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Fergie: Chicharito Has A Fantastic Personality

After an incredible first season at United, where he forced Premier League topscorer, Dimitar Berbatov, out of the starting team, Javier Hernandez struggled to get going last season.

Danny Welbeck was seemingly the preferred option to partner Wayne Rooney up front and Hernandez struggled repeatedly with injuries. Still, with 12 goals over the course of the season, he finished our joint second highest scorer with Welbeck.

Sir Alex Ferguson reckons that Hernandez has been in desperate need of a summer break, following his exploits in the World Cup and Gold Cup over recent years, and reckons we’ll see an improved player next season.

“I think this season we’ll see a better Chicharito,” Ferguson told Inside United. “For the last four or five years he’s played all through the summer. This year, with the co-operation of Mexico, he’s had a proper rest. And that started right back in May when I decided not to take him to Belfast for the Harry Gregg testimonial. We wanted to give him as much rest as possible. He had a couple of weeks off and then joined the Mexico side for a couple of qualifying games before getting another few weeks’ rest. That was important for him and I’m sure he’ll reap the benefits. We’ve already seen the fruits of that in the early training sessions and I think he’ll have a top season. He’s such a good professional and such a fantastic personality.”

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  1. santafereno says:

    The man is definitely a blessing for the club. I wish him, and us, the best for this season!

  2. kanchelskis says:

    If our main strikers can retain form and fitness throughout the season, I believe our squad as it stands will win the league.

    But will fall short in Europe again.

  3. mocthezuma says:

    If you say so Fergie.

    So far in the pre season campaign Chicharito has been among our weakest players. And that is in contention with reserve team players, Bebe, Macheda and Berbatov.

    I trust the boss, but I’d like to see the evidence for these claims in the next two pre season games.

    If not, let Berba play.

  4. jesmonta says:

    Chicarito should and will stay with us. Who needs RVP after all we need a midfield player and not a striker. Chicarito will be at his best this season , no doubt about that. Go Javier GO !!!!

  5. Daniel says:

    Chicharito has a great personality shame about his first touch. I wouldn’t be playing two strikers this season so he would be sold.

  6. DreadedRed says:


    “I trust the boss, but I’d like to see the evidence”

    Which is it?

  7. DreadedRed says:


    Your claim that you would not play two strikers this season shows ignorance.

    Sometimes we will need to play 2 strikers, other times only one.
    We might even need to play three strikers.
    Why hamstring the Club by setting a squad that is only able to play with one striker?

    What about tactics, injuries, form, opposition, etc?

  8. Zibbie says:

    Nice football talk, YES!!!!!!!!

  9. Daniel says:

    @ DreadedRed

    We will need to play two strikers in very rare cases and definitely dont need to play three. The best teams in the world (Barcelona, Real Madrid. Bayern Munchen and Spain) dont play with two strikers … shit … some of them dont even play with one striker. They choose superior numbers in the middle.

    > Why hamstring the Club by setting a squad that is only able to play with one striker?
    - … Rooney, Wellbeck, Macheda and Berbatov. I dont know about you but that is four without Hernandez. Even if we do get rid of Dimi its still three and four with Hernandez. Lets not forget Will Keane either next season.

    Hernandez isn’t good enough to play for United. He cannot control the ball. The signing of Kagawa and move to a more fluent dominant three is just a bonus. The longer Hernandez isn’t playing the less of a transfer fee we can demand.

  10. peter says:

    Chircharito really does have a great personality and attitude.
    He’s got the predatory instinct, pace and great movement off the ball….but that’s about it, he either scores with his first touch or doesn’t score at all most of the time.

    Its not only his first touch that’s the problem…
    Control, contribution to the overall game and linkup with the midfield, assisting the defense, that’s all lacking or non existent. General lack of skill on the ball too.
    Last season we’ve seen him lose the ball more often than not because he tried to take an extra touch and just got tangled up in his own feet.
    Two season’s ago it was one-touch-goal.

    He’s still very young but i have a feeling that we’ve seen the best of him on his debut season for United.
    I do love Hernandez though

  11. Gee says:

    @ Daniel,

    Completely disagree with you fella, Hernandez is by far the best finisher we have at the club. He is a poacher, he can score with his head and both feet and when given the service in the box is lethal. His control can let him down but you cant argue with his goals to games ratio. You say sell him and we will still have Berba and Macheda, well to be brutal Macheda hasn’t come along in any form since he scored ‘that goal’ against Villa and hasn’t set the world alight when on loan either, so why keep him?? Hernandez is 5 times the finisher I’m afraid. As for Berba, arguably one of, if not the most gifted player to pull on our top since Cantona or Ronaldo…. BUT he just doesn’t seem to be able to fit in properly to our style of play, I’m hoping Kagawa signing will change that but I dont think we would miss him, I would miss his absolutley sublime touch of a football mind you!! but Hernandez would be a massive loss in terms of he is a goalscorer, Rooney scores goals but is a different type of player, Welbz is a quality hold up striker but then in all honesty Berba is a luxury and Macheda just doesn’t look like cutting it. Sell those 2 and start bringing Keane through when he gets fit and if we get RVP (doubt it) we will be solid in terms of different horses for courses.

  12. Daniel says:

    There is no doubt Hernandez’s movement is better than the rest and he sure can finish but he is too one dimensional. In many games its like we play with a player less. His touch is terrible and he cannot be involved in a passing style of play. He cannot create anything on his own, hold up the ball or play up front on his own. This is why Wellbeck leapfrogged Hernandez last season because Danny can do it all.

    I wouldn’t keep Macheda but we need a backup player in case Rooney and Wellbeck both get injured if you sell Hernandez and Berbatov as I suggest. Especially with Keane out injured for the foreseeable future. I would sell Hernandez over Macheda because we can get a decent fee for him to fund the Moura deal and to sign a new LB. Macheda will be happier sat on the bench week in week out. Then when Keane is back Macheda’s feet wouldn’t touch the floor.

  13. Ash says:

    Have full faith in chicharito. He is a top striker. I am still shocked that some fools here wanted him to be sold.

  14. Gee says:

    @ Daniel

    Not true mate, Welbz leapfrogged him coz of injuries, SAF said that himself. I agree he needs to work on control and holding up play more.

    Makes no sense to sell a better striker to a rival and keep a player not good enough as cover, this is our problem, if you take out Rooney and Hernandez our other strikers are not goalscorers, if we had another striker scoring 20 or 30 goals you might have a arguement but we don’t and Macheda just doesn’t cut it, you have to think about injuries etc. This season if there is no RVP I’d bet we start with Rooney and up top.

  15. romeo says:

    Daniel what have u been smoking~?

  16. want2play@oldtrafford says:

    who is this daniel? For how long have you been thinking this shit? The guy scored 20 goals in his 1st season, without beign able 2 control.

  17. Daniel says:

    @ Gee

    Wellbeck overtook Hernandez because of talent. When they both were fit Wellbeck was chosen for the most part like against Everton for example. You cannot teach a 24 year old to control it. If he cant do it now its not going happen.

    Then dont sell him to a rival easily sorted. Pack him off to Spain. The top two on Spain wont want him which should tell you ALL you need to know. Neither of them (Macheda and Hernandez) are good enough. The question is which is the better business decision. I fancy Wellbeck will improve in front of goal massively this season but for the goals Hernandez brings he cripples our play. The contribution as a third choice striker playing only one up top Hernandez brings instead of Macheda is simply not worth the transfer fee we would lose.

    4-4-2 is dead antiquated

    If we persist with it we will continue to fall short and if we dont then we have one ST position and three forwards in Rooney, Hernandez and Wellbeck. You cant keep all three happy.

    @romeo … if you want to get involved in the debate fine but thats just spam we can do without.

  18. Lebenglese says:


    I completely agree with you mate, everything you said was spot on.


    We are not a club that needs to sell players to make enough cash for a transfer. Fergie won’t and never will spend 30 million pounds on an unproven 19 year old Brazilian who usually have a hard time in our league.

    Chicharito is a diamond and will develop into a top class poacher emulating the days of Van Nistlerooy.
    He has a great attitude, always sports a smile, and always gives it his all. He has already shown loyalty and is a genuine sportsman, which is extremely rare these days. An impressive world cup run, a blistering start to his debut season instantly adapting to the ‘best league in the world’. He has been unlucky this season, plagued with injuries, and still managed to equal Danny’s 12 goal mark. Don’t get me wrong, Danny is a class act, and has at times shown glimpses of Thierry Henry – esque touches and finishes. Imagine both of them playing on the same team.

    Macheda can go, he hasn’t shown any signs of development since his wonder winner.

    As for Berba, I have always loved watching him gracefully stroke the ball around the field, gliding past players, and plucking balls from the sky as if they were apples from a tree. A true gentleman, and pure class, he is the type of striker who can play into his 40′s. It pains me to see Fergie cut him out so harshly, and I do believe Fergie owes him a transfer.

    Anderson needs to go, and Tom Cleverly will shine with the pressure being taken off his shoulders with the signing of Kagawa.

    I would love to see Lucas at the club, but I think we should focus our full attention on one of these.

    Javi Martinez
    Marek Hamsik
    Javi Garcia
    Luka Modric

  19. Daniel says:

    @ want2play@oldtrafford

    That was very commendable but at the start of last season we tried playing a different way. Remember the tika taka. He has been found out call it victim of the style of play or 2nd season syndrome. Whatever. The results are still crystal clear.

  20. Daniel says:

    @ Lebenglese

    We are a club that needs to sell players and Fergie is actively right now trying to unproven 19 year old Brazilian.

    Van Nistelrooy could control the ball, pass it, hold it up and he would score far more goals than Hernandez.

    Valencia pass to Cleverly, Cleverly to Kagawa QUICK ONE TWO, Lays it to Rooney and he plays it into Hernandez and he miscontrols it.

  21. Peter says:

    Fantastic personality is slang for fat bitch.

  22. Fred says:

    Your wife must have a fantastic personality then Pete.

  23. Gee says:

    @ Daniel

    Welbz didn’t overtake Hernandez pal, what your talking about is form, as soon as Hernandez got fit (and remember it was a few times this year not just once) he got picked to start. Oh and you are NEVER too old to learn mate, no matter what profession your in. That’s naive pal.

    You say don’t sell him to a rival but then say pack him off to Spain….think about what your saying, we got spanked by a team that wasn’t near the title in Spain last season mate. Everybody in Europe is a potential rival, and I can guarantee you if we did sell him to a Spanish team he would score bags of goals coz he is that good a finisher, in 2 years time he’s banging goals in for Barca or Madrid. Trust me, we keep him and he will score goals and get better with his control and hold up.

    @ Lebenglese

    Cheers for the comment fella.

  24. Gee says:

    @ Daniel

    Also pal remember Drogba, a season or 2 before he went to Marseille he was in the French 3rd division, so he must have been 24 then, he didn’t end up doing to badly and he must have improved to get to a higher level along the way.

  25. Gee says:

    @ Lebenglese

    Loving your description of Berba by the way pal, absolute quality!!

  26. Daniel says:

    @ Gee

    Hernandez isnt good enough for United
    Hernandez isnt good enough for Real or Barca.

    … my points stand.

  27. Daniel says:

    - Hernandez isn’t going to improve his technique.

  28. Unitedfanehm says:

    I cant belive someone thinks chicharito isnt united standard…..IMHO the best finisher at the club…everyone has thier opinion but some are just unbelievable.yes his got his fault(who doesnt) but his talene is for all to see

  29. gexmex says:

    Hi Daniel. Let me explain this real slow, so you will understand. You have been writing in a forum dealing with football (not soccer). The purpose of this particular sport is to get a particular object to go between three sticks at the end of the pitch. That object is called a ball. In football we don’t hit the ball with a bat. Players kick it, and try to get it inside those sticks. When they succeed, it’s called a “goal” (not a run). the team with most goals in one match is the winner. A team does not win if it has more passes, (kicking the ball from one player to another), or if the players have more “technique”.

    What teams want is goals. That is why players who are suited for that purpose (putting the ball inside those three sticks) are in high demand. Probably your “soccer” coach did not tell you about this, but it is a fact. Knowing exactly where to be, and what to do, real quick, when you get the ball, is called “finishing”. That’s a good trait. Even better than “passing”. Players with those qualities are relatively rare. They have all kind of names. In EPL they are known as “poachers”. (That’s p-o-a-c-h-e-r-s. Not p-i-t-c-h-e-r-s.)

    The persons who are supposed to prevent those players from performing are called defenders. They are usually big fellas, with nasty habits and bad temper. When the poacher moves faster than they do, they become restless, and tend to go near him. It’s then that the other players pass the ball with more freedom, using the empty space. Their object is to score themselves, or to give the ball to the “special skills” guy. If he has a high percentage of success, then he is a valuable player. There is no draft in EPL.. Players are transfered for fees. A very good poacher comes with a premium. Hernandez did not. Divide the goals so far scored by his price and you get the idea. Hope this will help you understand the more complex aspects of the sport you have chosen to watch on your tv set.

  30. DreadedRed says:

    gexmex – one of the best comments I’ve ever read! The politest put-down that humour allows.

  31. Five says:

    Just in case you still havent got it Daniel. You win matches by scoring goals. What hernandez does is exactly that.

    If we have our wingers plus scholes kagawa rooney putting in balls to the box the person I would trust most to finish them off is Hernandez

  32. Daniel says:

    @ gexmex

    I would rather you have explained it quickly and concisely and not smelled with bravado and gratuitous baseball references.

    Responding to your first paragraph.
    - I liked the line ” A team does not win if it has more passes ” which is true but tell me how did Barcelona having more passes influence the 2009 and 2011 Champions League finals. HA HA HA. Its like you haven’t learned anything from those games its quite amazing actually.

    Responding to your second paragraph.
    - The ability to be able to get in the right position at the right time is vital for a goalscorer. BUT. I dont see why we have to have one special player that does that and leaves us basically a man down for the game. The best teams right now dont need a poacher.

    Responding to your third paragraph
    - Nothing in this drivel indicates that to have this poacher (which the top sides dont need – dont forget that) has to be a player dedicated for that job with very few attributes beside. When Chich doesn’t score he doesn’t contribute anything.

    You cant have this anymore. This thinking is outdated. How many times do Barcelona have to murder us for you to get it ?. Really ?. I am really interested. Football has moved on. Football has changed. All players need to be involved you cant carry special poacher who dont play outside the 18 yard box. All players need to be comfy on the ball.

  33. want2play@oldtrafford says:

    daniel, wit d most pases, did barca win last season’s elclasico? Or d champions league semi final against chealsea? Van persie is beign called a world class striker now, bt last season is d only 1 he’s scord more dan chicarito. I think u just hate d guy, if so, u beta come out clean.

  34. Daniel says:

    @ want2play@oldtrafford

    In 79% of cases the team with the most of the ball wins the game.

    So tell me year in year out in the CL do you want to be the team that plays like Barca did in that CL semi or the way Chelsea did ?.
    I fancy being the team that dominates the ball and creates most of the chances.

    > Van persie is beign called a world class striker now, bt last season is d only 1 he’s scord more dan chicarito.
    - Robin Van Persie scored 38 goals in 11/12 , 27 goals in 10/11 and 30 goals in 08/09. We wont dwell on how badly you’re wrong.

    I actually like Chich but his limitations combined with our inability to modernize serve to frustrate me.

  35. Gee says:

    @ Daniel

    No mate, and honestly no offence here intended but your points are naive and you sound like a 10 year old playing footy manager pal.

    The fact remains that in the CL semi against Chelski in 2011 Hernandez went through one on one with so much time he could have boiled an egg and he slotted it home, against stoke he changed his angle in mid air and performed a superb back header!! my point is that it doesnt matter if he has time to think or acts on instinct he is so cool and composed and such a gifted finisher that it could cost us £50 mill to replace him, that isn’t to say he is worth that now but potentially he could be.

    His technique isn’t great but hey Inzaghi’s wasn’t, but shit me he could score goals for fun. Even better for you, might be before your time but Linekar, shittest footballer you could ever hope to see but put the ball in the box and he was the most lethal striker around. At the end of the day goals win you matches, its a fact, and poachers, goalscorers, finishers are the premium, thats why most of the big money transfers are for strikers.

  36. Gee says:

    @ Daniel

    I do agree he can be massively frustrating mate, but give him time and he will be fine, have faith.

  37. Gee says:

    @ Daniel

    Also mate, you said to gexmex that ‘I dont see why we have to have one special player that does that and leaves us basically a man down for the game.’ I take it you didn’t like Ronaldo either then coz he went missing in a fair few games but still won us them single handedly. And no I’m not comparing the two by the way lol, but you could well be describing Ronnie with that sentence pal.

  38. Daniel says:

    > I take it you didn’t like Ronaldo either then coz he went missing in a fair few games but still won us them single handedly.

    - WOW … just … WOW.

  39. The Big Red says:

    @ Daniel
    u refer to ‘top sides in the world’ not needing a poacher like hernandez. last time i checked, we were also a ‘top’ side and he has dug us out of tight spots a fair few times. u keep referring to barcelona and how they beat us and how hernandez would not be effective against them. well, who was effective against them? hardly anyone in both CL finals. a team like barcelona comes along once (pun unintended) in a blue moon. im not sure 11 rooneys would have also made a difference both times. but packing numbers in midfield and playing a 4-6-0 formation doesnt help unless u have players like xavi, iniesta etc, we dont, hardly anyone does. so does ur argument hold true for ruud as well who was pretty much a poacher. heck the guy cud hit a ball with his ginormous nose and it would still find the back of the net. while chicha is not the finished article, he definately gives us a different dimension and quite frankly, a headache for defenders. leave barca out of the argument cos their midfield is from a different planet. but do you seriously think ‘top sides’ wudnt want him?

  40. Daniel says:

    > u refer to ‘top sides in the world’ not needing a poacher like hernandez. last time i checked, we were also a ‘top’ side
    - A top side doesn’t go out of the CL to Basel. In 2008 when we were a top side who was our poacher ? … oh yeah we didn’t have one. Do the timeline on that.

    Nobody was going to be effective because we played with ten men. Barcelona are better than us but not that much better. Packing the midfield does help look at Chelsea in the semi. Its tough but it can be done. It cannot be done however with a player upfront that contributed and contributes nothing regularly outside the 18 yard box.

    Yes. Ruuuud was a poacher but he could contribute outside the 18 box. He could control, dribble, head, pass, be involved in a quick passing move, hold the ball up and oh yeah ram in 30+ goals a season.
    Now go through that and see how many Chich can do.

    I am sick of saying this FOOTBALL HAS CHANGED everybody needs to be good on the ball and pass it. Until we get BACK to this we will continue to fall short.

    > but do you seriously think ‘top sides’ wudnt want him?
    - Look at how many have made a bid. Look at how many have been linked. The only club that was linked was Real Madrid in a few papers and that sunk without trace with no word from Madrid. They are hardly knocking down our door to sign a striker that was third choice behind a 19 year old.

  41. Gee says:

    @ Daniel

    It was a tongue in cheek comment, don’t be so serious, but what are you telling me, that Ronaldo didn’t go missing during games?? because if you are you wear very rose tinted glasses my friend!!

    And like I said I’m not comparing the 2 in terms of ability, I was pointing out the fact that for you (by writing that sentence) it was okay for us to have Ronnie in the team, special player but NEVER defended or chased back if he lost the ball and he went missing during games, but its not okay for us to have Hernandez, has lapses in control and hold up play fair enough but has the ability to put the ball in the net with ease.

  42. Gee says:

    @ Daniel

    So by your logic because we didn’t have a poacher in 2008 we dont need one now?? makes no sense mate, we also had a player in 2008 called…. erm…. what was it now….oh yeah Ronaldo, and the majority of the time we played one up top in the shape of Rooney, last time I checked Ronnie wasn’t in our team anymore and we have since started playing with 2 up top on a regular basis.

  43. Gee says:

    Oh and last but not least Welbz was 20 not 19 and having far more game time scored exactly the same amount of goals as Hernandez.

  44. Daniel says:

    @ Gee

    Ronaldo and ALL players go missing in games. The better player the less you go missing. When Hernandez doesn’t score he is invisible but when Ronaldo didn’t score he still contributed. We are talking about attacking players chasing back and defending is not an issue. When I said “special” I meant a player designated to do ONE job.

    > So by your logic because we didn’t have a poacher in 2008 we dont need one now??
    - Are you being obtuse on purpose ? … YES !. The top teams dont have poachers they have forwards who can play football. LOL. What a concept.

    Cristiano is gone *holds back tears* so that means we have to take a step back 5 years with 4-4-2 and a poacher.
    Why not continue with that style of play or develop a new one just without Ronaldo.

    Lose Ronaldo = Step Back To The Dark Ages

    So obtuse.

  45. Gee says:

    @ Daniel

    What are you talking about, you are clueless and thank fuck you have nothing to do with the management of our great club. Hernandez will prove you wrong and you will be kissing his arse, as no doubt you were in his first season (don’t pretend you didn’t!!). Until then stop looking to what others have and concentrate on supporting what we have!! I could be insulting but I dont need to be as you do a good job of making yourself sound stupid as it is.

  46. Daniel says:

    @ Gee

    Not having an argument that makes sense isn’t need for profanity and nastiness. You know what they say about sticks and stones … right ?.

    Its clear you dont have an argument all you have done is regurgitate the same nonsense over and over.

    In JH first season we were far more direct and he was an unknown quantity. Now we play short and defenders know his qualities and how to neutralize him. Ironically I got lots of shit for saying JH should play instead of Dimitar Berbatov because he dove tails with Rooney better.

  47. Gee says:

    @ Daniel

    I don’t need to argue as my point is correct and yours sadly is not.

  48. albie90 says:

    naive is the perfect description for your flawed argument. look at the teams that played without a striker / “beat other teams with their superior number of passes”.. barcelona and spain. this does not mean that footbal has moved on nor does it mean united have to mimic them. it means spain and barcelona have perhaps the most amazing teams we have ever seen, and without “xavi-esta”, fabregas and… MESSI, no other team will be able to reproduce how the play and win. Stop comparinig football to the standard set by some of the best teams ever.
    For what United needs, for how we play, chicha is perfect and he will be winning us trophies before long, especially now that we have added creativity in the middle.


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