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Fergie: Cathy kept coming to check I was still alive!

Speaking at the Player of the Year awards evening tonight, Sir Alex Ferguson has spoken about the impact this emotional week has had on him.

“On Sunday, I did what I had to do and I thought I did it well,” he said. “I didn’t show my emotion too much. When I announced to the staff, I was a bit blubby, you know. I think, funnily enough, the last few days have been hard and Monday night, after the parade, I slept for 10 hours. I think it was the first time in my life. I was absolutely gone – knackered! I didn’t go in [to work]. I don’t know what time it was but I kept feeling the presence of Cathy coming into the bedroom. I think she was checking I was still alive!”

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  1. FergieForever says:

    You just relax now,Alex! You deserve it more than anyone!

  2. RedSot says:

    I laughed as he did when he said that, and the audience at our POTY awards tonight.
    It made me smile and a wee tear in my eye.
    I wonder did Cathy pull his todger to see if the boss was still awake

  3. Marq says:

    Alright, now we know Sir Alex is still human, haha

    On a side note, have we ever seen this light hearted side of Sir Alex? You can almost feel the weight lifted off him.

    Thank you for everything once again

  4. Ed says:

    That man has been responsible for the happiest days of my life. Enjoy your retirement – LEGEND.

  5. Costas says:

    Fergie already phoning it in. Sack him. 8)

  6. shieldhall says:

    at my age (past forty), we have few heros left. sir alex is just that, the only man i’d class as a hero of mine. sir alex, may your retirement bring you as much pleasure as you’ve brought us, the manchester united fans, over the last twenty odd years.


  7. Ruks says:

    Lol funnY stuff

  8. Ruks says:

    Do You guy believe this news about ancelloti been 1st choice? Rily silly spec. 4 me

  9. Onwuchekwa says:

    Thank you sir alex ferguson, I just wish to meet you one day. You’re the best the world has and will ever have. Thanks

  10. LoneStarRed says:

    Hilarious !!

  11. taff says:

    Too the boss thanks for all the years of pride you brought back to our club you deserve a long and happy retirement with your family .never will you be forgotten.all the best .taffy .

  12. united says:

    Thanks boss

  13. NBI Red Onion says:

    That wasn’t why Cathy was coming in boss, was it Cathy?

  14. The One says:

    Ancelloti has already put that to bed!!


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