day

  18. kel says:

    Number 1 no doubt.

  19. K20 says:

    When Neville’s criticism, specifically, was put to him, the Scot said: “It is better we deal with David de Gea rather than the press deal with him. We are quite good at that. He had a fantastic game and was 30 seconds away from that. It is unfortunate for the lad but he has to deal with it. We will help him. Outfield players maybe make 20 mistakes in a game. But they [goalkeepers] are in a crucial position. We are OK with him. I thought we should have had a foul in the buildup to the goal. Rafa [da Silva] was fouled going out to the touchline. [Clint] Dempsey fouled him. The ball goes back to the left full-back and he bumps it into the box and it is a goal.”

  20. gfunk says:

    the only thing wrong with DDG is his wispy kung-fu tash/beard combo!!! gonna be a top keeper,
    needs a stone on him first though!

  21. johnboy14 says:

    All good managers defend there players especially in public but Gary was right. Its one thing being young and inexperienced but you have to learn quickly at this level to survive. If you keep making the same mistakes it means your not learning fast enough. He won’t get 5 or 6 years to develop into a top goalie at this club.


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